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This Drone Has Reunited Over 1,000 Dogs With Their Owners

With the help of thermal images on drones, this U.K. charity has rescued over 1,400 lost dogs.

You Can Find Out If Your Dog Is Right- or Left-Handed—Here’s How

According to a 2021 large-scale study, 74 percent of dogs have a preferred paw

If You See White Dog Poop, This Is What It Means

The color of your dog's poop matters. Here are the culprits of white-colored dog stool.

These Are the Trendiest Dog Names of 2022

Some are strange, some are traditional, and some are cocktail themed—but all of these trending dog names for 2022 are...

A New Study Says You and Your Dog Probably Have the Same Personality

You may have more in common with your pup than you thought

Dog Cuddles Help People Feel More Sociable and Less Stressed, Study Finds

We already know that cuddling with dogs makes us feel great—and now there's scientific proof!

Human-Sized Dog Beds are Real and They’re a Surprisingly Great Way to Snuggle Your Pup

Nap time just got a whole lot cozier thanks to these human dog beds

Noble Pups! Meet the Royal Dogs of the British Monarchy

These furry friends certainly get the royal treatment! Here's everything to know about the four-legged members of the royal family.

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Do Dogs Cry? Experts Explain Dog Tears

Dogs can feel sadness and they have tears, but the two aren't necessarily related