13+ Things Your Flight Attendant Won’t Tell You

These secrets about air travel will make flying a happier, safer experience for all.

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1. Want to start off on the wrong foot with me?

1. Want to start off on the wrong foot with me?iStock/zeynepogan
Put your carry-on in a full overhead bin, leave it sticking out six inches, then take your seat at the window and wait for someone else (me!) to come along and solve the physics problem you just created.

2. Yes, passengers are incredibly rude...

2. Yes, passengers are incredibly rude...iStock/BraunS
but stealing a beer, cursing out passengers, and jumping out of a plane is not the way to handle it. You disarm an unruly passenger by introducing yourself, asking his name, and saying something like ‘I’ve been incredibly nice to you for three hours. Why are you treating me like this?’ Generally that gets the other passengers on your side—and sometimes they’ll even applaud.

3. We don't have a boyfriend in every city.

3. We don't have a boyfriend in every city.iStock/Pilin_Petunyia
And our median age these days is 44.

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4. An all-too-common scenario?

4. An all-too-common scenario?iStock/vanbeets
I hand you a cup of coffee and say, ‘Cream and sugar?’ You say, ‘What?’ I say, ‘Cream and sugar?’ You say, ‘What?’ Come on, people. What do you think we’re going to ask after we’ve handed you coffee? Your favorite color?

5. If you’re traveling with a small child and you keep hearing bells, bells, and more bells,

5. If you’re traveling with a small child and you keep hearing bells, bells, and more bells,iStock/IS_ImageSource
please look to see if it’s your child playing with the flight attendant call bell.

6. The lavatory door is not rocket science.

6. The lavatory door is not rocket science. iStock/MagMos
Just push.

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7. If you have a baby, bring diapers.

7. If you have a baby, bring diapers. iStock/freeheelski
If you’re diabetic, bring syringes. If you have high blood pressure, don’t forget your medication. That way, I’m not trying to make a diaper out of a sanitary pad and a pillowcase or asking over the intercom if someone has a spare inhaler.

8. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, there are other people on the airplane besides you.

8. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, there are other people on the airplane besides you. iStock/Anna Bryukhanova
So don’t clip your toenails, snore with wild abandon, or do any type of personal business under a blanket!

9. If you’re traveling overseas, do yourself a favor and bring a pen.

9. If you’re traveling overseas, do yourself a favor and bring a pen. iStock/tomeng
You would not believe how many people travel without one, and you need one to fill out the immigration forms. I carry some, but I can’t carry 200.

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10. Passengers are always coming up to me and tattling on each other.

10. Passengers are always coming up to me and tattling on each other. iStock/andresr
‘Can you tell him to put his seat up?’ ‘She won’t share the armrest.’ What am I, a preschool teacher?

11. I hate working flights to destinations like Vail and West Palm Beach.

11. I hate working flights to destinations like Vail and West Palm Beach.iStock/IS_ImageSource
The passengers all think they’re in first class even if they’re not. They don’t do what we ask. And the overhead bins are full of their mink coats.

12. Do you really have to go to the bathroom right now, while we’re wrestling a 250-pound food cart down the aisle?

12. Do you really have to go to the bathroom right now, while we’re wrestling a 250-pound food cart down the aisle? iStock/helenecanada
You can’t wait 90 seconds for us to pass?

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13. Is it that difficult to say hello and goodbye?

13. Is it that difficult to say hello and goodbye?iStock/Trish233
We say it 300 times on every flight, and only about 40 people respond.

14. Do not poke or grab me

14. Do not poke or grab meiStock/IS_ImageSource
I mean it. No one likes to be poked, but it’s even worse on the plane because you’re sitting down and we’re not, so it’s usually in a very personal area. You would never grab a waitress if you wanted ketchup or a fork, would you?

15. We’re not just being lazy.

15. We’re not just being lazy. iStock/LiudmylaSupynska
Our rules really say we aren’t allowed to lift your luggage into the overhead bin for you, though we can “assist.”

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16. I don’t care if you want to be in the mile-high club, keep your clothes on.

16. I don’t care if you want to be in the mile-high club, keep your clothes on. iStock/BraunS
Who decided the mile-high club was something that everyone wants to do anyway? It’s cramped and dirty in those bathrooms.

17. If you hear us paging for a doctor

17. If you hear us paging for a doctor iStock/sercan samanci
or see us running around with oxygen, defibrillators and first aid kits, that’s not the right time to ask for a blanket or a Diet Coke.

18. The only place you are allowed to pee

18. The only place you are allowed to pee iStock/frontpoint
on the airplane is in the lavatory. Period.

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19. Don’t ask us if it’s okay to use the lavatories on the ground.

19. Don’t ask us if it’s okay to use the lavatories on the ground.  iStock/Ugurhan Betin
The answer is always yes. Do you think what goes into the toilet just dumps out onto the tarmac?

20. You really expect me to take your soggy Kleenex?

20. You really expect me to take your soggy Kleenex? iStock/Chris_Charles
Or your kid’s fully loaded diaper? I’ll be right back with gloves.

21. Sure, I don’t mind waiting while you scour the seatback pocket

21. Sure, I don’t mind waiting while you scour the seatback pocket iStock/andresr
and the floor for candy wrappers and other garbage, then place them in my bag one by one. I only have 150 other passengers to serve.

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22. I’m sorry it’s taking forever to get you a wheelchair,

22. I’m sorry it’s taking forever to get you a wheelchair, iStock/Tatomm
but that’s one thing you can’t blame the airline for. The wheelchair service is subcontracted to the cities we fly into, and it’s obviously not a top priority for many of them.

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1,305 thoughts on “13+ Things Your Flight Attendant Won’t Tell You

  1. No idea if it’s been pointed out (as I’m not reading nearly 1200 comments), but people can’t exactly control their snoring. You see, they’re asleep when it happens.

  2. Can you wait to go to the bathroom, if we are passing your seat in 90 seconds with that cart? No I can’t wait because it is a 45 minute ordeal. I have lots of comments and 10 more dumb as statements to read!

  3. On the coffee and cream and sugar. I am a passenger and I hate it when FA’s dont care exactly what I say.. Whenever they come by with coffee and tea, and it’s my turn, I look directly at them and say.. coffee with cream please. They inevitably ask me .. cream or sugar ? And many times when they ask passengers if they want cream or sugar, they do not look at passengers and between that and the drone of the engines, you cannot hear them, so the first human reaction is what? FAs really need to stop being offended and start doing their fricking jobs. I realize they get paid very little to start out.. but regardless, you chose this job.

  4. this man at the back seat was in the photo other day.Sitting behind Bob Carr in same position , same cloths ? I wonder was it a digital altered one?

  5. If you act like you work fast food, you should be paid like you work fast food. Having spent years living and traveling with incredibly well behaved children, I experienced many good and bad flights. Some of the american stewardesses were incredibly rude, while the european crew were different. Maybe the european crew were briefed on the 10s of thousands of dollars we were spending per flight.
    Go work fast food you silly, rude , lazy people.

  6. Wow, what a snarky whiner. Sometimes people just really don’t want to be bothered by their job. You applied for it, now deal with it. Your points are valid, but your attitude is unpleasant.

  7. …and the number one mantra of a flight attendant is “a problem that walks away is a problem solved”

  8. This is pretty much a waste.

    I can save you all time and sum up this entire article succinctly.

    Don’t be a jackass.

    I worked customer service for years, and I know, people suck.

  9. I agree with most of the advice; however, when a passenger is kicking the back of my seat or not behaving politely and courteously, I think it is up to the flight attendant to take care of it, should I complain. Why? Because many times, the request is better received when it’s from a FA as opposed to the passenger complaining. It’s not about having to be a “preschool” teacher. Would you prefer the passengers get into an argument, or would it be easier for you to politely tell the passenger causing the problem to stop. Many times it’s about another passenger’s child causing problems. Seems to be it would be better handled by an objective party.

  10. Look at the top of this article. It was first published back in Nov 2010. Talk about a rerun. Not exactly a literary jewel in need of reprint.

  11. What a bunch of thoughtless comments. It seems to me that ‘ flight attendants’ have totally forgotten that theirs is a service profession. Maybe they are used to working in an area where there is so much noise that one has to yell to be heard but most passengers are not. I know that I cannot reach the call button from my seat so I am sure that most children cannot do so either. I am pretty sure that passengers are not sitting there thinking up ways to annoy you. Air travel these days is uncomfortable, awkward and over-all pretty miserable. We are not having a good time. Attendants are often rude and brusk. Helping out is the reason you are there, it’s your job. Deal with it or find another one.

  12. I remember when flying used to be an enjoyable means of travel—about 25 years ago.  Now it seems that planes are populated by crass people with no manners.  I sympathize with air crew and what they have to put up with from passengers.

  13. Since they stopped being Stewardesses they aren’t trained well enough to know anything worth learning,secret or not.

  14. “This job would be great if it wasn’t for the f*cking customers.”
    – Randal Graves

  15. I wish to again….publicly thank the flight attendants who allowed me to stand up during most of my flight over to Europe a couple of years ago. I did not wish to insult the gentle wonderful man that was seated next to me and I did NOT want him to think I was being judgmental….but he had halitosis so bad AND his clothes literally wreaked of body and gas oil (he told me that he was an oil furnace mechanic). I tried so hard to stay seated…..I found his stories about how happy his family in (the country he was headed to) was going to be when he got to the wedding (since they had no idea he was coming) and how much he was missed, wonderfully fascinating but I started to dry heave and thought I was going to be sick all over the two of us. To our wonderfully sympathetic flight attendants, THANK YOU!! I know you didn’t have to let me stand in the back galley, in your way, as you tried to prepare and pass out food to the passengers. I know I was probably breaking every rule you had. Still…..thank you for not being mean to me and forcing me to adhere to the rules……Sincerely, Forever Grateful

    1. Most flight attendants are very kind and willing to help. I also have to stand when on a long flight. Between my lower back and bad knees, it is tough to stay in the same position for more than a few minutes. Last European flight I took, I stood at the back galley, talked with the attendants and helped them when I could. I appreciated it very much and so did they. One handed me a bag of nip bottles at the end of the flight. That was the most pleasant flight I ever took, thanks to the kindness of the attendants and their willingness to help make me comfortable. Most are wonderful people.

  16. Yes, I agree that some people are very rude on flights but if you wanted to be a flight attendant so bad than you should’ve seen some of this coming.

  17. Why don’t they hire some hot 19 to 25 year old’s and the men would sit and air dry their tongues

  18. I guess it’s time for passengers (customers) to list their complaints so that inattentive attendants learn our ‘secrets.’ Once I flew from Hawaii to California. When it came time for the seatbelt demo, one attendant accused another of stealing her seatbelt extender. The accused denied it. They argued throughout the demo briefing and, as a bonus, did everything possible to make each other’s life miserable for the next four hours. Of course, the passengers got the brunt of the mischief. And yes, I’ve had excellent attendants, but this flight should have been listed in the Hall of Shame.

  19. I am 70 and like most men at that age, I have enlarged prostate. From the time we push away from the gate until we are at 27,000 feet in smooth weather is about 45 minutes.
    From beginning our descent until we can use the bathroom in the terminal is another 45 minutes. “Can’t you wait for another 90 seconds?” The answer is, “No! No, not without wetting my pants and your seat.”

  20. TBH all the flight attendants are just air waitresses, your not that great, either. Work as a receptionist and all of you complain about getting your ” crew rest ” you are NOT flying a plane, your dealing with people like every other customer service job. Take the stick out of your behind and notice your just a glamorized waitress. SRSLY.

    1. I don’t think there is much glamour in their jobs considering how rude some, but not most by any means, passengers can be and how hard the attendants try to appease some demanding fool who wants to be difficult.

      Flying sucks and I see no need to take our tempers out on these men and women who are trying to make our experience as pleasant as possible.

  21. here is one thing this passenger says to your 13 secrets of a flight attendant: Nobody cares about what bothers you on flights. We are the customers, stop treating us like intruders.

  22. American carrier flight attendants: fat old cows who are lazy and have a bad attitude. You’re here for my safety?! Get real! You giant heffers couldn’t evacuate an aircraft if your life depended on it.

  23. The “poking” thing stuck out for me. I fly a lot and more and more I need a seatbelt extension while my size hasn’t changed in 15 years. Good luck getting a flight attendant’s attention if you are having a heart attack much less something petty like being buckled up for takeoff. My kneejerk reaction to all of this is that all jobs have their downsides and if the nature of the job doesn’t suit, then find another.

  24. Excelllent article.I have a lot more respect for flight attendants after reading this.

  25. I wish I had a buck for every time a pax called me “waitress” instead of miss or by my name on my name tag. My standard joking reply would be to tell them I expected 15% of their air fare under the meal tray. Then there was the time some drunk guy opened the galley curtain while we were getting ready for meal service and threw up on my shoes. Despite all that, I enjoyed my job for those six years that went by much too quickly, and my passengers, too. I particularly got a kick out of the people who hadn’t traveled much or at all by air, we really tried to make sure they enjoyed the experience. The position gave me great travel bennies that allowed me to see the world, an opportunity I would never have been able to afford on my own. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  26. did you get her number? The Asian Airlines have younger women. The have a average age of 26.

  27. Did anyone else think these were just complaints flight attendants have…not secrets…

  28. I hate stewardesses (yeah I’m not calling them flight attendants) and their power hungry ways. You’re a waitress on a plane. You’re not important. And no one is dying to know handy tips that will make your job easier.

  29. well sometimes it’s the flight attendants that are rude, one time on air france a hostess had the nerve to blame me because I had a big diaper bag and compared me to another woman who was sitting next to me and had a tiny bag because she was breastfeeding her baby,mind you, I was flying with a toddler and an infant who had to be fed pumped breast milk because she stayed at the NICU for several weeks after birth,and I had to take the breast pump and enough milk for the flight between NYC and Paris ,of course I could not explain all of this to this racist, I am not meant to tell my life story for everyone to hear

  30. Wow. These sound like total B***hs. And I don’t usually use foul language. I can honestly say that I have never committed any of the ‘crimes’ listed on any flight (save 1 mentioned below). I understand a lot of people can be idiots but that doesn’t mean everyone is. And, I do take exception to #10 and #12. IF another passenger is creating a problem, yes.. it should go to the flight attendant to deal with rather than passengers duking it out. If I’m in line at say, the deli in a store, and someone else comes up after me and tries to order before me, I don’t want to have to tell that customer to wait their turn, the person working there should. It shouldn’t be up to the customers. Same here. And, #12.. 90 seconds for the food cart to move down the aisle? In what world is that? Try more like 30 minutes. I had to do this once..or, yes, I would have broken rule #18 and peed in my seat.
    These people sound like the ones that I’ve seen that become an elementary school teacher and can’t stand kids and complain about them all of the time. I fly pretty regularly (my husband is retired FAA) and I have never seen most of these complaints ever happen on a flight, short or international.

  31. I absolutely love flight attendants, and I say thank you and goodbye to them every time I depart. They are also some serious hotties too!!!

  32. Certainly in the US it is difficult to feel any sympathy for flight attendants on the traditional big airlines where the service is very poor.

  33. I agree. The FAs are not causing the problems, it’s the passengers. Many of whom seem to lack even basic manners. On a recent five hour flight I boarded to find my aisle seat being occupied. This on a reservation made about five months in advance of the flight. Turns out that three people wanted to sit together, and believed I would not mind taking a middle seat in the next row. Yes, I did mind their relocation suggestion. Of course they thought I was the rude one.

    1. If they were already in your seat and thought they’d ask when you showed up, then yeah, that is rude.

      if it was less than a 2 hour flight, I would have accommodated them. Longer flight, no way.

  34. So basically, FLIGHT ATTENDANTS are pissed off about basically everything, constantly passing judgement on passengers and are basically sick of serving the public… GREAT!

  35. No question, everyone applying for a driver license or buying an airline ticket should have to pass an IQ test first!

  36. This article, written by an elderly crabby flight attendant, is proof that these women should be fired at the age of 30 and replaced by young, cheerful ones

  37. Not everybody is a native speaker of English and not everybody would expect the word cream aftering being served coffee. In some countries they expect the word milk instead.

  38. Wow. Interesting. I will stop asking flight attendant to ask the guy in front of me moving his seat up then.

  39. This is, by far, the worst RD “article” I have ever read. Wow, Flight Attendant, are you pms-ing? This whole piece could have been written with a more positive attitude. And, truly, no one cares about your boyfriends (or lack of). I was excited to read this article because I am taking a group of youth on international flights and thought it might have good advice. I guess I’ll remember to take a pen!

  40. I would happily pay more for a flight that didn’t have attendants….I can bring my own drink thanks and then won’t have to put up with you stomping up and down the aisle, banging into me everytime you pass, doing the great trolley shuffle every 5 mins….truly annoying

  41. The j-o-b is part of the SERVICE Industry. Maybe complainers should be working with computers and not serving the public. If it’s an inconvenience to make someone’s journey a good one, I suggest you find another j-o-b. GUESS WHAT??? The flight is not about you, flight attendant. Your j-o-b is to tend to the guests on the flight, not whine about how the guests inconvenience you.

  42. Here’s the deal – you’re in customer service – customer service is a headache. If it is something you don’t like, get a new job.

    1. And if every attendant did that, who would wipe your nose during the flight? Maybe they’re right to complain about the social incompetence of so many passengers.

  43. This article should be called “13+ Reasons Why Some Flight Attendants Are Not Suited For Service Jobs”. I’m a retired cop and had far less to complain about when I had to deal with the public than these high flying whiners. It’s the public! Lower your expectations or get a different job.

