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10 Ways to Make Your Bed 10 Times Cozier

Cooler weather calls for updated bedding.

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Invest in a mattress topper

A mattress topper made of memory foam, feathers, or egg crate foam can add both comfort and support to your bed, especially if purchasing a new mattress is out of the question. It could cost you, though; most queen-sized options run upwards of $100. (Related: This is how to update your bedroom for fall.)


Know your sheets

For maximum coziness, try flannel sheets. These will feel soft against your skin and add texture to the look of your bed. Ditch the idea of choosing sheets based solely off of their thread count. Many factors can have an effect on thread counts; you’re better off making your decision from a touch-test of fabric samples. (Related: Try these hotel decorating ideas in your bedroom.)


Choose an appropriate pillow

You’ve probably noticed pillows come in many variations of fluffiness and firmness. Here’s your cheat sheet, according to If you sleep on your side, choose a firm pillow; if you sleep on your back, choose a medium pillow; if you sleep on your stomach, choose a soft pillow. (Related: Here are the best sleep positions for 11 health problems.)

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Add a bedskirt

If your bed has an unattractive frame, use a bed skirt to cover it up. Cold metal beams are the opposite of cozy. Try these cold-weather tricks to make yourself feel warmer.


Find a quality comforter

A down comforter will feel both weightless and breathable, yet warm and cocoon-like—perfect for cool fall mornings. Don’t forget to fold it in a Z pattern at the bottom of your bed once you’re up. That way, the comforter will add a pop of color to your room, while also staying conveniently placed for nighttime.


Consider a headboard

A padded or tufted headboard is an easy way to make sitting up in bed more comfortable. What’s more, they’re easy to DIY. You’ll need a wooden board, fabric, padding, and a staple gun. Try this tutorial from ThriftyDecorChick.


Add blankets and throws

Introduce texture and warmth to your space with a luxurious blanket or throw. Choose one in a chunky knit or plaid flannel for added seasonal flair.


Throw on the throw pillows

Bring in a few extra throw pillows for the cooler months. They’ll make your bed appear more inviting and give you something plush to snuggle up to.


Don’t forget a fluffy rug

Nothing’s worse than waking up from a cozy bed only to find yourself with (literally) cold feet. Even if you’ve already got carpeting or a large area rug, consider adding a small sheepskin or textured rug on the side of your bed where you usually get out.


Use task lighting to create a reading nook

Allow your space to become even more of an oasis by ensuring it’s well lit. If you’re single, have at least one bedside table with a lamp, or a floating or wall-mounted light fixture. If you sleep with a partner, have two. That way you can each turn them on and off as you please.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest