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41 Clever Gifts for Your Boss That Show You’re Paying Attention

Updated: Apr. 16, 2024

Even the people in charge like to feel appreciated, and these gifts for bosses—from fancy pens to homey plants—will brighten their day and their office.

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41 Clever Gifts For Your Boss That Show You’re Paying Attention RD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Buying gifts for bosses can be challenging. You don’t want to give something that’s inappropriate for work or spend too much, which can come across like you’re trying to buy yourself a promotion. But you do want to acknowledge supervisors as people—not just bosses—and show you know and appreciate them. But how do you find gift ideas for people who are impossible to shop for?

We’ve put together a list of thoughtful, budget-friendly gifts for bosses, whether they can’t start their day without coffee, love to craft in their free time or take pride in an organized office. We’ve included last-minute gifts and easy-to-order Amazon Prime gifts. Buy extras as gifts for coworkers, Secret Santa gifts or white elephant gifts. Your office pals will thank you!

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Bean Box World Coffee Tour via merchant

For the java junkie: Bean Box World Coffee Tour

Way more fun than a business trip, this artisan collection takes your boss on a coffee tour around the world, letting them taste the best small-batch roasts from Latin America to Africa. They’ll receive a dozen bags curated by the experts at Bean Box, our go-to for the best gifts for coffee lovers. Choose whole beans or freshly ground and watch the miraculous mood transformation after they take their first sip in the morning.

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Ilola House Of Ilola via merchant

For the tea drinker: iLOLA House of iLOLA

If they’re on team tea rather than team coffee, you’ll score points with this amazing gift for tea lovers. Why settle for a lowly tea bag when they can indulge in these beautiful, handcrafted tea discs? The lovely set comes with one tea disc infuser and 30 tea discs in a variety of flavors, each crafted with a custom blend of heat-resistant probiotics. Healthy and delicious, these gifts for bosses may inspire a new office tradition: afternoon tea.

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Boss Lady Candle via merchant

For the boss lady: Boss Lady Candle

Gifts for bosses don’t have to be crazy expensive or serious. Show her you respect her accomplishments with one of the best-scented candles for busy bosses. Poured by hand, this soy-based candle smells just like the vanilla lattes that powered her to the top. Its 50-hour burn time will last through many emails and meetings.

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Leather Luggage Tags via FriendlyFoxCo/etsy.com

For the business traveler: Personalized Leather Luggage Tag

Make it easy for your boss to spot their suitcase at baggage claim with this leather luggage tag, customized any way you’d like. This handmade gift is available in 10 different colors and is as personal as it is practical. If you really want to spoil them, pair this tag with an underseat bag as gifts for bosses on the go.

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Cozy Earth Cloud Knit Blanket via merchant

For the work-from-home boss: Cozy Earth Cloud Knit Blanket

Cozy Earth is a favorite of Oprah, RD editors and–once they receive this blanket gift–your boss. The brand is the gold standard of coziness and this knit throw blanket is proof. Made with oh-so-soft 100% viscose from bamboo, it’s so comfy and casually elegant. It’s likely to inspire more work-from-home days.

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Honeywell Turboforce Air Circulator Fan via merchant

For the writer: Personalized Note Card Set

A set of custom note cards is one of the best Etsy gifts you can give someone. The CurioPress shop has an extensive selection, so pick the font, color and design that fits your boss’s personality. Can’t decide? Don’t worry. You can’t go wrong with this simple style, so expect a lovely, handwritten thank-you note in return.

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Hawaiian Host Dark Decadence via merchant

For the boss with a dark (chocolate) side: Hawaiian Host Chocolate

This indulgent collection of corporate gifts comes with various options from dark chocolate to honey milk chocolate in a variety of bags, boxes and bars. It’s just heavenly. Hawaiian Host, the original chocolate-covered macadamia, is probably the most highly coveted souvenir from the Islands. Gifting this collection to your boss sends a sweet message of aloha.

If you’re lucky, they’ll send you off on a business trip to pick up more in person. If you can’t count on them sharing, you may want to be a hero and order some individual bags as gifts for your co-workers, too.

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Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella via merchant

For the boss who likes to stay dry: Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella

Into each life, a little rain must fall. But if you think a Blunt Metro umbrella isn’t worth a splurge, well, you’re all wet. “Cheap umbrellas invariably flip inside out and break. They also look cheap. Not the Blunt,” says Reader’s Digest Executive Editor Aviva Patz about this Amazon Prime gift.

“This lightweight but sturdy beauty has held its own nicely against heavy rains, gusty winds and even a tropical rainstorm! That’s enough of a selling point right there, but it also protects against UV rays, has nice, rounded edges to prevent pokes and springs open with a single press of a button. Did we mention it makes you feel like a million bucks? Comes in three sizes and nine colors.”