  44. Actually YES the wheelchairs are part of the airlines job.You have to notify them in advance because you have no other person to contact except the airline you are traveling on. THEY make the arrangements for a wheelchair.

  45. Sadly, our author appears to have crossed over from flight attendant and has morphed into an aisle donkey. I sincerly hope she took her airline’s buyout and got her tired, surley, middle-aged arse out of the business of servicing customers. Oh, I agree that dealing with people and their problems can someitmes be a real test of patience. But, guess what, that’s your job!

  46. And please take your morning constitution before you board the plane.

  47. I have to say that some are valid and some sound linke whining. you figur eout which ones.

  48. One of the pet peeves had to do with waiting for passengers to get garbage out of the seat back. As a passenger, I wonder how difficult it would be for flight attendants to pick up garbage within 10 minutes of serving snacks so passengers don’t have to stow it. It annoys me to see the attendants chatting instead of collecting the cup that I’ve had sitting on my tray for 25 minutes. I’d like to sleep but don’t want to miss the pickup.

  49. Well obviously the world’s flipped upside down now to where the paying customers are expected to please the flight attendants and crew, thanks to “homeland security” the carta blanche panacea brush that’s painted every flight attendant into a fascist ego power-tripping dictator, and boy there’s some real doozies out there now!!! Pretty soon they’ll be sitting down and we passengers will be paying for the “privalege” to grace their honorry presence and waiting on them hand and foot. NOT!!!!

    1. Go have a drink, take a walk and get some fresh air, THEN come back and retype that tripe.

  50. Shutup and bring another one of those tiny bags of peanuts bee-otch!

  51. You people who act like you need to be on a bus shop around for days for the cheapest flight in the country, expect a 5 course meal, free drinks, foot massages, comfy blankets and pillows and unless the flight attendant blows you, you feel like you’ve been slighted. And all for $99 r/t DC to LA (non stop of course).

  52. On the whole I’ve found flight attendants to be more annoying than passengers.

  53. Come on, flight attendant, I ask you for a cup of coffee, black, and you ask me if I want cream or sugar? Why do you think I said coffee, black? (works both ways)

  54. When boarding cabin, I always say hello. Upon exit, thank you very much. Thank you first, God.

  55. Most of these issues seem like occupational hazards that all professionals must
    learn to cope with. Or they are personal problems

  56. oh and btw were payin to use the service so if the attendants dont like so be it …we pay enough as it is if u dont like ur job quit it or suck it upppp!

  57. this sounds true but the sarcasm of the person who wrote this is very irrritating…

  58. 44 yr old women are hottt and they still like it, ya all know what I mean.

  59. this chick needs to quit her job if she has so many complaints. complaints like having to say hello-goodbye and not getting a response are quite childish. its your JOB to say hello/goodbye, it is not the job of the passenger who just paid $500-1000 to sit for 5-10 hours in a cramped seat to respond.

  60. This article should be titled “things flight attendants whine about.”

    In the grand scheme of things, your job is pretty easy. If you don’t like it, go back and get a degree.

    1. I would guess that almost all of them have a degree. Getting a job as flight attendant is not easy, nor is it an easy job.

  61. Mile-High club. Why do flight attendants frown on this? Who are we hurting? Just back off, and let us have our fun!

  62. I worked for an airline for 11 years in customer service and was trained as a flight attendant. There are a lot of different people mixed in the traveling public, but the one thing I learned is that not every person in the world is a seasoned traveler. Not every person in the world has a situational awareness of their surroundings like the delicate genius of a flight attendant in this article.
    Yes, it is unfortunate that occasionally you forget something important like diapers or syringes. Please tell me who you would ask for help in flight when you realize these items are still laid out on the kitchen table and you forgot to pack them? I, most certainly cannot call my husband for help at 35,000 feet.
    And God forbid the flight attendant be interrupted from their important beverage service so the elderly person who’s incontinent can get to the bathroom or maybe doesn’t understand how the bathroom door works because this is their first time flying. Oh, and if I say “what” after you hand me my coffee it’s because my ears are plugged and the engines are noisy.
    I find this article tasteless and intolerant. Maybe having some patience for your customer’s imperfections is more appropriate than speaking about them like they’re idiots. Even seasoned travelers are not completely in their element when they travel. It is an inconsistent environment and every step takes a person out of your routine and comfort zone.
    As a flight attendant, you are trapped in an aircraft with 200+ imperfect people and that will never change.
    I realize how difficult it must be to be infallible, so I apologize in advance for the way I and my fellow passengers have burdened the superior flight attendant by my need to embark their aircraft and travel to my next destination. I will do my best to follow their appropriate etiquette so I don’t have to see their terse looks across the drink cart when I ask how much time is left in flight and may I please have a can of soda and not a glass. Oh, did you forget that all of us PAID for this flight?

  63. I wonder if they care what we, their paying passengers, think about them. Rude, uncaring, unhelpful. Occasionally I get great flight attendants. One case was a trip to Ireland a few years ago on Delta. I complimented them and they said that if it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t have jobs. I sent a compliment to Delta on their behalf. The worst are American Airlines, unfortunately, the airline I have to fly. The best are Luftansa. I think the I think the worst are the American Airlines (I am American). A few years ago I flew Lott and got pretty much a full meal on a 45 minute flight. Remember when getting there was half the fun?

  64. I know one thing for sure, a friend of mine little sister grew up and became a stewardess. She and I are friends and have been to a party or two, every time I go to a party with her I receive more offers for sex then I ever imagined. They are a horny fleet but they are getting older. Make sure you have condoms and have a good time!

    1. …but don’t join the mile high club — because that’s frowned upon! :)

  65. Don’t snore? Seriously, while I would be bothered by someone snoring, it’s clearly not something anyone can control.

  66. 22 is unfair because it’s very discriminating to both men and women who have fake legs because of accident or lost it durning the war fighting for our country or are paralyzed from the waist down for life. If you don’t want wheel chair bound people in planes just say so and make it a official rule with the FDA or whatever country you represent in this field of work and file a petition of protest to your union rep or leader like the rest of us GROWN UPS at your local airport instead of targeting wheel chair bound people like a elitist. I get your job is sh.t sometimes or all the time if you loath it but for some people they might enjoy it and if you are sick of it then go find yourself a job that is less stressful for you as a person. I don’t know how they came up with the wheel chair one but I guess to solve that problem these people should have someone with them like a family member or good friend or some special service that helps them with this . But all of the other ones I agree with and when I do fly I will keep these in mind and be respectful.

  67. All of those seem to fit perfectly with your typical grouchy and self-important flight attendant. They act like they are too good to “serve” anybody anymore. They all think they are Sky Marshals and never miss the slightest opportunity to let you know how much authority they have over you, even when you’re trying to do everything right.

  68. Years ago flight attendants made flying enjoyable. Now they’re just cops for the airline. Downright nasty.

  69. The children ringing the call bell reminds me of years ago when my wife and I were taking her nephew to London. My wife was a flight attendant on that flight and she told him that if he pressed that button for any reason she would make him pay. After the flight took off he got energetic and told me the button wasn’t working. I looked down and, sure enough, he was jumping up and down on the flight attendant call button. I asked him if he would like to keep that arm and he said he would but why was I asking. I asked him if he remembered what he was told because his aunt Patty was going to come out of the aft galley and rip his arm out of its socket if he didn’t stop. He stopped.

  70. When I was in the navy in the early 60’s I travelled on a Greyhound bus cross country. I would rather be on those buses than airplanes these days as the passengers had more class.

  71. I’m guilty of the pen thing. I always use the one I normally carry in my backpack just before leaving and forget to re-pack it.

    1. I usually travel on business. I have 20 pens in my briefcase — in the overhead bin where I can NOT reach them!

  72. Here’s an amazingly genius idea: Just go ahead and hand me the cream and sweet ‘n low along with the coffee, instead of asking World’s Most Obvious Question. Time is precious when 300 people are waiting and it takes you the first half of the flight just to get a soda or coffee in their hands, so….. Don’t ask dumb questions. 99% of people don’t drink black coffee, so take a wild guess baby cakes!
    Yeah, no kidding the average age is 44. They are all older now and dumber than a bag of hammers.

    1. Kudos to you, Ronnie! I agree with everything you said, right down to the “bag of hammers”.

      I’ve argued for years a “bag of rocks” is dumber than a “box of rocks” — because the rocks are far more likely to fall out of the bottom of the bag. :)

  73. As a nurse and frequent business as well as vacation flyer, it seems to me that many of these complaints are incredibly trivial. There are so many greater life and death issues in this world. While many of these job complaints are sound their validity is damaged because many of these complaints sound to me like a sign of a less tolerant society and less polite workforce. I want flying to be safe for all but focussing on inconsequential pet peeves takes the focus away from the real safety issues.

  74. This entire article is to say. We hate our jobs and this is what you can do to make my job easier. I don’t care that you bought a conveyance on this airplane, I am a union member and I hate to have to work so here is how to keep me happy.

    There are certain rules and regulations issued by the FAA as well as the carrier that govern what you will “Ms Flight Attendant ” do and what you do not have to do.
    If you are flying check the policy’s of both the Airlines you will be flying as well as FAA policies. Then act as a consumer should act with equal expectations of service and demand that the attendant do their job as well.

  75. #14 – ” You would never grab a waitress if you wanted ketchup or a fork, would you?”

    Yes, yes they would. I guarantee you that those people who think it’s ok to grab a flight attendant are also constantly grabbing servers in bars and restaurants. I got grabbed and poked at all the time.

    1. What would you expect someone to do, shout your name which of course they personally know? Why dramatize it by calling it “grabbing”. Most of us just think of it as tapping someone on the shoulder. Pretty common.

      1. I’m not talking about tapping and I’m not dramatizing anything – there are people who will actually *grab* servers. Tapping is fine, as is saying “Excuse me, waiter/waitress!” if they’ve forgotten the server’s name (servers in most restaurants do wear name tags, and often introduce themselves to customers as well.)

  76. Come on, its your job. I realize you are essential to the safety and care of the passengers. However, it’s not that difficult of a job. We all have hassles and pains to deal with in our jobs. Get over it. Flying used to be about service. Now it seems, that part of the experience is practically gone. Just fly British Airways intercontinental sometime and you’ll know the meeting of ” High Seniority disgruntled flight attendant “.

  77. Flight attendants are boorish and rude. I know they are underpaid, but passengers are overcharged and treated like garbage. They get paid to live in hell, but I have to pay for it. I have no sympathy for flight attendants.

  78. The only problem I’ve had with a flight attendant was when the plane was delayed in taking off, about 45 minutes. I have a bladder condition and after about 25 minutes of sitting, I had to relieve myself, so I unbuckled my seat belt and went to the lav., was in there for about 3 minutes. As I came back to my,seat the flight attendant announced over the p.a. system the following: Because of passenger in seat number… not staying in his seat, we will all be delayed for an additional one-half hour. I wasn’t fully seated-that’s how quick she made the announcement, and other passengers turned around and glared at me. You can probably guess how I felt. Well, the plane took off within 5 minutes of the incident, not one-half hour. The flight was from N.Y.C. to Naples, Florida. and the female flight attendant was British with a tone of voice which sounded like her previous employment was at some reformatory or prison. Upon leaving the plane I looked at her and said good bye, but I could clearly see she was waiting/hoping that I would make a scene for she could call the sky marshal, or worse. I’m sure her wish was fulfilled on some other flight after that and hopefully that passenger gave her something she won’t forget!

  79. Hmm.. There are bad flight attendants to. This article makes the people seem like doofuses who are too stupid to realize that there are as many annoying flight attendants as there are annoying passengers.

  80. Listen, you loser flight attendant.: IT’S YOU JOB. I am a nurse and your life looks rosey to me. SO SHUT UP AND PUT UP, QUIT TREATING US LIKE YOU LITTLE CHILDREN. And if you are sick of us,,,,,,get another job, we are sick of you

  81. I started flying in the 50s when airline passengers were treated like guests. The tone of this story matches the poor attitudes of many of today’s flight attendants.

  82. I fly frequently and have never seen or heard most of these “infractions.”

  83. I have flown hundreds of thousands of miles and find flight attendants to be almost always pleasant, helpful and willing to go over and above to make passengers comfortable or cater to anyone with special needs. The only real problems I have experienced or witnessed have been unruly or just plain rude passengers.

  84. I have a couple airline (domestic and international) stewardess friends who have said that they are annoyed by 40-50 year old men who imagine they look young and virile enough to have the nerve to hit on them. To them it is a turn off to hear these guys gripe about: their wife and all her imperfections, their wounded animal reaction to their divorce, and stingy view of child support. California is a 50/50 state and they could have kept their pants on and have (maybe) developed morals before, during, and after their marriage. Not to mention these leathered and aging men bragging about their workout, (worse) yoga, and question how many calories are in the food provided and to add insult to injury order salad. They feel molested by a predator by such creeps.

    1. wow you are really funny and bitter. most women make off pretty well these days in divorce. The end of having to be a wife…and still get paid for doing nothing for usually quite. Plus they get a job, so the man ends up controlling 2/3 the $ of what he used to at best, the woman end up getting 2x what they used to. Do the math. And guess what. I haven’t seen a cute flight attendant in YEARS. They seem to think that wearing costumes makes them look cute: It doesn’t. Just makes them look stupid.

  85. What we have here are “Flight Attendants” who don’t want to “Attend”! I am a quiet passenger. Thank you for the opportunity to say what “I” think, not that any flight crew cares! For the prices that the airlines charge you should be a little more FLEXIBLE!!!

  86. None of this surprises me. Anyone who works with the general public sees all sorts of crazy things. I shouldn’t be by now, but I am constantly surprised by people’s ignorance, laziness and rudeness. And it breaks my heart the way some people behave in front of their children.

  87. I travel a lot and I do my best to be as polite and pleasant as possible to the attendants. First of all, they are not your personal servants, and you’re not there to order them around or be abusive to them. They also have lives, kids, families, and they are as human as you are and making their living just as you are. Be nice to them, and if you like their service, be sure to tell them. On one of my Delta trips recently, an attendant by the name of Holly was simply wonderful and I will commend her to the company.

    1. I have a better idea. How about both sides quit making it like a gushy warm fuzzy anything, and just treat it as business. The FA’s jobs are to serve passengers. Period, end of story. We are their customers, their job is to serve us. Not the other way around.

  88. I’m sorry. This is a whiny mess. I know attendants endure a great deal, but so do passengers. It’s a two-way street. The tone of this presentation, replete with sarcasm, is amateurish.

  89. Very funny – but some attendants are down right rude back to us CUSTOMERS

  90. This is a job that is not required anymore, certainly not in the numbers that they pack the aircraft with. Might as well have vending machines installed in the aircraft and fire all these attendants… They don’t attend to anything anyway.

    1. AMEN. They are useless. I would get better service from a vending
      machine. Us coach-flying scum can help ourselves to the automated
      pillow and blanket dispensers while the stewardesses wipe the butts of
      the passengers in first class.

    2. Do let us know what happens when you have a coronary at 30,000 feet.

    3. I agree, they close a bunch of little doors, get the first wave of soda served with a grumpy rude attitude finally done being served when the flight is 90% over. Almost completely useless, usually rude.

      1. Dang dude! What’s eating you? and what freaking airline are you traversing where you have nothing but such ill will and disdain for the flight attendants? That is the impression you are throwing out there on the board

  91. Nobody cares what those losers think. Theirs is a job no longer needed.

  92. These things should be obvious to anyone! I admire her sarcastic tone because that is how I feel when I observe idiots around me on a plane acting just as is mentioned in the article. Do they leave their brains in the terminal? Or are they just spoiled? Frankly, I think there are a lot of people who should just stay home.

  93. The person writing this article needs to be less sarcastic if she wants to make her points, some of which are valid – it’s not funny, it’s annoying, and I have less sympathy for her. Many people don’t greet the flight attendants because the service has become so poor at many US airlines. These flight attendants need to sit on some international airlines, especially the Asian ones, to see what real service as like.

    1. But those relics who’ve been working since the 80’s aren’t so bad either if they pop out their false teeth.

  94. I fly every week, and though certain passengers at certain times are ridiculous, the attitude that this artical exhudes is exactly the problem with a large percentage of flight attendants these days; i.e. sarcastic, rude and a holier than thou attitude. We all have a job to do, might as well do it well.

  95. Last time I asked where the plane was going, the waitress smiled at me and asked “Would you like a drink”?

  96. I fly about 115k a year. A few FAs are very good, several are very bad, and most are average. Yes, some of the people that pay your salary are jerks, but most aren’t. And if you think your main job is for my safety you are mistaken. Based on historic data the odds that you will be called on “for my safety” are less than 1% in a career. This means over 99% of the time your job is to minimize the hassle and discomfort that constitutes today’s flying for the people paying your salary. If you don’t like doing your job, quit. No one is making you stay.

  97. What a crap article. Just makes airline attendant seem like intolerant people haters. Maybe some people on your flights don’t fly hundreds of times a year and are not aware of all the rules and such. If you don’t like people asking you questions, don’t get a job as an airline attendant.

  98. I agreed with all of these but, some people can not help it if they snore.

  99. what the hell izzit about airplanes that brings out the “moron” in people??

