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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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8 Extinct Dog Breeds You Won’t Believe Actually Existed

You won't believe how incredible these extinct dog breeds once were.

13 Dramatic Ways Coronavirus Has Impacted Animals Around the World

For better and for worse, the pandemic’s effects are reverberating throughout the animal kingdom.

14 Prehistoric Creatures That’ll Give You Nightmares

If you're afraid of big bugs and bloodthirsty predators, you'll be glad none of these creatures are going to turn...

13 Things That Could Happen If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive

How different would our world be if "terrible lizards" were still among us?

World Environment Day: Dire Warnings Nature Is Trying to Give Us

If you think raging fires, polluted oceans, and animal die-off don’t directly affect you, you’d be wrong. We got...

13 Exotic Turtles You Never Knew Existed

For World Turtle Day on May 23, check out some of the most colorful, strange, and surprising shelled animals on...

14 Beautiful Animals That Could Disappear in Your Lifetime

These beautiful animals are in imminent danger. Read on to find out more about them—and how to help them survive.

14 Wild Animal Species You Didn’t Know Were Endangered

You’d be surprised how many well-known species are in real danger of extinction, many of them because of man-made problems.

17 Incredible Animals That Came Back from the Brink of Extinction

Efforts to protect multiple species have yielded great successes in the past several decades. Find out the animals that have...

Why You Should Think Twice Before Adopting a Turtle As a Pet

It may seem like a good idea, but there are a few important considerations that probably haven't crossed your mind.

14 Reasons You Shouldn’t Keep Endangered Animals as Pets

You're not saving them—in fact, you're putting their species at greater risk when you keep endangered animals as pets.

How a Tiny Island Saved an Entire Species From Extinction

The Seychelles magpie robin was nearly extinct, with just 12 birds remaining on one small island in the middle of...

How Coronavirus Is Affecting the World’s Endangered Animals

Humans aren’t the only species we need to worry about right now.

15 Simple Ways to Help Endangered Animals Without Leaving Your Home

Endangered Species Day is May 15—but you can help animals all year round, even while practicing social distancing.

7 Alarming Facts That Prove Rhinos Still Need Our Help

May 1 is Save the Rhino Day. This is why it’s more important than ever to pay attention.

30 Photos of the Rarest Animals on Earth

In honor of Endangered Species Day, here's a look at some of the animals holding extinction at bay by the...

Why Saving the World’s Rhinos Matters

These misunderstood mammals are in trouble almost everywhere in the wild. Why should we care?

Is the Ocean Really Running Out of Fish?

It may seem like the oceans are overflowing with fish, but experts say they are actually at dangerously low levels...

How Many Giant Pandas Are Left in the World?

Their numbers are dwindling, and these real-life teddy bears need our help.

Why Do Polar Bears Need Ice to Survive?

A polar bear's entire existence revolves around sea ice. In fact, polar bears will cease to exist if sea ice...

How Many Polar Bears Are Left in the World?

Rumors that their numbers are climbing have been greatly exaggerated.

Would Polar Bears Be Able to Adapt to a Warmer Climate?

As Arctic ice melts, polar bears are in increasing trouble.

How Many Koalas Are Left in the World?

This year's bushfires in Australia have decimated already-vulnerable koala populations. Will they ever recover?

This Penguin Species Could Disappear By the End of the Century

A new study notes that the Emperor penguin is marching toward extinction.

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7 Animals That May Be Extinct After the Australia Wildfires

The Australian bushfires have exacted an enormous, irreversible toll on the country's wildlife.

12 Wild Animals That Became Endangered in 2019

These creatures could disappear from the earth completely if we don't protect them.

How Many Cheetahs Are Left in the World?

December 4th marks International Cheetah Day, reminding us to help protect the world's fastest land animal—the most threatened of the...

What It’s Like to Swim with a Manatee in the Wild

I had the chance to feed and interact with these gentle giants myself and, since then, have been inspired to...

13 Things You Never Knew About Manatees

These gentle giants are not only adorable—they’re also fascinating. Here are a few surprising facts about perhaps the sweetest sea...

This Is How Many Rhinos Are Left in the World

Some rhino populations are increasing, but others are in trouble. Here's the lowdown on this endangered species—and how you can...