Birthdate Candles Are the Best Birthday Gift—and They’re on Sale

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Whether you're looking for gifts for her or him, Birthdate Candles are guaranteed to make a lasting impression—and you can nab one for under $50.

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Our birthdate is something we own, so it’s easy to see why folks feel a deep connection to it. Sure, we all share our birthday with at least one other person (and usually several million people), but that doesn’t stop it from being a sentimental date. After all, who doesn’t find it at least a little exciting to sport birthstone or zodiac jewelry? That’s the fun behind Birthdate Candles.

What are Birthdate Candles?

Birthdate Candles via merchant

Unlike a birthday cake-scented candle or Zodiac candle, Birthdate Candles are entirely unique to a single date out of the year. Each coconut, apricot and soy wax candle includes a blend of different fragrances. Working with master perfumers, Birthdate Candles craft these bespoke fragrances based on the astrological personality traits associated with each date.

To see some of the available scents, I put my own birthdate into the Birthdate Candle website. The January 7 candle boasts a lofty description: “A sacred woodsy mysticism centers this fragrance—with bottom notes of frankincense, myrrh and eucalyptus. Middle notes of oakmoss and a top scent of sage bring a feel of relaxing escape to the determined, strategic, patient souls born on January 7.”

If eating an entire batch of croissants in one sitting is determination, they have me pegged to a tee. Am I patient? I would say yes—but my mischief-loving cat would probably disagree. Either way, just the knowledge that this candle was carefully created with my special day in mind was enough to make me buy one. I also plan to pick one up as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom and one as a birthday gift for my sister.

Are Birthdate Candles worth it?

If you have a Zodiac-loving friend who relies on astrology readings to find a new hobby or determine their luckiest months, it makes the perfect present. But those who are into astrology aren’t the only ones who will love it. The candle also covers your bases both for boyfriends and as general “thank-you” gifts, so it’s worth it to pick one up if you want to make an impression.

Birthdate Candles recently went viral on TikTok as the perfect birthday gift. Whether you’re shopping for your wife, searching for a clever gift for your boss or simply need to send something to your sister-in-law, this unique gift is a go-to. There are also other finds on the Birthdate Candle website that you can send along with your birthday wishes, including a customized Birthday Book and Tarot Candles.

On TikTok, users like @..luvlyn posted their own birthdate scents. The video garnered over 60,000 views, with many folks inquiring where they can get their own.


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Where to buy a Birthdate Candle

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If you’re looking to purchase a Birthdate Candle (or you’re like me and want to read your birthdate description), head over to their website. While they normally retail at $59, right now you can buy Birthdate Candles on sale for $10 off. Once you have one, keep it in beautiful condition by using this tinfoil trick to prevent tunneling.

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