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9 Inclusive Jewelry Brands That Make Accessorizing Easy for All

Updated: Jul. 11, 2023

Everyone deserves accessible jewelry, regardless of their size or abilities. Browse these inclusive jewelry brands.

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9 Inclusive Jewelry Brands That Make Accessorizing Easy For AllVIA MERCHANT

Accessories are a personal expression that add beautiful detail to an outfit. However, the best jewelry is a luxury in more ways than one. People with disabilities, mobility impairments and dexterity issues often struggle with precise hand movements. Fastening a necklace clasp, securing an earring or working with any type of jewelry can end up being a pretty burdening task. The plus-size community is also at a disadvantage, as the accessories industry is not know for producing a wide array of inclusive jewelry.

While permanent jewelry prevents the need for tricky closures and size extenders, the disabled and plus-size communities deserve options for their preferences and needs. Shop these inclusive jewelry brands that put the fashion industry one step closer to true accessibility.

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Open Gold Ring Hailey
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Ana Luisa 

Ana Luisa is known for its sustainable and long-lasting jewelry line. The brand carries a minimalist collection of adjustable rings that can be tailored to the wearer. From the simple Hailey ring to the more intricate Wander style, the rings are an option for people who need larger sizes or want to adjust their size because of arthritis or other joint issues.

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The Island Girl
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Clasping a necklace can be difficult, and fiddling with tangled chains can be downright frustrating. Necklet created a line of tangle-proof, layered necklaces that are designed to keep jewelry perfectly stacked. It also claims to work underwater, during physical movement and overnight. The tangle-free design allows those with dexterity issues to spend less time fumbling with clasps and chains, and more time looking stylish.

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Collar+detailed Chain Necklace
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Eloquii specializes in apparel for sizes 14 through 28, and its jewelry is size-inclusive, too. The Collar + Detailed Chain Necklace, for example, can extend an extra 1.5 inches in diameter. It also includes a 4-inch extension for those who want a longer layering option. The 100% steel allows for tarnish-free everyday wear.

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Asos Curve Heart Enamel Ring In Purple
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ASOS Curve 

Plus-size jewelry is harder to find than coats or bathing suits. ASOS Curve, however, has a wide collection of anklets, bracelets, necklaces and rings that are catered toward bigger bodies. Whether you want a dainty chain or a statement piece, the brand offers plenty of styles—all under $30!

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Maison Miru Essential Ear Cuff Trio
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Maison Miru 

Standard hearing aids don’t always allow much space or comfort for traditional ear piercings. Ear cuffs are a glam accessory that can be paired with a hearing aid—no piercing necessary. Maison Miru offers single intricate designs, as well as stackable cuff sets and flat backs. Many styles are also available in sterling silver, which can be easily cleaned if tarnished.

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Mejuri daily Silver Ear Cuff
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Many social media influencers love Mejuri for its high-quality jewelry and timeless styles. The brand also offers a collection of minimalist ear cuffs that are beneficial to people with hearing aids or those who struggle with earring backings. Available in gold vermeil and sterling silver (no green ears here!), the pieces can withstand daily wear and every trend cycle.

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Miansai Cuban Link Cuff, Gold
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When it comes to inclusivity, adjustability is key. A cuff bracelet is easier (and faster) to incorporate into an outfit than a bracelet with tiny clasps. Miansai has a huge gender-inclusive collection of open cuffs that varies in design and thickness. There’s also a selection of fine jewelry that makes for a beautiful jewelry gift.

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Flare Rose Quartz Beaded Bracelet
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In times of emergency, reaching for a phone may be out of the question. Flare created stylish bracelets that also double as emergency devices. Smart technology allows the wearer to press a button on the bracelet and immediately connect with a 911 dispatcher. While Flare was originally created for street safety, it can also come in handy for the disabled community.

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Kendra Scott Juliette Strand Necklace
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Kendra Scott 

If you’re looking for a higher-end piece at an affordable price, Kendra Scott is a tried-and-true classic. The brand offers long necklaces with customizable and extended sizes that can be slipped over your head without fumbling with a clasp. Kendra Scott is on our list of best gold jewelry brands, as well, so we can attest to its charming quality.