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8 Best Magnetic Lashes for a Foolproof Eyelash Look

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Forget pricey extensions and messy glue-on falsies. These magnetic lashes make transforming your look a breeze.

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If you’re still relying on your favorite mascara to give you long, lush lashes, then you’re missing out on the newest beauty secret. Whether you’re a seasoned lash falsie pro or a curious newbie, magnetic eyelashes are arguably one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add the length and volume you crave. Yes, that $5 Amazon mascara you’ve been using for ages is fantastic, and the internet was definitely not lying about how amazing GrandeLash serum really is. But sometimes you just want a little something extra to enhance the eyes, and that’s where magnetic lashes come in.

Professional lash extensions and lifts are both time-consuming and expensive. Traditional falsies require strategically applying glue and waiting for it to dry nice and sticky. They also require a steady hand to line them up just right and skill to avoid dropping the gooey mess on to your actual lashes. Mess being the keyword here.

Magnetic lashes, on the other hand, are easy peasy. Aside from the lashes themselves, you’ll need a special magnetic liner, which you’ll apply just like you do a regular liquid eyeliner. Let it dry for a few seconds and then apply the lashes on top. Since both the lashes and liner contain magnets, they’ll stick together. And when you’re ready to remove them, all you have to do is lift the edge of the lash and gently pull it off.

What to look for when buying magnetic lashes

Whether you’re shopping at Ulta or Sephora or doing a little late-night browsing on Amazon, exploring the multitudes of magnetic lash options feels overwhelming. Since we know what a hassle makeup mistakes can be, we’re here to help you find the perfect pair. First, decide how much you want to spend. A pair of magnetic eyelashes ranges from under $10 to $50 or more.

Next, consider the material. Do you want a pair of mink lashes, which, yes, are made from real mink, or do you prefer a vegan option? If you don’t want to wear actual mink, opt for lashes made from a plastic fiber, called PBT, or a synthetic silk fiber. Finally, consider the style. Do you prefer a more natural look or do you want all-out glam vibe?

How we chose the best magnetic lashes

In order to find the best magnetic lashes, we started by trying a few pairs ourselves to see if they’re really as user-friendly as everyone makes them out to be. Spoiler alert: They are! Then we sifted through thousands of reviews on some of the most popular brands and styles at a variety of price points to determine the ones worth adding to your favorite makeup organizer.

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Best overall magnetic lashes

Doe Old School Neo Magnetic Lashes

Of all the magnetic lashes we tried and tested, these Doe lashes win our top spot. Made from a handcrafted vegan silk imported from Korea, they are so lightweight you’ll actually forget you’re wearing them. Perfect for falsie beginners, they are incredibly easy to apply and remove, and won’t cause any irritation.

These Doe lashes work for all eye shapes, including almond, hooded and monolids, making them a desirable option for just about everyone. The best part: When properly cared for, they can be worn up to 60 times. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck!


  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Cruelty-free
  • Ten magnets guarantee an all-day hold


  • Minimal style options
  • Requires the purchase of their Neo Liner (which costs more than the lashes)

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Best splurge magnetic lashes

Glamnetic Natural Best Sellers Bundle

Any beauty buff knows you need different lashes for different occasions. This Glamnetic bundle includes their three most popular styles (Virgo, Livin’ and Luxe) to suit any situation. The Virgo lashes, which are made from a lightweight synthetic fiber, add just the right amount of fullness without being over-the-top, making them a favorable option for everyday wear.

For those days when less is more, pop on Livin’, the most natural-looking lash. And when you’re ready to glam it up, opt for the Luxe lashes. Both Livin’ and Luxe are made from 100% premium mink, so expect them to be extra-soft and fluttery. Each lash strip has six micro-magnets to keep them on all day long. This bundle also includes a tube of Glamnetic’s magnetic liner, so you’ll have everything you need to apply your new lashes.


  • Includes three of the brand’s most popular styles
  • Comes with a full-size tube of black magnetic liner
  • Each pair can be worn up to 60 times


  • No choice of liner color

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Best magnetic lashes for beginners

Doe Misty-Eyed Magnetic Lashes

If you’re just dipping your toe into the world of falsies, then this wispy pair from Doe is the way to go. The lightweight but durable style, which has a perfect five-star rating, is easy to apply and remove. Comfortable to wear all day, the 10 small but mighty magnets help keep them securely in place. The faux-silk falsies are ideal for a natural makeup look. Like all of Doe’s magnetic lashes, they can be worn up to 60 times. That gives you plenty of time to get comfortable mastering the magnets before experimenting with something more dramatic.


