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You’re Welcome: 11 Utterly Perfect Thank-You Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

You can never go wrong with these.


Food basket: Make it lavish or modest

Food baskets can be a great and versatile thank-you gift because with so many options available, the gift can be as lavish or modest as you wish. Additionally, there are so many different varieties (from nuts or popcorn to candy or cookies) that you can choose an option tailored to the recipient’s tastes for an added personal touch. Consumables are also a good choice for the person who has everything or hates clutter, because unlike some other gifts it won’t indefinitely take up space on the coffee table or a dusty bookshelf.



Though a nice bottle of wine or spirits may seem like an obvious gift choice, this gift is a hit-or-miss depending on how much thought you put into it. For example, if you’re traveling to stay with friends, stopping at their neighborhood liquor store can make whatever you show up with seem like an afterthought. Bring something from home that carries local or regional cultural significance for a thoughtful gift that will resonate deeply with your host. These are other little etiquette rules to follow when you’re a guest in someone’s home.


Bath and beauty set

For a female friend or acquaintance, a great gift option would be something that will allow her to pamper herself as a thank-you for the generosity she’s shown you. A gift like a bath or beauty gift set (or to make it more personal, gift some homemade bath salts) can be the perfect gift for someone who may be burning the candle at both ends. Try packaging this as a mason jar gift for an even cuter presentation.



Books are typically not a great gift idea because of the many risks involved (you don’t have the same taste in books, they’re not a big reader, they’re a voracious reader and have already read it), but if you’re attending a housewarming or dinner party and know that your host loves to cook, bring along a great cookbook that can serve as a decorative accent and also help them enrich their home with beautiful and delicious recipes.


Tea pack

A tea pack (with either an assortment of different varieties or cool tea-making accessories) can be a great gift for avid tea drinkers. A gift like this that clearly aligns with the recipient’s passions or hobbies is more thoughtful than generic alternatives, so use what you know about the person to brainstorm unique gift options.

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Bringing along a fun group or family game is a great choice if you’re attending a large dinner party of staying in a house full of kids.

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Animal gift

Showing up with a neat toy or artisanal treats for the family dog is a great way to signal to you carefully considered the best way to say thanks and show appreciation for their hospitality. Here’s a list of essentials all new dog owners need.


Soap sets

An elegant soap set is a simple but thoughtful way to thank someone for welcoming you into his or her home.



Bitters are a fun alternative when you find yourself bored with giving spirits as a gift. Bitters are like spices for drinks and allow you to create new cocktails or recreate old classics.


Cheese plate or serving platter

A nice cheese plate or serving platter is always a welcome addition to any home.


Plants or flowers

Like consumables, plants and flowers are a good gift because they won’t contribute to future clutter. They are also a fairly neutral gift and an easy but thoughtful way to thank someone you may not know too well.

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