If You Always Forget Your Phone Charger When Traveling, You Need to Know About This Hack

Updated: Apr. 06, 2023

Seriously, it's a travel lifesaver.

In the rush of traveling, it can be easy to forget a number of trip essentials. Typically, this can lead to major travel headaches. There are passports, wallets, phones and, of course, what is a phone without its charger?

But what can you do if you suddenly realize you forgot your phone charger at home? Luckily, one social media creator, Armen Adamjan—whose social media handle is @creative_explained—has the perfect hack for anyone who always forgets their phone charging block. And it’s certainly a lifesaver—all you need is a USB cord.

What is the hack?

In a video covering multiple hotel room hacks, Adamjan covers one that’s perfect if you forgot your phone charging cube. “Forgot your charging cube?” Adamjan asks in the video. “No problem.” All travelers need to do is turn to the back of their hotel room TV.

That’s right, hotel room TVs do more than help you watch your favorite show abroad. The majority of new hotel TVs actually have USB ports on the back of them. This means all you have to do—if you have a USB cord—is plug the USB cord into the port on the back of your hotel TV and then connect your phone to charge it. “Boom!” Adamjan exclaims. Travel catastrophe avoided!

What other travel hacks are there?

New Tv Input Output Jacks on the back of the tvBanksPhotos/Getty Images

Adamjan offers a few other helpful hotel room tips and tricks, too. Take a look below:

  • Tie your keys and phone charger together. That way, when checking out, you won’t forget either. Genius!
  • Some hotels require travelers to place their room keys into a wall slot to keep the room’s power on. Travelers can fold a piece of paper and place it into the slot to keep the power going.
  • Need to use your laptop while traveling? Take the room’s ironing board and unfold it to use as a desk. Adamjan additionally suggests always bringing a power strip when traveling to charge multiple devices at one time.
  • If you want to watch all of your favorite streaming shows, all you need is an HDMI to USB cord. Then, you can connect the hotel TV to your device with all of your streaming services. If you’re looking for a new show to stream, too, these are the Netflix shows we recommend.
  • If you’re trying to sleep or take a nap but sunlight keeps peaking into your room, simply grab a hanger with clips. Then, clip the two curtains together with it to keep the light out and get in that shuteye!

All in all, staying in a hotel has never been easier with simple hacks like these.