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Can You Figure Out These 1950s Brain Teasers?

In the 1950s, comedy writer Roger Price created 'Droodles' cartoons of simple, abstract images with absurd meanings. Try your hand and see if you can figure out what these are pictures of—the kookier, the better!

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Piece of spaghetti
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

What is this a picture of?

Answer: Piece of spaghetti—gift wrapped. We told you they were absurd! Read on for more quirky Droodles, and check out The Ultimate Droodles Compendium: The Absurdly Complete Collection of All the Classic Zany Creations of Roger Price for even more laugh-out-loud fun. And for more retro fun, get a look at what school looked like 100 years ago.

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An early bird who caught strong worm
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

What’s coming out of that circle?

Answer: An early bird who caught a very strong worm. This time, first come wasn’t served.

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Fire pole false alarms
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

What’s this U-shaped thing for?

Answer: Fire pole for false alarm. Maybe the cat found its way out of the tree. Try your hand at 11 of the most famous riddles in history.

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Spider doing handstand
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

What’s sticking up from the ground?

Answer: Spider doing a handstand. But that’s nothing compared to the gymnastics work we do when jumping away from a spider.

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Coat hanger nudist
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

Could this really be a dot-free question mark?

Nope. Answer: Coat hanger for a nudist. Think of all the storage space they save!

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Vicious circle
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

What’s this scary-looking thing?

Answer: Vicious circle. We do love a good pun. Check out these 14 pun cartoons that somehow never get old.

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pig going around barn
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

Why is that curlicue there?

Answer: Pig going around a barn. Bet you were sweating like a pig trying to think up that caption.

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Germs avoiding friend penicillin
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

What are these dots, and where are they going?

Answer: Germs avoiding friend who has caught penicillin. Don’t miss these other 19 brainteasers that will leave you stumped.

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tic-tac-toe kit
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

How will this come in handy?

Answer: Tic-tac-toe kit. These are tricky, but wait till you try to solve 25 of the hardest riddles ever written.

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Bubble gum champ
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

What’s this two-footed circle?

Answer: Bubble gum champ. Don’t pretend you never wanted to look like that as a kid.

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Sign on dotted line
Courtesy Tallfellow Press

What is this a picture of?

Answer: Sign on a dotted line. For more puzzles, don’t miss these brain games guaranteed to boost your brainpower.

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