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14 Things Over 90 Percent of Americans Actually Agree On

We live in contentious times but it turns out there are a lot of things we almost universally agree on.

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We believe in the existence of God

We may not be able to all agree on the who, how, what, or why of a higher power but 95 percent of Americans believe that some type of God exists. Belief is important to people—did you know that agreeing on religion is one of the top 10 factors that can make or break your relationship?

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We feel pretty darn healthy

A whopping 99 percent of Americans rate their overall health as somewhere between fair and excellent with just one percent saying they are in poor health. This is great news as staying positive can improve your health. Interested in other little ways you can improve your health? Try these 50 healthy habits you should adopt as a family.

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An elderly African American man holds his “I voted” sticker after he cast his ballot in Washington, DC.
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We feel fair national elections are essential

Elections are the bedrock of our democracy which is why 97 percent of Americans feel it’s important to make sure they are fairly run, open to all citizens, and honest.

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We are (mostly) proud to be Americans

Wave those stars and stripes: 96 percent of Americans said they were extremely, very, or moderately proud to be an American. There is a worrisome trend though. Just half said they were extremely proud, down from over 70 percent a decade ago. Want to show your patriotism by displaying a flag? Make sure you’re not making any of these 10 big mistakes people make with the American flag.

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We believe people shouldn’t cheat in relationships

Despite the sexy shenanigans you see on TV, most Americans believe it’s wrong to cheat on your partner, although there were some circumstances where it might be acceptable. Only 2 percent said it’s totally fine to sleep around. Do you know the 10 relationship red flags that mean you need to leave now?

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We think it’s important our government has checks and balances

The executive (president), legislative (Congress), and judicial (court system) branches play equal roles in our government—a design choice made by our Founding Fathers to make sure one person or group didn’t take control of the country. And 96 percent of Americans agree that it’s important to maintain this system of checks and balances. Although don’t get too comfortable: here are 10 secret U.S. government operations, revealed.

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We’re spiritual but not necessarily religious

While just 77 percent of Americans consider themselves to be even remotely religious, about 90 percent of us consider ourselves to be spiritual.

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We’re not bored

Americans think that sometimes their life is exciting and sometimes it’s just routine but one thing it’s definitely not? Dull. Ninety-six percent of Americans agree that their life, overall, is not boring. Worried you might be boring?

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We have happy marriages

Of Americans who are married, 97 percent reported feeling that their relationship was very happy or pretty happy. Considering that about half of Americans over 18 are married, this means a lot of us are in pretty great relationships. For some inspiration to brighten up your relationship, try one of these 20 things happy couples do after work.

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We think birth control is totally fine

Birth control and the morality of using it used to be one of the most contentious social issues but the debate appears to be settled. Ninety-two percent of Americans say using birth control is morally fine. Fun fact: It was the only one out of 20 social issues that more than 90 percent of Americans could agree on. It’s important to get educated about contraception. Do you know the 9 signs you’re on the wrong birth control?

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We think the government should help out with medical care

Health care is a huge conversation in the country right now, and with good reason—everyone gets sick eventually. And we think the government needs to step up: 92 percent of Americans said our government should be helping pay for medical care at least a little bit. Do you know these 18 secrets your health insurance company is keeping from you?

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We enjoy our jobs

Most people aren’t working in their dream job but the majority of Americans are satisfied with their daily work. Just 3 percent said they were very dissatisfied with their job. There’s more good job news as confidence in job security and positive relationships with employers are also on the rise.

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We want everyone buying a gun to have a background check first

Gun rights are another hotly debated topic but one thing is for sure: Everyone on both sides of the issue wants gun buyers vetted. Ninety-four percent of Americans support universal background checks for all gun buyers. Interestingly, 77 percent of Americans also support the idea of making people get a gun license before being allowed to purchase one.

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We sure love the Internet

The invention of the Internet may be one of the most revolutionary things to happen in modern history, changing the way we do almost everything. So it makes sense that 90 percent of Americans say they use the Internet. What is shocking is that 10 percent said they never go online! (Seriously, who are these people?) Now that you know what most Americans have in common, find out what people who live to 100 have in common with each other.

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