  100. I traveled for years. No problems with the flight attendants because I understand directions and know that life is not about me. However, the other passengers, there were flights where I literally thought I would have to kill someone. Kids should not be allowed on planes, ever, for any reason. Crying babies are the absolute worst. People who stuff the over head bins full like they are entitled to the entire space themselves. The hacking snot blower, the guy in coach that thinks he deserves two full arm rests for the entire flight…the people were the worst. However, I said “Hi” and “Bye” every time I boarded and exited the plane, I never littered the area I was seated in, and I never went to the restroom while the service cart was in the isle. Of course, on one flight my arm was hanging into the isle and I honestly believe that the attendant intentionally tried to break it off with the service cart, but I survived and received my Diet Coke. Of course, to sum it all up, flying on the whole is intolerable.

    1. I agree. If you were visiting someone’s house, you wouldn’t behave like this.

  101. My husband flies frequently for business. He NEVER bullies the flight attendants; he goes out of his way to be polite to them and the people around him. He helps others with their luggage, jokes with the attendants, and as a result, he often gets a free drink, a grateful “thank you” and smiles from the people he flies with.

    Maybe some of you ought to try it.

    1. That’s cute. Almost sounds like he thinks HE is getting paid to serve the FLIGHT attendants. Kind of backwards …. And just a tip? Everyone HATES the guy or 2 guys on the plane who joke VERY LOUDLY and think that they are awesome and everyone is laughing and listening to them whilst they get their flirt on with the FA’s. I’m thinking your hubby has more children than you know about baby cakes. Hideous obnoxious guys, but the FA’s love them. They no longer have to do any work. :)

  102. When was customer service deleted from the stewardess’ job description? When they re-named themselves flight attendants? I am your customer. I am always right. Serve ME!

    1. I’m not a flight attendant, but you are the type who thinks everyone is your personal slave. Get off your throne and act like a normal person, you nitwit.

      1. It’s a customer service job, you moron. Are your expectations of customer service so low that it’s ok for these people to be rude to you? I expect of my stewardesses the same service I’d expect from my store clerks, waiters, helpdesk call-center folks, etc. If they’re not giving customer service, they’re not doing their job. If they can’t handle being nice, they should get out of the service industry. I avoid flying as much as possible because I know I can expect these people to be rude whether or not the customer treats them with respect.

    2. Agreed. In WHAT other service profession does the staff try to cram this opinion down our throats that we should walk into a furniture store, and “do everything we possibly can to make the salespeople’s job easier, make them comfortable, joke and say thank you at every turn, and never ask for anything” ?? Really? We’re paying for the service you f”ing morons.

  103. I disagree with most of this article. I fly very frequently and air hostesses are all too often rude, do not smile, look fed up and don’t come when the call button is pressed – then when I go to find them they are having a little chat in the kitchen area. Sometimes you shout ‘excuse me’ and they still don not hear because they are not paying attention to the passengers, that is probably why people ‘poke’ or ‘grab’. Many air hostesses think they should be treated like royalty; this is ridiculous – what happened to customer service? It is not my fault if you are having a bad day; people will be courteous to you if you are courteous to them.

  104. I am retired and don’t fly much anymore. Usually, a passenger is rested and ready for travel. One time, I hadn’t slept for many hours but figured I could make up for it on the flight. I only needed a pillow and i was good for the whole flight. so, I asked the first attendant for one and got a dirty look. I was too tired to smile so I guess I was pegged as a trouble maker. I waited passing in and out of consciousness. I remember being asked if I wanted something to drink. I said no, just a pillow please. That wasn’t on her schedule. About half way into the flight I was asked if I needed anything. I finally got a pillow and a blanket/ all I needed and wanted. Except the frowns I got disembarking. Once a trouble maker, always a trouble maker, I guess. PS. I think of cops who get bad mouthed and shrug it off so as not to take it out on the next guy he encounters. Look cross eyed at a flt. attendant and you might as well forget that smiling service coming your way.

  105. Servants typically, when told they are speaking too softly, completely refuse to raise their volume. I suspect stubbornness. To not get the point of a passenger attempting to comprehend what you are attempting to say, and then blaming him, is personal irresponsibility.

    Whether someone says hello or goodbye usually involves this little whisper voice, where they don’t even know you are speaking directly to them. You are not the object of everyone’s attention: They are the object of YOUR attention.

    Your guests need to know the information of how long you will be in the way of the lavatory. Be informative.

    Being detached from your host services, in the appropriate conduct of guests to each other, is to abandon your position as host. Find another job if necessary.

    People want to know if there is time to use the lavatory—-use your head.

      1. Yes they are. That’s what you just paid for..you moron.

        Do you walk into a furniture store and look for ways to make the salesmen’s life better? Can I work for a furniture store in a town with a bunch of idiots like you? It sounds like heaven!

  106. Slide 3 showed what is so wrong with the airline industry today. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, the stewardesses were young, attractive, pleasant females who made sure that you were comfortable for the entire duration of your flight. Unfortunately, those 20-somethings that were on the job back in the 80’s are now 40 & 50-somethings and are still at it. They refused to go and have become “Flight Attendants”, so bitter and jaded that they now have a problem with all passengers, in general. The Patriot Act made the situation even worse, as it gave them some pittance of authority on the aircraft so now they see themselves as Law Enforcement and Safety Managers when in reality, they are just waiters and waitresses on planes.

  107. It’s funny to read this immediately after the article on how airlines are finding ways to cram entire columns of extra seats into aircraft to make more money, making all seats narrower. For example, most Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 seats are 18″ wide or wider in economy, but the new Boeing 777, 787 and 747-800 are coming with 17″ wide seats and while the old 777 used to have 9 seats abreast in economy, the new ones have 10. They’ve already taken away all humane services and leg room. Not they’re taking away all padding in seats and their width too. Keep at it, see what happens. Oh and before you start blaming Boeing or Airbus for this, don’t. The airlines are the ones who order seats from seat designers and determine how many and how they will be arranged. The aircraft manufacturers don’t have anything to do with that.

  108. Some of this is baloney. A person falls asleep. They snore. It is not intentional. Some people can’t hear well. If someone says “what?” it is because they can’t hear you. I have a hard time believing that this was written by a flight attendant. I’ve never met a flight attendant who wasn’t kind or people-oriented. This was written by an idiot.

  109. O yeah, flight attendants are SO great. ROLF! There’s two sides to every story. But this article “passes” as journalism, when it’s entire approach is childish and useless. “Michelle Grouch” hasn’t a clue!

  110. I’m sorry, being a flight attendant is your job, not a hobby. You get paid. Get over it.

  111. talking of hand luggage, I dont understand why airlines dont let people check in luggage for free and then charge for hand luggage, say, bigger than a pocket book.. Everyone could then free up the aisles and not try to cram everything into overhead storage… it’s all the wrong way round..

  112. Okay, we get it. Flight attendants hate the passengers, think they are all stupid, and think their jobs are incredibly tough. (Maybe they should quit and get jobs where you actually break a sweat: firefighter, police officer, construction worker, waitress, etc) Here’s a few tips for the flight attendants: A smile won’t kill you, neither will a little less obvious distain for the passengers; Maybe you or someone at the gate could stop the guy coming in with 5 bags or the woman rolling in luggage that obviously won’t fit in the overhead; After the flight has been delayed 45 min and the captain has keep the seatbelt light on for 2 hours, don’t immediately block the only path to the restrooms with that cart the second the seatbelt light goes off. We know that you want passengers to come line, stow their luggage, sit down and not bother you for the rest of the flight, but face it, you are dealing with many different kinds of people with various experiences. If this is not what you like doing, find something else because you are making it a miserable experience for everyone. Respect and courtesy goes two ways.

    1. uh, read it again. some seem like whining, but some shines a light on some truly douchey passengers (and we have all flown with them, and if you havent, you are them)

  113. Unfortunately, many flight attendants today are either indifferent of downright rude to passengers. I always try to show great courtesy. I can’t remember when this has been returned.

  114. Funny how they gripe about the restroom use (and no, sometimes you don’t HAVE 90 seconds!) and then say you can only pee in the lavatoryl

  115. A flight attendants’ attitudes are the catalyst the determines the mood of the passengers. There are always the few but passages are not freight and flight attendants deserve the respect they show. Iv’e been of flights that the attendants were rude, indifferent and felt that the passenger had interrupted their galley grouping. They don’t even compare to the service and demeanor of the flight stewardess in the 60s and 70s but then flying was very expensive and manly business people filled the cabin

  116. I’ve flown infrequently for the last 30 years. I sympathize with the flight attendants in the story. Yes, some travelers can be really inconsiderate. I don’t imagine that the flight attendants’ jobs today are as glamorous as painted in the 60’s, and the obligatory ‘Thank you for flying with us today.’ statement doubtless sticks in their throat at times. That said, the entire airline experience has gone straight downhill. Having to remove shoes, belt, cell phone, etc., explain that ‘no, there’s nothing in my pocket’ and getting groped anyway by some TSA employee doesn’t heighten my travel experience. And the airlines, in their nonstop quest to increase profits, don’t help either — packed planes, extra charge for bag-check, the in-flight meal/snack reduced to a softdrink, etc. So by the time I get onto the plane, although I try to be civil at all times, I’m in a seriously bad mood.

  117. If the person who wrote this is a flight attendant, they need to consider a different way of earning a living because they should not be dealing with customers face-to-face.

    1. Nonsense. I’ll bet most people in service jobs feel the same way because of demanding, nasty, rude, and “entitled” boobs, just like you.

  118. Nonsense. US-based flight attendants (FAs) are one of the most rude, self-serving, and arrogant service workers I have ever encountered. Some of these so-called complaints made by these FAs in this slideshow have to do with the FAs own incompetence and laziness. Try flying on a non-US carrier and you’ll immediately see the difference.

  119. While most the things are true but the sheer sense of entitlement coming out from these all observations is amazing. Barring some rude pasengers, people are people – they “will” forget a pen here and there…so stop being patronizing and do your job and fetch someone a pen, for pete’s sake….I travel across all across europe/asia and I must say, I have seen better air hostesses/stewards. Sheer self centeredness of US based air crews stands out like a sore thumb.

  120. Your snarky comment about wheelchair passengers has me fuming. Why don’t you let a more professionally-minded person take your job. Please just retire.

    These passengers you’re whining about ARE THE REASON YOU HAVE A JOB!

    1. Last time I travelled SW a guy in the waiting room used his carry on baggage to, in the waiting room, reserve 4 seats. He was in a wheel chair, and had two companions.
      I asked if I could sit, the boarding gate was full, and was told no, those seats were reserved. I spent 40 minutes waiting to board on the floor. They sat in two of the seats, plus two for the baggage.
      They boarded early and took up 4 overhead compartments worth of luggage, since ‘they’ were handicapped. When we landed, they refused to let anyone off the plane (they were in the first seats, and jumped up before the fasten-seatbelt-light was off) until they got all of their luggage, from 4 rows back. They literally blocked the aisle until the rest of us passed their luggage to them. The flight staff just rolled their eyes at the rest of us.
      Don’t tell me that handicapped people aren’t just as rude as the rest of the obliviots out there. This trio took the cake, but being handicapped does not automatically create better manners.

  121. Most of the flight attendant complaints are absolutely valid.

    But, here are a couple of observations:

    (1) Virtually every man over 50 has an enlarged prostate, thus necessatating occasional urgent trips to the restroom, food cart or not. Likewise women with blatter infections, and people on certain types of (very common) prescription drugs — So, give us a break here.

    (2) Do you want passangers to help by cleaning out their seating area, or not? Don’t ask for the help, and then complain that passengers trying to be diligent and helpful take too long. If that’s a big problem for you, maybe you should look into medication for your major PMS.

  122. I’m not on your aircraft for the fun of it, I’m there because I have a contract with the airline, paid in advance, to take me from one point to another, as efficiently as possible. Don’t give me a ration because I have to get up and move around to relieve the excruciating pain in my legs and back that come from the crap seats with legroom that only fit 12 year old kids. I’m not there to make your life or job easier, I just want to get where I’m going and off your aircraft as soon as possible.

  123. Get over yourselves flight wenches, you serve coffee, and food, (at a high price). You think I cannot read enough to open an emergency door? Get real. Croos check, yourself and have a nice flight….

  124. I’ve found that 10% of pax are rude, and 90% polite, whereas about 35% of FA’s are quite rude. I understand the airlines treat you like dirt and pay your poorly, but there seems to be a genuine zeal to start off conversations with confrontation and handle confrontations with escalating rather than deescalating tactics.

    I’ve also noticed that in Asia, 5% of pax are rude, and 5% of FA’s. The entire situation is far far more civil and courteous. And… on Singapore Airlines, while we didn’t ask, a FA offered to change our daughter for us in the lavatory three times!! She disposed of the old diaper, cleaned her well, and put on a new one. The FA’s that serve food aren’t allowed to do that, but she was not serving food.

    We’ve also had SQ FA’s help us carry items on/off the plane when we were overwhelmed, and one SQ FA in Indonesia waited with us by the luggage belt, put our luggage onto the cart, and followed us through customs / immigration to a taxi. When we tried to tip her IDR 200,000 ($20), she looked offended and said “No, it’s my job to help! I hope you enjoy your trip!”

  125. What a bunch of whiney stewardesses. At 44 it’s time you did something new with your life if you hate your job so much. Or is it just the pesky people you hate.
    Here’s a clue, it’s a service job. You serve. Yes we can try to help make it better for you. But not everyone is a perfect customer. Grow up already. And I did respond to greetings and made sure to thank the stewardesses for a great flight and asked them to compliment the captain as well. OH, and I forgot to bring a pen.

  126. I work in a casino and I’m required to acknowledge guest with a greeting at 10 feet. You can’t (or you can) imagine when I say “Hello, how are you doing today?”, how many people don’t say anything…just stare. I’d like to stab them in the forehead with my pen…..really.

  127. Most flight attendants are polite but I have had a few bad eggs too. The pilot left the fasten your seatbelt sign on for over an hour and I had to go to the lavatory. While returning to my seat after using the lavatory, the head flight attendant screamed at me to take my seat from the other end of the passenger section. She said can’t you see the captain has the fasten your seatbelt sign on? If the pilot can’t be reasonable and shut it off for over an hour, that is his fault, not mine. I had to use the restroom. By the way, the airline was United, which has many surly flight attendants. And, the public is rude, that goes with the territory when you deal with them. It is the norm.

  128. I am a male Flight Attendant working for a Latin American carrier. I’ve read all 900+ comments and while I agree with the majority of passengers on here, I also agree with some of the Flight Attendants. I flew a lot before joining the airline. It’s a two-way street and passengers could prepare a little better – like bringing a pen with them. Coming across a coworker offering a really poor service isn’t common at our airline (because getting fired isn’t that hard) but uneasy passengers are often common. I am sad to say that Flight Attendants are divided in two categories: 1) Those that are only on the job for the jolly/ride (and may be the ones underlined in so many different scenarios) and 2) Those that are here because they have a passion for aviation and are self-motivated to do their jobs well and treat customers with finesse. I belong to the latter. If a passenger asks for a glass of water while boarding, I go for the glass of water immediately because my coworkers can cover for the 2-3 minutes I’m gone. It takes you a bit to get to the galley at times because so many passengers block the aisle searching for a book, an iPad, a pen, a paper, headphones, or what have you….but I get the water. Like a FA mentioned above, sometimes you get reported for simple things, so why get into a brawl with a passenger or not do your job properly? I got cursed out once on an E-Jet because there wasn’t any space in the overhead bin and I was really nice to the guy. I also feel many airlines fail to motivate those FA who go above and beyond since it isn’t very common these days anyhow. I get along with my passengers nicely and at the end of the day, I am still smiling. I know too well what my job is all about.

  129. Suggest to your bosses that they work with your company to expedite that process. You might even make it into a bargaining chip. How’s that?

  130. “Serve”? I think not. Yes, you need to stand patiently as long as necessary. If you don’t wish to do so, clean it up yourself after I disembark.

  131. Actually, many do NOT know where the lavatory empties. And we do not care. Answer the question courteously, even if you are tired of it, and suck it up. Try a pleasant attitude. It will help you feel better about your job, even though you hate what you are doing.

  132. See earlier comment in which you complain bitterly about having to move your serving cart. It will also help if you study up on incontinence, since you may face it as you age.

  133. Recall that many of us cannot hear well. Others sleep or wear earplugs. Simply say, “I have an emergency, sorry.” Memorize that sentence and use it.

  134. Recall that many of us cannot hear well. Others sleep or wear earplugs. Simply say, “I have an emergency, sorry.” Memorize that sentence and use it.

  135. This doesn’t happen. It’s an urban myth, and you are perpetuating it.

  136. Touching you is all right. Get used to it, but if you are touched on the genitals or if you are injured by the touch, you have a legitimate complaint. I doubt this happens with regularity, correct?

    1. I work service, touching is not ok. I don’t know what you do, but you better keep your hands to yourself with me.

  137. People who have been subjected to abuse are unlikely to respond with a cheery greeting. If it is crucial to you, perhaps you should command us to do so.

  138. Yes, I do. I am about to spew diarrhea. Do you really want to clean that up?

  139. I don’t travel first class; however, you should treat me as if I do. Also, your opinion of my coat smacks of envy. Maybe you can finance one for yourself.

    1. If you want to be treated like you travel first class, then pay for the ticket. Otherwise, you’re cattle car, just like the rest of us.

  140. I think it is nice that you always have a pen. How many times have 200 people on a given flight asked you for one?

  141. I have flown many times a year for many years. I have never observed these behaviors. I think it is fair to conclude they are unusual. It is your job to learn to deal with them when they occur.

  142. People forget things. Would you agree? Or do you invariably remember all these you may need? I doubt it.

  143. Passengers are not stupid, as you imply. In fact, most are much more intelligent than you. That is why they have better jobs than you do.

