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30 Ways to Make Easy Money in an Hour (or Less!)

Updated: Apr. 03, 2024

Who couldn't use an easy way to make cash quickly? These 30 options will enable you to grab some green quickly!

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When the paycheck is not enough

Whether it’s an added expense that set you back, or you’re saving up for a special occasion, there are some really great ways that you can make a profit in less than an hour of your time. When you need money now, these are your best options for how to make money in one hour.

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Gift card
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Sell unused gift cards

One of the most untapped resources for fast cash are those gift cards you’re unlikely to use. Selling your gift cards, even for a discount, will net you easy money. You can post them on sites like eBay, Facebook marketplace, and others; with apps like PayPal and Venmo, you can get quick cash, too. Looking for more ideas? These are 10 easy ways to make money fast.

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Fill out online surveys

Have a little extra time on your hands? Online surveys are a quick way to earn, as companies and websites are always looking to get consumer feedback. Sites like Survey Junkie and Opinion Outpost offer either cash and rewards for filling out surveys that can take as little as a few minutes.

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Return a recent purchase

If you splurged recently—and the item is in good shape—returning it will put some cash back in your pocket. Maybe it’s a new top you haven’t worn yet or maybe it’s a new video game you haven’t played. Either way, the money you spent on something you may not need can be returned in order to be used on something that is more pressing.

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Golden earrings and necklace
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Sell your gold

According to website EmmaDrew.com, selling gold can net you some quick money. Collect the gold items you no longer wear and bring them to a local jeweler who specializes in the precious metal. However, check the carat as well as the prices before you go, so you know how much you are poised to make. Additionally, if you have spare diamonds, they may be able to fetch you a price as well.

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GBP Mixed Loose Chang
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Cash in your change

How to make money in one hour? This may be obvious, but it’s true. The change that’s been building up in your change jar, pocketbook, and under your couch cushions can add up to a really surprising amount of money. With coin-counting machines available at places like supermarkets and banks, you can turn that change into bills in only a few minutes. Then find out some other ways to earn extra income fast.

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Apps like LetGo, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to get cash for things you no longer need or want. And the best part is that people jump on items pretty quickly. So whether it’s a purse, a pasta bowl, or a television, you can literally clean up your life and make some money doing it too. A word of wisdom, however, is to list the item slightly more than you actually want to sell it for. Haggling happens frequently on these apps as people are looking for the best price, too.

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Review your finances

Yes, reviewing your finances can actually help you make money. First of all, looking at your bank statement will help you figure out where you can cut costs. Do you have a gym membership but barely make it to the gym? Cut it. But it can also help you find out if you’re spending money you never even knew about. For example, did a free trial of something turn into a monthly charge? Give the company a call and cancel it, but also see if they can refund you any of the dollars you unknowingly already spent. Chances are, they will.

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Hands on keyboard.

Do some online work

According to ListenMoneyMatters.com, there are numerous websites that will pay you to complete tasks for them. TaskRabbit and UpWork are just two of these sites in which jobs are listed. Some sites will ask you to bid on jobs, others play a flat fee.

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street view of neighborhood houses
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Go door to door

Old school, but this strategy can work year-round. Head out in your neighborhood and simply go door-to-door asking if anyone needs work done. Clean the gutters? Mow the lawn? Maybe even walk the dog? The needs of people may surprise you and can make you some cash, too. It may also turn into a recurring visit, which can bring in even more money.

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Scrap metal or steel , Scrap of metal or steel ready for recycle
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Sell scrap metal

Check the garage or that heap in the backyard for old swing set parts, metal toys, and other bits of metal that you can scrap for cash. While it may not garner you a huge lump sum, scrap metal is definitely a good resource for quick cash. Iron, steel, aluminum, brass, and copper are the most commonly traded types, and you can also check around for prices, too, if you have some more time on your hands.

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Use your phone

Here’s how to make money in one hour by using your phone: Using a site like Swagbucks can net you some small—but fast—money in almost no time. The site has a list of tasks that need doing—from taking surveys to signing up for newsletters—and each has a price tag attached to it.

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Get a price adjustment

Instead of clogging your inbox with spam, sign up for emails that can make you dollars: By using an app called Paribus by Capital One, you can actually find out if you can get cashback on items you already purchased. The app scans your online shopping receipts for the last 30 days to see if prices have changed on items you’ve purchased. If the price drops, the company seeks a refund for the difference. Not only is it easy, but the money you may be entitled to may surprise you.

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Cash in cans

If you’re not opposed to a little effort, walking around your neighborhood on recycling day could bring in some serious dough. While bottles and cans returned are just a tiny bit of money, it can definitely add up depending on the state you live in.

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Listen to music

Seriously, you can make money just by listening to some new jams. Check out slicethepie.com, a website that allows you to listen and review music as well as jingles for commercials. It’s not only an easy and fast way to make some money, but it can be pretty fun, too.

