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19 Palindrome Words You’ve Never Thought Of

What is a palindrome? Palindrome words are spelled the same backward and forward. In our roundup, you'll never look at these words the same again.

civic palindrome


As in relating to a city or a town. Did you know these 20 words and phrases were coined in New York?

deified palindrome


This palindrome word basically means to treat or worship someone or something like a god. These are the 10 beautiful words we think should make a comeback.

level palindrome


Whether this palindrome word is used as a noun, adjective, or verb, it’s pretty self-explanatory.  These palindromes may be used across the country, but regional sayings add a whole new twist to the English language

racecar palindrome


Everyone has heard of the famous palindrome example of “racecar,” which is spelled the same backward and forwards. But what if we told you we have 18 more words that you probably never realized are palindromes? These common words used to mean completely different things.

lemel palindrome


A lemel is a small shaving of metal like gold and silver. This palindrome word is typically used in jewelry stores.

palindrome words


If you’re looking to address a woman respectfully, this is the palindrome word to use. Check out these words that originated in the military.

minim palindrome


A minim is a measurement used to describe approximately one drop of liquid. Make words even more fun by cracking grammar jokes.

murdrum palindrome


Murdrum is the crime of killing somebody unknown. This act is very secretive. If these palindromes seem easy, your skills will be tested with a list of the hardest words to spell.

mom palindrome


Mother, mommy, madre, mami, mama—you get the idea. See if you can pass this tricky 4th Grade spelling quiz.

palindrome words


As in the best part of the work/school day: lunchtime!

What is a palindrome


Maybe you’re talking about electronics, maybe you’re talking about your sense of awareness. Regardless, palindrome words are definitely on our radar right now. Learn the 14 secrets code words you’re not meant to know.

refer What is a


If someone refers you to somebody else, you probably did a great job at something.

repaper What is a


Repapering is the act of applying new wallpaper. These are the most misspelled words in America.

What is a palindrome


The word “rotator” speaks for itself. Its job is to rotate and/or to rotate something.

rotavator What is a


Gardeners should know what this piece of equipment is. Find out the 7 words that you never realized were examples of onomatopoeia.

sagas What is a


A saga is basically a fancy name for a long story.

What is a palindrome


This palindrome word is the plural of an act that is performed by one person. Check out these word puzzles that will leave you stumped.

What is a palindrome


A tenet is a belief, principle, or opinion. If you want to be a little old school, vintage slang is the best way to throw it back to past decades

What is a palindrome wow


As in, “wow” that’s a lot of palindrome words. Next up, learn the 70 words and phrases you’re probably getting wrong.

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