  144. Giving children adequate space and prompt takeoffs would cut down on misbehavior. Suggest this to your bosses.

  145. Unfortunately, many of us cannot hear well. Try living with hearing loss or taking a course about it. Hearing loss is not stupidity. Failure to learn about it when communicating is part of your job is.

  146. If you actually think I care a fig about your love life, please reconsider. I do not. It is a source of complete indifference.

  147. Niceness is not common among your ilk. I fly often, and I observe well. Ask your grandmother about common courtesy and learn.

  148. Let me take these one at a time. First, why on earth should I be concerned about getting off on the wrong foot with you? I can’t think of a single reason. Adjust your attitude, please, and concern yourself with me instead of your feelings.

  149. I certainly wouldn’t want their job, but it’s the same in any profession. If you are a public “servant” they view you as just that. People just don’t have any respect anymore. That being said, we flew Delta a few years back and on all 4 flights the surliest bunch of women I’ve ever seen. We will never fly Delta again!

  150. Flight attendants are the rudest people on he planet and seem to forget they we, the passengers are the ones who have paid for the miserable experience of dealing with them and they – Hello – are at work. Air Canada has the absolute worst in the entire universe.

  151. The FAA mandate requiring flight attendants was for the purpose of passenger safety – not comfort.

  152. Why is this article called things your stewardess won’t tell you? These are things that she would want you to know. Aren’t they? Jeesh.

  153. This is soooo true. I could add dozens more from my days as a F/A. Yes, people really did add me dirty diapers when I was serving food or expected me to lift gigantic bags into overhead bins for them. We used to say people lost their common sense when they went through the metal detectors and didn’t get it back until they were off the airport property.

    1. I think you have forgotten something. These passengers you’re complaining about WERE THE REASON YOU HAD A JOB.

  154. It is a job. Everybody has to deal with things they would rather not. So get over it or go find another job.

  155. I’m sorry, but this list just sounds whiny and entitled, and it’s infuriating. I understand that not every passenger on a plane – or even very many of them – may be nice, but did you not know this going in? Where does the author get off using such an incredibly condescending tone regarding his/her passengers? Especially the one about the bathroom door. Do you think people struggle with inanimate structures because it’s fun? This author is waaay too wrapped up in themselves.

  156. flight attendants think they’re special. They’re nothing but WAITRESSES.
    YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. They have so so so much attitude

  157. Regarding waiting for the cart to pass to use the bathroom. If I am sitting in the first of thirty rows of coach class and you are even with the second row, I have to wait till you are done serving 29 rows with six people in each row. That could take a good 30 to 40 minutes. Now the obvious answer would be to use the restroom that the 10 or so people in first class but no, that is not an option. Better 15 people standing in line waiting for one restroom while the one in first class remains empty 80% of the time.
    Here is a novel idea. Put a bathroom at the back of first class and the front of coach class in addition to the one at the back of coach that everyone can use.

  158. The Wheelchair comment pisses me off, not that anyone who truly needs a wheelchair should be impatient but they are truly at the mercy of the airlines while traveling and handicapped. It is pitiful that the airlines do not care about disabled passengers as much as they should. What happened to compassion….

  159. I worked in DTW for 5 years as a wheelchair vendor employee and I can tell you first hand 75 percent of flight attendants are the most rude, disrespectful, and uniformed people working the airport. They try and tell everyone how to do their jobs constantly when they have no idea what they are talking about. I helped mainly completely paralyzed and special needs people 20+ times a day for 5 years full time. Following proper lifting procedures and body mechanics to maintain safety of myself and my coworkers and my passengers and you have no idea how many times I was told I was doing it wrong or at the last minute the air waitress would tell me it was a straight back passenger and they had no idea. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW? One simple question could answer it…

  160. Why only the lavatory to pea in? Thats what bottles are for and U don’t have to fight the food cart.

  161. Wow. People have a choice about whether to “snore with wild abandon”. Good thing we have intelligent flight attendants writing these kinds of articles.

  162. The article reads:

    “We don’t have a boyfriend in every city. And our median age these days is 44.”

    Coincidence? Perhaps…

  163. I find this article about flight attendants to be quite ironic. The last flight I was on, the flight attendants never replied to me when I said hello and were actually quite rude to my husband and me! It helped us be even more deeply content about being in infrequent flyers!

  164. What a waste. Those complaints sound like some whiney spoiled 2 year old came up with them (not a normal 2 year old, just a very whiney very spoiled one). .

  165. what a lame list of stupid complaints. so sorry you have to do your job. get a real job losers.

  166. I was on your side right up until I got to the part about travelers not blaming the airlines when they can’t get a wheelchair. If the cities you’re subcontracting the job to are doing a terrible job of it, the airlines should do it themselves. Nothing done by government is done well. Would you prefer a flight with a dozen handicapped people all trying to bring on their own wheelchairs into the cabin? I’m guessing no.

  167. this whole thing is just a rant. lol. whoever made this is a pissed of attendant.

  168. I’m not deaf or anywhere close to being deaf, however, I do need to people to speak a little bit louder then they would to others. That along with the engine noise, people do need to speak louder for me to hear. Even if you just handed me coffee, you cannot expect me to “guess” correctly what you said. Surely cream and sugar seems a bit obvious, but what if you said, ” anything else?” , or ” Sugar?” or ” Cream”? The thing about the cream and sugar when people are unable to hear what you said it just being an a$$.

    1. True on the coffee, but at least this article had some humor and good points in my opinion. There was a similar flight attendant one that burned me up a few months ago though, it was so bad I wanted to write to the person and say , “if you don’t appreciate or want this job there are unemployed people who would be happy for the paycheck”. We all complain about our jobs, but this particular person was way beyond good taste and normal complaints IMO.

  169. Sounds likes a bunch of whining to me. Guess what, that’s your job…don’t like it…do something else. Agreed there are CUSTOMERS (and note I did not say passengers, because that makes airline employees think of us in a different way) that can be a pain. On the flip side, I have experienced just as many rude flight attendants. Some make it very obvious they hate their jobs and the “passengers”.

  170. Who are you supposed to call when the overweight person next to you won’t
    allow you to put down the armrest? If I start an altercation I am kicked off the

    1. Fat shaming is unnecessary. If it seems like you can’t work something out directly with the person than do without the armrest. It will not kill you.

  171. Wow! For once Reader’s Digest gets it COMPLETELY RIGHT!!! BRAVO! BRAVO BRAVO! Thank you for speaking for thousands of flight attendants!

    1. no they did not – RD got it COMPLETELY (or very close to it) WRONG!!! BOO! BOO BOO! – they didn’t speak for millions of customers!

  172. Great tips, I can’t wait to make life as miserable for the flight attendants as they have made mine, thanks to JetBlue!

  173. I will cherish this, along with such other information such as “What the bartender won’t tell you about the dead beetle in the men’s room” and “Things your mother may (or may not) have thought about when reading Cosmo in 1971 while under the hair dryer.”

    1. 1. The beetle had somehow gotten in through the kitchen screen door in the back.
      2. There is a tree out there that it must have been eating on.
      3. I saw it by the sink on Wednesday.
      4. Then it was by the bar on Thursday.
      5. I didn’t see it for a few days.
      6. Then it turned up dead by the urinal. I wonder what it did in the mean time.

  174. Though I can appreciate much of the lament, some is a bit embellished. For instance, the drink cart takes a lot more then 90 seconds to pass by. I’ve sat wiggling for as much as 20-30 minutes at times while attendants sometimes wander and meander. And, most attendants don’t say hello or goodbye to everyone. I can’t recall the last time one of them bid me farewell.

  175. I don’t like how Companies blame sub-contractors. No, you sub-contracted them, I didn’t. Owe up to it.

  176. Most male flight attendants are gay…and rude with an attitude! Hate flying on a plane with them for that reason.

    1. Not true. The male flight attendants I’ve encountered (and I fly a lot) have always been very nice. And just what difference does it make if they’re gay or not? (Biased much?)

    2. Generalize much? Homophobia is unacceptable. Gay bashing is what you’re doing. Don’t go there.

  177. A flight attendants job is difficult enough as it is, doing safety checks, making sure everything is stowed away, all food/beverage is accounted for… Being nice and courteous just makes a flight that much easier and smoother for everybody

  178. Oh come on, tell us the good stuff…. like the Captain is drunk and the co pilot is in his underwear flying the plane with his feet……. :}

  179. guy you are in a service industry, and thus all American carriers are going broke partly because the staff are so precious and unwilling to give the basic service with a smile. It would never happen on an Asian or English airline…

  180. I don’t feel sorry for airlines or any of the people who work for them. They have made traveling a completely miserable experience on so many levels. So, if they come across a few people in foul moods, its b/c people are tired of being treated like cattle. Could they cram any more people into the cabin? Start with that problem and work backward.

  181. Agreed, the general flying public is hapless, oblivious, uncomfortable, and at times, just down right stupid. That being said…this author would leave you believing all flight attendants are direct descendents of Mother Theresa. THEY ARE NOT. A good portion of them are hateful, spiteful, non caring pieces of crap that are make flying even less enjoyable than the idiotic neophyte flier.

  182. This flight attendant needs a new job! Obviously she/he hates her/his work and needs to move on. Future passengers will be grateful.

  183. I had one of the nicest flight attendants on my flight from UK. A few people from India were coming onto the plane and were surrounding my area . I looked up at the male flight attendant and he said to me, “if they are seated with you I can move you we’re not full” . Not that I don’t like Indian people but this couple really smelled badly. So the guy moved me up to the nice open seat by the door.

    1. Just so many things wrong with your post….
      Have you taken a long hard look at yourself lately?

  184. Problem with #8. If you have sleep apnea, then you snore. There is no way around it and no way to stop it if you doze off. It can be unavoidable, so stop complaining and just deal with it. Snoring is usually not consciously controllable.

  185. I used to fly alone a lot when I was a child and I remember one particular experience when I was eight or so. Now I remember the ground attendant being a nice lady and she helped me get on the plane and sort out my luggage since I couldn’t reach the overhead department. I just sat in the seat for all those hours with a coloring book and some regular books to read. But (during the night) I had needed to use the bathroom and I had been moved to a different class along with a group of other kids travelling alone so I wasn’t sure which way to go for the bathroom so I went towards the front and I saw these two flight attendants stocking a cart with food (both young a guy and a girl- talking and laughing) and I said, “Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?” and that male flight attendant looked at me as if I crawled up from beneath his shoe and pointed to the bathroom. When I got out he proceeded to inform me that “Little girls mustn’t be so rude.” I remember being so upset I was angry the entire rest of the plane ride and to this day it pissed me off. What was I supposed to do? Wait for you to finish your conversation? So you could call me a eavesdropper? Its not like I asked you to get up, I came up to you. In fact it made me upset that he couldn’t find the energy to even answer my question with words but had the time to inform me of how I must or mustn’t be. Like wow, I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation which is not part of your job description to ask you a simple question that could be answered with three words, “Over there, miss.”

  186. I hate it when people boarding in row 3 take 500 years to arrange their stuff in the overhead and pretend that they don’t know that they’re holding up the ENTIRE PLANE from boarding. This is the same brand of idiot who drives 15 MPH below the speed limit in the left lane of the interstate.

    1. The people in row 3 probably boarded long before you, so how would you know?

      1. Because I’ve had it happen to me. But it’s nice to have the Ministry of Stupid Questions check in.

  187. Oh the 90 second thing is crap… What if you are way up at the front someone has to go. That would be way more than 90 seconds and sometimes YOU GOT TO GO WHEN YOU GOT TO GO. Sometimes you just CANT wait..

  188. They probably brought a pen with them to begin with but TSA took it away because you may bring the plane down with it.

  189. Being just shy of 5 feet tall, I find it very difficult to load my carry on in the overhead bin correctly unless I stand on the seat. I was sitting in business class and explained this to the flight attendant. I was treated rudely the entire flight.

  190. why would i respond to the hello or goodbye, even now, knowing that secretly you LOATHE your job……….snarky washed up old hags………

    1. and no i can’t time my toilet trip around the drink cart….not sorry.

  191. Hey #9 is their fault because you can’t carry a pen in your hand bag because of security issues!! and if you have one in your luggage, guess what?! you have to pass through customs before you can pick up your luggage..so, they should provide the pens

    1. That is rubbish! TSA will not take your pen unless it is some weird knife-looking pen. Travel with a regular BIG.

  192. The only one which is incorrect is asking the FA to ask someone else to stop something etc. it is illegal to disobey flight crew… No such condition applies to passengers.

  193. Dear Flight Attendants,

    If you don’t like your job, quit.
    Now go get me a sandwich.
    Seat B32

  194. flown over 125 flights a year for the last 25 years and now retired and dont miss the flying. Every single thing they say pisses them off is the truth. Some people should not have pets or kids. Some people should also never fly as they are oblivious to the rest of the world and passengers and many are the most selfish a-holes you could ever sit next to and smell, listen to them shake their ice in their empty glass, watch them take their socks off and pick at their toes, sneeze in your direction, kick the back of your seat, ask you to lift the arm rest so they can move their obese legs and chumbolone bum over onto your seat, talk so loud that you can hear the entire conversation 3 seats away, want to bore/talk to you from takeoff to touchdown, ask for your newspaper before you have read it yourself, cough on you…and thats just for starters.

  195. You forgot to mention the idiot with his dead mother in a suit hanger because he can’t afford the way they are supposed to be sent back home

  196. There are some really stupid people that fly on airplanes. makes one wonder how they ever find their departure gates,

  197. Flight attendants travel the world and see sites the paying public would never see. So what if they are inconvenienced occasionally. I never hear any other group in the service industry complain as much, and all they get is free food.

  198. I dated a former Southwest flight attendant and she told me flight attendants were known to be “loose”

  199. The heading is backwards. These things won’t make it safer and easier for “all”, it will make it safer and easier for the flight attendants.

    1. And? Whats your point? Stop being an SC (sucky customer), and it won’t be an issue for anyone.

      1. why use the term SC if your just going to write in parenthesis sucky customer.

  200. If I paid for three seats in a row on a flight (that had three on each side), opened the bin and saw someones luggage there, I would not hesitate to speak out loud and ask whose luggage it was and ask them to remove it and store it under the seat in front of them, for the simple fact that I paid for them three seats, and I am brave like that. If you have a problem speaking up, then dont complain.

    1. Just because there is overhead space directly above your row doesn’t mean it is exclusively yours. The FA’s will tell you flat out to put your carry-on in whatever space it fits & is available. Yes, you paid for three SEATS. No where on your ticket will it say you get the specific overhead space above that row.
      I, too, am “brave like that” and will tell you to buzz off. And since I fly a friggin’ bazillion miles each year, chances are I boarded long before you.

  201. I have flown a lot in my days, my son was 5 during one of our flights and as we took our seats on the plane, he going to throw up, so I went for the barf bag in front of him and mine and some idiots put gum in them, I had no choice but to tell him to do it on the floor. I called for steward help and told them exactly what I said, My son puked and some douche bag put gum in the barf bag and he threw up on the floor, they were really helpful, brought me a warm wet towel, but goes to show they do not clean the areas or check the pockets. I can not tell you how many times I have found garbage in those things.

  202. I love how everyone is deciding to make their own boarding rules but never has the guts to say anything when its actually happening on the flight themselves.

    1. p.s telling us we cant store our bags over another seat, shoot, I paid for this airfare like you did, I will store it where I ever I please and take a pillow and blanket from another place to mine if I wish. Thank you

      1. What a jerk. Just above you demanded sole use of the bins above your own seats and now you demand to use the ones above everyone else’s seats.

    2. I really hope you are seated near me sometime, hon, because this old lady will be happy to show you I “have the guts to say something”. You need to get off your holier-than-thou high horse.

  203. The passengers aren’t there to see to serve you, it’s the other way around. Flying used to be a fairly pleasant experience. Now it’s like being back in Catholic school with the mean nuns. Bad enough you don’t care if anything goes wrong like flight delays because the pilot was still sleeping (that actually just happened) or my child’s video game couldn’t be found 5 minutes after he left it on the plane; but now we need to make sure we don’t annoy you or get in your way. You’re a glorified wait-staff in a bad restaurant and because we’re a captive audience we have to put up with your attitude. Because if we voice the least little protest or ask for anything you feel is out of line you’ll have an Air Marshall or other such authority waiting for us as we de-plane. And you want us to greet you with a big smile and say goodbye to you like you’re family. Please…

  204. I realize that the airline attendants have rough job and the pay isn’t what they need. I have to say quit whining, dealing with those issues and the safety of your passengers is part of the deal. You can’t change others, you can only change yourself. And as horrible as the airlines treat us passengers with incredibly high airfare, a fee or charge for everything it is surprising it isn’t getting uglier because you are the only outlet for the consumer of a broken product.

    1. oh please, They get a couple days off a week in a beach area most of the time, hotel paid. They have perks most of us dont. Everyone has to deal with people we dont like at work, thats life.

  205. Many of these “annoying” things are done because passengers are told to stay seated so often, and feel controlled by the flight attendants. Therefore, the flight attendants must do even the mundane. Obviously, peeing outside of the lavatory, the mile high club (it’s actually over five miles on an international flight), and doing naughty things under a blanket are inappropriate–but they would be inappropriate anywhere.

  206. 1. Want to start off on the wrong foot with me?

    Put your carry-on in a full overhead bin, leave it sticking out six inches, then take your seat at the window and wait for someone else (me!) to come along and solve the physics problem you just created.

