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14 Items Walmart+ Will Ship Faster Than Amazon Prime

Some Walmart orders are delivered on the very same day.

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Walmart+ just may be the most convenient shopping service yet

Attention Walmart shoppers: we have some very good news. Walmart’s newest brainchild, Walmart+, is now offering subscription model shopping with quick shipping that rivals Amazon Prime. In many cases, orders are delivered the same day, and those that miss that day’s shipping deadlines are usually delivered by the next day. The near-instant turnaround times on delivery make Amazon Prime look downright sluggish.

Walmart+ is promising members the same rock-bottom prices as in-store, with some Plus deals being significantly cheaper than other big-box retailers and you don’t have to wait the extra day or so for a Prime delivery. Note: The service is still being rolled out across the country.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.

air fry microwave
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Small appliances delivered in a hurry


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Walmart+ has pricing and deals that can’t be beat, but the best part of the service is how much faster must-have items like small appliances arrive. You’ll want to clear some counter space and get excited for this quick-ship Galanz Air Fry Microwave because it combines two of your most necessary countertop appliances (an air fryer and a microwave), is incredibly affordable, and ships a full day sooner than Prime.

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Pantry items and condiments quicker than ever


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Unless you’re ordering from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, it turns out Walmart Plus usually has a much faster turnaround time with morning orders often delivered by the end of the same day. Regular Amazon Prime shoppers used to buying everyday items like mustard, mayo, and ketchup on the online giant will be pleasantly surprised by Walmart’s quicker shipping—with even non-members getting their condiments the very next day at better prices. Ounce for ounce, we found Maille mustard two-packs over 50 percent cheaper on Walmart+ and they could be delivered a full week earlier when compared to Amazon.

make up organizer storage
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Re-organize your life the same day


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A variety of organizational tools and products are also available to Walmart+ members, which means just about anyone can scratch their Marie Kondo-inspired decluttering itch almost instantly. Clear acrylic cosmetics organizers arrive the same or next-day depending on your area, which amounts to at least a full day and several dollars better than similar products on Amazon Prime. Get started by tossing these 26 things in your house an organizer would throw out.

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A faster face than ever


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Your makeup routine is probably whittled down to Zoom essentials-only, like eyebrows, mascara, and maybe a little lip balm—delivery times on your refills should be just as fast. Popular affordable essentials from NYX deliver the same day or next day for Walmart+ members, depending on the product. NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel is the same price on both Plus and Prime members but delivers a full day faster from Walmart+. Find out all the things you won’t see in Walmart anymore,

smile direct club
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This will make you smile


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Sure, you can buy Smile Direct Club products direct from the brand or through Amazon, but ordering from Walmart+ will have the top-notch whitening delivered directly to your door within 24 hours. This Smile Direct Club Bright On set includes a teeth whitening accelerator light and four whitening solution pens for under $40. Find out more of the things you should only be buying at Walmart.

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Personal care products when you need them


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If you run out of your favorite natural deodorant, cotton swabs, or any other medicine cabinet essentials, Walmart Plus will likely have exactly what you need and get it to you by the next day. This Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Deodorant arrives at your door within 24 hours of ordering, is offered at Walmart’s everyday low price, and arrives a full day sooner than ordering from Amazon. Find out more about the things you’re not buying at Walmart but should be.

dog food walmart
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Feed Fido—he’s hungry


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If Fido is already thinking of his next meal, you can have wholesome dog food for the cutest large and small dog breeds delivered the same day with Walmart+. This 30-pound bag of Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food should last you a while and delivers the very same day. If you order it on other sites you’ll be waiting two to three business days to receive it, and your pup just won’t give you their paw for that kind of wait time.

wall paper
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Whimsical wall art the very same day


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Decorating a home office, kid-friendly study zone, or a freshly-cleared out living space is sometimes a spur-of-the-moment decision, which is why Walmart+ is great for redecorating. A variety of DIY-friendly products ranging from furniture to paint, pillows to wall decals, and everything in between is available for Plus shoppers, and typically available the same day in regions currently accepting new Plus memberships. These RoomMates Distressed Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper panels are easy for novice decorators to us, inexpensive, and will arrive in the same package as your pantry staples. Just make sure you never try any of these DIY projects by yourself.

stretch hair ties
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Never run out of hair ties again


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You can thank Walmart+ for making it easier than ever before to replenish the world’s seemingly most-abused resource: hair ties. Just when you think you have enough, they always seem to run out, which is exactly why quick delivery on must-have items is so important. Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics are available in a variety of package sizes and styles for Plus members and are just as inexpensive as you’d be able to find them in-store. Find out the strangest things you can buy at Walmart.

hello beauty
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Hygiene essentials quicker than you can run errands


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Load your Walmart+ cart up with your favorite soaps, toothbrushes, and toothpastes—even the ones with the fun flavors. Don’t worry, most of your big brand favorites are available for quick shipping for Plus subscribers and deliver within a day at the most. This Hello Kids Fluoride and SLS Free Toothpaste in watermelon flavor is no exception, arriving sooner than Amazon Prime can promise. Check out these handy uses for toothpaste you probably never expected.

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Rest well tonight


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Believe it or not, some of the best sleep products you can ask for are available on Walmart+, and they’ll deliver the same day. That means you can sleep better this evening knowing you didn’t have to wait for a delayed delivery of new, snooze-worthy pillows. These Mainstays 200 Thread Count Cotton Firm Support Pillows come in multiple sizes, are inexpensive, wash easily, and deliver in a jiffy. You’ll be surprised by (and maybe get a laugh from!) the craziest things Walmart employees have seen at work.

uno game night
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It’s not too late for game night


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Tell your quaranteam it’s time to pop some popcorn, pour some refreshing drinks, and round up everyone’s favorite board and card games. If you’re pulling this together last minute, don’t worry—Walmart+ members can actually get everything from snacks to drinks and even the best board games delivered the same day. This UNO Card Game set is perfect for the whole family, more affordable than a gallon of ice cream, and offers oodles of same-day fun.

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Why wait to clean?


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Popular cleaning products and disinfectants can take several days for Prime to deliver if they’re even in stock, but Walmart+ members have a wide selection of popular brand cleaning products in-stock and ready to deliver by the next day. This pack of two Kaboom Foam-Tastic with Oxiclean is ideal for bathrooms, hard surfaces that require almost-magical cleaning tricks, and inexplicable grime that just needs to go. You’ll be ready to scrub-a-dub-dub by tomorrow at the latest, and at a cheaper price than Amazon.

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Celebrity-backed decor and more, same day


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What’s almost as great as having your favorite celebrity chef prepare a delicious brunch at home for you? Eating off their hand-picked, designed, and curated collections of kitchen essentials. Walmart’s Pioneer Woman collection is exclusive to the retailer and largely included in Walmart+ quick ship offerings, but is also competitively priced against other celebrity offerings and even no-frills goods on Amazon. When it comes to kitchen goods and tabletop items like this set of four vintage-themed Pioneer Woman coffee cups, Walmart+ clearly has the upper hand.

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