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6 Extraordinary Animals Rarely Seen by Human Eyes

No ordinary night crawlers, these strange animals are seldom seen in the wild. Here's your chance to get up close.

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Traer Scott

Small-eared Galago

This Africa-dwelling primate is also called a bush baby. The petite mammal—which averages around 11 inches in height and two pounds in weight—has an impressive vertical leap, and can jump up to six feet in the air. Learn the truth about these animal facts that everyone gets wrong.

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Traer Scott

Spiny Mouse

Found in Africa, the spiny mouse can regenerate fur, sweat glands, and even cartilage without scarring—and it’s the only mammal that can do so. Get a laugh with some of our favorite jokes about animals.

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Traer Scott

Rococo Toad

It can be found in South America. The world’s largest species of wild toad, it can reach a foot in length; and when the rococo toad senses danger, it can grow even larger in size. Learn about some more bizarre creepy, crawly, slimy animal species.

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Traer Scott

Pygmy Slow Loris

This tree-dwelling primate lives in southeast Asia. It has a venomous bite, because it licks up a toxin secreted by its own glands.

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Traer Scott

Indian Flying Fox

This bat with a mighty wingspan—up to six feet—is a native of India. It can fly long distances to find fruit to eat, sometimes going as far as 40 miles a night, which is far in comparison to other bats. Can you spot the camouflaged animals hiding in these photos?

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Traer Scott

Eastern Screech Owl

This owl makes its home in eastern Central and North America. Although some of these owls can fit in a pint glass—they average nine inches in height—they are known as extremely fierce hunters and are sometimes referred to as “feathered wildcats.” In fact, Eastern screech owls can make a purr-like trill, one of their many distinctive and mysterious calls.

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Traer Scott

Nocturne: Creatures of the Night

The images are from the new book Nocturne: Creatures of the Night (Princeton Architectural Press), in which Traer Scott photographed 42 rare nocturnal animals. Next, check out some more photos of unusual animal species you won’t believe are real.