  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Perfect for a more natural look
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Not recommended for monolids
  • May not be dramatic enough for some

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Best magnetic lashes for hooded eyes

Love Spell Magnetic Lashes

What exactly are hooded eyes? It basically means you don’t see much of your eyelids when your eyes are open. Go for a lightweight lash that won’t pull down your peepers and make them look smaller. These fluttery lashes vary in length and flare out at the ends, giving an elongated look. Since they’re made from a lightweight vegan silk, which gives a barely-there feel, you don’t have to worry about these lashes weighing you down.


  • Cat-eye shape is ideal for hooded eyes
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Lasts up to 60 wears


  • Liner must be purchased separately
  • May require trimming, which could alter the shape

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Best mink magnetic lashes

Luxe Mink Magnetic Lashes

For the most lightweight and natural-feeling lashes, mink can’t be beat. This best-selling pick from Glamnetic is made from 100% premium mink and has six magnets to keep them in place. The long, cat-eye style looks flawless on almond, round and hooded eyes. While you might expect a set of lashes made from mink to be more expensive than synthetic options, they’re actually the same price.


  • Made from 100% premium mink hair
  • Can be worn up to 60 times
  • Same price point as the brand’s synthetic lashes


  • Not cruelty-free
  • Requires a magnetic liner, which is sold separately

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Best affordable magnetic lashes

Kiss Magnetic Lashes

Whether you need a quick set or don’t want to spend more than $10, these Kiss falsies do the trick. Available at most drugstores, these affordable lashes feature five double-strength magnets for a secure, all-day hold. Just because they’re inexpensive doesn’t mean they’re one and done. With proper care and storage, reuse these babies for up to three months. They’re also wind-resistant, dermatologist-tested and safe for use with contact lenses.


  • Under $10
  • Available at a range of local drugstores
  • Dermatologist-tested


  • Magnetic eyeliner sold separately
  • May not be fully sweat-proof

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Best magnetic lashes with hybrid liner

Love Letter Hybrid Magnetic Lash Set

Most brands offer their own magnetic liners with their lashes, but there’s also a hybrid liner on the market. A hybrid liner contains the magnetic component, but also has the extra security of lash adhesive for an ultra-secure hold. That means the lashes in this magnetic set can go from day to night without a budge. The kit comes with everything you need to create a polished look, including a universally-flattering pair of cruelty-free vegan lashes, the hybrid magnetic liner and a touch-up pen to take care of any smudges.


  • Liner contains lash adhesive for an ultra-secure hold
  • Lashes are cruelty-free and vegan
  • Comes with a touch-up pen for easy removal of smudges


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands

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Most dramatic-looking magnetic lashes

Ecstasy X Color Lashes

Bold babes who prefer a pop of color should add these Glamnetic lashes to their cart immediately. They also make the perfect addition to any Halloween costume. The statement-making style is made from 100% premium mink hair and dyed with non-fading, environmentally-friendly pigments. They have six magnets to hold them in place while you dance the night away. Even better? They’re good for up to 60 uses, so experimenting with different makeup and sartorial styles is easy.


  • Dyed with non-fading hot pink and purple pigments
  • Comes with a special magnetic case for safe keeping
  • Super soft and lightweight


  • On the pricey side if only planning to wear once
  • Not vegan or cruelty-free

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Are magnetic lashes safe?

Magnetic lashes are generally safe to wear. We didn’t experience any irritation when testing them, but that doesn’t mean other users won’t. It’s also worth noting that magnets can cause serious harm if swallowed, so be sure to keep yours out of reach of children.

How do you apply magnetic lashes?

Applying magnetic lashes is simple, we promise! Start by trimming the new lashes to fit your eye. Be sure to trim close to the magnets so the edges don’t lift. Next, curl your natural lashes. Then apply a magnetic liner the way you would your normal, everyday liquid eyeliner. Let it dry for a minute or two before placing the lashes on top of the liner.

How do you remove magnetic lashes?

To remove magnetic lashes, start at the outer corner of the eye and gently peel them off. Use the same makeup remover you use with your trusty waterproof mascara to wipe away any excess liner from your lids, as well as the lashes.

How long do magnetic lashes last?

It depends on the brand. Some magnetic lashes are good for up to 20 wears while others can be worn up to 60 times with proper care and storage.

How do you clean magnetic lashes?

Dip a Q-tip in some makeup remover or micellar water and gently wipe away any excess liner from the band after every use. Be sure to read the instructions because some brands require a non-oil-based remover.