The 31 Scariest Movies of All Time

We sorted through the scariest movies out there and picked the most ghoulish and jaw-dropping horror films, plus threw in creepy video clips for maximum fright. Sleep tight.

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The Exorcist (1973)

<i>The Exorcist</i> (1973)
One of the scariest movies because: Terrible, terrible things come out of a little girl's mouth (which happens to be attached to a spinning head, thanks to a demonic possession). Audiences were so affected by this fearsome film that some theaters even provided "Exorcist barf bags." What the critics say: "The climactic sequences assault the senses and the intellect with pure cinematic terror. "—Variety

The Shining (1980)

<i>The Shining</i> (1980)
One of the scariest movies because: Jack Nicholson is seriously freaky as crazed novelist Jack Torrance, who [spoiler alert] tries to chop his family to little bits after a particularly stressful winter. What the critics say: "Scaring the viewer is easy... What is harder is to accentuate the horrifying aspects of things that are familiar... Kubrick isn't out for screams, but he manages to make his movie thoroughly unnerving by keeping the horror so close to home."—Janet Maslin, The New York Times

Halloween (1978)

<i>Halloween</i> (1978)
One of the scariest movies because: This John Carpenter original is a cold, bloody slasher flick that cuts to the bone; and it's not afraid to take itself seriously. What the critics say: "A visceral experience—we aren't seeing the movie, we're having it happen to us. It's frightening."—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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Poltergeist (1982)

<i>Poltergeist</i> (1982)
One of the scariest movies because: Things aren't what they seem in Poltergeist: A static TV screen releases evil spirits, invisible beings rearrange furniture, and houses move through dimensions, which might make shadows seem a bit menacing as you settle into bed after watching. What the critics say: "...a marvelously spooky ghost story that may possibly scare the wits out of very small children and offend those parents who believe that kids should be protected from their own, sometimes savage imaginations."—Vincent Canby, The New York Times

The Evil Dead (1981)

<i>The Evil Dead</i> (1981)
One of the scariest movies because: It's so packed with evil that even the trees rip hapless teenagers apart in this pre-Spider-Man flick from director Sam Raimi, which has enough murder and supernatural mayhem to warrant an NC-17 rating. What the critics say: "Sam Raimi directed this 1983 horror feature fresh out of film school, and his anything-for-an-effect enthusiasm pays off ... The film is ferociously kinetic and full of visual surprises."—Pat Graham, Chicago Reader

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

<i>The Cabin in the Woods</i> (2012)
One of the scariest movies because: This recent movie lampoons horror conventions while packing in some thrills of its own—a hulking family of zombies is mostly meant to be funny, but they're sort of disturbing. What the critics say: "It is by turns moderately horrifying and wickedly funny, offering more nods and winks than a narcoleptic on jury duty."—Christopher Orr, The Atlantic

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

<i>A Nightmare on Elm Street</i> (1984)
One of the scariest movies because: Adolescence is tough enough without worrying about razor-armed Freddy Krueger killing hormonal teens in their sleep. What the critics say: "Tailor made for those who like their gore leavened with thought-provoking ideas—something that is a rarity in this genre."—James Berardinelli, ReelViews

The Birds (1963)

<i>The Birds</i> (1963)
One of the scariest movies because: You'll never quite look at ravens the same way after seeing them descend upon a group of schoolchildren as if they were mealworms. What the critics say: "Genuinely disturbing thriller classic from the master of suspense."—Kim Newman, Empire

Alien (1979)

<i>Alien</i> (1979)
One of the scariest movies because: The suspense mounts until it's nearly unbearable, and then, finally [spoiler alert!], a bizarre creature rips through a man's chest. After that, the real horror begins. What the critics say: "Even with its horrifying villain and scenes of bloody excess, Alien endures as a superior piece of filmmaking, with a pace that's like watching an art film."—Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

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Coraline (2009)

