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The Best Supermarket in Every State

Updated: Sep. 01, 2023

From a place that serves craft beer as you shop to the biggest selection of organic produce, these are the best supermarkets in every state across the country.

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Organic Harvest
Via ohgrocery.com

Alabama: Organic Harvest, Hoover

Nestled in the heart of Hoover you’ll find Organic Harvest, Alabama’s largest natural foods store. The selection of healthy groceries is vast so you’ll definitely work up an appetite roaming the aisles. Refuel at the cafe with one of their signature smoothies and a vegan chicken salad sandwich even carnivores will love.

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Three Bears

Alaska: Three Bears, Tok

Food prices are notoriously higher in Alaska because of the convenience factor—but at Three Bears you’ll spend less than you would elsewhere. That’s because they get a lot of their stock from Costco while also featuring locally-sourced produce, dairy, and meat. They also have a line of Outposts, smaller stores that supply all of your hunting, fishing and outdoors needs including licenses and camping gear.

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Los Altos Ranch Market
Via losaltosranchmarket.com

Arizona: Los Altos Ranch Market, Phoenix

Taco Tuesday just got a lot better—and easier—with the ready-made Mexican fare in “La Cocina” at this small Southwestern chain. It’s the supermercado (that’s supermarket in Spanish) where all the locals go for their lunch break.

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Arkansas: Walmart

OK, it might not be the best place to shop for groceries, but it is the most fitting since the mega-chain first began in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962. Walmart now has over 3,465 supercenter locations (aka, stores with a food section)—check out the most popular Walmart products in every state. Even the organic products are cheaper: A study found that organic ketchup at Walmart was $2.58 vs. $3.69 at the average grocery store.

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Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

California: Ralph’s, Los Angeles

If the free parking at Ralph’s isn’t enough to win you over (a rarity in downtown LA), the frequent sales and superbly stocked shelves will. Pick up your laundry from the in-store dry cleaners and, when the stress of shopping and meal planning gets to you, unwind at Elevate, the new bar inside the LA location that serves glasses of wine and beer.

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King Soopers

Colorado: King Soopers, Denver

Sushi and Starbucks are two things that make running errands a lot more tolerable. You can find both at King Soopers, an offshoot of Kroger, along with a well-stocked healthy eating section and even an olive oil bar where you can fill your own bottles with an array of unique flavors. Find out the supermarket tricks you still fall for.

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Stew Leonard's
Via stewleonards.com

Connecticut: Stew Leonard’s, Norwalk

Named “the Disneyland of dairy stores” by the New York Times, this Connecticut chain takes customer service so seriously, it’s set in stone, literally: At the entrance to each of their stores, there’s a hunk of granite with their motto etched into it: “Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, reread Rule 1.” And for every $100 you spend, you’ll earn a free cup of coffee or a free scoop of ice cream.

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Janssen's Market

Delaware: Janssen’s Market, Wilmington

Awarded the honors of being the country’s top independent grocer by the National Grocers Association, this 50-plus-year-old company is where Delaware locals head for “everyday gourmet.” You’ll find an array of fresh meats, cheeses and local goodies (plus wine and beer) scattered among the aisles, which happen to be named after roads in the area.

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Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

Florida: Publix, Orlando

There are plenty of reasons Publix has grown such a cult following over the years, from its frequent “buy one get one” sales to its Apron Cooking School, which are essentially kiosks scattered throughout the store where you can watch a cooking demonstration and taste samples. You’ll want to pick up lunch to go at their in-store sub shop, as well—the enormous sandwiches (known as Pub Subs) have become famous; they rank among the best sandwiches in the country from national outlets.

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The Fresh Market
Via thefreshmarket.com

Georgia: The Fresh Market, Atlanta

The store got its start in Greensboro, North Carolina, and now it has spread to the Big Peach—and Georgians couldn’t be happier. Grab a quick lunch from The Fresh Market’s readymade options (the shrimp salad and vegetable spring rolls are popular picks), indulge in assorted chocolates or jellybeans from the bulk candy bins, or simply enjoy the warm ambiance created by the cozy decor and the friendly staff. These are the things your grocer isn’t telling you.