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Lo & Sons Seville Prima Tote via merchant

For the stylish boss: Lo & Sons Seville Prima Tote

Get the whole office to chip in for Lo & Son’s gorgeous leather tote that quietly screams, “Boss.” Just watch her stand a little straighter with this stunner over her shoulder, neatly holding her laptop, important papers and other necessities. The inner bag can even be removed and easily transferred to another shell. The epitome of luxury and sophistication, this will be a treasured gift for her. (Don’t worry: Lo & Son has equally impressive options for men.)

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Loop Experience Ear Plugs via merchant

For the concert-going boss: Loop Experience Ear Plugs

Show them you care with these innovative earplugs that reduce the decibel level while preserving the clarity and richness of music and speech. Unlike traditional foam earplugs, they’re made of silicone, are reusable and qualify as Certified Hearing Protection. With more than 5,000 reviews and a 4.7-star average, these gifts for bosses are also practical Secret Santa gifts letting them block out unwanted noise while listening to their favorite playlist or podcast.

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Whoop 4.0 via merchant

For the health-conscious boss: WHOOP 4.0

This popular health and fitness wearable is perfect for bosses who are all about data. Not only does it provide comprehensive biometric data and customized insights about their body and their daily habits but it also offers easy-to-follow coaching on maximizing their daily performance. It helps them understand everything from the quality of their sleep to their body’s recovery rate. The Whoop is one of the best fitness trackers and they’ll get so much meaningful information from it.

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Piecework Puzzles Box Of Bagels via merchant

For the puzzler: Piecework Puzzles Box of Bagels

Puzzles are a great way to relax and these bite-sized ones are perfect for a quick break. The set comes with a dozen round mini-puzzles, showcasing a variety of bagels and toppings. Each one has 45 pieces and the results look good enough to eat. Craving something sweeter? Piecework also offers a Dozen Donuts that would make an adorable white elephant gift.

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Talia Di Napoli The Speciale Pizzas via merchant

For the pizza lover: Talia di Napoli The Speciale Pizzas

The next best thing to getting on a plane to Italy for dinner, these handmade pies actually come from Naples and ship directly to your boss. Talk about authentic gifts for bosses! Talia di Napoli offers a variety of pizzas and this package lets you try four of their bestsellers. This package comes with two of each variety and your boss will admire their good taste (and yours). Mangia!

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Twelve South Airfly Pro via merchant

For the frequent flyer: Twelve South AirFly Pro

Make their travel easier with this brilliant tech gift that lets them use their own AirPods, earbuds or wireless headphones with the in-flight entertainment. No more messy and inconvenient cords! One of the most appreciated gifts for travelers, the AirFly Pro plugs directly into the headphone jack so they can just sync it with their own Bluetooth-enabled headphones and, thanks to a battery life of 25+ hours, spend the whole flight catching up on their watch list.

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Walks Of A Lifetime Extraordinary Hikes From Around The World By Richard Manning And Martha Manning via merchant

For the long-distance walker: Walks of a Lifetime: Extraordinary Hikes From Around the World

If your boss’s idea of a great vacation is a few hundred-mile hike somewhere, this walking guidebook will be inspirational for them. Covering 40 of the world’s best multi-day walks, including the Camino de Santiago, the West Highland Way and the Tahoe Rim Trail, it offers a first-person perspective as well as practical tips, maps and photos. For someone on the go, it’s better than even the most beautiful coffee table book.

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Best Of Porter Road Box via merchant

For the boss who brings home the bacon: Best of Porter Road Box

If their power lunches tend to take place at steakhouses, they’ll love this specially curated box of meats from popular butcher, Porter Road. Celebrated for being pasture-raised and hormone- and antibiotics-free, these cuts include two dry-aged steaks, two pork chops, two pounds of dry-aged ground beef, one pound of bacon, one pound of country sausage and one pound of chorizo sausage.

Wherever your boss prepares them, they’ll enjoy this bounty so much, that they just may decide to order a monthly subscription. It would also make a great gift for a neighbor, especially if you want to be invited to their next barbecue.

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Driftwood Leather Planter via merchant

For the boss with a green thumb: Driftwood Leather Planter

If their office is filled with greenery overflowing from the original plastic pots, this leather planter will take the whole look up a notch. There’s no need to repot the plant; just stick the whole thing inside and watch how their office is instantly transformed. The planter comes in small and large sizes and, if you add a plant, also makes a homey housewarming gift.

