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9 Funny Signs That Are Clearly Messing with You

Updated: Dec. 09, 2022

The only thing worse than an unhelpful sign is an unhelpful sign with attitude.

A sign of the times

Usually, road and warning signs are there to keep you safe and informed. Signs are meant to grab your attention and direct it to something important. On the basic level, signs are meant to be read and hopefully followed. So what happens when the very signs you rely on are clearly messing with you?

For the signs below, someone clearly had a fun day at work. The signs are clever, misleading, or sometimes even downright rude. Maybe these hilarious examples will remind you to not take every laminated sheet of paper or brightly painted sign as gospel (and help you stop being quite so gullible). Sometimes it’s better to take in life, or a misleading sign, with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

Honesty is the best (advertising) policy

I don’t know about you, but I think I’d turn in and get gas if only to honor the chuckle I had at reading this sign. Gas prices fluctuate, but no matter what the price always seems a little steep. But in this case, honesty wins out. What would you sacrifice to get from point A to point B? I’d consider a single arm or leg because, after, we do have two of each!

Mixed messages

This seems a classic case of someone getting creative. Or, perhaps, a nearly unbelievable coincidence. Whatever the case may be, this sign definitely makes you question your right turn. Head down at your own risk—there’s no going back! These funny sayings are definitely worth memorizing.

Cheaper than daycare and they learn a skill

Leaving children unattended is generally frowned upon. That is, of course, unless they could be useful. Children make a myriad of surprising noises at the slightest provocation—high-pitched laughs and low-belly shouts. In fairness, they might be the most versatile instrument this store has ever known. Children can be hilarious—check out these adorable kid mistakes to brighten your day.

Deflecting blame?

This sign isn’t messing with you so much as finding a clever way to tell you to take it elsewhere. You and your cigarette should pack it up and move along. Or maybe just the cigarette. If you send him packing, or leave ’em in the pack, you can stay. Take a look at these hilarious typos found in works of literature.

Time for a change

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. It could be time for a switch from your old, comfortable way of life. Or maybe you’re just trying to get home after a long day. Either way, you’re definitely not going this way. If there’s one thing that is certain in life, it’s that nothing is certain. If you like this sign, try these funny road signs worth slowing down for.

Truer words have never been written

It’s hard not to read this in one of many famous super villain voices. Maybe the sign makers (or clever vandalizer) had some tricks up his sleeve, too. This is an incredibly simple edit that is speaking the truth for anyone who may be stuck in traffic and reading it. But hey, at least it’s something to do!

You get what you pay for

This is an example of hilarious and spot-on marketing. Clearly, this is a fun play on the double meaning of the word “sucking,” yet somehow doesn’t entirely turn the customer away. The idea behind a slogan is easy enough—they should be simple, short, and catchy. This hits the big three with an element of style and humor. Check out some facts people learned when they were “today years old.

You’re on your own

To turn or not to turn—it seems you can’t really do either. This sign is messing with your sense of autonomy. Signs are supposed to make things clear not complicate them further. As such, this pole has a lot of explaining to do.

Art is all around us

There’s something humorous about a street sign begging for art. Maybe it’s a statement about public service or the devaluation of creativity, or it could just be a lazy design. Regardless, this sign is asking you to think and simultaneously messing with your perception of art and street signs.

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