<i>Coraline</i> (2009)
One of the scariest movies because: It's a wolf in sheep's clothing: a disarmingly creepy tale about lost children and an evil witch, whom viewers may find more familiar than the cackling hags of old-fashioned fairy tales. What the critics say: "There are many scenes and images in Coraline that are likely to scare children. This is not a warning but rather a recommendation... Coraline lingers in an atmosphere that is creepy, wonderfully strange and full of feeling."—A.O. Scott, The New York Times

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

<i>The Silence of the Lambs</i> (1991)
One of the scariest movies because: Who wants to imagine being eaten by Anthony Hopkins? What the critics say: "For all the unbridled savagery on display, what is shrewd, significant and finally hopeful about Silence of the Lambs is the way it proves that a movie can be mercilessly scary and mercifully humane at the same time."—Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

<i>Night of the Living Dead</i> (1968)
One of the scariest movies because: Worse than Anthony Hopkins, who wants to imagine being eaten by hordes of undead strangers? What the critics say: "George Romero's remarkably assured debut, made on a shoestring, about a group of people barricaded inside a farmhouse while an army of flesh-eating zombies roams the countryside, deflates all genre clichés."—Elliott Stein, Village Voice

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The Host (2007)

<i>The Host</i> (2007)
One of the scariest movies because: It's genuinely surprising: Movie monsters are often slow and stupid, but the beast in this Korean film is fast, even calculating. Creepy. What the critics say: "A gross, scary, funny, and dramatically satisfying ride... it's enough to make you think twice about that river-rafting trip you were planning for next summer."—Dana Stevens, Slate

Ring / "Ringu" (1998)

<i>Ring</i> / <i>"Ringu"</i> (1998)
One of the scariest movies because: It's about a killer videotape—which doesn't bode well for the viewer of this unsettling Japanese original. More atmospheric than the American remake, Ring is worth a late-night viewing. What the critics say: "Ring forces fear into every cut as a psychic telejournalist counts down the hours till a fatal visitation, while making a gung ho attempt to save her brood."—Edward Crouse, Village Voice

Saw (2004)

<i>Saw</i> (2004)
One of the scariest movies because: Even though the death traps are beyond gruesome—though, clever in this first Saw film, tortuous in its sequels—what's scariest is that you just might understand the villain's twisted motives by the end of the film. What the critics say: "A messy, gristle-cut B psycho thriller that makes you squirm a few times, but mostly makes you giggle."—Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

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The Orphanage (2007)

<i>The Orphanage</i> (2007)
One of the scariest movies because: It covers the full horror spectrum with ghost children and a disturbing, possibly murderous old woman. What the critics say: "A doom-laden Spanish thriller... the atmosphere oozes with anxiety and grief."—Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Fly (1986)

<i>The Fly</i> (1986)
One of the scariest movies because: Hideous, mutant body horror abounds in this remake of the '50s sci-fi film. What the critics say: "Makes the monster in Aliens look like Grandma in a Norman Rockwell painting."—Caryn James, The New York Times

Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror (1922)

<i>Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror</i> (1922)
One of the scariest movies because: The silent film doesn't have today's blood 'n' guts special effects, but director F. W. Murnau still creates a creepy, nightmarish setting with shadows and tension. Brilliant. What the critics say: "Remains one of the most poetic of all horror films"—Time Out Watch the whole movie, below:

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Cube (1997)

<i>Cube</i> (1997)
One of the scariest movies because: The deaths are grisly, the setting is surreal, and the labyrinthine details of the plot might just have you questioning reality by the end. What the critics say: "Highly ambitious and cerebral... a veritable nightmare of a movie."—Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Black Swan (2010)

<i>Black Swan</i> (2010)
One of the scariest movies because: Determined women dance ballet, vigorously, and Winona Ryder gouges her face with a nail file. Black Swan is an award-winning blend of highbrow suspense and horror schlock. What the critics say: "It’s outlandish and melodramatic and spectacular... a magnificent blend of pop and art cinema."—Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

