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14 Best Travel Gifts for the Jetsetter in Your Life

If you're looking for the best travel gifts, this list is anything but plane.

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14 Best Travel Gifts For The Jetsetter In Your LifeRD.COM, VIA MERCHANT (3)

Finding the best travel gifts to give to your loved ones consumed by wanderlust can feel daunting. With so many new travel accessories, gadgets and gear to choose from, how could you possibly find the perfect one? Sure, you can get them a pair of earplugs or other emergency item and call it a day, but we’ve got more creative and thoughtful travel gifts to choose from.

Whether they’re a travel pro or just starting out on their first adventure, we’ve got the best travel gifts to meet every budget. From gifts for outdoor enthusiasts to practical gifts they wouldn’t think to get for themselves, it’s time to pack your bags and get to shopping!

Glamglow Cleanser, Mask And Moisturizer Setvia merchant

For the red eye traveler: Glamglow Cleanser, Mask and Moisturizer Set

Traveling at midnight for hours can really take a toll on our energy, mood and—most importantly—skin. This cleanser, mask and moisturizer set from Glamglow will ensure a fresh face before the plane lands at its final destination, making it one of the best travel gifts money can buy.

Since the moisturizer and cleanser are travel-sized and not over 3.4 ounces, they’ll fit perfectly inside a toiletry bag and make it through TSA with no issues. The mask, however, won’t fit, so remind them to stash it in a travel container or checked bag.

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Airfly Pro Wireless Transmitter & Receivervia merchant

For the in-flight movie buff: Airfly Pro Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

Since most airlines still seem to be living in the early 00’s, there still isn’t a way to directly connect wireless headphones to in-flight TVs to watch a flick during the flight. The Airfly Pro Wireless Transmitter and Receiver solves that problem. Simply plug the Airfly Pro into the headphone jack, sync it with wireless Bluetooth headphones and sit back and enjoy the show. Anyone who loves in-flight movies will love this travel gift!

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Level 8 Carry On With Laptop Pocketvia merchant

For the work traveler: Level 8 Carry-On with Laptop Pocket

Traveling for work can be exhausting and overwhelming. The Level 8 Carry-on has a laptop pocket for easy access to their work computer and papers, making working while on the move so much easier. The last thing they need to add on their already busy schedule is packing mistakes because they don’t have the extra space for work essentials. With this innovative carry-on bag, they can work on the go without needing to open their entire luggage mid-flight!

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Cabeau Neck Pillowvia merchant

For the snoozer: Cabeau Neck Pillow

The Cabeau Neck Pillow is one of the best travel gifts for anyone that likes grabbing some extra zzz’s during their flight. The raised sides provide extra neck support to prevent neck pain or stiffness from sleeping upright. Its seat strap system lets them snap the pillow into the head rest of the seat, keeping their neck secure. Using a quality travel pillow for sounder sleep makes traveling feel less stressful, and even more enjoyable!

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Collapsible Water Bottlevia merchant

For the adventurer: Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydration is so important when traveling. This leak-proof collapsible water bottle easily fits into their backpack without taking up too much space. Adventuring is fun, but it’s essential to make smart decisions, like packing light. Available in eight different colors, this travel-friendly water bottle is BPA-free and can handle cold and hot beverages.

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Gb Pockit+ Travel Strollervia merchant

For the new parent: GB Pockit+ Travel Stroller

Traveling with kids is already stressful enough, but with a clunky stroller? Forget about it! This GB Pockit+ Travel Stroller is lightweight, compact and collapsible, so it’ll fit in the overhead compartment of a plane. Now let’s just hope they can stop their kid’s travel meltdowns before they start for a relaxing flight.

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Portable Espresso Machinevia merchant

For the camper: Portable Espresso Machine

Shopping for the best travel gift for an avid camper can be difficult, as they usually have all the camping gear they need. This manually operated portable espresso machine is bound to impress any coffee lover who misses their sweet caffeine during long camping trips.

To use the gadget, just add ground coffee to the filter basket using the scoop. Apply slight pressure to level the grind and add hot water into the tank. Pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract the delicious espresso—and enjoy!

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Diggs Travel Carriervia merchant

For the pet parent: Diggs Pet Carrier

If they have a furry friend by their side at all times, flying with their dog or cat is non-negotiable. This travel carrier from Diggs makes traveling with their best friend a breeze. With openings on the top, front and side of the carrier, it’s easy to keep their pup or kitty calm and comfortable while on the go.

Most airlines approve this carrier since it’s small enough to fit under the front seat. This crash-tested pet carrier comes in four stylish colors and holds a dog or cat of up to 18 pounds. Hopefully they can find pet-friendly hotels to bring their pet with them on their next trip.

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Papier Travel Journalvia merchant

For the nostalgic traveler: Papier Travel Journal

Traveling isn’t just about the experience, but the memories one holds onto forever. This Papier Travel Journal is an excellent way to jot down important moments of each trip. They can keep track of dates, their itinerary and special highlights they don’t ever want to forget. Whether it’s a trip to visit Alaska or finding the best Oregon wineries, each and every trip should be one to remember!

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Beis Carry On Rollervia merchant

For the light packer: Beis Carry-On Roller

The Carry-On Roller from Beis is roomy enough to fit a week’s worth of clothing, along with a little bit of extra room for souvenirs they want to bring back. The 360-degree wheels make it a breeze to roll around, and the cushioned handle provides extra comfort while they’re moving locations.

Packing their suitcase to travel lighter is a priority for anyone who wants to avoid baggage fees, and this carry-on is one of the best travel gifts to make that happen. They can even pack for a two-week trip with just a carry-on if they really wanted to!

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Calpak Packing Cubesvia merchant

For the organized traveler: Calpak Packing Cubes

These Calpak packing cubes may feel a bit unnecessary, but trust us—cubes make packing clothes simple, organized and stress-free. Because everything is so tightly packed, these packing cubes enable users to squeeze in more outfits or shoes in their carry-on. The trick is learning how to roll clothes to maximize space while preventing wrinkles.

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Bombas Compression Socksvia merchant

For the frequent flyer: Bombas Compression Socks

When traveling frequently, it’s common to experience swelling around the ankles, feet and calves. These Bombas compression socks are just tight enough to feel supported without feeling too constricted. This three-pack of travel socks is available in women’s sizes small to large, and comes in four colorful patterns. Sometimes the best travel gifts are ones that are practical and simple. If they were ever confused on what to wear on an airplane, these socks are definitely a must-have.

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Yeti Soft Coolervia merchant

For the road tripper: Yeti Soft Cooler

While they probably have tons of road trip essentials on their checklist, they may be missing one important accessory. The Yeti Soft Cooler holds a day’s worth of lunch and at least six cans (or more!) of their favorite beverage. It’s leak-proof, durable and the insulation is so good that this cooler keeps its contents cold for days. Available in three sizes and five colors, this is undoubtably one of the best travel gifts for anyone who loves to hit the open road.

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Mark & Graham Tech Foliovia merchant

For the tech-obsessed: Mark & Graham Tech Folio

There are few things more annoying to someone who loves their gadgets than finding a mess of cables in their luggage. This Tech Folio from Mark & Graham features multiple pockets, compartments and sleeves to keep all of their electronics neatly organized and easily accessible. It’s available in two sizes, two colors and can be personalized for an extra charge. If they end up buying electronics at the airport, they’ll have the perfect place to store them.

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