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15 Spice Storage Ideas That Make So Much Sense

Spice storage ideas don't have to be complicated or expensive, but they can make a world of difference in the kitchen.

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Kitchen organization is one of the most challenging parts of keeping a home tidy. Not only is there always one “catch-all” drawer with rubber bands, old take-out menus and ancient condiments, but the kitchen has some of the smallest but most important items to keep cleanly organized.

Think about the last time you encountered a chaotic spice cupboard. Buried in the depths was the tarragon only used for the Thanksgiving turkey and the cinnamon label had peeled off which led to this morning’s coffee getting a sprinkle of paprika. Whatever your experience with spice storage, one thing is certain: it’s one of the most important items in the kitchen while also being one of the most difficult to store effectively so that all spices are visible and easy to access.

We’ve checked in with organization experts for their best tips for spice storage ideas. Whether you live in a small apartment or a multi-generational home, you’ll appreciate having the spices in your kitchen neatly organized.

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3 Tier Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf

3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf

Spice storage ideas come with plenty of options as to where they should be located in your kitchen. Using a 3-tier Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf could work well in a cabinet. The tiered design helps with visibility to easily grab what you need. Since the shelving expands, you don’t need to worry about it fitting perfectly in your cupboard.

Lauren Saltman, professional organizer and founder of Living Simplified, mentions the best kitchen organization involves keeping the spices near where you cook. “The key to spice storage is access, so keeping them near your cooking area is very important for efficiency in your kitchen while you are cooking,” she says. The tiered bamboo spice rack works on the countertop thanks to its sleek design and bamboo material but be warned: storing spices on the countertop could impact their lifespan. Check out some items that shouldn’t be stored on the kitchen countertop.

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Jewem Magnetic Spice Rack For Refrigerator

Jewem Magnetic Spice Rack

If your pantry and cabinets are packed with kitchen essentials, leaving no room for spice storage, Saltman has a solution. “A magnetic spice rack works amazingly for the side of the refrigerator when all other space is extremely limited,” says Saltman. But she has one warning: “The key to choosing one is to make sure it holds the weight, so the magnets must be strong.”

This spice rack comes with four magnetic shelves that attach to your refrigerator. Each shelf holds up to 11 pounds, and the deep design of the shelf means you can have a double layer of spices on each shelf. All four shelves are independent of each other to adjust the distance between each to your liking.

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Pull Down Spice Rack

Pull-Down Spice Rack

Since accessibility is key when it comes to spice storage ideas, this spice rack brings your most-used spices closer to eye level. The Pull-Down Spice Rack is a three-tiered design that mounts to the inside of your upper cabinets. Simply pull it out and down to bring your spice rack into view. It’s made of vinyl-coated wire which makes cleaning simple with a quick wipe during a deep clean of the kitchen.

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Idesign Linus Corner Cabinet Organizer

iDesign Linus Corner Cabinet Organizer

Does your kitchen have a corner cabinet you’ve never found the perfect use for? Decluttering your spices with the iDesign Linus Corner Cabinet Organizer is an excellent use of the space. This corner cabinet organizer has three tiers so your most-used spices sit on the lowest level and keep a few that don’t get as much use in the back. Saltman used something similar for a client stumped on organization ideas for the space.

“Don’t fret if you have an awkward space in your kitchen. This corner cabinet sat empty for years. Once the spice collection was decanted into coordinating containers, the obvious spot in the kitchen was a small corner cabinet,” Saltman says.

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Yamazaki Under Shelf Spice Rack

Yamazaki Under-Shelf Spice Rack

Designed in Japan for small spaces, the Yamazaki Under-Shelf Spice Rack is a simple but beautiful design and one of the most creative spice storage ideas. “For under cabinet storage, consider an option where you can easily read the labels,” Saltman mentions. The rack hooks to the bottom of an upper cabinet to offer a shelf perfect for storing spices near the cooking area. A wooden handle sits below the shelf for a roll of paper towels and kitchen towels or for hanging extra items like oven mitts.

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Netany 4 Oz Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids

Netany 4 oz Glass Jars with Bamboo Lids

Regardless of which storage solution you find suits your kitchen the best, professional organizer Leanna Pegorari prefers to take spices out of their original containers. “I love decanting spices into matching jars for uniformity, and it helps to fit them all on the tiered shelf in a cabinet or in the drawer when the jars are the same size. Write expiration dates on the bottom or back of the jars in a dry-erase pen as well.”

If you’re on board with Pegorari, this set of Netany 4-ounce jars is a smart organization tool for spices. They come in a set of 24 jars with modern bamboo lids, labeling stickers and a collapsible silicone funnel, so you don’t make a mess when decanting spices. After that, implement whichever spice storage system works best. Hang on to the empty spice jars since you may be able to find ingenious ways to reuse them.

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Spaceaid Spice Drawer Organizer

SpaceAid Tiered Spice Drawer Organizer

Keeping spices in a kitchen drawer is one of professional organizer Britnee Tanner’s favorite spice storage ideas. “A spice drawer organizer will help keep all of your spice jars visible, separate and accessible, so you won’t have to worry about any of them falling over,” she says.

The tiered drawer organizer accommodates 28 spice jars in its four tiers. Ensure your drawer can handle the 13-inch width of the organizer and almost 18-inch depth. In addition to the tiered rack itself, the organizer comes with 28 empty spice jars, 386 labels and a chalk marker for labeling. Store all of your spices in uniform containers with this fantastic idea for a well-organized kitchen.