<i>The Texas Chainsaw Massacre</i> (1974)
One of the scariest movies because: It's straight-up exploitation done right: The body count is high, and the evil guys are fearsome both in appearance and demeanor. What the critics say: "I can't imagine why anyone would want to make a movie like this, and yet it's well-made, well-acted, and all too effective."—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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Hellraiser (1987)

<i>Hellraiser</i> (1987)
One of the scariest movies because: This murderfest is filled with unsavory characters—humans with dark personalities and darker motives, plus an assortment of bizarre and terrifying beasts. Not for the faint of heart. What the critics say: "It's the voluptuous residues of Hellraiser, not a low-voiced dude with a porcupine head, that spark the fear of mortality."—Eric Henderson, Slant

The Thing (1982)

<i>The Thing</i> (1982)
One of the scariest movies because: It's impossible to know whom to trust in this film about an alien parasite that imitates humans. What the critics say: "The Thing is a peerless masterpiece of relentless suspense, retina-wrecking visual excess and outright, nihilistic terror."—Adam Smith, Empire

28 Days Later (2002)

<i>28 Days Later</i> (2002)
One of the scariest movies because: These zombies are faster than you, plus their brain-eating disease is transmitted via blood. Which flows in excess here, naturally. What the critics say: "28 Days Later is loaded with terrific images and extraordinary little moments... even as it inexorably deteriorates into Scooby-Doo terrain."—Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

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Carrie (1976)

<i>Carrie</i> (1976)
One of the scariest movies because: Thanks to inspired directing from Brian De Palma, every moment in this film is filled with dread as the story inches toward its big, bloody finish. What the critics say: "Brian De Palma's Carrie is an absolutely spellbinding horror movie, with a shock at the end that's the best thing along those lines since the shark leaped aboard in Jaws."—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

<i>Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom</i> (1984)
One of the scariest movies because: It might not seem horrifying on the surface, but director Steven Spielberg revels in layering on pulpy gross-out moments: a feast of monkey brains! bugs crawling everywhere! a shamanic ritual removing a man's still-beating heart! While not traditional gore or suspense, the yucky bits stay with you after the lights are on. What the critics say: "There's no doubt about it—the movie, in addition to being endearingly disgusting, is violent in ways that may scare the wits out of some small patrons."—Vincent Canby, The New York Times

The Sixth Sense (1999)

<i>The Sixth Sense</i> (1999)
One of the scariest movies because: Haley Joel Osment's Academy Award-nominated performance is chilling. "I see dead people" is one of recent cinema's most famous lines for a reason. What the critics say: "The movie is a maximum creep-out. It's invasive. It's like an enema to the soul as it probes the ways of death—some especially grotesque in a family setting."—Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

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The Omen (1976)

<i>The Omen</i> (1976)
One of the scariest movies because: It presents a horrific situation that's impossible to grapple with: How do you deal with your murderous child, even if he is the antichrist? What the critics say: " in a portentous sort of way."—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

<i>The Blair Witch Project</i> (1999)
One of the scariest movies because: It's styled like a documentary, making the terror startlingly plausible. What the critics say: "The Blair Witch Project leaves its horror to the audience's imagination, and in doing so creates a truly scary horror film, something akin to a lost art these days."—Keith Phipps, The A.V. Club

The Haunting (1963)

<i>The Haunting</i> (1963)
One of the scariest movies because: The atmosphere is stifling, even if the special effects don't quite hold up nearly 50 years later. What the critics say: "[Director Robert] Wise makes the house itself the central character, a beautifully designed and highly atmospheric entity which, despite the often annoyingly angled camerawork, becomes genuinely frightening."—Time Out London

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Candyman (1992)

<i>Candyman</i> (1992)
One of the scariest movies because: It plays on the ol' "Bloody Mary" game: After seeing what the murderous spirit in this movie has in store, you simply won't be able to repeat "Candyman" in front of a mirror. Promise. What the critics say: "A startlingly effective shocker that gains power upon further, sleepless-night reflection."—Eric Henderson, Slant

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86 thoughts on “The 31 Scariest Movies of All Time

  1. Caroline. Seriously???? That’s a children’s movie. And while it is an okay movie, it certainly doesn’t warrant a place among ANY “scariest movie” list!

