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These Are the Funniest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

Updated: Jan. 16, 2024

Sure, you think you’re hilarious, but what does astrology have to say about that? Find out if you’re actually the funniest zodiac sign around.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked
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Which is the funniest zodiac sign?

While it’s not a competition (sorry, Aries) and every zodiac sign has its own unique cosmic comedy style, some zodiac signs are funnier than others. In fact, they seem born to make people laugh out loud, much like people who are inherently trustworthy or polite. Some signs are also particularly adept at pulling pranks … while others steer clear for fear of upsetting anyone. So, have the stars aligned to give you the title of the funniest zodiac sign?

Before we answer that question, we need to remind you that funny comes in many different forms—from snarky and self-deprecating to witty and flat-out hilarious. And it all boils down to your zodiac element and planetary ruler, says astrologer Liz Simmons. For each, consider their overarching characteristics. For example, water signs tend to be more emotional and, therefore, good at making light of feelings, while earth signs have a more grounded sense of humor. And signs ruled by Venus might crack jokes about love or beauty standards, while those ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, might have a quicker wit and make more timely jokes.

To find out where you rank and which type of humor you excel at, scroll through the 12 signs below, which we’ve listed in order from the funniest zodiac sign to the least funny zodiac sign. Lower down on the list? Don’t worry—it doesn’t mean you’re not funny! (Well, not always.) But it does mean you need to find people who appreciate you and your unique brand of humor. That knowledge can play a big role in zodiac compatibility, finding the ideal best friend and even which ​​zodiac memes you think are hilarious. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dishing out the funny can also strengthen your relationships, making sure you don’t go too far with a joke.

The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Infographic
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These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Gemini Gettyimages2
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1. Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Drum roll, please! The award for the funniest zodiac sign goes to Gemini. This is largely due to the influence of Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet. “Mercury is the planet that presides over wordplay, communication and mental agility,” says Simmons. As a result, people born under a Gemini sun tend to be chatterboxes and have minds that run a mile a minute. “They are great improvisational thinkers,” explains astrologer Meghan Rose, “and they can make anyone laugh on the spot.” Simmons adds that this air sign is also known for its excellent comedic timing and can tell joke after joke. Famous Geminis include Amy Schumer and Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader.

In addition to their sense of humor, Geminis are extremely engaging on every level. They “like to ask questions and collect information on various topics” as if they are trinkets, says Simmons.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Virgo Gettyimages2
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2. Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22)

Practical Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, which contributes to this sign’s sense of humor. Surprised that Virgo comes in second on this list of the funniest zodiac signs? Remember that there are all different kinds of funny. “Virgo leans into a more critical, self-deprecating sense of humor,” says Simmons, and this can land lots of laughs. Think Jerry Seinfeld, who—you guessed it—is a Virgo. “His ability to keep others laughing decades later is a great example of Virgo’s sense of humor,” says Rose.

Virgos also tend to be in it for the long game, so their jokes will resurface again and again in all sorts of new ways. And while Virgos might not seem funny when you first meet them, their humor will be revealed as you spend more time with them. Find your zodiac sister sign for someone who will truly appreciate your sense of humor.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Sagittarius Gettyimages2
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3. Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

“This fire sign is blunt, to the point and unafraid to make a bold joke,” says Simmons. This is partially due to Sagittarius’s planetary ruler, Jupiter, which is “lucky with humor.” The celestial centaur also tends to be inherently “loud, boisterous and unafraid to offend anyone else,” says Rose. Of course, that means they may occasionally offend others, but people born under this sign generally “leave a trail of laughter wherever they go.”

It makes sense that Sagittarius is one of the funniest zodiac signs because they also rank among the most fun. “Sagittarius is a fun-loving free spirit who seeks adventure,” says Simmons. They’ll always find a way to make others laugh and enjoy life with them, whether it’s trying something new, traveling to a far-flung destination or simply making the most out of every day.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Cancer Gettyimages2
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4. Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Moon-ruled Cancer “is known to have a sarcastic, biting sense of humor that can kind of hurt, but in a humorous way,” says Simmons. For example, a Cancer might make light of a sore spot that someone is trying to hide. While their sarcastic delivery implies they’re joking, it can still sting a little. Crabs are also known for their observational personalities, which allow them to make jokes out of what others have told them. “Their call-back skills are phenomenal,” Rose says.

While Cancer might be high on the list of zodiac comedians, this sign is also quite responsible and considered the “parental zodiac sign,” says Simmons. That can turn into a tricky family dynamic, considering their preferred style of humor. To be truly funny and also kind, they’ll need to learn how to put away their claws when it’s apparent that someone else doesn’t enjoy being in the hot seat.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Taurus Gettyimages2
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5. Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Taurus is, in some ways, very similar to Cancer when it comes to humor, thanks to their sarcastic tendencies. However, unlike Cancer, the bull’s comedic style “comes across as more grounded and relaxed, due to Taurus’s earthy nature,” says Simmons. Taurus will see something happening in real time and make light of it in a way that is timely, charming and witty—but sticks to more neutral subjects. “This adds a level of comfort,” explains Simmons, “since Taurus’s friends and family know they won’t be the center of the joke.”

