11 Funny Signs That are Clearly Messing With You

The only thing worse than an unhelpful sign is an unhelpful sign with attitude.

By Brandon Specktor
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    Daniel Schwen/ Wikimidia Commons


    Spotted on the Gowanus Expressway, Brooklyn, New York.

    Lar/ Wikimedia Commons

    No Target Shooting

    Spotted on the Seward Highway, Alaska.

    Feetonthedesk/ Wikimedia Commons

    Nothing Happened

    Spotted in Lindenholzhausen, Germany.

    James from Oxford/ Wikimedia Commons

    Fat Sheep

    Spotted in the United Kingdom.

    Ragesoss/ Wikimedia Commons

    No Photos, Please

    Spotted at the Tate Modern museum in London.

    Wendy Breedlove

    Drive-In Movie

    Spotted near Oregon City, Oregon.

    Huhu/ Wikimedia Commons

    Drunken People Crossing

    City unknown.

    Mike Gogulski/ Wikimedia Commons

    Grand Total

    Spotted in New Cuyama, California.

    Guilhem Vellut/ Wikimedia Commons

    Metric Flowers

    Spotted in Deep Cove, Vancouver.

    Visitor7/ Wikimedia Commons

    Zombie Outbreak

    Spotted in Lane County, Oregon.

    Xnatedawgx/ Wikimedia Commons

    Weather Station

    Located in Heritage Square (city unknown).


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