    That’s part of a flight attendant’s job, making sure the overhead bins are secure, figure it out. Lazy. It is your problem. Ever heard of “Sir/Ma’am, I’m afraid this won’t fit here, let me just find another spot for it.” It’s your plane, what do you want me to do?

    1. get a new job with that attitude, oh wait, you wont be able to because no one else would hire a charm act yourself

  207. I do not fly since the dirty TSA took over. Before these perverts were put in place by this failure of a president, the worse thing I remember from a flight that had landed and the passengers were lined up to disembark. A child asked the female mother if it was okay that the seat was used as a toilet. This female yelled out to her daughter, “Big mouth.” So, this ugly female knew the seat was sopping wet with urine and did not care if another passenger sat there for the next flight.
    When I was in my twenties I had two children and I was very careful that they did not bother other adults. Right now these females expect to board the plane first because they have children-revolting. I have leukemia and the last time I was on a plane I was standing waiting for these HEALTHY females. We have got to let these younger females realize that they should wait for sixty year old women with leukemia. I did the waiting when I was your age and you make me sick with your selfish behavior.

    1. You do know how phony & made up that story sounds, don’t you?
      If you have a medical issue then you can ask to board early. They actually make that announcement at the gate, you know. Brains & common sense are a good thing….
      And just which President are you referring to? My guess is you are hatefully referring to Obama… but guess again sweetheart. Mr. Bush established the wonderful TSA in November 2001.
      And what is up with your continuous referral to “females”– SIX times you used that word. Aren’t you one?

    1. I thought it was smoking pot in the bathroom, excuse me, its sex, the next best thing

  208. 14. They don’t tell you they spat in your food or failed to wash their hands after taking a dump.

  209. oh, please. If you don’t like dealing with the public, then get another job. Better yet, respond to this message and I’ll take your job.
    Last time I flew, all I wanted was a cup of coffee which I got 10 minutes before we landed. After 2 minutes, some flight attendant comes around with the garbage bag with the attitude – hurry up, we’re going to land soon. People in first class get drinks before we even get off the ground. Sorry, you get no sympathy from me.

  210. Okay, now for you! Don’t sell my seat to somebody else in the off chance that I won’t show up. When my ticket was purchased 3 months ago and I’m already seated, don’t let the 2 goobers who just walked in take MY seat or ask me to switch, EVEN to 1st class. It’s the principal of the thing. Don’t tell me in layover that it’s a possibility that I may be bumped from my connecting flight because of YOUR ignorance. Bump me da$$it and I’ll bump back!! Yes! I will ask you to calm down the rowdy teenagers behind me who are throwing playing cards up and over my seat. It’s your JOB, you pious, whiney, skinny, Prima Donna!!!

    1. You wouldn’t take a free upgrade to first class? That’s pretty stupid.

  211. Don’t snore?…how can you stop that?…just say, don’t sleep if you snore..

  212. I don’t think these are really “secrets” but more like flight attendants’ list of complaints. The headline was very misleading …

  213. One has to ask after reading this, if flight attendant’s don’t consider these things part of their jobs. What exactly are they paid to do? Stand there and look pretty? I really think they should stop complaining. They aren’t even required to fully explain safety procedures anymore since there are videos on most planes that explain them to passengers. All they have to do is smile and hand out drinks and peaunuts. We all have to deal with other people’s neurosis on a day to day basis. The fact that flight attendents have to (granted a lot more frequently) does not make them special. This slide show doesn’t make me feel sympathetic towards them at all.

  214. I agree with these. The common request is RESPECT. Number 16 is funny. It says “you would never grab a waitress if you need ketchup, would you?” Funny thing is I was a waitress and people always grabbed me. I am not your slave. Please be respectful. I swear people need to work in the customer service industry to appreciate these jobs.

  215. People seriously need to get a life! Yes people choose to work as flight attendants, yes they work extremely long days, get low pay and have to deal with hundreds of people a day, most of which will be idiots like the people that have commented on here. Most FA’s love their job and helping people on their travels, but have a bit of compassion and understand we are just human beings, just because we wear a uniform and you paid the airline for a seat doesn’t mean we don’t like to be spoken to like anyone else with manners and courtesy, being polite works both ways and manners cost nothing, and if you think being rude to an FA just because its their job then you need to look at your personal values. Nobody deserves to be treated in a bad way regardless of if their doing there job or not. Don’t get me wrong there are FAs out there who will be rude and offer an unpleasant experience but you can’t tar everyone with the same brush. This post is funny, and helpful for passengers who seem to lack any common sense, and if you had to deal with up to 700 people a day who lack any common sense what so ever then you’d understand why this article was written. It’s not the FAs being lazy or unhelpful, but they have a lot to do and a lot of people to look after. Yes FAs are there to offer you a comfortable flight, that still does not make them your personal slave who has to do everything for you. Passengers are meant to be grown adults which I’m sure are more than capable of opening a lavatory door by themselves, buying a bottle of water if they know they have to take pills, tidying up after their kids (you wouldn’t leave your home in a state like people do on planes), putting your own babies dirty nappy in the bin. You all sound like you expect slaves when you board a plane, which FAs are not. At the end of the day as I previously said they are their to offer you a comfortable flight but the main reason we have FAs is to deal with the safety of passengers and the aircraft, it’s a legal requirement we have them for that reason not to lick your backside and make you steak and chips! Now surely you people have better things to do than lambast flight attendants!

    1. We have a life, thats why we are flying out somewhere, why dont you get a life and just stay home once in awhile. Without us, you wouldnt have a job.

      1. Maybe next time you would like to fly without a cabin crew, Antoinette? Why do I get the feeling that you’re the passenger this article was about in the first place?

    2. If you fly for BA, then I think you’re considered one of the “good ones”. :-) Seriously, I do agree with a lot of what you said though.

  216. A person should not be allowed to carry anything onto an airplane that they cannot lift into the overhead bin. Quit depending on your fellow passengers!

    1. telling us we cant store our bags over another seat, shoot, I paid
      for this airfare like you did, I will store it where I ever I please and
      take a pillow and blanket from another place to mine if I wish. Thank

  217. The last time I flew I had a minor problem with Gas. My flatulence was a “little ” smelly.

  218. This is not a problem for me. I can’t hear you. I wear a Hearing Aid. It is usually turned OFF when I board because I hate the noise. I will sign usually with 1 finger. You pick.

  219. Despite all the old adages I have YET to see a Stew I would do the chunky monkey with

  220. I usually want to grab the offender by the yangs and jerk a knot in them for this offense. I hate flying anyway.

  221. So I fly every week and yeah people suck but some of these are just so dang whiney. You took the job as a flight attendant. Guess what, you need to be near people and work with them. Some folks fly maybe once every 4 years or less, they rules change all the time that they may not know when they can use the restroom, or when they can do anything else. I will also take this persons suggestion and never attempt to clean up the crap that previous passengers leave in the seat pocket. Maybe if the airline cleaned the dang plane this would not happen but now that I know this bugs the flight attendant I will leave that crud in there.
    Oh and so far as missing saying hello or bye, well you are at work, you arrived at work on the plane, that was your job, you will fly all day and go home or to a hotel. The passengers well they may be flying to get to work. They may have been delayed for 4 or more hours because the airline could not find a crew, they may now have to work 5 hours later that day to make up the hours, maybe TSA decided to be a pain that morning…point is, they may not be happy, sometimes it is best they don’t say anything than say something they will regret.
    Now, on “telling” on each other. I have seen what happens when they don’t talk to you. They talk to each other. When they do, especially on flights with alcohol, they can get into a friggin fight. I have been on 3 flights with adults in fistfights over a seat being back or something equally dumb. You do not want your passengers dealing with each other. If talking to the flight attendant and letting her deal with it prevents this, then PLEASE let them tell on each other.
    On snoring, yes it is annoying but some people have disorders and can do nothing about it if they happen to doze off. So chill out and maybe nudge them if they become really bad about it.
    What I agree with, NEVER EVER touch a flight attendant for any reason, ever. Never ask them to light your 900 lb carry on, don’t stick your carry on in a space it don’t fit and delay the whole dang plane when they have to argue with you over checking it and hear how it always fits on other planes. Control your kids on the aircraft flight attendants are already nannies to the adults, they don’t need to nanny kids to.

  222. I like this article. It makes some legitimate points. But, dear flight attendant: when did you have your “bitchiness” checked? I fly frequently and the demeanor of flight attendants has gotten worse over the years. There is no more flying in style. It USED to be, “how can i help”? NOW, it is huddle up and GOSSIP in the galleys for the entire duration of the flight. Yes, we can hear your cackling. And from what I observe, you may not have a boyfriend in every city, but a lot of you sure do party your tails off. If it bothers you to be in the service industry, get a new job. I agree, you are not responsible for hauling luggage, but so often I witness you asking other passengers to readjust luggage that isn’t theirs, when that’s your job. You’ve put on a few pounds over the years, and it shows so you are entirely capable of making those adjustments yourself. Why do we bring our luggage onto the flight? Because we’re tired of you losing it. Bottom line, you have no clue what molestation the passenger went through just to get on the aircraft, maybe that’s the reason not every one is a happy camper. I value a cheerful, respectful crew and it seems that flight attendants view the passenger as the enemy when they are not.

  223. One of the most annoying things passengers do, they get on the plane, use someone else’s overhead bin in the front of the plane, and then they head on to their seat further back.

    1. I should be able to store my luggage over another seat if I want to, I paid
      for this airfare like you did, I will store it where I ever I please and
      take a pillow and blanket from another place to mine if I wish. Thank

      1. Well, you’re lucky the attendants are there to protect you, because I would throw your luggage out onto the floor.

        1. I never heard any big mouth like yourself complain on a flight, dont try to be all tough on the internet then like a infant in public

          1. You really don’t think it’s rude to take someone’s overhead bin and then they have to scramble to find a spot for their carry on? You’re whats wrong with the world. Inconsiderate people.

  224. If I ask for “black coffee”, don’t ask me if I want cream and sugar. If you do, I’ll most certainly say “What?”, especially over engine noise.

  225. Actually it’s a geometry problem, not physics. That explains why you are an air waitress. Stop complaining about your job and get a new one (such as a waitress on the ground).

  226. this is a bunch of crap. some of the rudest airline employees are the flight attendants

  227. I am sure there are rude obnoxious passengers and when ever these people get in a situation where they can’t be ignored they tend to be a problem for others to have to deal with because somewhere somehow they never learned to properly socialize.

    Given that the door swings both ways. I have been on flights where the flight attendant is rude. They play favorites and give other passengers extra peanuts or cookies or both and a whole can or more of drinks. Meanwhile if i ask for some water or to move to an empty row of seats NO like i’m ruining the whole universe.

    People are people, no matter what they do. You are suppose to be professional but lets face it in america where you have so many different types of people, very often racism biases stereotypes what have you pop their head no matter even if you are a doctor or even a politician.

    When you are a minority in any group of people they tend to be emboldened to make sniveling cowardly remarks because becoming a instant comedian makes them feel better about themselves. Funny how these people shut up quickly when they realize the numbers game is the same.

  228. Most of the attendants I have been exposed to are sour old douche bags and are just as rude as the passengers…do your effing job and quit belly aching about it, you make great money and you are there to serve those that keep that paycheck rolling in. If you can’t handle the job…QUIT and get one scrubbing toilets or digging ditches.

  229. Air travel is no fun. Its not safe either. To save money they don’t circulate the cabin air enough. The world will probably die from some disease distributed by air travel.

    1. I agree with many of the comments on this article but name a safer way to travel! Maybe you need to educate yourself before posting such ignorant remarks

  230. I don’t have any trouble believing any of this. But I do resent the condescending & sarcastic tone. What flight attendants do today is a fraction of the work they used to do. And, they were friendly and really made an effort to help passengers with small problems & questions. Like, maybe they can’t hear very well and have to ask the same question more than once. Like, maybe they ask if it’s OK to use the lavatory when the plane is on the ground because THEY DON’T KNOW.

  231. I have had both bad and good experiences with flight attendants. I think 30 years ago,travelling was alot different. Less children on board, no pets, less passengers wanting to get get drunk immediately, less overweight people, less travellers, less inflated expectations. Today, more ego, more stress, more budget measures(less staffing), more baggage, more passengers with special needs, more “special passengers”. More of the bad stuff and less of the good. Iv,e decided to make a difference on my trans continental up and coming flight. I,m going to treat everybody like a V.I.P. and I will not demand or complain about anything. And i will enjoy the experience of doing so! Being grouchy is, in the end, just your own bad medicine!

  232. Most if not all Stewardesses have a primadonna attitude. Your job title is ATTENDANT’ , so it should come as no surprise if people ask you to ATTEND to their needs. Yes there are ridiculous passengers, but I bet ya those problems didn`t exist in the hay days of flying in the 50’s and 60’s when the stewardesses were attractive , kind , professional and not whiny . Bottom line is , if you don`t like your job GET ANOTHER ONE .. not rocket science. This list of 13+ things is a joke.

  233. the only one I agree with is number 10.
    If I want to put my seat back and you don’t like it – tough. That is not YOUR space that is MY space. You get the benefit of walking on the neighbors lawn, so to speak, by me having my seat up.
    But that seat, however far it goes back is not in YOUR space.
    The rest – if you don’t like being a stewardess or steward – find another job. You get paid well and get to see the world for free. I do not understand all of your whining.
    The best I have ever seen are very nice and concerning. I can see a bad one coming a mile away.
    If I owned an airline I would find out who every single one of you are and fire you because you are in the wrong line of work.

  234. often can’t hear the stewardess due to the noise – they should realize that

  235. You need to shut up, stop whining and do your job. After all, passengers are your customers and aren’t you in a service industry?

  236. The difference between being a passenger on a plane and a cow on a cattle truck: Cows have to be fed and watered. Oh, and screw TSA and the child molesting perverts who fondle children in the name of security.

  237. Here’s one back at you – drop the attitude. You have a job because of the passengers, treat them as if your job depends on their happiness. And quit whining about having to do your job.

  238. A Flight Attendants job is to get you out of a burning airplane in 90 seconds or less if it crashes on take off or landing. Everything else is secondary.

  239. I was a waiter for 2 years after I graduated from college. I had multiple same sex, male customers, grab/grope me. I completely agree. Especially as some one with major personal space issues. That is WAY over the line.

  240. That’s the snottiest “article” I’ve ever read in Reader’s Digest.

  241. You might think #19 sounds obvious, but until rather recently toilets on trains emptied right onto the tracks when you flushed (and yes, that was in the US, not some third world country where it probably still happens). That was considered acceptable between cites, but there was a rule against flushing while parked at the station…. and it probably was true of planes back in the propeller days before the cabin was pressurized.

  242. This is job elitism. I’m all for respect but half of these are coming from a person who expects other people to know their job as well as they do. If I did I would be doing it myself and trust me if I could serve myself on an airplane I would.

  243. So she hates working flights to Vail and West Palm because of all the mink coats in the overhead bins? Flight attendants are quick enough to hang topcoats for business men. Why should mink coats be stuffed in bins? BTW, mostly flight attendants do hang my mink coat in the closet and several of these delightful women have told me they love handling the coat because it feels so nice! Maybe this author should consider another profession where charm and good humor are not required.

    1. I like that-“charm and good humor” This is what should be required.

  244. Sounds like this person needs to get another job. I work in a job where daily I deal with people who have tragic situations, abuse, and other difficulties. Dealing with the overhead baggage, creative diaper making, people who don’t know how to open the bathroom door and someone asking twice what you asked about coffee isn’t a big deal, trust me.

  245. Oh stop you posturing you silly glorified waitress. People behave in this way as a response to the arrogance of stewards and stewardesses in acting as if they’re there to do anything but bring passengers their food. You are there to serve paying customers, and, as providers of a service, it is your responsibility to do so in as agreeable a manner as possible. Thinking you’re in charge of cabin safety, or that you have any say in the successful functioning of a flight beyond feeding the passengers, is a form of self-delusion generated by your repression of the fact you have a terrible, terrible job. No doubt the airlines help foster that delusion. The quicker you realize you are waiters and waitresses, the quicker everyone will have a happier time while flying. And why not, you might even begin to earn tips to supplement your awful salaries.

  246. Oh no, things bother you at your sad excuse for a job. It’s called life.

  247. No. 13 is the killer. “Is it that difficult to say hello and goodbye”…and only about 40 people respond to the flight attendant saying it 300 times a day. Well, reverse that scenario. How many times have the flight attendants purposely discriminated against the passengers whom they have decided to greet with a hello or goodbye…not only the flight attendant but the pilot. Such was the case with me on U.S. Airways…which I’ll never fly again. I exercised manners saying “Hello”…reciting my response loud and clear…no response. There was a response to the passengers walking behind me. There are two sides to every story!!!

  248. You get paid $60,000 for slinging drinks and doing the crosswords. Earn it and shut up!

  249. I travel a lot from Local to International and I have witness different scenario in the aircraft. It’s true that some passenger have lack of consideration to the flight attendant. Some do insults and some are rude. Every passenger have the right to be serve but you have to consider that not only you is the passenger on the plane. Just wait for your turn and the flight attendant will soon to serve you.

