Amazon’s Cheap Mattress Lifter Is the Secret to a Perfectly Made Bed

Changing your sheets won't be a big to-do when you have this affordable mattress lifter.

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Changing your favorite organic cotton sheets sounds easy, but even the best boxed beds and memory foam mattresses are cumbersome to make. Reaching the far-back corners with fitted sheets can be complicated and time-consuming if you’re not a professional body builder. The Bed MadeEZ mattress lifter tool helps make beds faster than ever, though. It’s so good that it’s racked up over 2,200 five-star Amazon ratings.

What is a mattress lifter?

If you’ve already invested in one of the best mattresses, this simple accessory is a must-have. It’s a wedge-like plastic tool that slides between your mattress and bed frame (or box spring) to create a small gap. That’s all you need to pull your sheets through without ruining your nails or calling on an adrenaline-fueled Herculean show of strength. It promises a back-saving bed-making experience that’s good even for those with physical disabilities and the elderly. For everyone else, it just promises a made bed in only seconds instead of several tiresome minutes.

No batteries or electricity are required, and it stores neatly beneath beds or on closet shelves. An ergonomic handle makes single-handed use a breeze, but it’s also big enough to accommodate two-handed use. And at just $26, the Bed Made EZ mattress lifter is an affordable tool that Amazon shoppers swear by. More picks Amazon shoppers swear by? These snooze-worthy mattresses.

How to lift a heavy mattress to make a bed

The inclined wedge of the Bed MadeEZ separates and lifts the mattress 4 to 5 inches as it’s inserted between the mattress and a lower level, like a box spring or platform. It holds the mattress in a raised position, alleviating pressure to the lumbar spine, neck and shoulders. All you have to do is slide the device under the area of the mattress you want to lift and apply a little lever-like pressure to the handle. That’s it—voila! Your mattress will be lifted.

The tool leaves you with both hands free, and it’s smooth and gentle enough to slide between even delicate extra layers. like bed bug mattress covers and cooling mattress pads.

The best Amazon mattress lifter reviews

“I had some difficulty making my bed with a very heavy mattress for a few years, but after a second rotator cuff surgery last fall it became much harder,” describes verified Amazon purchaser, Kathleen Scharer. “This little device made a big difference. I no longer had to try to hold up a section of the mattress while I tucked things in. It took a much smaller effort to push the bed lifter in place while I could then use two hands to tuck in sheets and blanket and I didn’t break any fingernails in the process!”

Amanda Jones, a verified Amazon purchaser, bought the Bed MadeEZ for her mother. “Loved that this allowed my mom to gain some sense of independence! She is excited that she can make the beds with ease, even with her severe rheumatoid arthritis.”

“I have neck and back problems so making a bed can be really difficult,” writes verified Amazon purchaser, D. Klein. “This makes it so much easier! Our bed has one of those deep, heavy mattresses that is so hard to change the sheets. This tool makes it easy. I never change the bedding without it.”

Where to buy the Bed MadeEZ mattress lifting tool

Bed Madeez Bed Maker Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

The best place to buy the Bed MadeEZ mattress tool is Amazon, where it retails for about $26 for one. You can also buy a pack of two mattress lifters at a small discount, but you’ll want to hurry up. These clever tools tend to sell out ahead of spring-cleaning months.

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