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20 Finger Food Ideas Perfect for a Party

Planning a party can be made easy when you know what food to serve, and how to make it. These easy finger food ideas pack a powerful (and yummy!) punch that will leave guests wanting more.

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mini cheese ballsTaste of Home

Finger food idea #1: Mini Cheese Balls

“These mini cheese balls are the perfect quick appetizer for any party. Top with toasted sesame seeds and fresh rosemary and paprika to add even more flavor.” —J. Spivey, Ennice, North Carolina

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feta stuffed cherry tomatoesTaste of Home

Finger food idea #2: Feta-Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes

“These tempting cheese-stuffed tomatoes are bursting with fresh flavor. Use the small end of a melon scoop to easily remove the pulp.” —Laura LeRoy, Waxhaw, North Carolina. If you choose to make all your food ahead of time, make sure you know which foods not to freeze.

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almond bacon cheese crostiniTaste of Home

Finger food idea #3: Almond-Bacon Cheese Crustini

“For a change from the usual toasted tomato appetizer, try this baked crostini recipe. If you like, slice the baguette at an angle instead of making a straight cut.” —Leondre Hermann, Stuart, Florida. Need some inspiration for your family-style luncheon? Visit the best all-you-can-eat buffet in your state.

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spinach deviled eggsTaste of Home

Finger food idea #4: Spinach Deviled Eggs

Start or finish your party with a platter of these finger foods: “Spinach adds unexpected color and flavor to this tasty variation on deviled eggs. They’re easy to make and are an attractive addition to a party spread.” —Dorothy Sander of Evansville, Indiana.

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orange glazed chicken chorizo meatballsTaste of Home

Finger food idea #5: Orange-Glazed Chicken & Chorizo Meatballs

“These tasty southwestern meatballs warm up a buffet. I add pomegranate seeds, jalapeno pepper jelly and cilantro to make everything pop with color.” —Jeanne Holt, Mendota Heights, Minnesota

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italian veggie bitesTaste of Home

Finger food idea #6: Baked Veggie Cups

“These colorful veggie cups are not only tasty, but they also pack in a surprising amount of nutrition! The addition of mozzarella and Parmesan is the perfect Italian touch.” —Cathy Horvath, Surrey, British Columbia.

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avocado goat cheese truffleTaste of Home

Finger food idea #7: Avocado Goat Cheese Truffles

“Give guests the VIP treatment with luxurious truffles you can make in your own kitchen. The goat cheese is mild, and red pepper heats up each bite just a bit. Crackers are the perfect accompaniment.” —Roxanne Chan, Albany, California

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mac and cheese bitesTaste of Home

Finger food idea #8: Mini Mac & Cheese Bites

“Young relatives were coming for a Christmas party, so I wanted something fun for them to eat. Instead, the adults devoured my mini mac and cheese.” —Kate Mainiero, Elizaville, New York.

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Taste of Home

Finger food idea #9: Loaded Baked Potato Rounds

“I was trying to create an appetizer that could be served at my teenage daughter’s birthday party that the kids would love but that would appear elegant enough for the adults to be interested as well. These are made with simple ingredients yet yield a sophisticated result. Feel free to get creative with the flavors. Try shredded white cheddar in place of mozzarella or thyme instead of the rosemary. Take it up another notch by topping the rounds with smoked fish.” —Amanda Digges, South Windsor, Connecticut

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Taste of Home

Finger food idea #10: Savory Cracker Snack Mix

“Since I love Everything Bagel everything, I decided give this a try. A friend later suggested I could make the mix more versatile with something other than oyster crackers, and now it’s a deliciously addictive snack! This easy cracker snack mix recipe is perfect for entertaining.” —Cyndy Gerken, Naples, Florida.

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Taste of Home

Finger food idea #11: Buffalo Chicken Crescent Rolls

“My husband loves Buffalo wings, but they are so messy! These Buffalo chicken rolls are mess-free and always go fast at parties—and they’re much tastier than regular Buffalo wings, if you ask me.” —Tiffinie Cichon, Gulfport, Mississippi. And if you’re looking for spicier bites, check out these 31 Mexican appetizers anyone can make.

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Taste of Home

Finger food idea #12: Vegetable Egg Rolls

“It’s nice to get a crunch from egg rolls that aren’t deep-fried. Combined with the sweet-hot dipping sauce, these vegetable egg rolls are a tasty alternative to less healthy versions.” —Pamela Thomas, Watchung, New Jersey

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cheesy meatball sliders Taste of Home

Finger food idea #13: Cheesy Meatball Sliders

“These meatball sliders are a fun way to serve up meatballs at your party without using a slow cooker. Made on mini Hawaiian rolls, they have a hint of sweetness to balance out all the great Italian seasonings.” —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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strawberry ricotta bruschettaTaste of Home

Finger food idea #14: Strawberry Ricotta Bruschetta

“Here’s an interesting spin on bruschetta. A creamy ricotta cheese spread is the ideal complement to the sweet, minty strawberry topping.” —Laura Murphy, Jackson, Mississippi

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apple gouda pigs in a blanketTaste of Home

Finger food idea #15: Apple-Gouda Pigs in a Blanket

“For New Year’s, I used to make beef and cheddar pigs in a blanket, but now I like apple and Gouda for an even better flavor celebration.” —Megan Weiss, Menomonie, Wisconsin. For a healthier party, try out one of these 30 healthy snack ideas that will satisfy your cravings.

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mini burgers with the worksTaste of Home

Finger food idea #16: Mini Burgers with the Works

“I started preparing these mini burgers several years ago as a creative way to use up bread crusts accumulating in my freezer. They’re delicious.” —Linda Lane, Bennington, Vermont.

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contest winning crispy chicken fingersTaste of Home

Finger food idea #17: Crispy Chicken Fingers

“My kids love these tender, moist chicken strips! My husband and I cut up the chicken and add to a lettuce salad with eggs, tomatoes and cheese. And everybody’s happy!” —Rachel Fizel, Woodbury, Minnesota

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roast beef finger sandwichesTaste of Home

Finger food idea #18: Roast Beef Finger Sandwiches

“These simple sandwiches are ideal for a bridal shower, brunch or high tea, when the menu is a bit more substantial. The mustard adds a nice kick without being overly spicy.” —Anndrea Bailey, Huntington Beach, California

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finger lickin good shrimpTaste of Home

Finger food idea #19: Finger-Lickin’-Good Shrimp

“My husband and I were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when we happened upon a terrific restaurant that served shrimp wrapped in bacon. Though I’ve changed them slightly, these delicious appetizers are enjoyed by everyone who tries them.” —Sandi Solari, Manteca, California

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artichoke dip bitesTaste of Home

Finger food idea #20: Artichoke Dip Bites

“Love artichoke dip? This recipe gives you the dip and dippers together in one appetizer. My friends can’t get enough of the yummy baked bread cups and creamy filling.” —Nikkole Vanyo, West Fargo, North Dakota. Yum. Check out these 24 copycat recipes for your favorite restaurant appetizers––they’re sure to be a hit.

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