You Should Never Travel Without This Clever $22 Key Multi Tool—Here’s Why

This key multi tool is a must-have accessory, whether you’re a handyman or DIY-er, travel enthusiast or gadget lover.

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Have you ever been away from home and stuck in a bind that only a toolbox could get you out of? Instead of adding “toolbox” to your airplane or road trip packing list, try Geekey’s Key Multi Tool. It’s less than three inches tall and packed with more than 16 gadgets for all of life’s tricky situations.  

From a wrench to a wire cutter to a ruler, the key multi tool has all the essentials (it even doubles as a tiny pipe!). Every list of packing tips say not to travel heavy, and with the Geekey Multi Tool, you don’t have to. 

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What is a key multi tool? 

Described as “versatility for the modern geek,” the Geekey Multi Tool is a mini gadget with 16+ unique built-in functions. It’s bigger and bulkier than an average house key, but still fits conveniently on a keyring or lanyard. 

The key multi tool has all your toolbox favorites, like a screwdriver tip with four combinations, two types of wrenches, a driver and scoring tip. Open boxes or cut wire with the serrated edge, and prepare lunch or pop open a cold one with the can and bottle opener. A hidden function some reviewers appreciate: the pipe feature with a built-in mini bowl.  

The Geekey is meant to be a handyman’s best friend for life. It’s made by injecting molten stainless steel into mold and heat treating it to a hardness level of H900. Weighing less than one ounce, it’s lightweight but still sturdy and durable. Plus, it’s even TSA compliant if you’re wondering how to pack a carry-on with tools.  


  • More than 16 mini tools for all of life’s projects 
  • A perfect gift idea for a fellow handyman or DIY enthusiast 
  • Stainless steel construction makes it extra sturdy 
  • Nearly 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon  
  • Affordable


  • It’s a bit bigger than a standard key, so it might not fit comfortably in your pocket 
  • Dirt gets into the crevices, which makes it difficult to clean 
  • Screwdriver bits don’t work as well with small screws 

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How to use a key multi tool 

The beauty of a key multi tool is that it works for all kinds of situations. However, reviewers who work in construction warn that some features—like the screwdriver and serrated edge—may not be appropriate for a professional site. Even if you’re not a licensed contractor, the key multi tool is convenient for plenty of DIY jobs around the house. Whether you’re on-the-go or in a quick bind, the Geekey tool is a travel accessory you should always have on hand for emergencies. 

In life’s more casual situations—like opening your next Amazon package or tightening a bike spoke—this gadget is a definite time-saver. Get familiar with its functions (before tossing the instructions) and you’ll never have to dig through a messy toolbox or junk drawer again. 

Starting at the top of the tool is a wire stripper, tobacco bowl and imperial and metric wrenches that fit different sizes. A bike spoke key, wire bender, open wrench and bottle opener are found on the right and left edge, alongside a serrated blade. On the back, you’ll find a protractor, bit driver and imperial ruler. A screwdriver, pipe and scoring tip round out the bottom features.

Why Amazon users love it 

 There are plenty of ways to pack lighter, and less is more with the key multi tool! Here’s why Amazon users love it. 

“I could not be more impressed,” says Craig H. “I truly hope this tool continues to be manufactured for the rest of my existence as it has made my life much easier and there’s a certain peace of mind associated with having every tool one could need in one compact package.” 

Craig Brock is also a multi tool key convert, noting, “With this key no door will be locked to you. No knowledge hidden. You shall become immortal.” He probably figured out all 16 uses. 

With a little creativity, Lee M. says the tool does even more than advertised, writing: “Sometimes you think, Oh I need a ‘fill in the blank’ and then remember you have your key multi tool!”  

Where to buy a Geekey Multi Tool 

Key Multi Tool  via merchant

Pick up Geekey’s Multi Tool on Amazon or at Walmart for less than $22. The cost for being prepared on your next trip? Priceless. 

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