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Engraved Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses via merchant

For the whiskey lover: Engraved Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Personalized gifts are always appreciated and these beautiful drink glasses are thoughtful gifts for bosses who like to end their workday with a nice whiskey. Made in Italy, the crystal glass is engraved with their name and initial. They’re sold individually but you may want to consider ordering a set so they’ll invite you to join them in a toast.

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Instant Read Meat Thermometer via merchant

For the grill boss: Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Some people love spending their weekends barbecuing in the backyard or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. They’ll wonder how they ever lived without this super speedy meat thermometer that displays the temperature in just one second! It takes the guesswork out of cooking and ensures that the food is safe for eating. It’s one of those kitchen gadgets they’ll wish they had years ago.

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Solo New York Urban Carrying Case via merchant

For the boss who carries the weight of the world: Solo New York Urban Carrying Case

This top-selling carrying case is a multi-tasker just like your boss. It serves as both a briefcase and a backpack. Plus, it features lots of pockets and padding to protect their laptop and keep everything organized. The unisex bag gets high marks for both looks and quality and would make a practical graduation gift for someone about to enter the workforce. Lightweight and durable, it’s the stuff of urban legends. Just like your boss.

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Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen via merchant

For the old-school boss: Scriveiner Silver Chrome Fountain Pen

A Scriveiner fountain pen is (literally) a noteworthy gift and the epitome of style in silver and chrome. It features a soft grip, nib design and superior ink formula. The brand is well known for creating high-quality writing instruments, and this elegant pen is a treasure. Keep it in mind as a gift for a writer.

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Bath Bombs Gift Set via merchant

For the boss who needs some TLC: Bath Bombs Gift Set

This invigorating set of 20 handmade bath bombs is rich in natural plant essential oils, but the only thing bosses will care about is the way it makes them feel. They just have to toss one in a warm tub, let it fizz and then settle in for a nice, long soak, surrounded by heavenly scents and colors. They’ll come out energized and appreciative that you gave them such a thoughtful and much-needed self-care gift.

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Homedics Foot Spa via merchant

For the boss who’s on their feet all day: Foot Spa

Water jets and raised nodes gently massage and soothe tired, overworked feet, pampering and revitalizing them. This foot spa is even splash-proof, so if your boss really wanted to, they could keep it under their desk for a little lunchtime pick-me-up. It’s an ideal gift for doctors and nurses who rarely get to sit down.

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Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener via merchant

For the wine drinker: Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Everyone needs a good wine bottle opener, and this one is worth toasting. With more than 36,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, it opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge. Gifts for bosses like this are also great gifts for wine lovers. Sounds like it’s time for an office party!

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Two Sided Camping Spork via merchant

For the camper: Integrated Camping Utensil Set

A must-have piece of camping gear, this featherlight utensil set includes a full-size fork, full-size knife/spoon combo and reusable tether for attaching to a backpack. The useful utensils are great gifts for bosses as they connect to use as prep and serving pieces, and your boss can even leave a set in the office for take-out lunches.

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Balsam And Cedar Candle via merchant

For the holiday lover: Illume Balsam and Cedar Soy Candle

Available in various sizes, this Balsam & Cedar candle evokes the unmistakable scent of the holidays at any time of the year. With its notes of balsam and oak moss mixed with cedarwood, cinnamon and eucalyptus, the soy candle gives any space a festive feel. It’s one of those gifts for bosses that improves everyone’s workday.

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Water bottle With Time Markers via merchant

For the boss who’s trying to stay hydrated: EYQ Motivational Water Bottle

This 64-ounce bottle holds all the water your boss is supposed to drink in a day—along with time markers and motivational quotes. Leakproof and easy to tote, it comes in a variety of colors and works just as well in the office as in the gym. Know someone else who needs more H2O? Check out these other gifts for runners, too.

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Marshall Acton Iii Bluetooth Speaker via merchant

For the music lover: Marshall Acton III Bluetooth Speaker

Dripping with retro-cool style, this Bluetooth speaker will improve the workday of bosses who live by their favorite playlists. It features an immersive, room-filling sound, comes in three colors and works with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Don’t be surprised to hear some happy humming coming out of their office. Here are even more gifts for music lovers.

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Engraved Pet Tag via merchant

For the pet parent: Custom Engraved Pet ID Tag

The way to your boss’s heart just might be through their furry family member. Celebrate their beloved dog or cat with an engraved pet ID tag. Choose from a variety of styles, fonts and designs, then emblazon the creation with a name and phone number to ensure your boss’s fur baby gets home safe and sound if they wander off. Not the right fit? Try one of these other personalized pet gifts.

