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The 40 Most Trusted Brands in America—Revealed

To find the Most Trusted Brands in America, Reader's Digest teamed with a top research firm to poll 5,500 Americans about 40 different types of products. The envelope, please.

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 Always: Most Trusted Feminine Product

This Proctor & Gamble company has a mission: to ensure women live life without limits. They make good on the claim by offering not only feminine hygiene products (including pads, liners, and wipes) women can trust to never to let them down, but also through education. Their website is a wellspring of information about periods, puberty, and women's health and wellness. Check it out for its insightful articles on building confidence in your teenage girls and nurturing mother-daughter bonds.

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Aveeno: Most Trusted Body Lotion/Moisturizer

Appearing for the third time in four years as the winner in this category, Aveeno has been working to earn America's trust since 1945. The founders (Albert and Sidney Musher) were driven by a "profound curiosity about how things work and how substances interact, and a belief that centuries-old remedies hold the promise for human wellness." Their first big breakthrough came with their finely milled colloidal oatmeal bath, which has been endorsed by the Mayo Clinic as an effective eczema treatment. (Here's what you need to know about eczema).

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Behr: Most Trusted Interior Paint

The brand has been around since 1947, but for its first 40 years, it focused exclusively on wood stains. In 1986, based on consumer demand, Behr expanded into the paint business. It's now the official paint brand of Home Depot—another "Most Trusted Brand."

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Blue Cross/Blue Shield: Most Trusted Health Insurance

Roughly one in three Americans have Blue Cross/Blue Shield—making it one of the biggest in the industry. To keep your medical costs in check, check out these health insurance secrets you might not know about.

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Carnival: Most Trusted Cruise Line

For the fourth year in a row, Carnival takes the category. Maybe that's because Carnival was founded in 1972 for the purpose of making cruises available to everyone (before that, and for most of the 20th century, cruises were considered to be super-high-end luxury vacations that were only available to the very wealthy). Find out the best cruise you can take every month of the year.

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Centrum: Most Trusted Vitamin

Owned by Pfizer, Centrum has also passed Consumer Reports' stringent lab testing, and the supplements come at a reasonable, mid-range price. That's valuable: According to Consumer Reports, half of multivitamin users question whether they're taking the right product for their needs, and 56 percent said they were worried their supplements contain harmful ingredients.

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Claritin: Most Trusted Allergy Relief

For the second year in a row, Claritin takes the category. Did you know that you can double-up on your dosage with this drug? If you find that your allergies are more stubborn than most—and here are the signs that your allergy medicine may need a boost—check with your doctor about taking a stronger dose.

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CLIF Bar: Most Trusted Nutrition Bar

CLIF Bar was the brainchild of a baker and former mountain guide, Gary Erickson. In 1990, Erickson went on a day-long 175-mile bike ride and wasn't particularly impressed with the energy bars he'd packed. Two years later after experimenting in his mother's kitchen, he settled on a recipe for what would become the CLIF Bar.

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CVS: Most Trusted Pharmacy

As a health-focused company, CVS made the notable decision to stop selling cigarettes; it has also expanded its healthy food choices. This year, the company announced a new effort to help customers compare drug prices to help keep consumers' costs down. Here are some secrets your pharmacist may not tell you.

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Depend: Most Trusted Incontinence Product

For over 35 years, Depend has offered solutions for adults with bladder issues. Their absorbent products give users a sense of confidence and control. Check out some of the surprising reasons for an overactive bladder.

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