  250. Oh my gosh! I have never read so many whiny peoples comments before. Obviously none of you or very few of you have ever had to work a job that dealt with customer service. It is one of the hardest things to do. It really wouldn’t hurt if people were a little more sympathetic towards the flight attendants. I know just about everyone has experienced where all it takes is one person to really ruin your day. Some times its hard to not let that one person break your day.
    Yes, it is a job profession that these women have chosen, but it doesn’t give people the right to treat them as if they are beneath other. They are human being and should be treated with the same respect that you expect them to treat you with. I’m sure she would be more then happy to get you some water, but it may not be as quickly as you would like it to be. Maybe there is an emergency that you don’t know about going on and she has to take care of it first. Also, she is human and humans make mistakes and sometimes forget, especially when you have 30 more request being made at the same time. Please don’t forget that you are not the only one on the flight. These women did not write this piece to pick a fight, they wrote it to enlighten the average person that a little kindness and patience goes a long ways and helps everyone out in the long run.

  251. I travel frequently for work internationally, 12-18 times a year, all over the world and all airlines, but mostly American based carriers. The majority of passengers behave courteously. I’ve seen ruder behavior from flight attendants than from passengers, and its usually 1 on every flight. If attendants have complaints, quit! Let someone who needs the job and will treat passengers with care get the job.

  252. 1. Want to start off on the wrong foot with me? Put your carry-on in a full overhead bin,
    leave it sticking out six inches, then take your seat at the window and
    wait for someone else (me!) to come along and solve the physics problem
    you just created.” I can understand a flight attendant’s frustration with this. However, overhead bins come in different sizes and shapes. Some are large enough to hold rollerboard bags wheels first, but others on the same plane don’t, and most don’t have signs to tell you if they are large enough. I find myself trying to figure this out, moving my bag around, while other passengers are behind me waiting to board. Meanwhile, the flight attendant is on the PA saying “please take your seat as soon as possible.” Nobody gives you any guidance. Sometimes the flight attendant doesn’t know what kind of overhead bins the aircraft has.

  253. “12. Do you really have to go to the bathroom right now, while we’re wrestling a 250-pound food cart down the aisle?” Yes, sometimes human beings need to “go” urgently. The cart blocking the aisle is the airline’s fault. Some airlines like Southwest don’t have them. Some airlines are now using only 2 flight attendants for the entire economy class on 737s, causing very slow service. You’re blaming the passenger for problems that are caused by the alrline.

  254. “19. Don’t ask us if it’s okay to use the lavatories on the ground.” Actually, often it’s not OK. Sometimes they are being serviced while passengers are loading. Asking is the polite thing to do. Whoever wrote this has a real attitude.

  255. After surgery for cancer and radiation I cannot always wait until the food cart is down the aisle to use a bathroom. There are many medical issues that cause urgency to use the restroom. Be glad you don’t have them. If someone asks then they probably need to go. Allow them some dignity and be polite and say yes. Also it isn’t usually 90 seconds before there is a clear path. If you are not allowed to use the first class restroom then there is only one way to go.

  256. These are funny, especially #8 and #16. I always talk to and listen to flight attendants. My first flight ever, I was kinda nervous and they kept checking on me. I told them it was sweet of them to do so.

  257. Below are some of the absolute dumbest rants and complaints from both passengers and self proclaimed flight attendants I have ever heard. Put simply, if you don’t like your job, then get a new one. If you don’t like how you’re treated on an airline, then find a new one. I recommend Virgin Air as they are always friendly and accomodating from the time you get on the plane until you get off. Of course they do not fly everywhere in the U.S.A. yet, but if they do, I fly them.

  258. For all of you hating on flight attendants, do any of you remember waiting tables? I have never been a flight attendant, but I can’t imagine it being that far from waiting tables, meaning, you get to experience the worst of humanity. A lot of people are RUDE. What’s wrong with a flight attendant saying that a simple hello or goodbye would be nice? Did you see that it said only about 40/300 even acknowledge it? It’s the common courtesy that counts. I think back to waiting tables and it was the same thing. I would walk up to a table and before I could even say hello someone would shout an order in my direction. They know that “that is their job” as so many of you have pointed out, but that doesn’t mean that common courtesy and respect shouldn’t be expected at their job. Yes, they are there to help you, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get treated well in return. I can’t stand that whole “well, get a new job” mentality, it’s ridiculous and unoriginal. It reminds me of the people who tip horribly and then justify it by saying “well, it’s not my fault they want to wait tables, maybe they should get a new job”. Get a grip, people. It’s not all about you. Have some respect and common sense.

  259. The training these women and men go through is to make your safety #1 Its not an easy job.The culture of flying has changed.Since the 70s the flying has changed in so many ways.Hijacking was the start of it.They are trained in case of emergency to take care of YOU before themselves .How many times have the cabin staff lost their lives or got hurt during an emergency helping you first.they are trained to put their lives on the line..yes flying can be an ordeal some times but we treat flying like catching a bus to another part of town ..I remember when flying was an event to look forward to.Now its just an inconvenience.Deal with it .As for nasty travelers on your flight make the staff aware believe me they are trained for it.As for kids ,well that’s another whole ball of wax..They are profesionals who don’t get the respect they deserve.Not to mention how much their unions have given back to the Aiirline owners .All for the sake of profit to their investors.As for the Pilots themselves ,they have bein degraded into just bus drivers [no disrespect to bus drivers ]Can you drive a multi million dollar aircraft at 500 plus miles per hour.Usually ex military pilots who are also trained to put you first before their own lives .Next time you fly think about what goes into getting to your destination.SAFELY!!!.

  260. What a crap piece of reporting. Secrets? Really? It’s more of a b!tch and moan list from flight attendants. Call a wahmublance already.

  261. #13 since when do the flight attendants say Hello or goodbye to you!! I said both and have a nice day and not a one said anything back!

  262. A very frequent traveler here asking all passengers to please remove their backpacks before entering the airplane. Come on people, those aisles are narrow, and I’m sick and tired of getting nailed by people that forget they have these things one and keep turning to talk to the person behind them.

  263. This is definitely true. I hate to say this, since I’m American, but I’ve seen this more on American flights or on U.S. airlines than on Asian airlines. Why is this so? I can see why most U.S. airlines ranks low on service while the higher ranked airlines are mostly Asian. The U.S. flight attendants can learn a lot from Asian flight attendants. I’d rather pay more and get better service than to settle for mediocre service, especially on United, American, and Spirit Airlines.

  264. Holy crap you people are crazy as hell, all of you! Attendants and passengers. Every flight I have gotten on, I have been sweet as pie to the attendants, and they have always reciprocated. I have worked for years in a discount department store and those places get the scum of the earth. And I did my job every day, went above and beyond, making sure my customers left with a smile. I did it because I needed the job and as soon as I finished college and got a job in my field, I quit. Similarly, I understand attendants deal with crappy people but some of them need the job. The can’t just go out and buy another job. And just because they have a service job doesn’t mean you have to act like a freaking animal. Show common courtesy and decency to EVERY human being you meet. Yes I have asked attendants for something extra like water or another blanket, or when the meal was scheduled, (asked politely, not demanded) but I always made sure they knew I was grateful for her time and help. And yeah I’ve heard of horror stories about attendants, how they take out their frustrations on passengers, but I strongly believe that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. That goes both ways.

  265. I’m sorry that I paid a premium for my portion on jet fuel for a plane that god knows whether it is airworthy, while making a so-called attendant make me feel like a peasant!

    It’s Your Job! Stop complaining or just don’t be a flight attendant!

  266. #8 … What makes you think people snore on purpose, or have any control over it?

  267. The answer to #6 shows why attendants often have problems with people. You don’t open the door by “just pushing”, since pushing on the door in a normal way won’t open it. You must push closer to the middle, since it’s a folding door. So, don’t treat us like idiots if we don’t know that.

  268. If you want to know one reason some passengers are “incredibly rude”, take a look at the guy in the second seat in photo #2. If my legs were crammed into that small space, I’d be incredibly rude, too, and with good reason. As airlines make the overhead bins smaller, and the seat space tighter, people are going to get angrier.

  269. This article sounds like it was written by a disgruntled, burned out employee who needs to find a different job. Quit whining.

  270. ” ‘Can you tell him to put his seat up?’ ‘She won’t share the armrest.’ What am I, a preschool teacher?” What a whiney bear this flight attendant is! Some people prefer not to confront fellow passengers directly, and flight attendants would be the logical person to speak to the offending passenger. This has nothing to do with dealing with preschoolers; it’s dealing with the public. And about the comment complaining about passengers who travel with mink coats to nice places…boo hoo! I think whomever wrote this article is a spoiled brat who needs to learn what the job requires, and decide whether she wants to take on the responsibilities, and, if not, quit the job. No passenger needs her resentment or negative attitude. Passengers are the paying public; flight attendants are there to facilitate the flying experience for all passengers, and to remind some passengers that they are sharing a public space. In my opinion, it is attitudes like this that makes that experience so much worse than just 9/11.

  271. SOME of these are common sense, but some are just as ridiculous on the part of the flight attendant. Yes Ma’am, sometime I do really have to go to the bathroom while you have a cart in the aisle. The alternative might be one of those messes you don’t like to clean up. Welcome to the whinny generation of flight attendants. Did you forget that without passengers you don’t have a job?

  272. This is an absolutely obnoxious article and is only slightly more professional than the character who did steal a beer, scream like a maniac, and slide down the tarmac (hoping he is in jail somewhere. A person that unstable was in charge of your safety in an emergency). People are often nervous when they fly and good customer service says anything short of abuse is your job as a professional to deal with in a graceful way. You are not a “victim” of the people you are supposed to serve.

  273. I don’t fly much, but I treat Hostesses and Hosts (Male attendants) nice because they are trying to make my trip a good one.  Some people, (the public) seem to think they are above good manners and have the right to be total A.. h…. !  Same goes for waiters and waitresses in eating establishments…

  274. Thing #1… Readers Digest has outsourced thousands of jobs from North America to the 3rd world, and should probably not be purchased by anybody with a conscience… 

  275. Let’s turn your story around a bit….and look at things from the view of the “customer”…the passanger paying big…and bigger…bucks to fly these days…sitting in smaller spaces…while paying extra for our luggage…and for any food.

    On a recent flight from Newark to Seattle (via Alaska Airlines)…my wife addressed a “flight attendant” as a “stewardess”…and was promptly reprimended…in a loud voice…in front of the other passangers….that “We are NOT stewardesses…that name went out years ago”!

    This “over-reaction” by “the airline person there to help us as paying passangers” to one small mis-step…set a negative tone for this long trip…for us and other passangers…that need not have occurred.

    We all can do better…when pushed into a small space…for a long time…not just we passangers.

  276. comment at #19…. You might want to re-word that… I was flying to Texas or California a couple of years ago and the plane just landed, a father could not hold his pee and went to use the lavatories. The plane then had to stop the plane even though we were in the middle of the landing pad because of some rule that planes are not allowed to continue on ground if he is not seated in his own seat and had his seat belt fastened.

  277. Actually wheelchair service IS the responsibility of the airline and there are DOT rules and $25,000 fines if the laws are violated.  I work for an airline.   You are a self-serving arrogant piece of doo if this is the way you feel towards people with disabilities. 

  278. Flight attendants job is to make the passengers happy. So do it and shut up complaining. Your ‘skills’ could also get you a job in McDonalds if this effort is too much for you.

  279. Quit whining.  If you don’t like your idiot customers then quit.  You whiners.

  280. I am amazed that more flight attendants don’t go off on all the rude, stupid behaviors they have to deal with. I have jumped in to tell people the flight attendants are doing their job and to give it a rest. The big difference in the air is that all the passengers are stuck when someone causes problems or delays. At least on the ground we vpcan get away when the public acts out.

  281. These “What Your XXXX  Won’t Tell You” articles are about the laziest examples of journalism I’ve ever seen!

  282. Gee, guess everyone in a public service job should list their grievances, people can be rude but most are not…and whining about the rude ones is not the answer. 


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  285. I wanted to let you all know of the results of the spell cast with wiseinidividualspell@gmail.com, even though its only been 3days now!!! Jason called me up today wanting to know when I was going to meet with him as he was wanting to speak with me about something, but wouldn’t tell me over the phone. I went to meet him and YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE the change in him! Its like night and day. We talked about our relationship and how much he could not stand to be away from me and how he wanted to be in a relationship with me. He even said the 3 words to me that I wanted to hear “I LOVE YOU”! I have to tell you all, this I would never have believed if I had not seen it for myself. I am so happy God lead me to wiseinidividualspell@gmail.com. Thank you again for everything!

  286. How about this.. Stop being sensistive in a customer service job! If you don’t like people than dont work as a flight attendant doesnt get any more simple than that! Why should I suffer because you cant handle your job because someone else was rude to you or someone did something like above they didnt know was rude and pissed you off. So now I have to pay money to have someone be rude to me on a enclosed space? I think not!

  287. Actually, passengers have been so conditioned to sit in their seats with their seat belts fastened (on the tarmac and during the flight) that asking if we can get back up and use the bathroom while grounded, isn’t such an outlandish idea. 

  288. This is clearly aimed at U.S. airline passengers, IF it’s true then it goes a long way to explain how that once great country has decended into a nation of rude, agressive and selfish people who are still naive enough to ask of other nationalities “why don’t they like us?”   Should be obvious.

  289. I don’t agree with a couple of these. I will ask if I can use the toilet when the aircraft is on the ground to be sure that I am not sitting on it as aircraft is being pushed back if the delay turns out to be shorter than they said. As for cleaning the garbage, I will take the obvious out of courtesy, but I’m not subsiding an airline because they can’t be bothered to employ cleaners on the turnaround and make more profits as a result.

  290. I haven’t seen flight attendants as young and beautiful as those shown in the photos since 1975

  291. It is called service…Poor stewards and stewardesses…you finally admit that you are waiters and waitressess and you don’t like it one bit…If you don’t like it Take off!! (and find another job that doesn’t include service, please.)

  292. Good grief. As a stewardess during the ‘good old times’ working for Lufthansa, we had certain ways to keep unruly passengers in check, but always with a smile on our face and lot’s of diplomacy. 
    At that time the passengers were also not pressed into tiny seats with little leg room like cattle in the back of the bus, and thus usually enjoyed their time on the plane.

    My experience though is, that even years ago, but especially now, the flight attendants of US carriers are the rudest, since many airlines here are now ’employee owned’. Hey, when asking: water, pretzels, juice, etc., at least put a tiny little smile on your sour faces.

    As to saying hello and goodbye to boarding or disembarking passengers hundreds of times a day – as this writer says,  they will normally stand in the galley chatting with fellow crew members with their backs turned towards the passengers.

    Snoring passengers? What a joke, when on overnights flights across the Atlantic, the crew parties and chats loudly behind the galley curtains even in first class and keeps everyone awake.

  293. This article is athletic. It should be called the poor, picked on flight attendant list. Stop whining and do your jobs. If

  294. One thing passangers don’t tell “Flight Attendants”…your a Steward/ess! A glorified waiter/ress..PERIOD.  You are there to see to the pleasure and comfort of the passangers on your aircraft. Since when did  you become “empowered” and so high and mighty. If you don’t like seeing to the pleasure and comfort of the passangers on your aircraft, then get another job.

  295. please restore the picture magnification you had in all your previous bulletins!!!!!

  296. Get over it. If you don’t like the responsibilities of your job (and
    yes, this a partial list is of your responsibilities), get another. The “airline
    professionals” interviewed for this article are exemplary of the worst
    of the worst in the industry– glorified
    wait staff who have nasty, snippy, superior attitudes and massive egos. We’re tired of you congregating in the front/back areas or
    sitting in your fold-down chairs playing on your smart phones or– my
    personal favourite– the stewardess that sits down next to and
    eyelash-bats the pilot flying FOR FREE as a passenger, completely
    ignoring the paying customers.
    And when has it EVER taken 90 seconds for you to get through the aisle with concessions?

  297. GetTFover it. If you don’t like the responsibilities of your job (and yes, this list is of your responsibilities), get another. The “airline professionals” interviewed for this article are exemplary of the worst of the worst in the industry– shot-up-th-*ss with yourselves glorified wait staff who have nasty snippy, superior attitudes and massive egos. I get tired of you hateful sows congregating in the front/back areas gabbing and talking about the patrons, or sitting in your fold-down chairs playing on your smart phones or– my personal favourite– the stewardess that sits down next to and eyelash-bats the pilot flying FOR FREE as a passenger, completely ignoring the paying customers.
    And when has it EVER taken 90 seconds for you to get through a row with concessions?
    Piss off.

  298. Wow… this author is SO snarky, and what she doesn’t mention is that 99 percent of us who fly are extremely considerate of the flight attendants.  I fly about 30 time a year, and hate to say it most often the rudest people on the plane are the flight attendants.  In the US that is…if you wanted to be treated with a little respect, and like the paying customer you in fact are, you have to fly overseas, preferably in Asia.

  299. What has happened to customer service? Yes, a good flight attendant treats every passenger like he or she is in first class! I’m sick of hearing flight attendants complain about their jobs. Some seem to forget that their purpose is to help the passengers. Smile and give me my drink. Then ask if I need anything else. Your job may be tiring, but it’s not difficult. Take pride in what you do and do it to the best of your ability!

  300. re: Don’t snore with wild abandon . . . AND .. . . Do you really have to go to the bathroom right now?  You can’t wait 90 seconds for us to pass?

    Sorry, but I don’t know anyone who can control SNORING while they’re sleeping . . . and it takes way more than 90 seconds for a 250-pound food cart serving stuff to pass by, unfortunately.

  301. This should be titled “13 Things I Hate About My Job”.  We all have them. Quit whining.  You may not get paid enough by your company to take people’s kleenex, but I promise you WE pay them enough.  I try to be as polite and kind as possible, but honestly… 

  302. “whaa whaa whaa” should be the title of this “news” article.