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American Plant Exchange Monstera Adansonii via merchant

For the nurturing boss: American Plant Exchange Monstera Adansonii

There’s nothing like a thriving plant to bring some life into an office, and this lush, leafy Monstera adds a touch of the tropics to even the most corporate environment. It does well in small spaces and is easy to care for, so, like your boss’ favorite employees, it’s not too high maintenance. Buy one as a gift for Mom while you’re at it.

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Airpod Case via merchant

For the boss who’s always plugged in: AirPod Case

This tech gift ensures your boss will never misplace another pair of AirPods again. Available in 20 rich hues, the soft silicone case offers great protection and is even scratch-resistant. The sleek case comes with a carabiner metal clasp that makes it easy to clip onto a backpack, belt loop or key fob.

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Passport Cover Holder via merchant

For the international traveler: Passport Holder

Available in 10 colors, this vegan leather holder protects passports and identities, thanks to its radio frequency identification (RFID)-blocking shield. It’s roomy and well-designed with dedicated pockets for credit cards, cash, boarding passes, vaccination cards and SIM cards (it even comes with a metal pin to open the slot on a phone). These practical gifts for bosses are likely to go everywhere with them.

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Davidstea Rainbow Iced Tea Pitcher via merchant

For the iced tea drinker: DavidsTea Rainbow Iced Tea Pitcher

Bosses appreciate multitaskers and iced tea drinkers will be grateful for this all-in-one pitcher that steeps, stores and lets them pour their favorite beverage at home or the office. It holds a whopping 68 ounces so they can keep everyone caffeinated! Get another as a gift for the sister-in-law who runs on iced Chai.

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Mr Coffee Mug Warmer via merchant

For the coffee drinker: Mug Warmer

This handy item sits quietly on a desk, keeping coffee warm while bosses go about their business. It fits mugs and cups of various sizes and shapes. Plus, the mug warmer saves them time and frustration since they won’t have to reheat their beverage every time they get interrupted. It makes for a great gift for lawyers, too.

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Ili New York Eyeglass Case via merchant

For the boss who loses their glasses: Ili New York Leather Eyeglass Case

Whether they tend to misplace their readers or sunglasses, this eye-popping case will ensure they stand out and stay protected. Available in more than a dozen vibrant colors, it’s made of soft, pebbled leather and will become one of their favorite things—just like it’s one of Oprah’s.

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Stojo Food Storage Box via merchant

For the eco-conscious boss: Stojo Food Storage Box

Collapsible containers make for ideal gifts for bosses who bring their lunch to the office. It prevents sandwiches from getting squished while keeping plastic bags out of landfills. It’s spill-proof and dishwasher-safe, and it collapses down to practically nothing, so they can easily toss it in their briefcase or backpack at the end of the day. You may also consider a reusable coffee cup or eco-friendly water bottle to accompany it.

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Honeywell Turboforce Air Circulator Fan via merchant

For the boss who runs hot: Honeywell TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

If you’re looking for gifts for bosses who are constantly complaining about how hot it is, you’ll get a gold star by gifting this powerful little Honeywell fan. Your boss can place it on their desk or floor or mount it on the wall. Not convinced? Here are more cooling fans for heated meetings.

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Compact Space Heater via merchant

For the one who’s always cold: Compact Space Heater

Bosses who are always walking around with their jackets on will appreciate a compact space heater designed to keep them—not the room—toasty. Perfect on their desk, this Lasko version provides comfort when the air conditioning is kept on a little too long.

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Solid Wood Photo Frame via merchant

For the photo lover: Solid Wood Photo Frame

Made from 100% solid wood and adding a homey touch to the office, this rustic picture frame is a lovely gift for photographers. It’s simple yet sophisticated and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Just try to resist presenting it with a photo of the two of you at the company holiday party.

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Lavley I'd Rather Be Socks via merchant

For the boss who needs some PTO: “I’d Rather Be” Socks

Even though they may have to conform to an office dress code, you can help them express themselves through silly socks. Available in over 30 sayings, the fun “I’d rather be” patterns of these socks look great. But the message really comes across when they put their feet up at home, revealing they’d rather be at the beach or with their dog or playing golf. These socks are also great gifts for golfers as well as solid gag gifts for everyone on your list.

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Ogio Renegade Backpack via merchant

For the commuting boss: Ogio Renegade Backpack

Because this backpack is so many things to so many people, it works just as well as a gift for graduates as it does as a gift for your boss. Designed to protect a laptop and other electronics, it features dedicated compartments, pouches and zippered pockets that make it easy to keep everything organized and safe. The backpack is available in a variety of colors with plenty of style. Plus, it can do double duty as a commuter bag and a carry-on.