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50 Ugly Dogs That Are Still So Darn Cute

Not every dog has a perfectly groomed and fluffy coat with perfect coloring, but even ugly dogs are adorable and make the perfect addition to any loving home.

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Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

World’s Ugliest Dogs

Even ugly dogs can be cute, especially when they flash those puppy dog eyes and snuggle up next to you. So many people agree that ugly dogs are adorable that the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest has been held annually for almost 30 years. Owners from around the country bring their pups to Petaluma, California to celebrate each and every dog’s unique beauty. The dogs walk up and down the red carpet in front of judges, international media, celebrity hosts, and fans. The contest promotes the love of all dogs and encourages people to adopt because many of the contestants came from shelters and puppy mills. Not every dog has to meet the AKC’s pedigree standards to be a great addition to any home. Read on to take a look at some of the adorable contestants from the past few years.

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ugly dog 1
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

Scamp the Tramp

Look at those locks.

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ugly dog rico
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


Rico gives out a constant wink.

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ugly dog jake
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


This enthusiastic pup knows how to smile for the camera. If you like these ugly dogs, you’ll also want to look at these hilarious dog photos.

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ugly dog lemmy
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


Look at that sweet face.

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ugly dog monkey
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


This adorable pups loves long car rides and meeting new people. Don’t miss these dogs with beards that you will absolutely fall in love with.

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ugly dog rascal deux
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

Rascal Deux

Look at her style. Rascal has appeared on America’s Got Talent and the cover of a magazine.

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ugly dog tostito
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


That tongue is ready to give kisses all day long.

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ugly dog gertrude
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


This little 4 lb chihuahua lives with 9 other rescue dogs.

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ugly dog grendel
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


This Mastiff/American Staffordshire mix is the most gentle giant. If you’re a dog owner, these dog cartoons will make you chuckle.

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ugly dog fabio
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


This 13-year-old teacup chihuahua still looks like a puppy.

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ugly dog josie
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


Josie doesn’t need any jewelry to make her one of the cutest ugly dogs.

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ugly dog teetee
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


TeeTee is a Crestie Mix from Arizona with a great sense of humor, strong spirit, and a cute little tongue.

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ugly dog wild thang
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

Wild Thang

Look at that fluff!

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ugly dog rooby roux
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

Rooby Roux

Rooby Roux is completely blind and has two seeing eye humans. These adorable puppy pictures will make you melt.

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ugly dog himisaboo
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


That cute combover won the hearts of this pup’s parents.

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ugly dog miss moogie
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

Miss Moogie

Moogie weighs only 4.6 pounds but has a big heart.

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ugly dog willie wonka
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

Willie Wonka

Willie, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix, is only 7 months old but already has a following on Instagram, has met some pretty cool celebrities, and even made an appearance on TV.

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ugly dog puka
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


Puka always has a big smile on her face.

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ugly dog meatloaf
Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair


Meatloaf’s nicknames include Meaty, Meat Monster, Mystery Meat, and Beefsquatch.

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ugly dog zsa zsa
Will Bucquoy Photography/Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa’s adorable face and swaying tongue won him first place in 2018’s World’s Ugliest Dog Competition. Many of these dogs were left on the streets or abandoned, but now they have a loving home. These before and after dog adoption photos will warm your heart.

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Jeff Chiu/AP/Shutterstock


The year before Zsa Zsa took home the blue ribbon, Martha, a Neopolitan Mastiff, won first in the 2017 competition.

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ugly dog mrs. kravitz
Will Bucquoy Photography/Courtesy The Sonoma-Marin Fair

Mrs. Kravitz

Those pointy ears and happy tongue would make anyone fall in love with this pup. For even more cuteness, don’t miss these dogs with blue eyes that are absolutely striking.

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ugly dog daisy
Monica M Davey/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock


Daisy’s favorite place to be is half asleep in her mom’s arms.