  303. Who writes this garbage? Sounds like a frustrated airline employee.  Its ok for her to snivel and complain, but when a passenger has a legitimate complaint, she suddenly feel like a schoolteacher? Get another job, sweetheart.

  304. This is one obnoxious article with an unnecessrily cynical tone throughout. If the idea was what to garner sympathy for flight attendants, it didn’t work. In effect it makes them appear snarky and disrespectful of fare-paying passengers crammed like cattle into seats designed to torture normal human beings. I suggest flight attendants keep their private thoughts private, and just do their job. I fly extensively and have by-and-large found attendants — wtih the notable exception of many on American — to be efficient and pleasant, if not always the most smiling people to be around. They ARE entitled to have a bad day or two givenm their working conditions. But this piece does NOT elicit sympathy.

  305. So I’m on a five hour plus flight and I should control my snoring?

  306. This article makes the attendants sound really cranky.   I don’t fly very often but in most cases everyone is very nice.

  307. I fly a lot and while you come across really rude passengers, you also come across incredibly rude flight attendants.  Sorry you had a bad day and you don’t like to deal with people, rude or not.  If you don’t like your job, go get another.  Trust me, there are plenty in line who would LOVE to have the job you so obviously don’t care about.

  308. I can’t even finish reading this tripe.  Seriously, I thought as a seasoned traveler, someone whose mother was proud to be called a Stewardess (yes, back in the day when the average age of Stewardesses was BELOW 25!), I’d actually learn something from RD, not just another snide tirade by a flight attendant that didn’t bail.  What I thought I’d find was something about how to avoid being a casualty of an air disaster, or how often the oxygen masks are really ever used, or how to be nice to a flight attendant and not be treated like a masher.  RD, how far you’ve fallen.

  309. about the pen on the plane, one of the first things that go are lighters and pens,even though i know ill need it later.
    try talking to the entry personel before saying its me not bring one.   

  310. I see #14 in fine dining restaurants. Usually the fancier the more a particular type of “in charge” business type of guy will grab a waiter or waitress by the elbow to tell them to do something for them.

  311. How the F does someone control whether they snore or not?

    Flying used to be such a GRAND experience; now, it is just short of being locked in the drunk tank.

  312. 12. Do you really have to go to the bathroom right now, while we’re wrestling a 250-pound food cart down the aisle?

    Yes. I have IBS. WHen I have to go, I HAVE to go. So while I’m sorry you have the beverage cart right now, you’re going to have to move it, or you’ll have a big mess to clean along with serving drinks. I sympathize with these but some things are more important than a minor inconvience of moving the drink cart.

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  316. It should be noted, however, that there are those who suddenly have to go NOW, and no, they probably cannot wait.

  317. I can understand how the mile high club could be construed as nasty and dirty, especially in the bathroom of a plane. That is why you stay in your seat, keep the majority of your clothes on (dress appropriately for it), ask for an extra blanket or two … do it on an overnight red eye flight, and keep it quiet – if you can.

  318. All EXCELLENT reasons to stay off airplanes. As if the cattle-cow seating, the gouges for what should be part of the fare, and the TSA hassles weren’t enough.

    What an attitude. Don’t you think that maybe if a person thinks he CAN’T wait 90 seconds until the cart quite blocking the way to the bathroom, that just MIGHT explain the occasional spot of pee you’re complaining about?

  319. While I can agree that passengers can be morons Flight Attendants are working in a Service-Oriented business. I have had many be very rude to me for no reason at all. I’m a sophisticated 30-something female business owner who often flies coach and I also happen to work with the public too. Sometimes I think some attendants need a job change or the should be a full fare paying passenger on another airline who does service right. Watch out, your job might be replaced by someone else. 50 million people need jobs in the US. I bet some of them can do service with a smile. Are you seriosly complaining b/c I am trying to give you trash? Come on, you can do better.

  320. While I can agree that passengers can be morons Flight Attendants are working in a Service-Oriented business. I have had many be very rude to me for no reason at all. I’m a sophisticated 30-something female business owner who often flies coach and I also happen to work with the public too. Sometimes I think some attendants need a job change or the should be a full fare paying passenger on another airline who does service right. Watch out, your job might be replaced by someone else. 50 million people need jobs in the US. I bet some of them can do service with a smile. Are you seriosly complaining b/c I am trying to give you trash? Come on, you can do better.

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  322. We don’t have boyfriends . . . we’re 44. Can you say “ageism”?

  323. Most flight attendants are rude and beligerant and could not care less about flyers.   They act put out if a request is made.  I recall when flying was a pleasure and flight attendants truly cared for passengers.  Those days are long gone.  On a recent United domestic flight, the lone attendant did not even speak (or seem to understand) English.   If the attendants had a better attitude, it would carry over to passengers. 

  324. Wow what a poor flight attendant. If you have this much to complain about maybe you should change jobs. Be advised though, your poor attitude comes with you so most likely you will hate that job also.

    1. You’ve obviously never done the job and have NO idea what it entails.  She hasn’t even mentioned the drunk passenger pinning you in the galley demanding more alcohol after he is cut off (happened to me this week), the psycho passenger who demands you pray to his feet because tells you he is God, (happened to my coworker this week) or the constant threat of a terrorist attack on your airplane.  She’s being nice here, trust me.

  325. If this is the kind of “content” Reader’s Digest offers, I’m certainly glad I quit reading it by the time I was 15.  Since when is this kind of whining and arrogance toward customers “secrets”?

  326. I agree that no one should poke or otherwise touch a flight attendant. The other 12 seem to be the crabby flight attendant attitude we have all come to expect. Now we have to read those crabby complaints, as well as experience it.

  327. It doesn’t matter what job you do. If you work with the general population, chances are you are abused. I work retail in a high end grocery store and you would be shocked at what we see.
    It’s good to bring these things to ones attention but let’s face it people have NO common sense or mannerisms anymore..it’s sad, but true.  

  328. This sounds like a lot of whining!  Yes, I am sure that it is difficult having to deal with the general public and many people today seem to have forgotten or never learned how to be polite, but geez, if you don’t like dealing with the public, don’t get a job like this.  Maybe the flight attendants should be forced to sit on these same planes and suffer through the forced smiles (if you are lucky) or wait “90 seconds” for the flight attendants to finish serving drinks.  90 seconds?  Really? 

    On the other hand, I flew Virgin America last summer and was amazed by how the flight attendants were friendly and helpful.   Completely different experience, almost like the old days when the flight attendants greeted you by name.  Maybe the flight attendants of other airlines should fly Virgin and compare how they treat customers versus their own airlines. 

  329. Oversize carry-on. Your airline staff at the gate let it on the aircraft.

    Personally, I recommend you DON’T let me sort out disputes with people in nearby seats. I have a VERY direct & abrupt personality and it can be a shock to people who are not used to it. I only hold people to the same standards I apply to myself. But apparently, those are higher standards than some people recognize.

  330. Oversize carry-on. Your airline staff at the gate let it on the aircraft.

    Personally, I recommend you DON’T let me sort out disputes with people in nearby seats. I have a VERY direct & abrupt personality and it can be a shock to people who are not used to it. I only hold people to the same standards I apply to myself. But apparently, those are higher standards than some people recognize.

  331. “And our median age these days is 44.”

    Yeah, we’ve noticed.   :-(

  332. Do not mess with the flight attendants especially with the older femnazis ones — let them mistreat you — stay calm and patient. Tell yourself – it’s temporary confinement. It will be over soon.

  333. I was a flight attendant back in ’67-69 at 21 yrs of age & made a few mistakes with the intercom up in 1st class when we had turbulence. I’m sure the people in the tourist cabin wondered what I meant when I said “fasten your seat belts , pick up your drinks & hold on to your nuts!! Tho it was clearly a faux pas for both cabins; the 1st class at least received a bags of almonds, but the folk in tourist never did & laughed loud & long!! I wanted to hideout in the coatrack!!  But, those were the great, wonderful yrs when flying was fun, easy, stress-free all while offering tasty food, drink & free carry-ons!  

  334. 4. Way to be sensitive to those of us with poor hearing.  I drink black coffee, usually make it for myself, and don’t think to ask for cream and sugar. For all I know you’re saying “Do you need anything else?”  or “Would you please put your arms through your seat cushion and jump out of the plane?”

    5. Why don’t they ever tell you what the bell is for?  It has a picture of a bell on it.  It doesn’t say “Please, only press this bell if you need something from a flight attendant.”  It is not mentioned in the flight announcements.  What do you expect from children (and first time adult fliers) who don’t know any better?

    10.  You do realize that flying makes some people who don’t do it for a living very tense, and they are coming to you for help because they are afraid of creating an escalating situation.  You are seen as having authority.  After all, it is against federal law to disobey a flight attendant.  If I say to my neighbor, will you please stop clipping your toenails in my lap, he doesn’t have to listen to me, and the situation will not be improved if he decides to tell me just that.

    12. Time yourself and let me know if you’ve ever really gotten that cart past a passenger with a full bladder in 90 seconds. More like 900 seconds!  Am I right?

  335. Wow…this is such a snarky article.  Most of the flight attendants I have been in contact with over the last five years have worse customer service skills than telemarketers.  The tone of this article just reinforces my negative opinion of flight attendants.  Be thankful you have a job and keep your snarkiness to yourselves.

  336. Why does this passenger hating screed stay so prominently featured? Yes, there are people who are jerks, but the vast majority who fly quietly accept the infinite indignities to which they are constantly subjected.

    1. As a matter of fact, I may just unsubscribe to this thread so I don’t have to be posted everytime 10 minutes when she posts more useles blabbering.

  337. OMG work is hard.  That’s why its called work and why you get a paycheck.

    You deal with the public, stupidity goes with the territory.  If it’s that bad, quit.

  338. Awww the flying waitresses don’t like their customers ‘bothering them’ whhhaaaaaa! At least you biotches have a job. Shut up.

  339. I can’t believe people do all those idiotic things on an airplane.  Kudo’s to flight attendants who smile and bear it while biting their tongues.  I do not envy you having to put up with fools.

  340. Attention all waitresses in the sky… Just show people how a seatbelt works, how to put a face mask on, oint out the already well marked exits, bring me my peanuts and coke, and have a seat. Thanks and have a nice day.

  341. Go get a job doing something else if you have so much to complain about.

  342. OK so here’s my beef. I was on a flight and I had gotten up and looked directly at the flight attendant as I looked at the lavatory door. She saw me and I saw her. Then I tried to get down the aisle but no – the beverage cart started. I thought surely they’ll get passed me and I can go to the bathroom. Forty minutes later I was still waiting. Then I got up and she motioned for me to sit down. I waited a reasonable amount of time and then got up to go to the lavatory – almost an hour and a half into the flight – the flight was nearly over by then and my teeth were floating. I couldn’t believe her gaul and nerve. Flight crews complain about us – but what about them? If I’m standing and the light is on I’m doing it for a reason folks – we’re not stupid! And no for the small package of peanuts crowd – I couldn’t wait – and yes I did go before the flight took off and no I didn’t drink too much soda before the flight or whatever. Sometimes nature calls. Amazing!

  343. Flight attendant??? How about their real title… waitress in the sky. Just show people how a seatbelt works, point out the very well marked exits, give me a bag of peanuts and a coke, and shut up already.

  344. Fly—-are you kidding–in 1861–my familey records say nothing about air planes—except that the yankee came south to destroy our homes–plantations–no more free labor–Thanks alot Mr.– or should I say –thanks for nothing Honest Abe Lincoln,

  345. If people looked at it like they have to serve hundreds of people on the plane. I always eat the fish or seafood and never the steak or noodle crap. You must know what you want when you hear her ask the people in the rows in front of you. If you hear her say steak or fish decide then. You know they serve sodas, apple juice, water, so make up your mind in advance.
    Also if you have to pass gas dont do it just before you get off the plane with someone behind you and in front of the stewardess.

  346. 1 Thing Your Passengers Won’t Tell You: Flight attendants’ complaints about passengers are indulgent and annoying.

  347. This is SUCH a catty article. Is it really that big of a deal if people ask you if they can go to the bathroom on the ground? Or half of the other things on this list?

  348. I was working in a cafeteria as a cook a few years ago and after being told they were out of cream I was stopped by a customer asking what pastries we had that day and I was replying to her someone else poked me and said there was no cream. I just bit my tongue, finished up w/the one customer and went to get the precious cream and made a point not to even look to see who actually poked me because I knew I’d get upset each time I saw them and didn’t want the hassle but had thought why do you feel you have the right to touch me at all much less poke me? I’d have a tough time dealing with most of these things if not all of them. 

  349. They also won’t admit that they don’t know where the key is for the AED. One airline attendant could not find the key and stated she didn’t know where they normally kept it. It’s a good thing nobody needed to be defibrillated!!!

  350. Wow. Really nasty tone to these. As a former flight attendant (Pan Am), I’m appalled by the attitude displayed.  This snarkiness is part of what makes flying such an unpleasant experience now.

  351. Asking permission to use the lavatory when we’re on the ground seems reasonable to us passengers who have just been searched, touched, and basically treated like cattle just to get on the plane. Lighten up!

  352. In response to #12, when it’s an hour into the flight and the captain hasn’t turned off the seatbelt sign even once so that I CAN go to the bathroom, then yes, I DO have to go right now! Next time, ladies and gents, please do your small-bladdered and/or pregnant passengers a favor by asking the captain to give us a bathroom break BEFORE drink service traps us in our seats for another half hour, okay?

  353. Wow… this article was written by a spoiled brat.  I’ve noticed most flight attendants would describe their job in a wildly different way than most passengers.  The flight attendant thinks they’re there for safety’s sake… passengers think they’re there to bring them a beer or pillow.  Well, there are more passengers than flight attendants so you don’t have the majority on your side, and furthermore the passengers are the sole reason the flight attendants have jobs.  Flight attendants, do you know how hard it is to get a job in your industry?  A million people would take your job.  And millions of people have much tougher and more inconvenient jobs than this.  Stop complaining about having to throw away a used kleenex or adjust the overhead bins once in a while.   

  354. I can’t even read these. Whatever popup crap you’re using needs to go.

  355. Another thing the FAA won’t tell you. Problems with air craft that have previously crashed into the ground killing hundreds of people The FAA Gives airlines up to 3 yrs to fix the problems in the mean time those planes are a flying death traps Another thing air lines won’t tell you is the cost to fix repairs cuts into profits therefore they take the whole 3 years and fix one plane then the time frame starts all over again. America what a land.

    And another thing air lines won’t tell you is Your worth killing when it comes to profits and Republicans made  a cap on what you can get from the airlines Humans are not worth much these days actually your a dime a dozen

  356. Hahah Number 8 was so funny! Thanks for posting this was both true and entertaining.

  357.  What a stupid article. Flight attendants are plain rude these days. They
    used to help and be nice back in the day, but now all they do is
    complain for having a job, well guess what, other people would love to
    be a flight attendant so they can pay their bills. As far as saying
    hello and goodbye to 300 people and nobody replying back, another BS, I
    always say hi to them and most of the time they don’t even acknowledge
    my existence. I just think it’s really sad that instead of fixing the
    horrible situation between passengers and flight attendants (and their
    bad attitude) there are lame articles like this making it look like
    their job is so hard. And just another piece of information, flight
    attendants and pilots make terrible hotel guests, they arrive at the
    hotel to check-in thinking they are the president of the US… just

  358.  What a stupid article. Flight attendants are plain rude these days. They
    used to help and be nice back in the day, but now all they do is
    complain for having a job, well guess what, other people would love to
    be a flight attendant so they can pay their bills. As far as saying
    hello and goodbye to 300 people and nobody replying back, another BS, I
    always say hi to them and most of the time they don’t even acknowledge
    my existence. I just think it’s really sad that instead of fixing the
    horrible situation between passengers and flight attendants (and their
    bad attitude) there are lame articles like this making it look like
    their job is so hard. And just another piece of information, flight
    attendants and pilots make terrible hotel guests, they arrive at the
    hotel to check-in thinking they are the president of the US… just

  359. What a stupid article. Flight attendants are plain rude these days. They used to help and be nice back in the day, but now all they do is complain for having a job, well guess what, other people would love to be a flight attendant so they can pay their bills. As far as saying hello and goodbye to 300 people and nobody replying back, another BS, I always say hi to them and most of the time they don’t even acknowledge my existence. I just think it’s really sad that instead of fixing the horrible situation between passengers and flight attendants (and their bad attitude) there are lame articles like this making it look like their job is so hard. And just another piece of information, flight attendants and pilots make terrible hotel guests, they arrive at the hotel to check-in thinking they are the president of the US… just pathetic.

  360. What an obnoxious column of dos and donts.  If the airline industry did not cram its passengers into too tight quarters and treat coach like a cattle yard, passengers would not be as stressed out as they are.  Flying coach is the worst.  It’s also the only thing most of us can afford.  Dealing with impatient and perfunctory flight attendants is just insult to existing injury of today’s flying. This column underlines for me what a bad attitude some flight attendants have.

  361. With articles like this, no wonder flying has become a nightmare. Get over yourself and do your job. With a smile. One thing the passengers won’t tell you: we don’t care about your personal problems. Also, remember, the plane also carries economy class passengers so you might need to show up there too

  362. Two tips from the passengers:

    1) One toilet for 50+ passengers doesn’t cut it.  Yes, I know ticket prices would ride if another one was installed, dis pacing a few seats…I am willing to pay.

