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35 Eco-Friendly Products Available on Amazon

Want to do your part to buy eco-friendly products? Here's how to let companies know you care about the environment by the way you shop.

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35 Eco Friendly Products Available On Amazonvia (3)

Stock up on these green items

April is Earth Month, and there are all sorts of little ways you can help the environment. Buying these eco-friendly products as an alternative to what you use all the time can set you well on your way to a greener life and a happier planet. If you want to live an even more eco-friendly lifestyle check out these sustainable clothing brands and the best eco-friendly gifts. Need more incentive? These 50 photos show how much earth still needs our help.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.

bamboo sheetsvia

Bamboo sheets


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Made from (you guessed it) bamboo, these Layla Sleep sheets are breathable, odor-resistant, and temperature-regulating—really everything you could ask for from a set of sheets! Because of bamboo’s quick-growing speed, it can be harvested several times a year, not to mention it uses far, far less water than cotton production. After you have updated your bedsheets, give the rest of your home an update (and a quick tidy) with these green cleaning products recommended by professional house cleaners.


Kapok pillow


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What is Kapok? Well, you’re about to find out. These fibers come from the seeds of Indonesia’s Kapok trees, and it’s responsibly sourced without pollution-producing machinery. The pillows combine these fibers with memory foam to create a unique sleep experience—and you’ll sleep better knowing that your pillow’s good for the planet! Watch out for these “eco-friendly” habits that are actually worse for the earth.

Blu And Blue New York Chloe Denim Shift Dressvia

Eco-friendly fashion


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Big with celebrities, Blu & Blue is a children’s clothing line with fashion-forward styles. “Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular” is the philosophy of the company, which carries over into its eco-friendly products. The items are free of lead, phthalates, and chemical flame retardants. Blu & Blue also uses an in-house eco-friendly washing facility, and all of the buttons are nickel-free. These clothes are known for a comfortable fit, butter-soft texture, and long-lasting colors.


Plant-based trash bags


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Each box by Hippo Sak comes with 45 eco-friendly tall kitchen bags. Each trash bag holds 13 gallons—made from plant-based materials: sugar cane instead of fossil fuel. This sustainable product is guaranteed to be stronger than all leading brands, and the bags are puncture and leak proof. Likewise, they are 100 percent recyclable and made in the USA. These big companies are getting rid of plastic for good.

Sprout 5 Pack Graphite Plantable Pencilsvia

Sprout pencils


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Each five-pack by Sprout is made with eco-friendly wood and is lead-free. These pencils are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from sustainably sourced materials. That means every time a tree is harvested, another one is planted. Plus, with each pencil, you get an encouraging quote and a set of seeds—just plant the stub in the ground and wait for fragrant herbs, beautiful flowers, or fresh veggies to grow. For more sustainable products, check out the easiest foods to grow at home during quarantine.


Biodegradable toothbrush set


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These Hello Boo packs come with eight brushes; they’re great for older children (eight years old and up) and adults. Each toothbrush is made with eco-friendly Moso bamboo and medium nylon bristles. Since bamboo grows quickly, it can be harvested in just a few short years. Also, this kind of bamboo is not a food source for pandas, so don’t worry—they are still getting plenty to eat.


Reusable food wrap


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You get small, medium, and large sizes from Le Concept Cook. It’s made of 100 percent organic cotton, with a natural solution of beeswax, pine tree resin, and cold-pressed jojoba oil. These ingredients are antifungal and antibacterial—plus, it smells great. This safe and natural food wrap can be used for up to one year, in place of aluminum foil or plastic. The two-color patterns are earthy and fun. Plus, the packaging is also eco-friendly. Here are some other disposable products you should consider replacing with reusable ones.


Reusable mesh bags


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With nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, these nylon mesh bags by Naturally Sensible won’t disappoint. Each set comes in a natural earth tone, edged on top with one of five colors: red, yellow, green, blue, or purple. Each bag measures 12 x 14 inches and is made of a lightweight nylon material. While these sustainable products are great for produce, such as bananas, lettuce, or carrots, they can also hold beach toys, toiletries, or lunch for the office. You could even use them as party favor bags.

