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30 Amazing Facts People Learned When They Were “Today Years Old”

Updated: Jan. 27, 2023

Admit it—how many of these below facts did you also learn at today years old?

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Excited woman lying on the floor at home using cell phone
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While we’d all like to think that we’re generally knowledgable, sometimes life throws a curveball at us. When you least expect it, you hear something that you can’t believe you didn’t know before, something you didn’t know until you were today years old.  You know what they say—you learn something new every day!

For the 30 people below, their blissful ignorance was shattered and minds were blown by what they recently learned when they were today years old. How many surprised you?

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Close-Up Of Terrier At Home
Adi Wong / EyeEm/Getty Images

Is there a doggie tooth fairy?

“I was today years old when I found out puppies lose their teeth like humans do…” —via reddit.com/r/Zynon

Best comment award: “They usually eat them.” —via reddit/todayyearsold/PoglaTheGrate

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30th Anniversary of Candlelight Vigil for June 4 Massacre in Hong Kong
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Not spooky at all…

“Mum just woke me up to tell me flames don’t have shadows. I can’t sleep now.” —via pinterest.com/pin/todayyearsold

If you knew that one, check to see if you know these other 25 science facts you never learned in school.

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Trace water on wood, Abstract background
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Life-saving tip!

“I was today years old when I learned you can use mayonnaise to get rid of water stains on wooden coffee tables. It’s like new!”—via twitter.com/u/@MrPaulBae

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Woman writing numbers on chalkboard, close-up
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So simple, yet so allusive

“It took me 16 whole years to realize that ‘st’ in 1st, the ‘nd’ in 2nd and the ‘rd’ in 3rd is because its THE LAST 2 LETTERS OF THE WORDS.” —via pinterest.com/pin/todaysyearsold

Maybe this should have been learned way back in elementary school, but we hope we’re not the only ones who learned it at today years old!

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3rd Annual TV Land Awards - Show
J. Shearer/Getty Images

Was all of childhood a lie?

“TIL [Today I Learned] ‘Ride on the Magic School Bus,’ the theme song to the PBS Cartoon, ‘The Magic School Bus,’ was performed by Rock and Roll Legend, Little Richard.” —via reddit/u/jaidacorvera

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AFP Contributor/Getty Images

Not the duck we know and love?

“TIL Donald Duck is an extremely popular pop-icon in Germany, where you can buy his comics at most newsstands. In their version, Donald uses a highly sophisticated level of language and ‘many Germans credit him with having initiated them into the language of the literary classics.'” —via reddit/todayyearsold/Priamosish

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Loofah on a pink background. Organic natural sponge. Zero waste
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Scrub or snack?

“I was today years old when I learned that loofahs are actually the innards of a gourd.” —via twitter/u/@calvinstowell

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dime on black background XXL
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What a compliment!

“I was today years old when I realized calling someone a dime means they’re a 10…I was always wondering why someone’s worth would be reduced to a dime…like why not a quarter or a dollar coin?” —via twitter.com/u/@guacamomole.

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Frog Catching Cricket with Tongue
MediaProduction/Getty Images

The Princess and the frog…tongue?

“Did you know that a frog’s tongue is attached to the front of their mouths, not at the back like ours? A frog’s tongue is also 10 times softer than our tongues and is sticky because of the saliva.”—via twitter.com/u/@dacia92

Sometimes the animals we think we know the best surprise us! Learn these 60 fun facts about animals that you probably didn’t know before. Maybe add a couple more facts to your list of things you learned at today years old!

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"Hollywoodland" Sign
Bettmann/Getty Images

The more you know

“I was today years old when I found out the Hollywood sign used to say Hollywoodland…” —via twitter.com/u/@cloudlyzette

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A Single Paper Airplane on Yellow Background
Constantine Johnny/Getty Images

That’s not not clever

“I was today years old when I discovered that the ‘Drafts’ icon in Mail app is a template for a paper plane; the same one that’s used in the icon underneath for ‘Sent.'” —via twitter.com/u/@JPEGuin

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Starkey Hearing Foundation's Listen Carefully Concert With Aloe Blacc
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Fame runs in the family

“I was today years old when I found out that Michael [Zoey 101] and Cory [That’s so Raven, Cory in the House] are brothers in real life.” —via twitter.com/u/@cayla_kintop

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HELP HAITI - Urban Zen HHRH & The Stiller Foundation Honor Sean Penn
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Seriously, good genes

“I was today years old when I found out Jerry Stiller [George’s Dad on Seinfeld] is Ben Stiller’s father.” —via twitter.com/u/@HuffyDNK

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Salvador Dali
Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Melting clocks…and lollipops?

“I was today years old when I learned that Salvador Dali designed the original Chupa Chups logo as a favor for his friend who owned the company.” —via twitter.com/u/@godhatesyeast

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Close-Up Of Belt On Blue Background
Akapong Osotsil / EyeEm/Getty Images

So much for that fancy new belt

“YSK [You should know]: The term ‘Genuine Leather’ is not to reassure you that their product is made of leather, rather its the name of the lowest grade of leather a company can use.” —via reddit.com/r/metropolis702

Wow—we had no idea. Here are some other things you’ve been saying wrong this whole time.