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Youcopia Spiceliner Spice Drawer Liner

YouCopia SpiceLiner

Instead of a tiered spice drawer, a spice liner could work well for oddly shaped drawers or narrow drawers. The YouCopia SpiceLiner features a soft foam and comes in a roll for you to easily cut and line any kitchen drawer. Your spice jars will then lay flat in the drawer with no slipping, rolling or clanking around when you pull the drawer open. “Using this in-drawer spice liner that comes in gray or sandstone, your spice bottles will stay in place, and you will easily see all of the labels at a glance,” says Jamie Hord, a professional home organizer and founder of Horderly Professional Organizing.

Storing spices in a drawer ensures none get pushed to the dark depths of the cabinet, never to be seen again. Speaking of the dark, when was the last time the basement saw an organization session?

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Mdesign Expandable Plastic Deluxe Spice Rack

mDesign Expandable Spice Rack

If you move often, getting spice storage solutions to measure up exactly how you’ll need them is impossible. Enter the mDesign Expandable Spice Rack. This plastic storage tray has a three-tier design, slightly slanted for easy visibility. But one of its best features is that it’s expandable from 8 inches wide to about 14.5 inches. This makes it perfect for those who move and don’t have a crystal ball to see how wide their next kitchen drawers will be.

Professional organizer Nicole Abramovici, founder of Genius Organizing, says this drawer storage is one of her favorites. “No more reaching up, pulling down or placing things in tiers. You just slide open a kitchen drawer, and there they all are,” she says. She also mentions that the material is easy to clean.

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Vertical Spice Cabinet Mounted Spice Rack

Vertical Spice Cabinet Mounted Spice Rack Organizer

If your current spice storage situation features rows of spices that are hard to access, consider adding sliding pull-outs. This cabinet-mounted spice rack by Vertical Spice anchors to the bottom of a cabinet, allowing you to easily pull out the three drawers. Thin bungee cords keep the spices neatly secured in the drawers, but the double row of cords also allows you to stack two short spice jars on top of each other. Overall, the three drawers hold 30 standard-sized spice jars or 60 half-size.

Before installing, you’ll want to ensure the cabinet surface is clean and freshly wiped down. While the cleaning supplies are out, you might as well move over to a refrigerator cleaning session. This is one of Saltman’s favorite spice storage ideas, but she mentions you’ll want to measure carefully before installing.

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Jonyj 4 Tier Stackable Seasoning Rack Organizer

Jonyj 4 Tier Stackable Seasoning Rack Organizer

If the countertop is the best place for your spices to reside, you’ll want to make them look neat and tidy. This four-tiered rack makes spice storage look amazing thanks to the simple design and labeling system. “For countertop storage, look for a spice organizer that grows with you over time, that coordinates with the decor in your kitchen and that fits under your shelving,” says Saltman.

The four tiers detach from one another so you don’t need to use all four if you don’t need to store the 40 spice jars this rack accommodates. This could also make for an excellent bathroom storage solution.

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Madesmart White Lazy Susan

Madesmart Lazy Susan

Some of the best spice storage ideas aren’t complicated or overly fancy. The humble lazy Susan is a terrific storage solution for spices according to Hord. “If you need to store your spices in a cabinet, try to use a shallow cabinet shelf like a lazy Susan,” she says.

A simple and inexpensive lazy Susan like the Madesmart version is perfect for cabinet spice storage. Simply spin to see and access your spice collection. It has a non-slip surface so spices won’t topple over while you spin and the small lip helps with keeping spices neatly tucked in. Plus, lazy Susans are also perfect for refrigerator organization.

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Idesign Linus Narrow Pantry Bin Clear

iDesign Linus Narrow Pantry Bin

Organizing spices into clear bins is a smart way to store containers you use often. “Use a bin that you can pull down and see everything you have, and the shelf will always stay neat and tidy,” says Hord. The iDesign Linus Narrow Pantry Bin is ideal for spices thanks to the convenient handles. Store them in any cupboard that has room, and pull them down for easy access and visibility when you’re cooking. The bins are ideal if you have spices stored in bags or unusually sized spice containers. They are also perfect for organizing a pantry.

Hord also recommends storing any duplicate spices on a higher shelf and restocking them as needed. Organizing your spices is an excellent time to toss out any expired spices.

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Moforoco White 9 Tier Over The Door Pantry Organizer

Moforoco 9-Tier Over The Door Pantry Organizer

If your countertop and cabinets cannot accommodate one more item, look toward the pantry. Shelves full? This over-the-door organizer neatly and efficiently keeps your spices in order. The nine-tiered pantry organizer hangs over the door with three small shelves, three medium shelves and three large shelves.

This means you could store spices on the small or medium shelves while leaving room for other pantry items on the larger shelves. One of the best details of this storage method is its easy installation, requiring no tools or drilling. The versatility of what is stored in the over-the-door organizer means there will always be a use for the space rather than ending up on the list of items professionals never use for home organization.

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Spicy Shelf Deluxe

Spicy Shelf Deluxe Expandable Spice Rack

If you’re looking to easily display dozens of spices with clever spice storage ideas, the Spicy Shelf Deluxe utilizes both sides of a cupboard and the back wall for fantastic visibility of your collection. Saltman recommends using a multi-layered U-shaped rack if you have countless spices to organize. “Because this offers multiple shelves, you will be able to keep a large collection of spices in one kitchen cabinet. It’s also easy to clean and easy to install,” says Saltman.

The spice rack is expandable in width and height so it’s customizable to fit the dimensions of your cabinet. The non-slip surface helps keep spices upright, and there’s no need to worry about overloading it since it holds up to 40 pounds. Some reviewers also mention they use it in a bathroom cabinet for clutter-free medicine storage.

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