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Can You Spot the Animals Camouflaged in These 17 Photos?

Updated: Sep. 30, 2022

Up for a game of hide-and-seek? See if you can find all of these camouflaged critters.

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Jörn Friederic/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock

Snow leopard

If you take a quick look at this photo, the majestic snow leopard could easily be one of the surrounding rocks.

Can’t find it? Look on the right side of the image, towards the center. Look for its open mouth.

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Chris Watson /shutterstock

Peekaboo, kangaroo

If you look closely, you can spot this Outback animal’s ears sticking up among the grass.

Here’s a hint: They’re right in the middle. Can you find the 15 objects hidden in this picture?

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TCreativeMedia /Shutterstock

Just ducky

There’s a mama mallard duck hiding in the grass by the water in this image.

No luck finding this duck? Look for its head and beak poking just above the strip of brown grass, among the greener grass in the middle.

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MichaelRBowen /Shutterstock

Sneaky snake

Snakes are pretty much the masters of disguise.

Stumped on the above photo? Look right in the center for a sign of scales. Then, see if you can spot the 10 snakes camouflaged in these photos.

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Matthias Graben/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock

Mother and her kitten

That’s right—there are not one but two fierce-but-cute African wildcats lurking in this photo. The mother cat is pretty easy to spot, but can you find the kitten?

There’s the mother in the upper right-hand corner. As for the baby, it’s in the front of the image, peeking out from behind a branch in the middle. Most people can’t figure out how many squares are in this picture—can you?

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Alfred Schauhuber /imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock

Invisible bunny

This European brown hare has got a pretty cool disappearing act. Can you see it?

Look at the left side of the image—that strip of “dirt” isn’t dirt at all! This hare is the exact same color as the dirt around it.

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critterbiz /Shutterstock

Doe, a deer … a trio of deer

Can you find a deer in this photo? How about three deer? Try to find where the branches end and the antlers begin.

Once you’ve found the first deer, on the left side next to the biggest tree, continue to the right and you should see his sneaky pals.

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klarka0608 /Shutterstock

Bird blending in

This black raven is hidden in plain sight on these dark, craggy rocks in Vancouver.

Hint: Look in the middle left of the image for the slightly darker shape of the bird.

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AHPhotosWPG /Shutterstock

Bunny in the shadows

Can you find the rabbit lurking in the shade in this image?

Look in the center of the image, underneath the bush, and see if you can spot the bunny’s eye.

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Manaswi Patil /Shutterstock

Whoooo’s hiding in this picture?

Can you spot the tiny owl sitting on a branch among the leaves? Its brown and white colors help it blend in with the leaves of this tree.

If you can’t find it, look to the left of the biggest branch running diagonally through the image. Keep the animal challenges going and see if you can find the turtle hiding in these lily pads.

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thomgeo /Shutterstock

There’s a deer here

Don’t worry, the deer in this image is a safe distance from the road!

Can’t spot it? Take a closer look at the clearing in the woods on the right side of the image.

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FLPA/Andrew Mason/REX/Shutterstock

Do you see the seagulls?

Believe it or not, there are two herring gull chicks tucked in between these rocks on Stockholm Island!

Take a look at the upper left of the image. Those two gray-white blobs aren’t part of the rocks’ coloring—they’re fluffy baby birds.

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Camouflage lizards on the tree.,The camouflage of animals for food and survival.,soft focus.
Phachok Singro/Shutterstock

Lizard life

The fact that this lizard can basically defy gravity by clinging to this vertical tree is cool. The fact that it can do it while remaining relatively well hidden is even cooler!

Stumped? It’s on the leftmost tree trunk—and it’s larger than you might think. Now try to spot the differences in these 10 pictures.

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Heron and habitat. Lake reeds background. Camouflage animal. Bird: common Squacco Heron. Ardeola ralloides.
serkan mutan/Shutterstock

Bye bye, birdie!

All this small Squacco heron has to do is squeeze between these reeds and stand up straight, and it disappears!

Well, almost—we bet you can still find it. Right in the middle of the image, look for its green beak. The fact that it’s the same color as the moss on the reeds helps its disguise!

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Wild Chipmunk on Rocks with Foliage Background
Kara Arceneaux/Shutterstock

Is that you, Alvin?

This tiny chipmunk blends right in with the reddish-brown color of these rocks.

Look slightly left of the center of the image, at the topmost rock before it juts out. That black stripe right there isn’t a gap between rocks like the others—it’s a distinctive marking of the little critter.

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Camouflage bird woodcock. Brown dry leaves background. Bird: Eurasian Woodcock. Scolopax rusticola.
serkan mutan/Shutterstock

Who wood guess there was a bird hiding here?

These fallen leaves provide the perfect cover for this sneaky Eurasian woodcock.

This one’s challenging! Look closer at the left side of the image, at the base of that second thin tree.

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WILD Camouflaged Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) in Tibet resting on a mountain side

The cat’s meow

This is a tricky one—you’ll really have to focus to spot a snow leopard on this Tibetan mountainside.

Can’t find it? Try changing your approach. You’re probably looking for a big animal, taking up a good amount of the image, since leopards are big cats and all. But does it help if we tell you that this image is way zoomed out? On this vast mountainside, the leopard is actually just a small speck with a tail. Try looking on the right side of the image, at the upward slope. Next up, you’ll need good eyes to identify these everyday objects from ultra close-up pictures.