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We know that marriage is about a whole lot more than saying “I Do.” That’s why we’ve got lots of helpful, trusted advice; sweet true stories (?); and chuckle-worthy cartoons to share with that special someone.

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    My First Romantic Disaster Taught Me the Most Important Lesson About Love

    "I married a guy who exceeds anything the teenage version of myself could have drawn up."

    14 Secrets to Survive (and Thrive) After Divorce

    Divorce might be a sore subject, but these expert tips can help anyone embark on the journey towards a newly...

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    12 Vow Renewal Dos and Don’ts Everyone Needs to Follow

    Before you send out your vow renewal invites, check out these do's and don'ts to create a memorable and heartfelt...

    The Next Time You’re in an Argument, Use These 6 Words

    It's not always about being right or wrong.

    10 Charming Marriage Customs from Around the World

    Love is universal, yes—but romance takes an astonishing array of forms around the world. If you've never wooed your beloved...

    These Are the Top 10 Benefits of Being Divorced

    Being divorced is totally awesome. Nah, just kidding. It does, however, have its perks. Take it from me, someone who...

    This Will Be Meghan Markle’s Last Name After She Marries Prince Harry

    It’s not as straightforward as you might think.

    Money Secrets Divorce Attorneys Wish You Knew

    If you get married before the age of 50, there's around a 50/50 chance you're going to end up divorced....

    11 Cheating Myths You Need to Stop Believing, According to Dating Experts

    Think you can spot a cheater? You may be surprised to find you know way less than you think.

    The Worst Divorce Settlements in History—and How to Avoid One of Your Own

    The person who first said, "A good compromise is one from which neither party walks away happy"? was probably a...

    10 Things to Do Right Now If You’ve Been Caught Cheating

    Find out what to do if you've been caught in the act of infidelity to minimize the pain and the...

    This Couple’s 43-Year-Long Love Story All Started in a Pen Pal Club

    Once our paths crossed, being together was all that mattered.

    Bride’s Grandmother Adorably Steals the Spotlight as a Flower Girl

    "I knew exactly who I wanted to be my flower girl."

    Here’s What Your Yearbook Photo Reveals About Your Future Marriage

    The way you posed for this milestone photo can predict a ton about your love life.

    Kate Middleton Will Have to Follow This One Rule at Prince Harry’s Wedding

    Every female member of the royal family must abide by this rule!

    This Is What Prince Harry’s Unusual Hand Gesture Could Secretly Mean

    Body language experts interpret this odd quirk.

    This Heartwarming Detail About Meghan Markle’s Ring Will Make You Melt

    There's more to this stunning ring than meets the eye.

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    These Are the 10 Luckiest Wedding Traditions from Around the World

    You may want to incorporate these traditions into your own big day to increase your chances of a lifetime of...

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    If You Enter One of These Professions, You Have a Higher Risk of Divorce

    We're not saying you should switch careers, but...

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    This Royal Couple May Be Cousins—Yes, Really!

    Well, it's not like they met at a family reunion or anything...

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    Why Kate Middleton Wears a Wedding Ring but Prince William Doesn’t

    Should we be worried that their marriage is less than blissful?

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    Your Zodiac Sign May Actually Predict Romantic Compatibility—Here’s How

    Yes, it’s true! A professional astrologer says so.

    The Hidden Secrets Behind the History of Wedding Cakes

    They weren't always just a tasty dessert.

    8 Ways Long-Term Couples Keep the Mystery Alive

    Looking for a way to put some spark back in your relationship? These are long-term couples' biggest secrets on staying...