The Magnetic Cadence Travel Containers Changed My Packing Game for Good

It's time to ditch those flimsy toiletry bottles. We put the Cadence travel containers to the test—and they're the travel upgrade we didn't know we needed.

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As a frequent flyer who exclusively travels with a carry-on, I almost always overpack my bag. The culprits of taking up all that room are my skincare and makeup gear (okay, and some clothes). My beauty essentials never fit quite right in my luggage, and I haven’t found a toiletry bag I’m in love with yet. Tired of my current toiletry packing methods, I finally decided to give Cadence travel containers a go on my most recent trip. Cadence makes sleek, leak-proof capsule containers that link together via magnets, keeping the toiletry bag clutter-free. But are they more pretty than they are functional? Here’s my Cadence review.

What are Cadence travel containers?

Basically, they’re the prettiest toiletry travel containers to exist. Cadence capsules are TSA-friendly containers for stashing skin care products, hair care, pills or jewelry while on the go. A twist-off lid makes it easy to pour or dip into liquids, meaning no more beauty products get stuck at the bottom. Unlike other toiletry travel containers, the capsules are magnetic and link together. Plus, they’re made from eco-friendly materials.

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Why are Cadence travel containers trending?

A big reason the capsules are trending is because of their sleek, customizable design. You choose the color and label, and they link together to keep your favorite toiletry bag from overflowing. In a video posted by @ugc_kelley, she shows everything there is to love about Cadence capsules. For starters, they’re not just for packing in luggage. They double as everyday pill, lotion or jewelry organizers for backpacks and purses. Second, the uniform, magnetic design keeps them clutter-free for good. Combine that with their easy-to-fill design and it’s clear why this containers are a trending travel hack.


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How we tested it

I designed my custom toiletry set on Cadence’s website. I loved the color variety, so I chose a few different hues totaling to six containers: I used them for facial cleanser, toner, face mask, shampoo, conditioner and hair gel. My custom Cadence travel containers arrived just in time for a weekend trip overseas. I knew the more than 8-hour flight would put the capsules to the ultimate test, so if there were any leaks or dents, I would know if the brand was worth it or not.

Because the capsules only hold 0.56 ounces, I filled them almost to the rim, making sure to leave a tiny bit of room in the case of spills caused by air pressure changes. Unlike traditional toiletry containers that tend to trap product on the sides and bottom, I loved how easy it was to fill my Cadence capsules. The beauty of the compact size is that I won’t waste expensive skin care by overfilling them. They hold exactly what you need for a weekend trip. I packed them in my toiletry bag and headed to the airport.

Two flights and 13 hours of airplane travel later, I unpacked my toiletry bag at the hotel, thrilled to discover my travel capsules remained intact the entire trip. There were no leaks or spills inside my toiletry bag, and the containers were free from sticky product residue. Success! As for actually getting skin and hair care products out of the containers? It was beyond easy to pour just the right amount of face wash into my hands. No more struggling to squeeze shampoo, conditioner or hair gel out of a travel tube. These containers made my skin and shower routine 10 times easier—and faster. They look good on the bathroom counter, too!


  • Sleek design
  • TSA-approved
  • Customizable
  • Capsules are magnetic and link together
  • Leak-proof
  • Labels are interchangeable
  • Made from recycled materials


  • I wish they were a tad larger (only holds 0.56-ounces)
  • On the pricey side (but they’re made from recycled materials so the quality is worth it)


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Are Cadence capsules TSA-approved?

Yes! Cadence’s travel capsules hold 0.56 ounces each, which is well under the TSA carry-on liquids limit of 3.4-ounces.

Are Cadence capsules too small?

It really depends on what you’re storing in them. Yes, they’re on the smaller side at 0.56 ounces, but that’s where it’s important to be picky about what you’ll keep inside. For example, I keep more concentrated liquids, like my hair serum, face cleanser and toner inside, because a little goes a long way, and just 0.56 ounces can last me a week or two.

Is Cadence worth the money?

As a frequent traveler, I believe Cadence is absolutely worth the money. They’ve replaced my other travel containers for skin and hair care. They’re crafted from recycled plastics, so I trust that I’m investing in a quality product versus clunky plastic containers that I’ll probably throw out in a year anyway.

What other shoppers had to say

“Love the attention to detail,” adds Home R., a happy Cadence purchaser. “Caps that close securely. Magnets keep containers organized and caps from getting lost. Labels that can be customized. Containers hold approximately half an ounce. Definitely enough product for the gym or a three-day weekend.”

“I couldn’t be happier,” shares Kimberly S. “These not only look great, but streamlined the carry-on process. I’m able to bring more products in a more compact space. No leaks and really stylish, too!”
Tina V. attests to the leak-proof qualities. “Went on a road trip and used all six capsules. They were sturdy, leak-proof and held more than enough for a three-day trip. Will be adding more to my collection for upcoming business trips,” she writes.

Final verdict

So, are Cadence travel containers as pretty as they are functional? I can confidently say they’re 100% worth it. They not only free up precious toiletry bag space, they hold just the right amount of product without trapping liquids at the bottom. The one downside is the capsules only hold enough product for a weekend or week-long trip. I used all the conditioner I packed in one use, which was disappointing. Still, it was enough conditioner to last me a weekend. When I travel for weeks at a time, I keep full-size hair products at my destination, so the capsules’ limited storage capacity isn’t a huge problem. My one recommendation is to be picky when customizing your capsules to maximize their storage. You’ll likely run out of shampoo and conditioner pretty fast, but concentrated products, like facial cleanser and serums, last far longer than a weekend trip inside the pretty containers. Next on my list: capsules to hold my earrings.

Where to buy Cadence travel containers

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Build your own capsules on Cadence’s website, where a six-piece set goes for $84. You can also buy the capsules individually at $14 a pop. Yes, they’re pricier than most toiletry travel containers, but it’s largely due to the fact that they’re made from sustainable materials and are reusable. I’ve thrown away handfuls of travel containers after just one use, because the design didn’t work for my travel needs or they fell apart. Now, I’ve said bye-bye to single-use plastic and clunky travel containers for good with Cadence—and you can, too!

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