Ecotribe 4 Reusable Metal Straws With Portable Casevia

Reusable stainless steel straws


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Ecotribe offers four metal straws, two wooden cases (crafted from beech wood), two cleaning brushes, and a carrying pouch, all together. These eco-friendly products will help reduce plastic straw waste—it’s building up in landfills, waterways, and the ocean. Another bonus: These dishwasher-safe, rust-free straws offer a pure beverage flavor without any kind of aftertaste. Make sure you check out these common household items that you had no idea were reusable.


Eco-friendly soap


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Pure Castile soap by Seven Minerals comes in three varieties—unscented, sweet orange, and lemon. This USA-made soap comes from organic oils and natural vegan ingredients, and it’s soothing and nourishing for your skin. It’s also two to three times more concentrated than regular soaps and cleansers.

Bath Bombsvia

Earth-friendly bath bombs


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Inteye sells a 24-pack of organic and natural bath bombs perfect for relaxation. You get four small boxes—each with six different colors and fragrances. Summer Dream, Morning Rose, and Ocean Pearl are among the choices, and all of the varieties are made of eco-friendly ingredients such as organic grape seed oil, organic coconut oil, and shea and cocoa butters. Plus, they offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee, no questions asked. These are the countries around the world that are doing the most to protect the environment.


Chemical-free wool dryer balls


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Shun those chemical-filled dryer sheets in favor of Kintor’s XL six-pack of efficient dryer balls for around ten dollars. These are safe for babies and people with sensitive skin, and it’s made from 100 percent natural New Zealand wool. It shortens drying time, softens laundry, and reduces wrinkles and static cling. And you’ll save money since you can reuse it (unlike traditional dryer sheets).

Biorepublic Skincare Hydrating Sheet Masksvia

Biodegradable face mask


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BioRepublic SkinCare sells a set of four or eight masks in a number of flavors like aloe, cucumber, green tea, and pomegranate. The masks will hydrate your skin and provide vital nutrients. The biodegradable part comes with its construction from eco-friendly bamboo fiber that fits snugly to the contours of your face. It’s 100 percent cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Find the best type of mask for your face.

Christina Moss Naturals Lip Balmvia

Organic lip balm


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Made with certified organic ingredients, Christina Moss Naturals offers a six-pack of lip balms. It’s non-toxic and non-GMO, avoiding synthetic flavoring, petroleum, corn, soy, and gluten. It contains no synthetic fragrances or fillers and it’s safe even for babies. You can’t go wrong with the company’s 100 percent satisfaction, moneyback guarantee. Its tubes are made using 30 percent less plastic—all recycled—than regular lip balm. Don’t miss more eco-friendly products with these great natural beauty products you can buy right now.


Growing gift wrap


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Triumph Plant sells a pack of four large sheets of flowering seeded gift wrap. The order includes six gift cards and a bundle of natural raffia. Each sheet is 24 x 36 inches in size—large enough to wrap eight shirt boxes. Your gift recipient needs to know a few things when they’re ready to plant: First, loosen the soil three inches deep to make it easy for roots to grow; second, cover the paper with a 1/8 inch of loose topsoil to allow the wildflower seedlings to stretch upward. This product is eco-friendly and made in the USA.

bamboo paper towelsvia

Bamboo paper towels


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It’s no secret that paper towels aren’t exactly great for the environment, especially considering how fast we blow through it. Well, with these reusable, heavy-duty bamboo towels from Urban Green, you won’t even miss paper towels. It’s washable for re-use—up to 120 uses! It should replace approximately six months to a year’s worth of paper towels, making it one of the great tiny changes you can make to help the environment.

Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Clothsvia

Reusable dishcloths


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These dishcloths provide a great way to protect the planet while ensuring a more hygienic dish-washing experience. As you can see from its name, “Swedish dishcloths,” these handy kitchen items have already seen massive success in Scandinavia, and for good reason. Made mostly from biodegradable cellulose, it’s far more versatile than ordinary cotton kitchen towels and incredibly absorbent as well. It can absorb up to 20 times its weight! Check out these other kitchen products you’ll wish you had years ago.

reusable coffee filters k cupsvia

Reusable coffee filter


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This product is a total win-win. Rather than throwing away your coffee filter every single time you make a brew, use this handy reusable filter. It’s BPA-free and the only reusable filter that you can use in all Keurig machines. In case you shudder at the thought of repeatedly cleaning a coffee filter, fear not—it’s super easy to clean! Plus, with it, you’ll likely save money in the long run. Here are some more great reusable versions of things you use every day.

