Can You Find the Hidden Objects in These Pictures?

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You only have 45 seconds for each image. Game on!

“Find the hidden objects” puzzles seem straightforward enough. How much searching do you really need to do to pick out something totally unique, like a dog, a turtle, or a hat? Well, throw in lots of confusing shapes, colors, and other objects that look really darn similar to what you’re looking for, and you’ve got some seriously tricky visual brain teasers. Below, you’ll find an assortment of images with a hidden object—hidden picture games for all moods and seasons. Give yourself a real test by only allowing 45 seconds to spot each thing, and see how you do! Plus, check out even more of our best brain games.

1. Find the hidden chick

Spot The Chick Amongst The Daffodils Hidden Objects puzzleCourtesy Feel Good Contacts

The first of these hidden picture puzzles are Easter-themed. Feel Good Contacts challenges you to find the chick among the daffodils—and there are a whole lot of daffodils! You’ll need to use your (wait for it) peepers to spot this little birdie. Look for its beady eyes! And, after you find it, try to determine how many ducks you see in this viral riddle.


Spot The Chick Amongst The Daffodils Hidden Objects Puzzle AnswerCourtesy Feel Good Contacts

2. Find the hidden Easter egg

find the easter egg in the garden hidden objects puzzleCourtesy Feel Good Contacts

Love a good Easter egg hunt? Unfortunately, there’s no candy waiting for you if you discover this Easter treat, but you’ll feel the success of having conquered another “find the hidden objects” puzzle. This one is from Feel Good Contacts as well.


find the easter egg in the garden hidden objects puzzle answerCourtesy Feel Good Contacts

3. Find the hidden ring

find the ring in the garden visual puzzleCourtesy William May

This tricky visual puzzle from jewelry company William May challenges you to find the lost diamond ring in this garden. Note: This puzzle is not to scale. Also, for a little help, the ring’s band is yellow in color and has a pretty good-sized white diamond!


find the ring in the garden answerCourtesy William May

4. Find the hidden moth

find the moth among the clothes visual puzzleCourtesy Cleanipedia

No one wants to find a moth lurking in their closet—unless that’s the objective of a “Find the Hidden Object” puzzle! Among these scattered clothes, there’s an unwelcome guest that needs to fly the coop in this puzzle from Cleanipedia. See if you can identify it. (Note: This puzzle is not to scale—thankfully!)

moth among the clothes answerCourtesy Cleanipedia

5. Find the hidden corgi

find the corgi in the garden scene hidden objects puzzleCourtesy Audley Villages

An adorable doggo is wandering through the garden—and she’s not so easy to spot! You’d think this puzzle from Audley Villages might be one of the easier of these hidden picture games, but the corgi blends in with the color of the pots. So you might have to squint to see her cute little face.


find the corgi in the garden scene hidden objects puzzle answerCourtesy Audley Villages

6. Find the hidden “For Sale” sign

Find The Hidden For Sale Sign PuzzleCourtesy Alan Harder

There are signs in the yard of all these houses—but they all say “Sold” except one! In this puzzle from Canada-based mortgage broker Alan Harder, can you find the one “For Sale” sign?


Find The Hidden For Sale Sign Puzzle SolutionCourtesy Alan Harder

7. Find the hidden hedgehog

Find The Hidden Hedgehog PuzzleCourtesy Celtic Titles

This little guy is hiding out in the forest, but we think you can spot him! This challenging puzzle comes to us courtesy of land conservation company Celtic Titles.


Find The Hidden Hedgehog Puzzle SolutionCourtesy Celtic Titles

8. Find the hidden dancer

find the hidden ballerina among the flamingos puzzleCourtesy Dancewear Central

The United Kingdom-based dance apparel company Dancewear Central, which also provided us with this tricky puzzle where only 10 percent of people can spot the difference, posted this perplexing pink plethora on its Instagram page. It’s a simple premise: Among this flock of flamingos, there’s a single ballerina.

The trick, of course, lies in the fact that the ballerina’s tutu is the same color as the birds, and the ruffle of her dress is a ringer for the flamingos’ wings.


find the hidden ballerina among the flamingos puzzle answerCourtesy Dancewear Central

9. Find the hidden tutu

find the tutu among the watermelon slices hidden object puzzle Courtesy Dancewear Central

Turn your eagle eyes to this profusion of scrumptious watermelon slices, also from Dancewear Central. Somewhere among them, there’s a frilly pink tutu—and it’s harder to spot than you think. The tutu is the exact same shade of pink as the fruit of the watermelons, but it has no green rind or black seeds. Another similarity? It’s got the same basic semi-circle shape. (Of course, sizes are not accurate to reality; the tutu is the same size as the watermelon rinds.)


find the tutu among the watermelon slices hidden object puzzleCourtesy Dancewear Central

10. Find the hidden scrunchie

Scrunchie Hidden Amongst Medals puzzleCourtesy The Zone

Ready for the Summer Olympics?! Strive for your own “best time” with this cool puzzle from The Zone. Among the gold, silver, and bronze metals, there’s a missing hair scrunchie. Find it before the competition heats up! Here’s a hint: It’s similar in color to the light silver medals.

Scrunchie Hidden Amongst Medals AnswerCourtesy The Zone

11. Find the hidden bobby pin

Find The Hidden Bobby Pin PuzzleCourtesy Gee Hair

Bobby pins are certainly easy to lose, and tough enough to find in real life! At least here, you know for sure it’s somewhere on the makeup table in this hair-raising challenge from hair extension brand Gee Hair.