That being said, Rose says this indulgent sign would rather be entertained than entertain. Still, when they find their funny bone, they hit their punch lines with perfection and make everyone around them loosen up a bit more. To better understand yourself, whether you’re a Taurus or not, learn about your rising sign.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Leo Gettyimages2
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6. Leo (July 23–Aug. 22)

Leos have a theatrical sense of humor and thrive on performance. And since they’re ruled by the sun, they love being the center of attention. “Proud and fiery,” according to Rose, Leos are the movers and shakers of the zodiac and can “leave others roaring with laughter.”

“Acting out parts of a funny story or creating something witty to convey a joke is up Leo’s alley,” Simmons says. In fact, this sign is prone to pulling pranks that are public, dramatic and over-the-top. The only potential issue? Knowing when to stop. This can be difficult for them to gauge, since Leo might be too absorbed in their performance to hear their audience and, therefore, might lose their attention in the midst of it all. Next, learn what your sun, moon and rising sign mean for you together.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Capricorn Gettyimages2
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7. Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19)

According to Rose, Capricorns are “the driest of the bunch,” with a good sense of humor that, unfortunately, often gets overlooked. Still, Capricorns tend to be an endearing group who strive to be the best. This can serve them well if the competition is to see who’s funniest, as “they will study humor and trends until they get the science of funny right,” Rose explains.

The one downside? Capricorns are also the so-called CEOs of the zodiac, and they tend to take themselves a little too seriously. As a result, says Simmons, “they may struggle with taking whatever they’ve already dished out” when the tables are turned.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Aries Gettyimages2
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8. Aries (March 21–April 19)

“Snarky and cool, Aries is the type to make a joke to lighten the mood and tell others not to take themselves so seriously,” says Rose. However, their snarky sense of humor might not be for everyone, especially since this fire sign likes to roast others and, much like Capricorn, isn’t as great at taking the punch when it comes to jokes about them.

However, this sign can still participate in humor, especially if it’s light and playful teasing that keeps others’ feelings in mind. This is especially true for more planned comedic moments, such as wedding toasts from a maid of honor or best man.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Scorpio Gettyimages2
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9. Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)

Those with Scorpio sun signs land toward the bottom of our list of the funniest zodiac signs because their humor might not be for everyone. “Scorpios have a sense of humor that can sting more than it lands,” says Rose. Scorpios tend to know this about themselves and, therefore, might reserve their jokes for the people in their life who really understand them and their humor, or those who can handle being the butt of the joke.

With this in mind, Rose notes that Scorpios are much better at drama as opposed to comedy. Ruled by Mars and Saturn, they tend to be more mysterious (hence the drama) than other signs of the zodiac, but that can also make them particularly adept at dark humor.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Aquarius Gettyimages2
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10. Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18)

“Aquarius is sort of an odd duck when it comes to comedy,” says Simmons. “Aquarius can be a very funny but very niche zodiac sign.” They tend to have a specifically curated sense of humor, filled with lots of inside jokes between friends and family. Plus, because this air sign is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, their humor tends to be sporadic and may only resonate with close friends or in particular situations.

However, among those who get them, they are just as funny as the funniest zodiac sign on our list. “These folks think outside of the box and can make jokes out of just about anything,” says Rose. Plus, they are innovative and quick. Although some of their jokes may go over people’s heads—since they tend to find humor in things that aren’t considered that funny to the masses—that doesn’t mean they aren’t a hilarious bunch.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Libra Gettyimages2
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11. Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)

Those with a Libra sun tend to be charming, witty and naturally flirtatious. “Libras look at conversations as a form of social foreplay,” says Rose. And although they aren’t the funniest zodiac sign, Rose notes, “they are unable to be anything but devoted to the enjoyment of others.” It’s this quality that allows for humorous moments, especially among their friends.

Although Libras aren’t typically the ones creating funny moments, they are the ones you want to be around to enjoy those moments. Why? They aren’t afraid to laugh and show their amusement, which can make things even funnier and just plain fun.

These Are The Funniest Zodiac Signs Ranked Pisces Gettyimages2
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12. Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20)

Like Sagittarius, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, but the latter’s zodiac element generally overpowers Jupiter’s humor trait. “Pisces tends to miss the mark, since this water sign has a more challenging time joking around due to being deeply sensitive and empathetic,” Simmons explains. This is especially true when the jokes are poking fun at others. They might see this type of humor as mean-spirited rather than playful.

Rose agrees, noting that Pisces people are less inclined to hurt someone’s feeling at the expense of a joke. Instead, they turn inward with their humor so as not to offend anyone else. As a result, Pisces can be very self-deprecating, and that type of humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, since others might find it uncomfortable or not know how to respond in those moments.

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