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White strawberries Pineberry
Brasil2/Getty Images

Count me in

“I was today years old when I found out there’s a fruit called ‘Pineberry.’ It’s a white strawberry that apparently tastes like pineapple.” —via twitter.com/u/@johnnyrd2b

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Waning Moon
Matt Aust | star-trails.de/Getty Images

R.I.P Pluto

“There are objects called ‘Ploonets’ which are planets that used to be moons but ESCAPED?” —via twitter.com/u/@sydonahi

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Close up of Hispanic boy smiling at turtle
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images

Save the turtles!

“I was #todayyearsold when I learned that there are nerve endings in turtle and tortoise shells and they can feel you touch it!”—via twitter.com/u/@duffy_in_vic

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Joey relaxing in kangaroo's pouch
Ray Gala / FOAP/Getty Images

Kanga and Roo lied to us all

“I was today years old when I found out that Kangaroos don’t have actual pouches like pockets. I feel betrayed.” —via twitter.com/u/@russianjop

“Just found out kangaroo pouches are just a hole in its body, like it’s not a pouch it’s just a gaping hole…no one talk to me.”—via/twitter.com/u/@key2lifeonearth

Whether that stunned you or scared you, check out these other fascinating animal pictures.

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In this photo illustration an NBC TV Network logo seen...
SOPA Images/Getty Images

If you look closely…

“I was today years old when I found out that the NBC symbol is a peacock.” —via reddit.com/r/natscrazyride

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A Young male musician practicising french horn, part of Aberystwyth Arts Centre's MusicFest 2014
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This feels like a mean practical joke

“I was today years old when I learned that you stick your hand in a French horn when you play it…”—via reddit.com/r/salamakissa

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'Super Mario' 30th Birthday
picture alliance/Getty Images

I never even questioned it!

“I was today years old when I learned that the ‘DS’ part of the Nintendo DS is short for dual screens.”—via reddit.com/r/xxmath

Take a look at these retro tech gadgets that might be worth a lot of money—your old favorite game might even have a price!

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pig smiling on a doorstep
Cavan Images/Getty Images

Not so lighthearted…

“I was #todayyearsold when I learned…’this little piggy went to market’ does NOT mean he went grocery shopping. Floored.” —via twitter.com/u/@buzzbishop

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A Tour De France Hosted By Dominique Crenn And Michel Richard Part Of The Bank Of America Dinner Series - Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival Presented By FOOD & WINE
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

The mouths of babes!

“My son had his first Toberlone today—

‘What’s the bear for?’

Me: ‘What bear?’

I was today years old when I found out there’s a bear in the Toberlone logo.”—via twitter.com/u/@upstephanie

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Person Throwing a Bowling Ball Down the Alley Lanes
nazdravie/Getty Images

Too obvious to be true

“I was today years old when I realized it’s called a spare because you finish knocking down the pins with your spare ball.”—via twitter.com/u/@johntdeck

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2020 National Board Of Review Gala
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Unknown it can’t be, Kermie!

“I was today years old when I found out that Miss Piggy and Yoda were voiced by the same person.” —via twitter.com/u/@kedmerwin

Frank Oz is incredible and versatile!

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American Gothic Is Unveiled At The Royal Academy Ahead Of The Exhibition America After The Fall: Painting In The 1930s
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She does look unhappy

“I was today years old when I realized [Wood’s] American Gothic painting depicts a farmer and his daughter, not his wife.” —via twitter.com/u/@ThatEpciAlper

Did you know these famous paintings have hidden messages in them? Better to realize now at today years old than never!

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Virginia Opossum babies on stick hanging out
Stan Tekiela Author / Naturalist / Wildlife Photographer/Getty Images

The difference a letter makes

“I was today years old when I found out opossums and possums were two totally different things.”—via twitter.com/u/@moodybpaul

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Staples store entrance
Education Images/Getty Images

So simple, yet never noticed

“Just realized the L in the Staples logo is a staple with one part bent over. Took me 19 years to figure it out.” —via twitter.com/u/@Rhys_Chapman

Sneaky, but not as sneaky as these 36 hidden messages in company logos that you see every day. Most of these we can guarantee you’ll learn at today years old!

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pink alarm clock in pastel colorful background.Top view
Carol Yepes/Getty Images

Save you some embarrassment

“If you just learned it’s ‘daylight saving time’ not ‘daylight savings time’ please know: you will get through this. And we will be there for you…”—via twitter.com/u/@LastWeekTonight

Here are some other things you didn’t know about daylight saving time.

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today is the day reminder
marekuliasz/Getty Images

Last, but not least!

“I was today years old when I finally figured out how to use ‘I was today years old’ correctly.”—via twitter.com/u/@ajberna

Looking for some other facts you can say you learned at today years old? Take a look through these random trivia facts that might just come in handy one day.