  2. Half of these movies aren’t even the least bit scary. Black Swan? Coraline? You have so many mainstream horror movies listed that aren’t even that scary. Think outside the box and include the multitude of foreign and independent scary movies that are far scarier than the likes of The Sixth Sense and Carrie. Think Wolf Creek and The Descent. Some of these movies are deserved of being on this list. Others, while great movies (The Sixth Sense and Black Swan) are more suspense thriller than horror. Not the best list I’ve come across.

  3. I hate lists that make you hit the next button over and over. What’s wrong with scrolling?

  4. For the love of god, stop with the PG-13 and lower rated horror movies. They aren’t scary at all. I would fall asleep on every single one of them. Most of those are laughable. Not saying gore is scary, but at least more entertaining than slow building no action or violence take time to get to the point movies that should be really called thrillers than any horror movie.

    Identity is a thriller and is scarier than most PG-13 or lower rated horror movies. Especially the later ones coming out too. There are a few rated R that should never been R, and that is The Conjuring. Slow build and nothing really happens until last 5 minutes of the whole movie. That was sad and waste of money for 5 minutes of good time in movie.

    The Conjuring is never going to see a purchase of video from me. I was so disappointed in it. The Midnight Meat Train is way better than The Conjuring. Clive Barker is awesome.

  5. Whats your favorate movie of all time cause mine is leperchaun part 4

  6. I didn’t find Blair Witch frightening at all. It was obviously fake. I found it funny.

  7. Terrible List. Seem like Damon just chose the names of any ‘horror’ movie he could think of. 90% of these were far from “Scariest Movies”…

  8. thank you for the list some i have watched and some i ll watch……….

  9. These, for the most part, are nothing but graphic, gross, blood & guts & gore, throw-up your popcorn kinds of low budget trash. There’s no plot, no story to follow, & nothing that calls for any acting skill! I watch movies that set the tone &, then, let me use my own imagination. I can ‘scare myself’ better than anyone or anything else can!

  10. Where is the best scary movie ever PIECES about a boy that kills his mother and blames it on a bad man and then as an adult He seeks out young girls and takes a part of there body and puts them all together and is found out by police I wont tell the end but its the best part ever. Find it and You will agree.

  11. bad language coming out of linda blair’s mouth in the Exorcist doesn’t make it scary.

  12. Has anyone here seen Repulsion, directed by Roman Polanski? Much scarier than any of these!

  13. I would have to go with “Alien” as the scariest one I’ve ever seen… and the 3 sequels were scary too… but the first one nearly frightened me to soiling my pants. Some of the movies listed here I’ve never seen, and some of them I’ve never even HEARD of, so it’s really hard to say. Also, there have been advertisements for movies that have come out in theaters that I haven’t seen yet, but they look even scarier than “Alien” was. However, I don’t go to theaters, so I’ll have to wait until they come on regular TV… which I know they will cut and edit until the movie is basically toothless.

  14. I thought The Strangers was scary for it’s intensity. Also, Joyride (part 1) was scary.

  15. Silence of the Lambs is scary because of Ted Levine, not because of Anthony Hopkins.

  16. i thought friday the 13th and child’s play are gonna be here, and where the heck is shutter?


  18. Ok in all honesty only about five on this list are scary. Slash and dice are not scary. Well Halloween is but it plays on the mind. I’m sick of seeing the exorcist on all time lists. Indiana jones??? Really. Jaws, now that’s a scary movie.

  19. Where are “The Innocents”, “Psycho”, “The Others” “Black Christmas”, “The Changeling”, “The Woman In Black” (both the original and the remake) and “The Exorcism Of Emily Rose”?