reusable plastic bagsvia

Reusable Ziploc-style bags


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There’s a reason we love Ziploc bags. They come in plenty of different sizes, and the “zipping” technology is downright genius. But chances are you probably throw away a whole lot of them.  These eco-friendly Ziploc cousins, Rezip, are reusable, made from BPA- and lead-free materials so that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted substances coming into contact with your food or whatever else you’re bagging up. Another cool benefit? It can stand up on its own, allowing for super-easy storage.

reusable popsicle stick via

Plastic-free popsicle mold


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This is one of the things you never knew you needed in your life until you just saw it. This stainless steel Popsicle mold is made with BPA-free ingredients and allows you to make up to six pops at a time—make and remove each of them separately. Plus, it’s easy to clean, so it won’t get icky after a few uses, unlike plastic or silicone. Bonus: You shouldn’t have to replace it! I’ve been plastic-free for six years—here’s what I use instead.

Oct17 Bamboo Wireless Optical Mousevia

Computer mouse


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How rustic-charming is this?! It’s a computer mouse made out of bamboo, making it biodegradable. It’s compatible with Mac and Windows devices and works as well as any other mouse. And another bonus? It absorbs radiation from the computer to protect against the adverse effects of radiation.

water bottlevia

Tree Tribe water bottle


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That’s right, it’s got a tree on the box. And it’s called “Eco Bottle.” Luckily, this water bottle lives up to the hype. It’s BPA- and lead-free, so it won’t leak any harmful chemicals into your drinks—which it’ll keep hot or cold with its vacuum-insulated technology. Of course, make sure you’re staying safe by washing your reusable water bottle enough.

utensil holdervia

Bamboo utensil set


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Bamboo strikes again! Here’s another plastic-alternative product that’s made from this far more eco-friendly material. You’ll get a fork, a spoon, a knife, and a pair of chopsticks. It comes in a case made of the recyclable material RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), making it ultra-portable in addition to ultra-green. Oh, and you can choose between six different colors for the case. Cool!


Bamboo bed set


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Cariloha sells a four-piece bed sheet set made from bamboo: Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two standard pillowcases. You can get it in all traditional sizes with five color options: white, ivory, Tahitian breeze, sage, and ivory new. These eco-friendly sheets are supposed to feel twice as soft as cotton. It’s naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, making these sheets about three degrees cooler than cotton sheets. It naturally repels odors and allergens. Plus, it’s great for people with sensitive skin since the fabric isn’t chemically treated. Bamboo is a sustainable resource that keeps our soil stronger and our air cleaner. Check out these brilliant ways other countries are replacing plastic.

Double Edge Safety Razor With Long Natural Bamboo Handlevia

Sustainable bamboo razor


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This double-edged safety razor from Bambaw is great for men and women. With its 100 percent bamboo handle and stainless steel parts, it’s incredibly strong and durable—it should last a lifetime. Just replace and recycle the blade for a cleaner planet (the plastic ones end up in landfills and oceans). With each purchase, you’ll also get tips on how to assemble the razor and increase the life of the blade along with recycling suggestions and two homemade shaving cream recipes. Here are some other simple swaps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustain Natural Ultra Thin Latex Condomsvia

Fair-trade condoms


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The Sustain Ultra thin condom (made of latex) by Sustain Natural is free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. As the most sustainable condoms in the market, you can protect your sexual health and the planet at the same time—and you get a ten pack for less than ten dollars. If you need more convincing, these products are nitrosamine-free, non-GMO, FDA-cleared, and vegan. Also, the company donates 10 percent of its profits to support women’s health organizations in the United States. You’ll be reassured to know that every condom is electronically tested for safety.

Honey Silk Solid Conditioner Barvia

Eco-friendly hair conditioner


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Don’t let the small size fool you: Each solid conditioner bar by Beauty and the Bees Tasmania is good for 100 to 130 washes. You can get it in two types: honey silk and real beer. Not only is this product 100 percent natural (with organic gourmet Australian ingredients) and handmade, but the bars are free of sulfates, parabens, preservatives, phthalates, and fake fragrances, which means it’s completely biodegradable. It’s great for all hair types and even safe for babies, but the bars are especially helpful for people with dandruff, oily hair, or thin hair. While you’re on Amazon, check out these Amazon products you’ll definitely use every day.


