The Best AirPod Cleaning Tool for Dirt and Dust Is Only $9 on Amazon

AirPods looking a little worse for wear? Give them some TLC with this AirPod cleaning tool loved by thousands on Amazon.

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There comes a point when a cotton swab is powerless against the dirt and earwax that builds up in an earbud. Not only is organic buildup gross to look at, it also affects the audio quality and lifespan of your Apple AirPods, no matter what generation they are.

Thankfully, it’s never too late to instill hygienic cleaning habits, especially for your technology. The Hagibis AirPod cleaning tool makes earbuds look and sound brand-new—so you’ll never have to let a friend borrow a crusty AirPod again. Consider it a life-changing product.

What is an AirPod cleaning tool? 

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At home, you can clean AirPods or other technology with common household items. But when you’re on the go, the cleaning pen is a life saver. It comes packaged in a tube the size of a marker. Inside is a three-in-one design that targets every tedious aspect of earbud cleaning. Complete with a flocking sponge, high-density brush and metal pen tip, the tool targets every one of those tricky AirPod crevices.

Both ends secure with a cap, with one side housing the flocking sponge while the other holds the sharp pen tip. In the middle is the bristle brush. Standing at less than 5 inches tall, the tool stows easily in your travel luggage, work tote or nightstand. Just keep in mind that the tool is developed for earbuds and holds a warning against cleaning other tech, such as iPhone charging ports.


  • Three-in-one design provides thorough cleaning 
  • Works on AirPods and other earbuds
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has over 13,000 five-star ratings
  • Has an overall 4.5 out of five stars


  • Must be careful when using the sharp metal pen tip
  • Some reviewers find that the brush snaps with too much pressure

How to use the AirPod cleaning tool 

Have you noticed that the audio sounds faint in your AirPods no matter how much you increase the volume? Take a close look and you’ll probably see some buildup in the audio outlet. If so, it’s time to give the Hagibis AirPod cleaning tool a try.

Starting with the brush tool, brush away surface dust or lint from the earbuds case and sound outlet. Then, use the pen tip to gently break down the gunk inside. Reviewers say the pick is sharp, so use a light hand to prevent damage or injury. Once you’ve picked away the buildup, use the brush one more time to remove any remaining residue.

The flocking sponge is long enough to clean and absorb dust in the AirPod charging case. Use the pen tip to remove dirt near the case hinges. Once the AirPods are up to par, wipe down any stubborn excess with a damp paper towel (and be sure to wipe down the pen tool itself after each use so it’s ready for the next round of earwax removal). The tool also cleans other types of wireless headphones.

The best Amazon user reviews 

If AirPods are an essential in your everyday routine, this cleaning tool should be, too. Not quite convinced it’ll work better than a cotton swab? Just listen to these five-star reviewers.

Andrew T. Welker loves the results of using the cleaning pen combined with a microfiber towel. “Using all the provided tools, it took ages off my pods; like they went through a car wash and came out sparkly clean,” he writes. “I see no point in having any other tool if you have this. No flaws, no issues, no complaints.

“My right AirPod was extremely muffled and nothing I tried worked,” writes Hira Khan, noting she was just about to buy a new pair of AirPods. “I decided maybe I’d try out the cleaning tool and see if it works. I had no hopes. But I cleaned and now they sound almost as great as when I got them two years ago. Highly recommend this for any AirPod owner.”

Where to buy the AirPod cleaning tool 

Airpod Cleaning Tool via merchant

The Hagibis Airpod cleaning pen is available for $9 on Amazon. It’s a useful gift idea for your friends or the tech lovers in your life so they, too, can say goodbye to crusty AirPods!

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