Find The Hidden Bobby Pin Puzzle AnswerCourtesy Gee Hair

12. Find the hidden ghost

Find The Ghost Among The Skeletons Hidden Objects PuzzleCourtesy Gergely Dudás

Hungarian illustrator Gergely Dudás is a master of creating “find the hidden objects” puzzles, including this brain-busting puzzle perfect for Halloween. Get your eyes ready to stare at a lot of bones and bright jack-o-lanterns until you spot the ghost.

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Find The Ghost Among The Skeletons Hidden Objects Puzzle AnswerCourtesy Gergely Dudás

13. Find the hidden witch hat

find the witch hat among the cats hidden objects puzzleCourtesy Perpetual Fostering

The objective of this puzzle from United Kingdom-based fostering agency Perpetual Fostering is simple: Find the single witch hat among the cats. There are plenty of non-cat objects that do stand out immediately: jack o’ lanterns, ghosts, potted plants, and even a couple of brooms. But you’re looking for a witch hat, and it’ll be much trickier to spot!

The hardest part about this puzzle is the fact that the hat is pointy, just like the ears of the cats—but it’s a little bent at the top and isn’t a perfect point. Making matters tougher, it’s partially hidden behind a couple of cats, so the pointy top is really all you have to identify it. (Also, if this helps, the hat isn’t black!)


find the witch hat among the cats hidden objects puzzle answerCourtesy Perpetual Fostering

14. Find the hidden cat

find the cat among the bats hidden object puzzleCourtesy Gergely Dudás

If you’re feline really confident about these hidden picture games, see if you can find the cat among the bats. Gergely Dudás strikes again with another sweet-rather-than-spooky Halloween puzzle. Can you see where the little black cat is hiding among all of the bats? Hint: The cat is the same color as the bats but it doesn’t have any wings.


Find The Cat Among The Bats Solution Courtesy Gergely Dudás

15. Find the hidden ghost (again)

Find The Ghost In The Kitchen PuzzleCourtesy Online Mortgage Advisor

In this puzzle from Online Mortgage Advisor, there’s a spooky little ghost floating around all these kitchen objects. (And jack-o-lanterns.) He’s translucent (naturally), making him fairly close to the color of the background and tricky to spot. But you’ll totally know when you see him!


Find The Ghost In The Kitchen AnswerCourtesy Online Mortgage Advisor

16. Find the hidden pilgrim’s hat

Thanksgiving Find The Pilgirm Hat PuzzleCourtesy The Patel Firm

Before you start your Thanksgiving feast, you’ve got to find the pilgrim’s hat lurking among the dishes on the table. Can you look past all the mouthwatering pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and turkey in this puzzle from Texas-based personal injury attorney The Patel Firm? (It’s really hiding—you can only see the bottom of it!)


Thanksgiving Find The Pilgrim Hat Puzzle AnswerCourtesy The Patel Firm

17. Find the hidden robin

find the robbin among the trees hidden objects puzzleCourtesy Bloom & Wild Ltd

In this Christmas-y puzzle from U.K. florist Bloom & Wild, one feathered friend is hiding in a grove of pine trees. This is a tricky one—the robin looks a lot like the bits of flowers and garland decorating the trees.


find the robbin among the trees hidden objects puzzle answerCourtesy Bloom & Wild Ltd

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18. Find the hidden bear

find the bear hiding amongst the reindeer hidden objects puzzleCourtesy Gergely Dudás

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen! On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and…Smokey?! That’s right—a lone bear has gotten himself lost in a crowd of Santa’s reindeer! Gergely Dudás offers up this festive puzzle for Christmas. Can you spot the one bear among the crowd of reindeer? He looks identical to the deer—except he’s the only animal in the picture without antlers, and his ears are a tiny bit rounder.


find the bear hiding amongst the reindeer hidden objects puzzle answerCourtesy Gergely Dudás

19. Find the hidden reindeer

Find The Reindeer Among The Shoppers PuzzleCourtesy Christmas Tree World

This time it’s the reindeer who’s lost—wandering around a busy Christmas market! Can you find the smiling antlered fellow in this puzzle from Christmas Tree World?


Find The Reindeer Among The Shoppers Puzzle AnswerCourtesy Christmas Tree World

20. Spot the hidden Santa

Find Santa Among The Elves PuzzleCourtesy Christmas Tree World

Santa blends right in with all of his elves in this colorful Santa’s workshop image! He’s sporting a red Santa hat—but so are a whole lot of the elves! This puzzle also comes to us from Christmas Tree World.


Find Santa Among The Elves Puzzle AnswerCourtesy Christmas Tree World

For more festive puzzles, see if you can spot the difference in these 12 holiday images.

21. Find the hidden turtle

can you find the turtle among the lilly pads hidden objects puzzleCourtesy Lenstore

There are a lot of shades of green all swimming together in this image—but only one living thing! According to, who originally published this puzzle, only 46 percent of people were able to find the turtle swimming through these lily pads within 45 seconds. See how long it takes you! If you give up, you can see the solution here.

If you think you’re a pro at these hidden picture puzzles, or just want to do more of them, Gergely Dudás actually has a whole book of them. It’s called Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things: Halloween Seek-and-Find and you can get it on Amazon for under $8. Dudás also has a Christmas-themed puzzle book if you prefer to find festive things. Next, take a look at these optical illusions that aren’t all that they seem. 

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