7 of the Best Jobs for Introverts

Introverts have keen powers of observation, a great ear for listening, and exemplary skills when it comes to preparation and attention to detail. Here are seven jobs that play to their quiet strengths.



Follow in the footsteps of Galileo, Copernicus, and Isaac Newton with this well-paying, solitary job studying the stars or working with satellites. Annual median salary: $96,460; projected growth by 2020: 10 percent.

Social media manager


Ironically, heading up a company’s Facebook, Twitter, or other social network can be perfect for an introvert. “It requires a lot of time online and not much interaction that’s not on the computer,” says Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast, a job listing and advice site. Annual median salary: $54,170; projected growth by 2020: 12 percent.



Criminologists are sociologists specializing in the cause, correction, and prevention of crime. Typical solo duties include analyzing criminal behavior, studying how law enforcement techniques affect crime rates, and writing reports. Annual median salary range: $33,160 to $84,098; projected growth by 2020: unknown.

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Court reporter


This gig involves transcribing court proceedings, and interactions with others are few. “[Court reporters] are like a fly on the wall,” Lee says. “They come, they sit, they record, and they leave.” Annual median salary: $48,160; projected growth by 2020: 10 percent.

Graphic designer


Quiet types can exercise their creativity designing logos, websites, or other products as needed. "Graphic designers tend to work more one-on-one," notes Mary Jeanne Vincent, a California-based career expert and strategist. "They might meet with a client, but then go and do the work by themselves." Annual median salary: $44,150; projected growth by 2020: 7 percent.

Financial analyst


Drawing on an introvert’s meticulous nature, this job requires analyzing the performance of stocks and bonds, studying business trends, and writing financial reports. "Financial analysts are really focused on doing numbers, very solitary work," says Vincent. Annual median salary: $76,950; projected growth by 2020: 16 percent.

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¿Hablas español? Or another language? Work in this fast-growing career field involves independent time converting written documents from one tongue to another. Annual median salary: $45,430; projected growth by 2020: 46 percent.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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