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12 Positive Affirmations Happy People Say Every Day

Contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn't happen overnight. You actually have to work for it.

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Keep it positive

Ever wonder how some people seem to just naturally wake up on the right side of the bed every day? They’re inherently cheerful and energetic no matter what else is going on in the world and, even if something untoward does happen to them, they never stay down for long. Want to know their secret? Daily affirmations help them keep things in perspective and always see the bright side of things. These 17 uplifting quotes will stay with you all day long.

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Change your perspective

Happy people know that perfectionism is a roadblock on the path to joy. This daily affirmation encourages us to embrace the unpolished edges and love what is.

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Be resilient

Say this daily affirmation to remind yourself that a) nothing, be it good or bad, lasts forever and b) that you’re strong and resilient. These motivational quotes that will make you even more successful.

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The time is now

Whenever you need a pick me up, check out Blcksmth‘s Instagram feed for the positive daily affirmation you’re hungry for, rendered in a charming photo of balloon art. In this one, he’s reminding us to stop making excuses, seize the day, and start making our dreams a reality.

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Acknowledge self-doubt

It’s hard to imagine that the late Kobe Bryant, winner of five NBA championships, ever had self-doubt, but not only did he, he also owned up to it. And that’s part of what set Bryant apart: he didn’t deny his self-doubt or give in to it, rather he acknowledged it and moved forward. Find out the 14 things confident people never do.

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Just do it

This daily affirmation shows that you don’t have to have your life or even the next hour perfectly planned out. Just by being present, especially when you’re doing something that frightens you in some way is enough. Try saying one these 14 calming phrases to instantly soothe your anxiety.

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Count your blessings

It’s not an accident that happy people also tend to be the most grateful; they’re grateful the sun rose on another day, they’re grateful their bodies are functioning, they’re grateful to drink a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning…and that’s all before they even step in the shower. Because as Oprah points out, when you focus on the “I wants” you’ll never be fulfilled.

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Acknowledge sadness

Yep, happy people get sad too—and they know it’s a natural part of life, as this quote by Instagram doodling artist @wonder_Doodles shows. Find out the 24 things happy people do every day.

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Life isn’t a competition

If you’ve gotten caught up counting social media likes or checking out whose home is more worthy of being featured in a decorating magazine, you’ll want to memorize this daily affirmation. Because happy people know that happiness comes from within, not a heart emoji. Check out these 27 hope quotes that will lift you up.

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Look on the bright side

Happy people don’t rush to judgment. They give others the benefit of the doubt. That’s not to say they let others take advantage of them, but rather when they’re generous when it comes to forgiving perceived slights. These 18 forgiveness quotes can help you learn to finally let go.

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Enjoy the ride

The only thing we would add to this Japanese proverb is to dance like no one is watching while you’re at it. Don’t miss these 22 beautiful proverbs about life from around the world.

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Take a breather

Everyone deserves some downtime, and as the late-Beatle points out if you’re enjoying yourself, you’re doing it right.

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Keep going

In Frozen 2, when Anna is at her lowest point (spoiler alert) and thinks she has lost her beloved sister Elsa, she sings this poignant song, “Do the Next Right Thing.” In addition to the title, the lyrics read, “Take a step, step again/It is all that I can do.” So the next time you find yourself in a position where you’re not sure what the future holds, just focus on doing the next right thing. Don’t miss these 50 inspirational quotes that will help you start your day on the right foot.

Anne L. Fritz
Anne L. Fritz is a freelance writer, editor and mom of two based in Stamford, CT. Prior to launching her freelance career, Anne worked for Woman's Day, Life & Style, Seventeen, and more. You can find more of her musings on motherhood and more at

Fritz is on a lifelong hunt for the fountain of youth. She's convinced her two young kids, who won't let her sit down for longer than five mintues at a time, are it. Or maybe it's karma paying her back.

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