    For me without a doubt “The Exorcist” is the scariest movie of all time. It still terrifies me to this day. The image of that white-faced demon that flashes a few time in the movie is one of the most terrifying images I’ve ever seen.

    1. aw i never saw that movie before in my life so sad now :”( i wish i could have seen it :L great now my halloween is ruined

  20. Evil Dead, visually was a bit frightening but everything else the movie delivered, I can only categorize as completely stupid.

  21. The omen movies, the kid in the first one has to be the scariest kid of all time. Can you imagine babysitting him!!

  22. Indiana jones???? Really not scary at all dumbasses
    Blair witch project terrifying. Halloween? Terrifying.

  23. When I was a kid in the NYC area in the ’50’s, they released all the old horror movies from the ’30’s to television. I know that they’re not considered scary now, but once I was allowed to stay up ’til midnight to watch “Dracula” with my dad. All the lights were off in the house, and I looked to see my Dad asleep on the couch. That meant I was alone in the room with Bela Lugosi! I was in bed in 2 seconds, and I’ve never been as scared before or since.

  24. I THINK MOST OF THE FOLKS THAT WRITE ON THE STAFF OF PARADE ARE WAY TO YOUNG TO REALLY REMEMBER THE SCARIEST OR CREEPIEST MOVIES,THAT ONCE YOU SEE THEM…YOU will not sleep for days. Does anyone remember The Attack of the Giant Leeches..?Then I saw one that was so gory these monsters attacked mostly women ,and because they were only after blood…They broke into a dress shop and tried to “kill”manikins. There was another starring Margot Kidder.She played a pysychotic girl who slashed and killed,but she was really a twin whose REAL twin died at her mothers childbirth Margot had a regressive thing going on.and everyone thinks that her ‘twin’was murdering everyone,but there was no twin..A Psychiatrist explains it all at the end of the movie…really a creepy film. The there was one called ” the Godsend” about a creepy British nanny. Remember the trilogy called Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black and another starring her called “Burnt Offerings” Really,Really scary..Great Cast,too. There are more..most are B/W .I hope someone besides me can remember these. Dementia 13 is another psychological really scary one!

    1. my fav movie caricters are prob jason he my fav and freddy my fav :D
      only because when i think of them kill people i always imagen my self giving them a hug then saying i LOVE YOU then i imagen there faces :D

  25. In my own humble opinion, THESE movies (listed below) should populate the TOP 15 Scary Movies of all time,, and ONLY these movies (but not necessarily in the order that I’m writing them down): Ring (2002) Identity (2003), House on Haunted Hill (1999) Wait Until Dark (1967) Rosemary’s Baby (1968) Stigmata (1999) Sixth Sense (1999) A Haunting in Connecticut (2009) Amytiville Horror (1981) The Shining (1980), Prom Night (1981) Carrie (1976) The Exorcist (1973) The Haunting (1999) No Country for Old Men (2007)

    1. …You’re kidding, right?
      No, seriously. Please tell me you don’t think Stigmata or Haunting in Connecticut are even close to the same level as Emily Rose? Also, The Haunting? Might as well include the made-for-TV version of The Shining while you’re at it. Have you not seen Cannibal Holocaust? Last House on the Left? The Hills Have Eyes? The Holy Mountain? Hell, even Drag Me To Hell was scarier than half those films you’ve listed…. Also, your inclusion of No Country just confuses and angers me. Not scary in the least.

  26. Don’t post “I thought the movie was funny.”, “This film doesn’t need blood,…”, or “Back when the movie first came out. Yes!” because the same comments are posted for EVERY movie and your post just looks stupid when read on the wrong one.

  27. I think the original “The Thing” was scarier, because it relied more on psychological fears, rather than fake gore. “Night of The Living Dead” was another VERY good one in that aspect. Black and white, yet had more terror in it than any of the blood red shows today.
    Filmmakers today rarely have the talent to scare. They only disgust viewers. Don’t confuse the two.