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ugly dog moe
Monica M Davey/EPA/Shutterstock


Moe the pug loves being showed off to the crowd at the 2017 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

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ugly dog chase


Chase, a Chinese Crested Harke, came all the way from Wales to compete for the World’s Ugliest Dog. It was worth it because he placed third in the 2017 competition.

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ugly dog precious


This chihuahua got a few bonus points for sporting this adorable polka-dot outfit.

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ugly dog sweepee rambo
Peter Dasilva/EPA/Shutterstock

Sweepee Rambo

Sweepee Rambo swept the competition and took home first place in the 2016 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

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Ugly dog smeagle
Peter Dasilva/EPA/Shutterstock


Smeagle sniffs out the competition.

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ugly dog icky
Peter Dasilva/EPA/Shutterstock


There is nothing icky about this adorable dog with the cutest afro. If you’ve noticed that your own dog is acting a little weird, these are the reasons behind their strange behavior.

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ugly dog mugly
Stephen Chung/Lnp/Shutterstock


On top of being known as one of the cutest ugly dogs around, Mugly is also a therapy dog.

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ugly dog quasi modo
Dan Callister/Shutterstock

Quasi Modo

This pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix was born with spinal problems, but that doesn’t stop him from being the happiest dog he can be.

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ugly dog zoomer
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock


Zommer blocked out the competition with his big hair.

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ugly dog rue
Peter Dasilva/EPA/Shutterstock


Rue took home third place in the 2016 competition.

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ugly dog reggie
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock


Reggie has the sweetest eyes that get his owners to give him lots of treats.

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ugly dog isaboo
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock


This mutt competed in 2015.

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ugly dog frodo
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock


Frodo is sticking his tongue out in hopes of getting some food. See if you can guess the dog breed based off of its puppy picture.

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ugly dog morris
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock


Morris isn’t going to let anyone at the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest wipe the serious look off his face.

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ugly dog cyndy loo whoo
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock

Cyndy Loo Whoo

Cyndy Loo Whoo would fit in great in a Dr. Seuss book.

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ugly dog bubbers
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock


With a name like Bubbers how could you ever get mad at this little guy?

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ugly dog blanquito
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock


Blanquito’s unique skin and crazy hair make him a perfect fit among all of these ugly dogs.

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ugly dog angus
World'S Ugliest Dog/Shutterstock


We can’t get enough of that smile.

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ugly dog peanut
Peter Dasilva/EPA/Shutterstock


Peanut was the winner of the 2014 competition. His owner proudly shows her off to the crowd.

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ugly dog sophie
Monica M Davey/EPA/Shutterstock


Sophie is one of the many chihuahuas that competes in the ugly dog competition. They’re so tiny!

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ugly dog mayzie brown
Monica M Davey/EPA/Shutterstock

Mayzie Brown

Mayzie proudly walks across the stage at the 2013 competition. All of that fluff is sure to make her a top contender.

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ugly dog walle
Monica M Davey/EPA/Shutterstock


Walle is a Beagle Bassett Hound and Boxer Mix. He won the competition in 2013, it was probably because of that adorable smile.

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ugly dog boolah
Monica M Davey/EPA/Shutterstock


Boolah is a little shy and snuggles up to his mom on stage. If you want some laughs, check out these funny dog videos.

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ugly dog eleanor
Monica M Davey/EPA/Shutterstock


This pup is so happy to be out and about with her dad that she doesn’t even care about winning.

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ugly dog ellie mae
Monica M Davey/EPA/Shutterstock

Elli Mae

Ellie Mae is a Chinese Crested and you will rarely see her with her tongue in her mouth.

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ugly dog roo
Monica M Davey/EPA/Shutterstock


Roo won the Pedigree Part of the 25th Anniversary World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

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ugly dog pabst
Josh Edelson/EPA/Shutterstock


Pabst’s cute teeth won him first place in 2010. For more animal content, check out these hilarious cat and dog photos.

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