Bamboo reading glasses


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These readers by Vision World Eyewear are unisex and best for a narrow to average face width. Since the temples are made from genuine bamboo, they float; also nice is the fact that each pair comes with a thin layer of waterproofing, ensuring they won’t warp or rot. You can choose from three colors—black, maroon, and tortoise; they come in a range of strengths from 1.0 to 3.0. They’re made with high-quality lenses and stainless steel metal hinges. Not satisfied? There’s a 100 percent moneyback guarantee.


Biodegradable poop bags


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Offered in two sizes—240-count or 400-count—these dog waste bags by Pets N Bags have a water-resistant coating that also minimizes odor. It’s green with a cute paw print and it’s great for the environment. Allergy-free and unscented, it’s great for even the most sensitive owners and doggies. Each roll has an easy tear-off design and comes with a cute bone-shaped dispenser. These facts will make you stop using plastic for good.


Reusable DivaCup


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This might sound strange, but it has over 10,000 positive reviews. The DivaCup is free from BPA, dyes, and chemicals and lasts up to one year, replacing traditional tampons. Think of the money you could save. Plus, it offers secure, comfortable, and leak-proof protection for up to 12 hours. It is made of health care grade silicone, and it contains no single-use plastics. The DivaCup is easy to remove, wash, and reuse—and it’s good for the planet.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain For Women 1.6 Oz Eau De Parfum Sprayvia

Environmentally friendly perfume and cosmetics


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Guerlain Mon Guerlain for women provides a responsible Eau de parfum spray option. One reviewer says the scent is lasting but subtle. Guerlain offers three sizes: 1.6 fl. oz, 3.3 fl. oz, and 6.7 fl. oz. In addition to decreasing its carbon footprint and packaging waste, this company encourages the client to return the empty packaging to CEDRE, a sorting and recycling program. They are also teaming up with a program to train 30,000 new beekeepers in Europe—creating ten million new bee colonies by 2025. Check out more little ways we can help honeybees every day.


Eco-friendly pet hairbrush


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AtEase Accents’ dual-sided pin-and-bristle hairbrush for dogs and cats is made from all-natural two-toned bamboo. It’s sustainable for the environment and pampers your pet by removing dirt and spreading natural oils throughout the animal’s coat and preventing tangles. The soft pin brush also stimulates blood flow. This brush has a modern design, and it’s safe and easy to use. Loving brushing is just one of the 50 things your pet won’t tell you.


Recycled glass bead


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The Bead Chest offers fair-trade jewelry using recycled glass from Ghana. The materials come from used soda bottles, broken windows, or sea glass that are crushed into a fine powder before being shaped by Krobo artisans into beautiful beads. The sales help the Ghanaian makers. Each purchase contains a 25-inch strand that has about 32 beads. Beads are typically strung on cotton or raffia.


Eco-friendly notebook


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Lemome sells a sophisticated looking notebook with a pen loop—in one size: 5 x 8 inches, in dotted and ruled options. The notebook cover is made of cork fabric, which is a versatile, natural, and sustainable material. It’s soft like leather, but 100 percent cruelty-free. The pages are acid-free, which make them recyclable. The micro-perforations mean you can easily tear out pages as necessary, just like a regular notebook. Here are some surprising things other countries recycle that the United States doesn’t.

4 Pack Of 200g Naturally Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bagsvia

Natural home deodorizer


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You’d be shocked at the number of toxins in most air fresheners. That’s where Products4Future’s 4-pack of 200 gram naturally activated purifying bags come in: Each bag contains activated charcoal from sustainable Moso bamboo to clean and freshen the air in up to 100 square feet of living space. It’s processed with high-temperature oxygen-free carbonization. These help to maintain a fresh and breathable environment naturally, and they’re 100 percent organic and chemical-free. It lasts for up to two years, and you simply set each bag in the sun—for one hour once a month—to rejuvenate the scent. Now that you know about these eco-friendly products, look to the future with this glimpse at what recycling will look like in ten years.

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