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32 Adorably Funny Cat and Dog Photos You’ll Instantly Love

Check out the silly side of our favorite pets!

big dog, small childCourtesy Scott Nuncio

Saint Bernard bed

When you’ve been holding your baby all day and your arms are getting tired, why not let your dog do it? These adorable funny photos were all submissions from the Reader’s Digest pet photo contest. Check out the 15 habits of great dog owners here.

Dog PartyCourtesy Erin Norby

Birthday pup

You’re never too old for a birthday party. Not even in dog years. Want more reasons to celebrate? Here’s what you should do on National Dog Day

canine smileCourtesy Penny Everett

Canine smile

This dog looks pretty happy with his new toy! Here are some more hilarious photos you won’t be able to stop laughing at.

The LineupCourtesy Glenn Eberle

The lineup

You can tell that little white one is a troublemaker. If your pet gets easily riled up, here’s how to stop your dog from barking (without yelling).

Kitty KissesCourtesy Kathleen Anzalone

Kitty kisses

At least it’s not a hissing booth. Here are 21 cat adoption before-and-after photos that will melt your heart.

The Staring ContestCourtesy Nadine Schneider

The staring contest

Good thing there’s a window between this cat and this gutsy groundhog. Animals are more than just cute! This dog saved a person’s life when no human could

Dinner for TwoCourtesy Daniell Shirazi

Dinner for two

Who knew cats liked spaghetti? Or sitting at tables? You should really be feeding your cat, well, cat food. Here are the best dry foods for your feline. 

Stowaway CatCourtesy Deb Orlin

Stowaway cat

This owner might be in for a surprise once she arrives at her destination. If your pet really wants to come with you on vacation, check out the best pet-friendly hotels

Selfie SmileCourtesy Andrea Narciso

Selfie smile

Some dogs are just a little more photogenic than others. Check out these funny dog videos for more laughs.

Wasn't Me...Courtesy Yolanda Sanchez

Wasn’t me…

This dog couldn’t just stop after the kibble—she ate the plate, too! This is why your pup may like to chew on things that aren’t food. 

Dog In DisguiseCourtesy Erin Norby

Dog in disguise

It might be true what they say…dogs do start to look like their owners after a while! These images of dogs and their quirky owners will make you laugh. 

Boston TerrierCourtesy Martha Suarez

Captain Terrier

We just have one question: Which came first, the pillow or the dog? Don’t miss these vintage photos of dogs being our best friends. 

Cat Got Your Tub?Courtesy Kathy Dreher

Cat got your tub?

This cat doesn’t look like he’s ready to leave the tub anytime soon.

Cool CatCourtesy Leota Kuzma

Cool cat

Cats really have a knack for finding some unorthodox nap spots. Speaking of, here are some adorable photos of animals who can sleep anywhere.

Hopping HoundCourtesy Marian Brickner

Hopping hound

Have you ever seen a dog more excited than this one? 

New OutfitDavid McCord

New outfit

This dog seems a little less than excited about her new tutu—but not every dog can pull it off like she can! If you want to know what’s best for your pet, find out the secrets that pet stores won’t tell you. 

Meows-paperCourtesy Lisa Hostetter


We all feel like this after reading the news sometimes. Check out these 17 things you never knew about your cat.

Hope That Was Water...Courtesy Pat Ingham

Hope that was water…

Sometimes, your water bowl in the next room is just too far away.

Hair of the DogCourtesy Don Albright

Hair of the dog

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and then. We hope your dog isn’t hitting the bottle, but they might exhibit these other weird pet behaviors. 

BookwormCourtesy Rich Angelo


You might want to start teaching your dog to read like this one soon! Check out these 13 unbelievable facts you never knew about your dog.

Merry Cat-masCourtesy Kathleen Anzalone

Merry Cat-mas

Looks like this cat got a huge new scratching post for Christmas! Humans might call it a tree.

IMG_1079 (1)_JudyCastle.JPGCourtesy Judy Castle

Puggle poker face

This pup doesn’t look too happy with the hand he was dealt. Does your dog need to take the edge off? Find out if CBD is safe for him. 

Looking for a SnackCourtesy Michelle Alley

Looking for a snack

If he can’t eat the food, he might as well be near it. Check out the health benefits of having a pet, according to science.

You and ICourtesy Andrea Riemen

You and I

In case you forgot who should be number one in your life. Cat lovers are sure to get a kick out of these hilarious cat memes.

Cat LaundryCourtesy Christine Marquez

That’s not my laundry

Most cats hate water, so this smart feline knows the dryer is the perfect place to hang out. Just don’t shut the door!

Learning From the BestCourtesy Wayne Jacobsen

Learning from the best

Someone has to teach this little puppy how to properly growl! This is the exact age when puppies are the cutest.

Crazy CatCourtesy Gail Morris

Crazy cat

This cat knows how to have fun on her scratching post!

Working Like a DogCourtesy Michelle Sandler

Working like a dog

Tax season can get the best of us down.

Dinner in a BucketCourtesy Tim Malony

Dinner in a bucket

Whatever this dog ate, she wants to get every last bit of it! Here are the most popular dog breeds in all 50 states.

Dog's Day OutCourtesy Ila Logan

Dog’s day out

This boxer has everything he needs for an adrenaline-filled ride. And yup, he’s sticking his tongue out at the camera. You never know—this pup might be on his way to the office. Check out these super-professional photos of dogs dressed for work.  

Bubbles and BarkingCourtesy Malisa Nicolau

Bubbles and barking

This dog has never seen anything like these bubbles!

Cool CorgiCourtesy Dawn Dunbar

Cool corgi

Aviators are the perfect frames for this corgi’s face shape. Next, learn the 50 secrets your pet won’t tell you.