This Deep-Cleaning Carpet Scraper Tool From Amazon Does What My Vacuum Can’t

Updated: Apr. 13, 2023

Dirt and hair stick to my carpet even after I’ve vacuumed. So I put this brilliant carpet scraper to the test.

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A carpet can really complete a room. From fuzzy shag rugs to intricately designed area rugs, they add a nice touch to a living space. But when was the last time you looked closely at your carpet? Chances are, doing so would make you too aware of all the dirt, crumbs and human and pet hair that get buried in the fibers. Thankfully, I discovered the secret to a truly clean rug: an Uproot carpet scraper.

Sure, there are various ways to clean a carpet, but sometimes not even the best vacuum can make a carpet look and feel new again. This handheld tool, though simplistic in design, will have you wondering how you ever got by without it.

What is a carpet scraper? 

A carpet scraper is shaped and designed similar to a hand rake. Compared to traditional pet hair removers and lint rollers, there’s no sticky tape, batteries or vacuum bags required to lift hair and dirt. The scraper end has a special rake that scrapes debris off carpet and fabrics.  

Because you don’t need to replace any parts in the carpet scraper, it’s easily cleanable and reusable. Just keep track of the hair balls and wipe the rake end after using. The $24 scraper works wonders on carpet, and you can consider buying the editor-loved Tineco iFloor 3 Vacuum Mop for everywhere else in the house.

While Uproot guarantees that upholstery will look good as new, don’t use it on delicate clothing or thin fabrics. A tool with this kind of power should be reserved for carpets and thicker upholstery. For pilling on clothing, try the Conair fabric shaver

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The Uproot carpet scraper’s features

The carpet scraper measures just under 7 inches and weighs next to nothing. It easily fits in underseat luggage if you’re traveling with pets and want to maintain a host’s carpets. Otherwise, tuck it in a drawer until the next cleaning day.

The scraper edge is about the length of my hand from palm to fingertip. Its packaging details instructions for use, which are pretty straight forward. For delicate fabrics, such as clothing, bedding or furniture covers, hold the scraper at a 90-degree angle. On tougher fabrics, such as carpets, rugs or car mats and seats, hold it at a 45-degree angle.

There’s also a note that the scraper should not be used on Berber carpets, sweaters or any kind of knitted or luxurious items. My 5-year-old rug is none of those things, so I was excited to put it to the test.

How we tested it

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In my living room, I have a large area rug that I’ve been neglecting. Family and guests step on it daily (sometimes with shoes, ugh!) and I’ve turned a blind eye to it during my cleaning routine. While I haven’t had a pet in over a year, two-legged visitors contribute more hair and dirt than I’d like to admit.

Determined to make the rug safe to walk on with bare feet, I armed myself with my carpet scraper and rolled up my sleeves. The carpet is pretty thick, though short-haired. I held the tool at a 45-degree angle as advised and did a few test glides. At first, I didn’t notice much happening and wondered if my carpet wasn’t as badly soiled as I thought. After a couple swipes, however, I could see a tumbleweed of lint and hair start to form.  

The scraper is amazing. On just a 2-foot square of carpet, the tool lifted a palm-sized ball of grime. While I expected to only find hair, there was so much more hidden in the carpet fibers. It did take a while to scrape the entire carpet, but the process was so satisfying that I didn’t mind (I’ll spare showing you the final glob of dirt). I vacuum with a Dyson semi-regularly, but I definitely feel better if someone were to take a magnifying glass to the carpet after scraping.


  • Scrapes more than just hair, including clumps of dust, dirt and other unsightly debris
  • Doesn’t take much effort to see results
  • Removing the top layer of carpet grime prevents vacuum clogs
  • Has over 11,700 five-star ratings on Amazon


  • Takes a while to scrape a large area
  • You may need some practice to angle the scraper the right way
  • Beware of loose fabric threads as the scraper could cause unwanted holes


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Is it good to scrape a carpet?

This depends on what type of carpet you’re trying to clean. Scraping a Berber carpet can loosen the threads in a bad way. As long as you’re careful, the carpet scraper works as well, if not better, than a vacuum for deep cleaning. It’s one of the best ways to get rid of dust in carpets, too.

Does a carpet scraper work on human hair?

A carpet scraper lifts almost everything from a rug—human hair included. Pet owners will be more than satisfied with how well the tool removes animal hair when compared to a pet hair vacuum, but you don’t need to be a pet parent to enjoy the benefits of a carpet scraper.

What other reviewers had to say

Unsure about Uproot’s cleaning power? Read these reviews and we’re sure you’ll add the carpet scraper to your cleaning routine.

Five-star reviewer, E. Prybylski, tried to get pet hair out of their rug for a decade. Vacuuming didn’t work. Nothing did. I’ve been trying and trying and trying with no luck,” they write. “In about 15 minutes [of using the carpet scraper], I was able to clean a decade’s worth of pet hair out of that rug and filled about half a garbage can with it.”

Verified purchaser, Laura, is “obsessed” with her scraper. “A godsend for my cat tower,” she writes. “And I’m so obsessed I literally Uproot my entire two bedroom carpeted apartment before vacuuming. The amount of pet and human hair I get weekly is astounding. My carpets are cleaner than ever! Best invention.”

“This is by far the best pet and wife hair cleanup tool ever,” raves Andrew A. “You have to mess with the angle on the pulls with different types of fabric, but it’s not hard to figure out. I’ve had it for a while now and it was well worth the money. I’ve never had fully clean car mats and floors completely removed from wife/daughter hair before until I purchased this. Everyone should have this thing in their cleaning kit.”

Final verdict 

This carpet scraper worked great, even in my pet-less home. In fact, I liked it so much, I took it to my brother’s house with an offer to clean their rug. A dog, a cat and a baby have taken a toll on their carpet, but the scraper worked like a charm. It does take some effort and elbow grease to get the job done, but seeing the hair and dirt form before your very eyes will have you looking for more spaces to scrape.

At a $24 price point, the tool may seem a little financially steep, but there’s no gimmicks when it comes to the carpet scraper. It does its job well and can be used over and over. It also makes a unique housewarming gift.

Where to buy an Uproot carpet scraper

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This cleaning day holy grail is available on Amazon and Walmart for $24. Like so many other scraper enthusiasts (myself included), you’ll wonder why you hadn’t ordered one sooner.

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