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One dollar bills

Check your dollars

Have some extra singles lying around? It could be worth more than a buck! There are actually people who are looking to collect dollar bills with unique and interesting serial number combinations. Check out the list at CoolSerialNumbers.com to see if you have any of the bills that make their list and to find out how much collectors are willing to pay.

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Test drive new car
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Take a test drive

With an app like BestMark.com, you can pose as a buyer looking to purchase a new vehicle and make up to $60 per test drive, according to the website. The company pays out pretty quickly, too, so in less than an hour you can make enough to pay for your coffee habit. Another way to make the most of your money? Make sure you’re not wasting your money without knowing it.

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Mystery shop

If you love shopping but don’t want to spend to indulge your habit, this could be a great solution: According to The Penny Hoarder, there are several companies that offer mystery shopping jobs; the incentives are pretty great, too, from cash to rewards. The best part? You can select the jobs you want to take on and how often you want to do them.

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Pick people up

Uber and Lyft are wildly popular, and something you can turn to your advantage. You can work driving for the companies into your own schedule for as much or as little time as you would like. While longer rides definitely net more money—especially airport pick-ups and drop-offs—every little bit helps. After getting approved through one of the services, all you have to do is drive to start earning.

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Woman donating hair for cancer
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Sell your hair

If you’re trimming your tresses, you might be able to save the clippings and earn $100 or more. According to hair brokers, untreated hair in good shape is a commodity in high demand. You can use this calculator to see how much your hair is worth before deciding to sell it or not.

Stay in the know: People looking to pocket some extra cash might ask, “Can I sell my kidney? Here are 10 body parts you didn’t know you could (legally) sell.

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Preview previews

Yes, you can get paid to watch movie previews. One website, Inbox Dollars, offers payment for watching a variety of promos, including movie trailers; they’ll even give you some cash for signing up. Keep in mind that you will have to watch all of the previews in a setlist in order for you to cash in your earnings.

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Hands scratching an instant lottery
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Check your scratch-offs

Have some scratch-off tickets that just happen to be lying around? Check them! Whether you’ve scratched them or not, you could have some found money in your pocket in no time at all, even if it’s only $1 or $2. Bring them down to the closest store to be read, too, just in case you missed out on some winnings. Then get some money-saving tips from self-made millionaires.

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Don’t forget about cash-back apps

Things like eBates and Ibotta can help you earn money just by purchasing things that you need every single day. From groceries and toilet paper to new clothes, the apps can garner you extra dollars—especially after a spending spree. Look for additional rewards within the apps as well to get even more money back.

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Sign up for an hourly gig

Yes, it is possible to work for an hour and then get paid. Using a site like ShiftGigs, you can take a look at jobs in your area that are needed and sign up for them. The jobs show the pay rate, place, and the allotted amount of time that is needed, so you can accept jobs or decide they aren’t for you. To hold on to that hard-earned cash, avoid these 11 mistakes to save money.

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Back view of young gamer playing FPS video games at home
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Play games

The website Blast.com is built for gamers and those who love to game: It allows users to put their passion to work and make some money. According to The Penny Hoarder, Blast.com works by utilizing triggers that are set by the user—things like the number of opponents you defeat or enemy bases you destroy. Extra cash can also be earned by completing “missions” that allow you to test new games or take familiar games to the next level. You will earn 1 percent on all of your earnings, too, which means more money in your pocket.

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Check your credit card rewards

Too often, people forget to take advantage of this opportunity to score cash. Many credit cards give cash-back rewards or even have partnerships with websites such as Amazon to cash in rewards as well. Check your credit cards to see if you have any pending cashback or rewards that you can redeem for either cash in your pocket, statement credit or credit on other places you happen to shop.

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Woman drinking beer
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Drink beer

No, this is not a joke. Using website Secret Hopper, you can get paid to hang out at bars and try out beers. While it is not a website that is used to critique beers, it is designed to help improve the user experience around this adult beverage. Fill out a short survey after your experience and collect money.

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Scan your trash

The saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is absolutely correct. According to The Penny Hoarder, there are lots of things in your trash that can actually earn you some dollars. From magazines to wine corks, there are lots of things you’re tossing that can boost your bottom line. See the complete list.

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Find a focus

Joining a focus group is a great way to make money while learning about the inner workings of businesses. New companies—or companies launching new products—will pay for your feedback. You can find a focus group to join on websites like FindFocusGroups.com.

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Try transcribing

From lawyers to journalists, there are a lot of people who work around interviewing others. Transcribing these interviews isn’t always easy and can be super time-consuming. That’s why people will pay money to have someone else transcribe for them. The rate is by the audio hour, and the payout is usually between $15 and $25.

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Cruise the Internet

Yep, here’s how to make money in one hour just cruising the web. Make money testing out websites, apps, videos, ads, ideas, and more on Userlytics. Sign up for a free account and then wait for an invitation to give feedback. The tests take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete and payment is $10 or more per test via PayPal. Next, find out the 50 weird ways you can make $50.