  28. In my opinion, the scariest movie was the original Body Snatchers because the “monsters” looked like everyone else.

    1. blah…. The conjuring is not believable movie… for that i support insidious…

  29. Why isn’t the “Final Destination” anywhere on such lists? It seems like a separate genre of “realistic horror” to me, really impressive.

    1. final destination isnt as scary,coming from me s scred easily, its more disturbing than scary

  30. stephen kings rose red should have been on that list. Probably wasn’t because it was a miniseries but it was totally scary. LOVE it though but i make a point to watch it in the day time. Glad to see polterguist was on the list. granted I watched it in middle school all of them. scared me for weeks. Even though she wasn’t evil or anything that little short lady skill freaks me out whenever i see her on tv because she makes me think of those movies. Christine is anoher movie that was good about the evil car. I mean come one it is a car that is evil. and Chucky just makes me laugh. :)

  31. I believe that the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” will give the audience chills,goosebumps, and such fear.

  32. Not listed – It’s Alive – which left my best friend and me terrified to leave the movie theater. We ran to her car, checked before getting in, and I watched the back seat while she drove home. I have seen most of the movies listed here, but none of them scared me as much as It’s Alive did.

  33. They forgot “It’s Alive.” A newborn baby killing adults in a very bloody way…but we don’t see the baby till near the end. Instead we see the victims and the suspense the movie builds as we see from the baby’s viewpoint. My wife was 7-8 months pregnant when we saw this & it creeped us out.


  34. The Descent has always been the critics’ choice. Why is it not here?

    1. psssff…. i watched that… it sucks… especially the last one… i don’t know whats the relation of Jack in the photograph….

  35. Sorry, just saw Nosterafu.  Not that great.  Had to keep reminding myself that the scenes that were supposed to be at night were filmed during the day, so that kind of lost some of the effects.  “The Others” with Nicole Kidman is a great movie.  No gore whatsoever, but it keeps you guessing.  And when she discovers the horror in the house, it is awesome.

  36. Sixth Sense is the scariest movie ever for me. When it ended I wanted to see it again immediately to find the clues I missed.

  37. Back when the movie first came out. Yes! This movie is indeed one of the most advanced horror movies ever made. Come on, this movie came out in 1973. That’s almost 4 decades. People are still talking about it as one of the scariest movies for Halloween today.

    It might not be in my top scariest film, but my full respect is for this movie.

  38. “Special effects”? This film doesn’t need blood, guts and gore to scare your pants off. I watch this film every Halloween under a comforter and still have to close my eyes. This is genuine horror. The House is the scariest thing on film. Too bad people have to have “special effects” when the things that go “bump in the night” are scary enough!

  39. The scariest part  of  1963’s The Haunting is when the trap door at the top of the staircase opens up…

  40. I think “Dead Silent” would be my pick for the scariest movie.  I just saw that recently and it scared me a LOT!

  41. Thank you for the great list of movies, Damon! There are a few of my favorites on there, although Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom wouldn’t count as a Halloween movie in my circle. I have a coworker at DISH that loves horror movies almost as much as I do. That’s why we were so excited to see DISH’s 31 Day Movie Fest on HD channel 102. They are showing several classic horror movies every night for the month of October, including some of my favorites like Night of the Living Dead, The Host and Dead Alive!

  42. In my opion, The Exorcist wasn’t all that scary, just gross and creepy.  Linda Blair did a wonderful acting job, though, and I’ve always liked Max Von Sydow… it was a pretty good movie, and I’d watch it again if it came on TV.

  43. In my opion, The Exorcist wasn’t all that scary, just gross and creepy.  Linda Blair did a wonderful acting job, though, and I’ve always liked Max Von Sydow… it was a pretty good movie, and I’d watch it again if it came on TV.

    1. Wynona Ryder’s in the movie, too. And she’s the one that slashes her own face.

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