    2) Pilots:  When you have to leave the seatbelts on for 20 minutes of climb-out and 20-30 minutes of decent from cruise altitude, do not forget to turn the seat-belts-on, must stay in seat signs during the cruise phase after that almost imperceptible turbulence riffle you felt 20 10 minutes ago..maybe people wouldn’t be in cups or on the floor or whatever. 

    Coach airline travel…Greyhound Bus of the skies…

  363. So snoring, an involuntary reflex should be controlled while sleeping. You don’t like certain routes and you want people to believe that you say hello and goodbye.
    I imagine that if you were a real person you would not even have a high school degree (your lack of basic body functions..). If you were a real employee of an airline, you should quite since you don’t like people or maybe you would be in the right field….and no airline employee says hello and goodbye these days…seriously lol. Customers don’t care anymore about you. You have been so rude to us for so long by lumping all customers into a stereotype.

  364. You lost me on the cream and sugar thing.  That’s rude.  The passenger is your customer and his  airfare is paying your salary. 

  365. i hate having to click through 25 times to read what could be fit on one page – just so you can meet your click-through metrics.  You are not the only ones guilty of this – the tactic seems quite common for the websites of print magazines; however, I dont need to get an RSI just to read an article.

  366. This article shows how UN-service oriented the airlines have become.
    Am I being rude if I can’t hear what you are saying and need to ask you to repeat yourself?
    Am I being rude if someone who has been short with passengers for the last hour gives me an insincere “Have a nice day” and I don’t give them one back?
    Am I being rude if I ask you if it is OK to use the lavatories while the plane is on the ground?  When in doubt, should I just get up and walk to the lavatories?
    You want me to clean the airplane for you, but you don’t want to wait a moment while I make sure I get everything from the seat pocket?
    After avoiding the restroom at the gate so I don’t miss a message, then holding it while we’re boarding, then holding it while the plane waits on the trmac, takes off and climbs to the appropriate altitude, you are annoyed because someone needs to go to the restroom?  90 seconds?  If the cart is between you and the restrooms, the wait is more like 15 minutes, not 90 seconds.

  367. Being a Brit living in the US I travel a lot. Can I just say that the difference between a European flight attendant and a US one is huge. The majority of the US ones are rude and seem like every little thing annoys them. The European ones are so nice and helpful. US flight attendants…if you want to be a waitress go and get a job in a Cafe. Passengers these days are paying extortionate prices for tickets to be crammed in to a metal tube..we deserve good treatment!!!!

  368. This is a dumb title. It should be “13+ Things Your Flight Attendant Wants You To Know.”  “13+ Things Your Flight Attendant Won’t Tell You” suggests that the article will reveal special, previously unheard information, such as how to score a better seat, etc.  This is just a list of common-sense stuff (I know:  that’s the point, since no one has any anymore), nothing earth-shattering or revelatory that hasn’t been said before.

  369. funny how an airline stew’s perspective is different from a passenger’s.
    Why won’t a stew look you in the eye as he/she comes down the aisle?  Afraid you need something?  Can’t they speak a little louder so you can hear them the first time they say something?  Why do they carry on personal conversations rather than listening to passengers when they come by with the cart?

    1.  You still calling them “stew” is dated and makes you seem sleezy and arrogant ..
      which would explain why they talk to each other and not a creepy old out of date leisure suit lizard such as your self

      1. @werewolf. Only a stew can be as rude as your message suggests

  370. Thanks for a brilliant article. :).

    The only point where I had some trouble agreeing was point 22 of 23.

    Its the airlines who subcontract the wheelchair service in the first place. If airline management can have huge supply chains for in-flight meals (which is also sub-contracted city to city in most airlines) working effectively, they should be able to repeat the same with wheelchair sub-contractors. 

    Corporations should also try to be compassionate towards the disabled and elderly…

    1. Very well said.  Maybe airlines can be rated about how much they care about the elderly amd those with disabilities in the same manner as on time performance.  Executive compensation should NOT be their only concern!

  371. “Well dressed” is relative.  I don’t notice much unless it’s some clown with sagging pants hanging down when they feel a need to call attention to themselves by showing their boxers and holding their nether region.

  372. I fly once a month and take my own water bottle (empty before sec check) – I’d rather spend $3 on something I can chew.   ONCE in a while, I’ll see a flight attendant who seems to be having a rough day, but I am AMAZED that so many people can have a job working in a confined space with so many people and not go nuts.  I have a lot of respect for flight attendants.  

  373. It would be nice to have some ocean beachfront property in Kansas.

  374. I don’t think “retarded” is a politically correct term these days. 

  375. “You would never grab a waitress if you wanted ketchup or a fork, would you?”

    Yes, I have, and I will again. …

    Not really, just joking. This article is right on – esp about people leaving stuff hanging out of the overheads – that stuff should be pulled out and checked – let the passenger deal with it later.

  376. They got boyfriends in every city are you kidding me? I would never get involved with a flight attendant unless they were much older. Younger ones are not to be trusted.

  377. SCREVV YOU B!TCH!!  Many of us don’t travel 5 or 6 days a week.  Take your obnoxious pet peeves and stick them up your fatass while you turn in your resignation and go someplace where you don’t have to deal with people

  378. I had to stop after #10. Sounds like an awful job and it is something I used to want to do. Back when it was glamorous and only wealthy people with class were able to travel. However, I wasn’t yet born then.

  379. “You say, ‘What?’ Come on, people.”

    Typical tripe writing by a writer who has to consistently concoct filler material.

    A real frequent air traveler will know of the pressure differentials and the negative aspects upon hearing abilities… especially those whose Eustachian tubes do not function in a manner conducive to maximizing hearing ability during pressure differential events.

    “snore with wild abandon” Oh, yeah… just decide not to snore during a sleeping event. Or perhaps shove a rag into one’s mouth forcing sleep-event-breathing through the nose?

    Shove a snoring passenger into the trash?

  380. Actually, yes, you can blame the airlines for subcontracting wheelchair service. Subcontracting is a classic way for corporations to evade responsibility and cut costs. 

    A useful tip # 23 might have been “We feel harassed, belittled, and humiliated by the airline too – and we have to work here.”

  381. REALLY…Boo Hoo to those poor flight attendants making $35.00 an hour to serve diet cokes, don’t like the customers? get a real job!

    1.  A real job? What is not real about their job? If it is so simple why aren’t you doing it?

  382. Both airport and flight staff have tough jobs that require a lot of legwork and thinking fast on their feet in the face of so many different regulations and personalities. Airline prices and services may be going down the tubes but these folks still care for us pretty well in the skys and on the tarmac.

    A simple please and thank you can make all the difference. I have the occasional beef with TSA but if you are polite with these folks and just listen you have the opportunity to help everyones day go a little better.

  383. This is not the same genre as 20 things your mechanic, doctor, or dentist won’t tell you.  These articles are generally designed to educate and benefit the consumer.   This is more of a pity party.  After getting to the airport 2 hours early, experiencing delays, then being squashed in a coffin sized seat, I am not at my best.  To hear a flight attendant say they will gladly wait while I pick up a gum wrapper that I have dropped is absurd. I am not going to stand on my head to pick up a piece of paper.  And God forbid someone who does not fly frequently ask about opening the bathroom door.  Apparently it does not take much to ruin a flight attendants day.

  384. Wow. It must be hard to get through your day with so much contempt for passengers.

  385. This is a great article.  I always feel so bad for the Flight Attendants.  People ask the dumbest questions.

  386. I think it’s time to start looking for a new job. Yes, you have a crappy job. That’s why you should be looking for a new one instead of complaining about passengers. Yes, passengers behave badly, and that’s why you need to learn how to deal with it or get a new job.

  387. I just don’t want to be treated like the enemy, which is occurring more and more lately. First the TSA, now the flight crews are treating passengers shabbily.

  388. #12 is a crock. I’ve actually timed cart maneuvers on many flights (when you’re bored, anything will pass as entertainment), and a front-to-back trip with the cart typically takes 20 minutes. Oftentimes a lot more. I don’t know where she got 90 seconds from, but it’s impossible to take everyone’s orders, fill their drinks and move on to the next row even on smaller planes in 90 seconds. Forget about it on longer cross-country trips.

    When you have to go, you have to go.

    I do not espouse senseless behavior on anyone’s part, but articles like these too frequently illustrate the key problem with airlines’ plummeting customer satisfaction: employees that really honestly do believe that we are there at their convenience, not the other way around. We are paying them for their service. If that service is based on a “me first, customer second” attitude, then what do they expect will be the outcome?

    Golden Rule, people, duh. But a little common sense on BOTH sides, please.

  389. I don’t see misunderstanding “cream and sugar” as being in the same category as rudeness. Maybe you could say, “Do you take cream and sugar in your coffee?”

  390. yah, actually, I take issue with some of these. Yes, when a fellow passneger is being obnoxious you _are_ the pre-school teacher because if we try to sort it out ourselves you’ll cite us for being unruly and we get into hot water; no, it doesn’t take you 90-seconds to pass with that cart, it usually takes you ten minutes – and the pilot has kept the seatbelt sign on way after reaching cruising altitude so now we’re in dire need of the bathroom; we don’t reach out and ‘poke’ you for fun, we do it because you’re ignoring our pleading looks and/or don’t seem to be able to hear us calling out to you – what do you expect us to do, mind meld with you?! People ask to use the bathroom on the gound because for decades airlines said you weren’t allowed to, so give people a break, the airlines constantly make new ‘rules’ that seem to be pointless to us, but you yell at us when we don’t know them or disagree with them and so they get stuck in peoples’ heads  for years after.

  391. A lot of these would not be obvious to a passenger. If a door does not have a push plate or a sign saying push in an obvious position than natural human reaction is to ask. So the passenger is expected to keep a hold of a dirty diaper until the stewardess just happens to come by and ask if they have trash since there are so many instructions on what to do with trash while on an airplane? A hard of hearing customer should be able to read minds because the attendant can’t be bothered to present the items they’re offering? An elderly customer is supposed to know the rules of the airline before asking to have a bag lifted? Oh and the overheads are so easy to get stuff in to while the 6 people on either side of you are bumping and moving and trying to do something so of course you’ll stand their for 5 minutes trying to get your bag properly positioned. Wow – no wonder attendants can be so nasty if they think the customer will have the same amount of knowledge of how the airline works as they do.

  392. B.S. on this question #12.   First, the carts are on wheels, and it’s not difficult to move, just awkward.  Secondly, the amount of time and snarkiness of being able to get to the bathroom based on alerts, warnings, takeoffs, turbulence, and other passengers makes it problematic.  It would be far better if they simply removed more seats to put in a few extra bathrooms, or additional carts to allow for easier access, rather than one long walk to the bathroom.  Blame the passengers though, easy to do…

  393. I do myself a big favor:   I don’t fly anymore!  Why not?  There is too much time waiting per hour of flying, especially for international flights.   What is the point of super-sonic flight when the time saved flying is lost at the airport?   I would not be surprised if flying from Miami to LA were faster on an old Constellation than on a 757, when airport time lost – then and now – is considered.  I am lucky.  I have already seen the world.  Now I can see it on my computer.   I don’t watch TV either.  

  394. How condescending, which is typical of most flight attendants today. If you don’t like your job, find another one.

  395. Your flight attendant won’t tell you that he landed this union job only because he slept with one of his now co-workers and was thrilled to get the position as he is also hyper sexual, and the job slinging cell phones just wasn’t cuttin’ the mustard. 

    They also absolutely admire the likes of Niki Minaj (or whatever her name is) and their gutter-mouths.  They love them.  Adore them.  Praise them. Watch them go off on each other before take-off like Mariah and Ms. Minaj-a-twa. True divas. You go girls! 

  396. Actually, YES, you ARE a preschool teacher.  Passengers are expected to “tattle” instead of “taking the law in their own hands.”

    YOU chose to do the job, so start DOING the job and stop WHINING about it.  If you don’t like the fact that 200 men and women can’t magically get along without some outside help, there are two doors in the front and two doors in the aft and two over the wings.  USE THEM.

  397. i will not fly ever again, arrive 2 hr early, stand in line with walker 45 min, pay for bag, plane late, sit 30 min wainting for take off, bad manner attendent, no help loading carry on for hanicap person, front seat in lap, people shoving to get off, 30 min to get to next plane using walker, thnak god for cars and hotels !!!!!

  398. Given the type of hinges, and the need for doors in small spaces to open out, telling someone to just “push” is got to be a real knee slapper… 

  399. I’d say about nine times out of ten I’m the one who initiates greetings/goodbyes with FA’s and pilots. 

  400. “the overhead bins are full of their mink coats” on flights to West Palm Beach.  When was this article written, in 1972?

  401. You, Judith, are a stuck up snob. I HOPE, I TRULY hope that I get to sit next to you on a flight. You aren’t paying for the FAs slave service, idiot. You are paying the AIRLINES to fly you from point A to point B. I truly appreciate everything I receive on airlines. I am ALWAYS prepared to never receive anything. Why not get off your high-horse, and be appreciative of what you get, not what you expect to get. The FA gives me crackers, pretzels, snacks? What?! Awesome! Thank you! I get a soda/juice/water/etc to?! Phenominal! For you, I’m sure it’s something like this: What?! I only get one bag of pretzels? It’s too small. It’s too salty. Nevermind, it’s not salty enough! Go fetch me something else! Now!

    Try being appreciative. Honestly, you will be much more content in life with yourself, if you can appreciate the small tihngs.

  402. These sound like tips to make the FA’s experience better. Didn’t read a danm thing to make my experience any better.

  403. I’m so glad they “wouldn’t tell me”….  Because if they did, I’d reply by saying:  Isn’t this what you get paid for?  What is the job description for a flight “attendant”?  push the service cart up the isle once, then sit in back and read a bood the rest of the flight?  I’d like to get paid for that!

  404. It is indeed about passengers who cannot follow instructions.  The size and weight of baggage is posted, and also can be found on web pages from the airlines.  If one cannot live by them, don’t fly.  None of us like many of the newer regulations about food (none supplied) , or baggage (pay out the nose), but its up to us if the airline continues their stupid rules.   Stop flying with them.   Many have gone to Northwest (or is it Southwest?) which doesn’t charge for baggage. I haven’t heard, but bet that is just one bag, and with a set size and weight – at that.  I personally have not flown since the idiots started charging for baggage.  I feel that when I fly, I have a right to have extra clothing , etc, with me, and if they don’t, they can fly a kite. 

  405. This isn’t about passengers having a more pleasant trip. It’s about the attendants having one. Not a problem, just mislabeled. And when does 13 = 23? I also saw little that wouldn’t be covered by be reasonable, polite, and just plain nice.

  406. Except for JetBlue, which has their own wheelchairs and offers this free service on all flights.  Just call JetBlue prior to your flight and let them know you need a wheelchair.  They will have it waiting for you at the counter when you check in, and will push you to your plane.  They will also have one waiting at the gate when you arrive at your destination.

  407. Except for JetBlue, which has their own wheelchairs and offers this free service on all flights.  Just call JetBlue prior to your flight and let them know you need a wheelchair.  They will have it waiting for you at the counter when you check in, and will push you to your plane.  They will also have one waiting at the gate when you arrive at your destination.

  408. “22. I’m sorry it’s taking forever to get you a wheelchair, but that’s one thing you can’t blame the airline for. The wheelchair service is subcontracted to the cities we fly into, and it’s obviously not a top priority for many of them.”

    So… why, exactly, can’t I blame the airline for this? They hired the subcontractor. They continue to renew the contract. They’re aware that the wheelchair service is substandard. There’s nothing stopping that airline from terminating that contract and hiring a different subcontractor. It’s still the airline’s fault. The airline could still take steps to fix it, if they weren’t busy cutting more money from passenger comforts to pad the holiday bonuses of the executives.

  409. I don’t understand how some of these pity me women are getting through the gate with carry -ons that must have a body in them they’re so heavy . Some smart-a author asked me to  help her lift her carry-on into the overhead on a flight out of St. Pete last month, and I know it weighed over 100 pounds. She bragged about her importance all the way to Missouri- She’s a legend in her own mind.



  412. BOO HOO Flight attendants are the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to rudeness. I have flown dozens of times and only seen a passenger behave badly TWICE ever. You have the nerve to complain about jack diddly and Ms sky waitress will get crappy and threaten to throw you off the plane. I’ve lost all respect for them and frankly I think most of them would be more suited working for Waffle House..

  413. Here’s ONE THING  PASSENGERS SHOULD TELL YOU =  You can call yourself whatever you want, BUT you’re a glorified waiter/waitress. You provide a service to the people who PAY YOUR SALARY, just like the waiter at TGI Fridays.  Where do you get off taking a high and mighty stand?  No one is making you do your job. If you don’t like being in a service industry, then quit.

    As a side note, you’re right… “The only place you are allowed to pee on the airplane is in the lavatory….” that is unless I have to wait for you to get that dam beverage cart down the aisle, then I’m going to pee, and then it’s your problem.

  414. Don’t know why people thing trying to copulate in an airliner bathroom qualifies them for the mile high club.  The requirements include that one should be flying the airplane! 
    In other words, to legally become a member, the first step is to get a pilot’s license.  The next step ought to be buying an airplane…

  415. This is a boring article. Everything is so obvious. Couldn’t they have come up with more interesting things to write about? How about guys who munch on chewing tobacco and spit into a pouch?  How about people who ask U to switch seats with them before the plane has taken off so they can sit next to their friend – but then you find out the seats they gave you weren’t even theirs. Their real seats were much worse than the ones they gave you? How about people who move and squish your bags in the overhead bin so they can squeeze theirs in?  

  416. This is good and I don’t know how they can remain as pleasant as they do, They do have to deal with a lot of rude people.