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Don Quijote Hawaii
Via donquijotehawaii.com

Hawaii: Don Quijote, Honolulu

A lot of traditional Hawaiian fare is heavily influenced by Asian culture—so it makes sense that all three of the Japanese chain‘s American stores are located on the islands. You could spend hours discovering all of the eclectic specialty foods, such as green tea Kit Kats and mochi waffle mix. Check out the aisle that’s completely devoted to Hello Kitty while you’re there, too.

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Via broulims.com

Idaho: Broulim’s, Montpelier

Since Charlie Broulim opened his first store back in 1922, Broulim’s has prided itself on providing the freshest, seasonal produce to the citizens of Idaho. The grocer recently went digital as well, so you can now shop online and either have your groceries delivered or “click and collect” to avoid pesky crowds and lines.

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Pamela Brick/Shutterstock

Illinois: Mariano’s, Chicago

Formed when Dominick’s CEO Bob Mariano was ousted from the Illinois giant, Mariano’s is the place to go if you enjoy listening to live piano music and sipping beer while you run errands. While plenty of national brands are offered, Mariano’s also stocks local products and affordable organic produce. Then grab a scoop of handmade gelato on your way out for the ride home!

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Saraga international market
Via saragaindy.com

Indiana: Saraga International Grocery, Indianapolis

Take a trip around the world without even leaving Indianapolis at this international market. Start by savoring a warm pastry from the panaderia (a Mexican bakery) then drool over the fresh pasta and mochi ice cream. Whatever weird, rare ingredient you’re looking for, Saraga International Grocery will have it… even raw pig hearts. Think those sound gross? This list of the most disgusting things people eat is even worse.

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Trader Joes

Iowa: Trader Joe’s, Des Moines

Can you ever go wrong with a stop at Trader Joe’s? No. And the Des Moines store is no different. The prices are low, the employees are helpful, and the atmosphere is always fun. And then there’s the “two buck chuck” (The famous Charles Shaw $2 wine) and the notorious frozen food selection (potstickers and mandarin orange chicken, anyone?). Here are the things you should only buy at TJ’s.

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Via dillons.com

Kansas: Dillons, Wichita

Besides the super-fresh salad bar, full-service Chinese kitchen, and the diverse selection of organic produce, Dillons also has a great 10 for $10 promotion in which you can mix and match different products throughout the store for just a dollar each. Insider tip: Don’t leave without a jug of root beer milk (yes, really) from local Hildebrand Farms.

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Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market
Via rainbowblossom.com

Kentucky: Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market, Louisville

You should try to buy most of your fruits and vegetables organic, and you can find them all at Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market. Louisville’s first health food store, it’s a mecca of good-for-you eats and vitamins and even boasts a Wellness Center where you can sit down with experts in fields like massage therapy and nutrition counseling. After shopping, sign up for their Taste of Yoga program for 21 free classes of downward dog and meditation.

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Rouses Market
Skip Bolen/Epa/Shutterstock

Louisiana: Rouses Market, Baton Rouge

Pick up hot steamed crabs and jumbo Gulf Coast shrimp by the pound from the seafood market at Rouses Market. Or, if it’s crawfish season (typically January to June), take home some of the colorful crustaceans and whip up a batch of classic Cajun gumbo. You can feel good about your purchase, too—all of the seafood sold at Rouses is responsibly sourced and delivered fresh.

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Hannaford Supermarket
Via hannaford.com

Maine: Hannaford Supermarket, Scarborough

This chain got its start in 1883 when Arthur Hannaford began selling produce on the docks of Portland, ME. Nowadays, Hannaford is the place to go for your weekly errands: The produce is always fresh and the staff is always friendly. You’ll want to spend some time browsing the local beer and coffee selection. Just avoid it on busy weekend afternoons in the summer when it’s teeming with tourists—and prices are higher.

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MOMs organic market
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Maryland: MOM’s Organic Market, Baltimore

Whole Foods has some serious competition when it comes to organic groceries. Everything sold at MOM’s Organic Market is 100 percent—you guessed it—organic. They even have a list of banned ingredients as part of their “product standards”; they call companies to make sure a food fits those standards before they put it on their shelves. Another plus: You can bring everything from old cell phones to shoes to plastic bags to their stores to be recycled.

