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10 New Foods You Have to Try At Least Once When Visiting Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is often called the "Happiest Place on Earth," but it could just as easily be the "Tastiest Place on Earth."

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01-cinnamon-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best quick breakfast: Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Roll

It wouldn’t be Disney World without Mickey Mouse-inspired treats, and this brand-new one, from Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom, is a sweet way to start the day. While you’re waiting for your roll, take note of the hospitality. There are the 12 etiquette rules Disney employees must follow.

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02-frusta-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best pizza on the go: Frusta

Pizza goodness in a hand-held package, Frustas (the name is a hybrid of flatbread/turnover/pizza—you get the idea) can be found at the Cooling Station in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom in either traditional cheese and tomato sauce or a meat-lovers pepperoni and sausage.

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03-dog-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best bite on a bun: Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

What do you get when you combine two comfort food staples in one dish? The Mac and Cheese Hot Dog at Casey’s Corner on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. This meal in a bun was supposed to be a limited time special, according to Magic Kingdom Executive Chef Mike Reitzler, but it was so popular with park guests that it will be around all summer. Find the 8 secret spots you never knew existed at Disney.

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04-pig-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best local BBQ: The Southern Pig Sandwich

Disney Springs is home to the Disney’s newest dining hot spot, The Polite Pig, a sister restaurant to local Orlando favorite The Ravenous Pig. The eatery features a variety of wood-fired smoked and grilled items, including the Southern Pig Sandwich, layered with tangy mustard BBQ, smoked pork, fennel-apple slaw, and Duke’s mayo.

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05-curry-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best galactic vegetarian: Curry Pods

Disney’s newest land, Pandora, the World of Avatar, at Animal Kingdom, offers not only extraterrestrial moonscapes, but also futuristic foods, like these steamed bao buns filled with vegetable curry, a nod to the health-conscious Na’vi people of Pandora.

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06-paddlefish-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best taste of summer: Lobster Roll

Paddlefish, in Disney Springs, one of the new best restaurants at Disney World, offers this bite of classic summer in New England. Steve Richard, one of the executive chefs, says it’s a favorite of not just customers, but his personal top choice as well. Best of all, the setting, on a real paddle wheeler docked on the water, makes it seem as though you’re setting sail into the summer night.

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07-whip-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best new treat for Dole Whip fans: Northwest Berry Whip

The new Geyser Point lakeside restaurant at Wilderness Lodge focuses on fresh takes on Northwest cuisine (think: salmon, shrimp, and salads), but it also offers a new sweet treasure to become an instant classic: the slushy, sweet Berry Whip, which closely resembles the beloved frozen pineapple slurry, Dole Whip, a classic Disney World food. Order one at the walk up window; grown-ups can try an adult version topped with black cherry vodka at the open-air bar.  While you wait in line for these tasty foods, make sure you break out some Disney trivia to keep everyone in the fairytale spirit

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08-mousse-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best new dessert: Na’vi Blueberry Mousse

Back at Pandora, there’s a new dessert that’s taking Instagram by storm: the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse. Served with passion fruit curd, the sky blue outside turns a deep blueberry pie purple when you cut into it. Learn the 14 ways to save on your next Disney trip.

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09-shakes-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best ice cream drink: Supernova Shakes

Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs pushes the milkshake limits with these new out-of-this-world ice cream drinks. Pictured here: The Strawberry Big Bang topped with rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a slice of birthday cake; the Cosmic Cotton Candy with rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate covered pretzels, whipped cream, cotton candy, and a giant lollipop; and the Chocolate Comet decked out with chocolate brownie frosting, candy, brownies, chocolate sprinkles, and a cookie straw.

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10-cheshire-new-tastes-you--have-to-try-at-walt-disney-world-courtesy-walt-disney-worldCourtesy Walt Disney World

Best storybook treat: Cheshire Cat Tails

Look for this colorful storybook treat in near the Mad Tea Party in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. A sweet croissant dough filled with chocolate and cream, it’s perfect for Alice’s tea party, but you can order it here with a cold-brew coffee, another new summer treat. These are the 23 secrets Disney employees won’t tell you.

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