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16 Funny Cat Cartoons That Every Cat Lover Will Appreciate

Get ready for some funny felines.

Business cartoon of boss dog saying to employee cat, 'Yet another meeting ends with the totality of your input being a yawn and a stretch'.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Good effort

Sometimes a yawn is the only input you can give. For more laughs, check out these hilarious cat memes.

"I'm trying to organize a stampede but everybody's got her own agenda."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Organized cats

Every cat really does have a mind of their own. You have to see these funny cat and dog photos that you’ll instantly love.

Animal, education and business cartoon of a dog, cat and whiteboard filled with complex equations, 'and therefore cats r better than dogs'.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Scientific proof

That’s a lot of math to prove a simple fact. Make sure to avoid these dangerous mistakes that cat owners make.

Business cartoon of business cats in background and business dog in foreground, 'This looks like a tough crowd for my Conflict Resolution speech'.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

A dog teaching cats

You might want to send in a different speaker. Preferably one with whiskers and a long tail. To become an even bigger cat enthusiast, learn about these facts you didn’t know about your cat.

Outside the boxCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Think inside the box

When it comes to their litterbox, creativity is not encouraged. These are some things your cat would love to tell you.

Don’t listen to him

…the dog says as the cat rolls his eyes and makes no plans to move from his spot. This is why cats sleep so much.

Dog wants to take a nap and is jealous of cat on owner's lap, "My life philosophy can be expressed thusly: I like naps, and don't share laps".Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Cereal bowl

Really, Karren? How rude! These funny cat tweets will have you laughing out loud.

cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

What’s the floor?

I’m not sure if I know how to do that. Turns out, there are some ugly cats that are still pretty cute—see for yourself!

Business cartoon about corporate culture. When the cat is away, the mice will play. Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Sneaky mice

Cats are pretty observant, he’ll probably find out. Watch out for these silent signs that your “healthy” cat is actually sick.

Man is at doctor's office and wife says, "Cat has got his tongue".Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Can’t talk

Doc, what can we do?

In this cartoon a woman is sitting at her desk in front of her laptop computer. The caption explains that she has an urgent deadline, so obviously has to watch a cat video first.BoundingSquirrel/Shutterstock

Cat videos

Because cat videos are much better than real work. If you need a distraction too, here are some funny cat videos.

Cartoon illustration of a yellow cat and a play on words about what the cat can and 'cat' do.Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Can and cat do

The word “can’t” isn’t in a cat’s vocabulary.

Cartoon of happy cat singing along with woman playing pianoAlan Benge/Shutterstock

Moew music

How could you say that? They have purrrfect pitch. See what the cutest cat breeds look like as kittens.

“He’s an indoor cat."Charlie Hankin/The New Yorker Collection/© Condé Nast

Lazy days

“He’s an indoor cat.” These are the friendliest cat breeds.

cartoonJimmy Craig/

Bouncy glass

What should I knock over next? If your cat doesn’t knock over everything in your house, they probably show one of these signs that your cat trusts you.

cartoonAmy Hwang/

Laser toys

Owners will do anything for their cats. For more cat cuteness, look at these cat adoption photos that will melt your heart.