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Market Basket
Via shopmarketbasket.com

Massachusetts: Market Basket, Somerville

You know Market Basket values its employees when you see that everyone’s nametag boasts how many years they’ve been working there (some have been as high as 17!). And this staff will gladly help you navigate the bustling aisles full of ripe fruits and veggies and diverse dairy products (even quail eggs).

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Busch's Fresh Foods Market
Via buschs.com

Michigan: Busch’s Fresh Food Market, Ann Arbor

Customers rave about the variety at this Michigan must-visit store—there’s a good balance of essentials and newer “trendy” products. The neighborhood grocer is also known for their award-winning cakes, all of which are baked fresh at their central kitchen and in a facility that doesn’t use tree nuts so even people with food allergies can enjoy a slice of black forest cake.

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Nati Harnik/AP/Shutterstock

Minnesota: Hy-Vee, New Hope

Cure late-night cravings at this employee-owned Hy-Vee chain of discount grocery stores. Most are open 24 hours a day and equipped with an in-house cafe, the Hy-Vee Market Grille, where kids eat free on Tuesdays. (They also serve adult beverages.) If it’s your first time, you can be treated to a complimentary store tour which sounds silly but could actually save you money—after all, knowing where things are is one of the keys to spending less on groceries.

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Claiborne hill supermarket
Via claibornehillsupermarket.com

Mississippi: Claiborne Hills Supermarket, Waveland

This is the kind of quintessential small-town spot where everyone knows your name and you feel welcome the second those sliding doors open. Make the seafood counter your first stop at Claiborne Hills: They’re known for selling some of the Gulf’s freshest, biggest shrimp at the lowest price.

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Via straubs.com

Missouri: Straub’s, St. Louis

For one of the top butchers in the state, look no further than Straub’s. The specialty retailer’s butchery highlights all different types of meat from lamb to mussels to ruby trout. What’s more is that they’ll cut and trim any order to your preference—and they have enough expertise and knowledge to help you decide how to prepare it for dinner. Be sure to check out the “best of Missouri” section, as well for local treats. Check out the 20 secrets your butcher won’t tell you.

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Natural Grocers

Montana: Natural Grocers, Missoula

Natural Grocers was built on five founding principles: nutrition education, highest quality products, affordable pricing, commitment to community and commitment to employees. More than 60 years later, they still live up to those standards. As you wander the rows of vegan fare and natural supplements, your senses will be treated to the sweet scent of essential oils being diffused throughout the store.

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Fareway stores
Via fareway.com

Nebraska: Fareway Stores, Lincoln

Step back in time at Fareway where the employees don white dress shirts and ties and even the butchers sport old-school paper hats. And the butchers are the ones you definitely want to talk to here: The Fareway Meat Market is a one-stop shop for meat lovers with their specialty bundles like “Taste of Iowa,” “Backyard BBQ,” and even “Date Night” (complete with two different types of pork chops and rib-eye steaks).

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Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

Nevada: Vons, Henderson

Vons knows that the key to a great grocery store is its customer service. So at this member of the Safeway family, you’ll always feel welcome—and likely won’t have to bag your own groceries or spend hours searching for the right aisle again thanks to their friendly staff. Another plus about shopping here: They offer a gas rewards system so you can earn points on each purchase and save money the next time you’re at the pump.

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Harvest Market
Via myharvestmarket.com

New Hampshire: Harvest Market, Bedford

Thanks to a recent renovation, this New Hampshire staple has become a one-stop shop for residents. Not only does Harvest Market offer a selection of products that rivals that of the big chains, but the store also boasts a delicious deli, a quality butcher, and even a hardware store. Around the holidays, stock up on locally made Wood Stove Mulling Syrup for a piping mug of spicy mulled wine.

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A&J Seabra's Supermarket
Via seabrasmarket.com

New Jersey: A&J Seabra Supermarket, Newark

A trip to A&J Seabra Supermarket is a great way to expand your knowledge of international cuisine. It’s the go-to spot for Portuguese, Brazilian, and Central American foods—look for the fresh ground chorizo, Guarana soda, and bacalhau (salt cod). And if you’re the type who puts hot sauce on everything, swap your brand name Siracha for the fiery piri-piri sauce found here.

