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15 Odd Travel Accessories That Are More Useful Than You Thought

Maybe you've heard about noise-canceling earphones and snuggies, but what about air-conditioned shirts and motorized suitcases?

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A personal coffee holder

If you are hustling through the airport dragging your luggage with one hand and clutching your boarding pass with the other, where do you put your coffee mug? In your pants? Balanced on your head? Don’t be silly: Use a Tugo. This convenient beverage holder clips to your suitcase and holds your coffee ever-upright as you zip through the crowds. It’s like the personal assistant you’ve always dreamed about, but even better: You don’t have to buy it flowers on its birthday! PS: Stop making these 16 airport mistakes before your next flight.

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A pillow that lets you sleep ANYWHERE

When you’re napping en route, a little darkness and silence can go a long way. Behold, the Ostrich Pillow: headgear that physically surrounds you, blocking out light and noise as you sleep in a public place. Unfortunately, it does not make you invisible. While science works on that, sleep soundly in the knowledge that your head looks like a cool futuristic marshmallow.

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A germ-killing wand

Germophobes, this one’s for you: a UV wand that claims to annihilate any germ you swipe it across. We can’t promise it works, but if you’re willing to risk strange glances from other travelers as you wipe down your bus seat, door handles, and public toilet, then it definitely can’t hurt. In the end, you’ll be laughing when you are the only one on the trip who doesn’t get Ebola. Try these tips to pack lighter on your next trip.

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A waterless toothbrush

No water is required with these delightful little lollipops. Toothettes magically brush your teeth using your saliva, leaving your mouth minty fresh, even on the go. Just pop them in your mouth, brush, and throw away. Swabs come in generous bags of 20; share with your neighbors on the plane, and you’ll land with more “swab friends” than you ever thought possible!

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Think this is handy? Try the key multi tool—it’s less than 3 inches tall and packed with more than 16 gadgets.

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An air-conditioned shirt

Traveling during the heat of the summer can really put a damper on anyone’s mood. Before you start getting cranky under a coat of sweat, try donning an air-conditioned cooling shirt. The garment comes complete with battery-powered fans embedded into the seams; turn it on, and you’ll have a personal blast of cool wind that follows you everywhere. After one day with this blouse, you’ll be a big fan.

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A motorized scooter suitcase

Late for your flight or tired of dragging heavy baggage around the airport or bus station? Not a problem. This suitcase doubles as a scooter, zipping you through crowds and to your gate. Memorize these 50 packing tips before your next big trip.

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A ventilated fedora

Every retired vacationer needs one of these bad boys. This stylish hat lets your head breathe in even the most stifling heat, no matter how much hair you have on that noggin. Consider: It’s what retired Indiana Jones would wear.

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A portable wine dispenser

You’ll never have to pay for another outrageously priced resort cocktail with this nifty gadget: a booze dispenser subtly disguised as a purse. Simply lift the bag, twist the nozzle, and pour. Thanks to the insulated lining and secret opening, you’ll have everything you need for a party on the go.

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Shower shoes

If you find yourself staying at a hotel that looked much nicer in the pictures you’re not going to want to step into the shower barefoot. These flexible flipflops make the perfect shower shoes. Also, they aren’t bulky like rubber sandals, so they’ll easily fit into your carryon. If your travel usually involves driving, check out these car accessories that will change the way you drive.

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Airplane footrest

Kick your feet up, relax, and sit back—well, as much as you can sit back in a crowded airplane seat—with this portable footrest. It hooks right over the arms of the tray table for easy assembly. It’s memory foam material help to prevent lower back pain, stiffness, and leg swelling during long flights. Pair it with the AirFly Pro adaptor to connect your wireless headphones to the airplane TV and have a hassle-free flight.

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Mini steamer

Most hotels have irons, but if you find yourself in a wrinkly situation while traveling with no iron, this mini steamer can come in handy. Fill the tank with water, wait for it to heat up (it only takes 15 seconds), and get rid of your wrinkles.

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Wash bag

This odd Amazon travel accessory is actually really useful. It’s the worlds smallest portable washing machine. All you have to do is add soap and water to the bag and massage your clothing. It will be clean in no time. Its flexible fabric makes it great for storing away in your carry on. These are the 11 items you should always have in your carry-on.

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Sandless beach mat

The one downside of spending the day at the beach when you’re on vacation is the amount of sand that gets all over your things. Sit on the beach without sand getting all over your legs and in your food with this sandless beach mat. This lightweight, durable, mesh mat sifts sand right through. To make it a little more comfortable, you can add a towel on top.

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Heated insoles

Have you ever found yourself sitting on a plane wishing you had worn thicker socks? The heated insoles will keep your feet toasty warm on a plane or even on a cold day where you have to be outside a lot. They come with a convenient remote control so you can adjust the temperature while keeping your shoes or sock on.

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Cellular service device

If you travel off the grid a lot, but still want to have cell service and communication with others in case of an emergency, you need to get a goTenna Mesh. This pocket-sized device uses Bluetooth to keep you connected with other goTenna users in your area. It is compatible with both Andriod and iOS devices.

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