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14 Feminist Memes to Make You Laugh

Updated: Apr. 06, 2023

Who knew fighting for gender equality could be so funny?

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Dancing woman. Meme text: New feminist memes on RD? It's a good day!
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Women have come a long way— and I for one, could not be happier and prouder of my fellow girl bosses for fighting since the beginning of time for equality. But there is still such a long way to go. While the following memes are intended to make you laugh, they are also meant to empower you and bring you closer to other women while you fight for the common goal of equality. Once you have a laugh, share with your girlfriends, and gawk at how amazing women really are, educate yourself on these inspirational women who are still alive today, and read up on these trailblazing women who changed history.

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Woman crying. Meme text: When you think about all the strong and incredible women in the world
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Who run the world?

Have you ever met a girl who wasn’t a queen? Get even more emotional with these inspirational quotes from women who changed the world.

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Young girl looking at herself in the mirror, wearing a men's necktie. Meme text: Yup, still fabulous.
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Not nearly enough of us do this. Looking for more empowerment in addition to these feminist memes? Try reading up on these incredible women in history you didn’t learn about in school.

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Woman angry on the phone. Meme text: Hello, 1950s? You left your oppressive gender roles in our century. Can you come get them?
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Please pick them up at your earliest convenience

We’ve been on hold for years. For an even deeper reflection on history, see what women weren’t allowed to do 100 years ago.

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Women running on a track. Meme: You and your girlfriends running to be there for another girlfriend in her time of need
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True friendship

Girls will always have each other’s backs. After you laugh your way through these feminist memes, learn about the ways women still aren’t equal to men.

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Sign that tells hikers to give rattlesnakes distance and respect. Meme text: As a woman, I just want the same rights as rattlesnakes
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Distance and respect

Is that too much to ask? For more animal-related jokes, check out these hilarious animal memes that will definitely give you a chuckle.

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Woman pointing with enthusiasm. Meme text: You get a voice! And you get a voice! Everybody get's a voice!
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Uplifting your fellow women like…

Can you even think of any better supporters? Don’t miss these female inventors you didn’t learn about in history class.

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Young girl on a bike with a mohawk helmet. Meme text: Carry yourself with the confidence of a little girl with a mohawk helmet
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Channel that tough girl energy

Confident and adorable. Dive deep into the important moments that changed women’s history forever.
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woman sipping coffee. Meme text: I like my coffee like I like my women: Granted the time and respect they deserve and unhindered in developing a unique character.
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Louder for the people in the back

Can you think of anything better? Check out these 30 women pioneers who deserve all the recognition.

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Woman lounging in chair with legs spread apart. Meme text: When they tell you to sit like a lady
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Like this?

Am I doing it right?
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Woman sick on the couch. Meme text: Sorry, I'm allergic to misogyny
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Allergy season

Does anyone have a tissue? You’ll certainly need them if you pick up one of these best books by women authors.
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Woman smiling into camera. Meme text: When your BFF gets everything she deserves
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Proud mom

Love in its purest form.
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Woman shouting into megaphone with aggression. Meme text: I am a delicate, feminine, flower!
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Don’t mess

Beautiful, resilient, and strong.
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Blank notepad. Meme text: Reasons not to be a feminist
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Quick presentation

Can’t think of anything.
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Dog with heart glasses. Meme text: Me thinking about driven, goal-oriented women with loud personalities and opinions who strive every day to better themselves and have solidarity with other women
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Or should I say, a-women. Now that you’ve gone through all the best feminist memes to share with your best girlfriends, check out these dog memes for some laughs about your other best friend.