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Keller's Farm Stores
Via kellersfarmstores.com

New Mexico: Keller’s Farm Stores, Albuquerque

Keller’s did natural foods before natural foods were cool—they started back in 1946. Seventy years later and they’re still well-loved in the Southwest, offering the largest selection of farm fresh meats in the entire state. Choose from buffalo sausage, ground elk, Irish bacon, or their signature smoked ham.  And if you need some meal inspiration, the friendly employees are always willing to share their favorite recipes.

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New York: Wegmans, Rochester

Why are New Yorkers (and plenty of other Americans, to be honest) so obsessed with Wegmans? That’s easy to answer: The giant stores are less like a supermarket and more like a village, complete with a coffee bar, a cozy cafe, and an open-air market. While you linger over the almost-overwhelming cheese counter or the Mediterranean olive bar, rest easy knowing that the store’s prices are on average 13 percent cheaper than competitors. These are the other perks only Wegmans shoppers know about.

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The common market
Via commonmarketisgood.com

North Carolina: The Common Market, Charlotte

Weird and wonderful with a lot of soul: That’s how we would describe The Common Market, a quirky Carolina establishment. Sample a few local beers, enjoy a mouthwatering breakfast sandwich on the patio, or browse the specialty snack selection while you bob your head to the soul-funk music playing in the background. But keep an eye out for these commonly overpriced grocery store items.

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Via hornbackers.com

North Dakota: Hornbacher’s, Fargo

Too busy to spend an hour at the grocery store? Good thing this North Dakota store offers convenient one-hour delivery. Simply fill your cart on their website—and be sure to follow these online grocery shopping tips: All of your food will be at your door in less than 60 minutes. Bonus: New customers are treated to free delivery and $10 off their first purchase.

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Ohio: Acme Fresh Market, Akron

An easy-to-maneuver layout, good quality produce, and a diverse beer selection make Acme Fresh Market one of the best in the state. Not only do they have a regular rewards program (Acme Cash), there’s also a pharmacy rewards program: You’ll earn $10 in free groceries for every 10 prescriptions you get filled. Plus, you can go online to place orders or even ask a pharmacist a question—any time of the day.

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Crest Fresh Market
Via crestfoodsok.com

Oklahoma: Crest Fresh Market, Oklahoma City

Bargain shoppers will love Crest Fresh Market—the store’s slogan is “rock bottom prices.” It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Seek out the bulk nut section sandwiched between the deli and bakery—not only can you get your fill of cashews, almonds, and trail mix blends, you can also grind your own fresh nut butter to take home.

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New Seasons market
Via newseasonsmarket.com

Oregon: New Seasons Market, Portland

This Portland store brings sustainably sourced meat, produce and even flowers straight from local farmers, ranchers and fishermen to your kitchen table. New Seasons Market cares about the community, too, as evidenced by the “Bag it Forward” program where the nickel you save using a reusable bag gets donated to nonprofit charities. And you might be eligible for one of the discount days: Military members can get 10 percent off on Tuesdays; seniors enjoy the same savings on Wednesdays. Find out 50 of the healthiest foods you can find at the supermarket.

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Pennsylvania: Giant Food, Philadelphia

Another grocery store with a gas rewards program, Giant Food also offers a program that lets you automatically deposit the money you save as one of their Bonus Buy members into a college savings account. Other perks include an extensive natural foods section, clean and well-lit stores and a delicious deli where, if you ask nicely, the butchers will let you taste any of the meat before you decide to buy.

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Dave's Marketplace
Via davesmarketplace.com

Rhode Island: Dave’s Marketplace, Cumberland

At Dave’s Marketplace, grocery shopping is less of a chore and more of an experience with their four nutrition and education tours. Sign up for the 90-minute “Mediterranean Cart: Walk, Talk and Taste Tour” where you’ll load up on (and get to sample) yummy whole grains, produce and healthy fats that are good for your heart. Or follow Dietitian Meg as she teaches you the right way to read a food label and how to shop for a plant-based lifestyle.

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Harris Teeter
William Howard/Shutterstock

South Carolina: Harris Teeter, Columbia

Come for the groceries, stay for the free Wi-Fi, Starbucks and fresh-baked bread from the bakery. Or, if you just hate that weekly trip to the store, download the Harris Teeter app and order all of your food online (you can even specify how ripe you like your fruit and a personal shopper will pick it for you based on preference). Then, when you pull up to pick it up, you don’t even have to get out of your car as the staff will happily load it for you.

