The Busiest Reading Day of the Year Has Been Revealed

It makes SO much sense!

busiest reading daycourtesy Natalie BeanFor most people, the holidays are the most hectic time of the whole year. Chances are, the months of November and December are the busiest times of your year for traveling, shopping, cooking, or all of the above! (Here are some tips that’ll help your holiday travel go smoothly.) But there’s one other activity that is also at its most popular during the holidays—and this one’s much more relaxing.

The day before Thanksgiving isn’t just the most popular day of the year for travel—it’s also the biggest day for reading. According to a survey conducted by Barnes & Noble, more Americans crack a book on the day before Thanksgiving than on any other day. This is mainly because of the fourth Wednesday in November’s popularity as a day for travel. A whopping 77 percent of survey respondents said that they generally read something—whether a book, magazine, or newspaperwhile traveling on Thanksgiving Eve or around the holidays in general. Three-quarters of the participants believed that reading makes Thanksgiving travel more enjoyable.

Barnes & Noble provided a handy infographic showing the results of the survey. The data offers even more reasons to have a day of reading before your big day of eating. For instance, 28 percent of respondents believed that a book could be a great subject-changer should the Thanksgiving table chatter take an awkward turn. (Here are the topics of conversation you should avoid to keep that from happening.)

Finally, if you’re not sure what to read this holiday season, the infographic has got you covered. It offers some recommended reading material: a few books of different lengths to correspond with the length of your trip. If your journey is just a “hop, a skip, and a good book,” try Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks or We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union. If your trip’s a little longer, Barnes & Noble recommends new novels like In the Midst of Winter or Two Kinds of Truth. Or give one of these classic books you can read in a day a try.

Bonus: This awesome perk of buying books at the airport will make you love reading even more.

[Source: Business Wire]

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