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Sunshine foods
Via siouxfalls.sunshinefoodstores.com

South Dakota: Sunshine Foods, Sioux Falls

True story: A Sunshine Foods employee once carried an older customer’s groceries all the way home for them. That’s the level of customer service you can expect at this South Dakota store. The prices are competitive (especially the sales) and you can’t beat the small town atmosphere. Oh, and you’ll appreciate the selection of meats and cheeses at the deli counter.

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Whole Foods
Susan Montgomery/Shutterstock

Tennessee: Whole Foods, Nashville

Hear us out—Whole Foods might get a bad rap for being pricey but it’s one of the best places to stock up on good-for-you eats from organic fruits and veggies to the grass-fed meats or the juice bar. The Nashville location in particular also offers cooking classes and, on Saturdays, you can taste new products from pop-up vendors around the store. Here are the things Whole Foods employees want you to know.

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H-E-B Fresh foods
Philip Lange/Shutterstock

Texas: H-E-B, San Antonio

In their own words: “No store does more.” We’d have to agree. This Texas trademark seems to have everything you’d ever need, from an entire aisle dedicated to tea to a make-your-own trail mix bar to a gluten-free section that rivals that of Whole Foods. If you don’t live in the Lonestar State, you don’t have to miss out: H-E-B will ship regional specialties (including their line of Cafe Ole coffee and their secret burger special sauce) anywhere in the United States.

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Via harmonsgrocery.com

Utah: Harmon’s Grocery, Salt Lake City

Visit Harmon’s Grocery for what nutritionists might be purchasing—just look for products labeled with the “Dietitian’s Choice” seal of approval. That means the item has been reviewed and given the green light by the store’s staff of certified dietitians. To save money on said products (that organic, gluten-free pancake mix isn’t cheap!), join the Foodie Club, Harmon’s rewards program.

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Via local.shaws.com

Vermont: Shaw’s, Burlington

A grocery store that’s regarded by the locals as the place to go for wine and a huge assortment of ice cream sounds like the only place we want to do our shopping (not to mention that the produce is always fresh and delicious). The best part? Shaw’s cashiers will often give you the discounted price even if you don’t belong to the rewards club.

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Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Virginia: Kroger, Virginia Beach

If you want it, Kroger’s got it, from grocery staples to a high-quality store brand to a fresh sushi station so you can snack while you shop. But one of our favorite benefits is Kroger’s online recipe-to-cart service: Browse the collection of recipes, choose one you like, then add the ingredients directly to your cart with the click of a button. Find out the things nutritionists always buy at the grocery store.

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Metropolitan Market
Via metropolitan-market.com

Washington: Metropolitan Market, Seattle

Rare cheeses, volcanic sea salt, and black truffles are just some of the treasures you’ll walk out of Seattle’s best-kept secret with. Metropolitan Market’s mission is to remind people of the pleasures of good food and good company; they encourage you to test out new ingredients and flavors you might not find elsewhere. They also have a housewares section that rivals the gorgeous dishes at Sur La Table.

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Via martinsfoods.com

West Virginia: Martin’s Food, Charles Town

Go to Martin’s Food around lunchtime to chow down on a juicy beef brisket sandwich from the cafe before doing your shopping. Once you choose from the wide variety (load up on all the local fruits and vegetables!), snag a copy of the store’s magazine, Savory, at checkout which will quickly become your go-to resource for healthy recipes, meal planning and cooking inspiration.

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Wisconsin: Woodman’s Market, Kenosha

Set aside a chunk of time on a Saturday afternoon if you’re planning to shop at Woodman’s Market—the massive store has everything from gluten-free goodies to more frozen food options than you could imagine. You’ll want to spend hours just roaming the aisles (there are even four aisles dedicated to cereal alone!).

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Lucky's market
Jillian Cain Photography/Shutterstock

Wyoming: Lucky’s Market, Jackson Hole

“Sip and stroll” at this Wyoming supermarket: You can help yourself to one of five local craft beers while you shop. But you likely won’t find a bottle of Coke or a jar of Miracle Whip here—Lucky’s Market focuses on healthier, higher quality foods instead. And when you purchase one of their private label products, 10 percent of the profits are donated to the communities they serve. Now that you know where to shop, here’s where to find the best-kept secret in every state.