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The 5 Best Queen Mattresses for a Restful Sleep, As Tested by Our Editors

We put these queen mattresses to the test to find which ones provide comfort, support and cool sleep.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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The best mattress—suits your sleeping preferences while fitting comfortably into your budget. But shopping for a new mattress is an individualized process, starting with the size of your bed and deciding if you need a queen-sized mattress or a king-sized mattress.

Thankfully, a queen is one of the most common mattress sizes, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, from memory foam mattresses to hybrid mattresses and even cooling mattresses for hot sleepers.

Queen mattresses are versatile and convenient for sleeping alone or with company. They can easily fit most spaces’ bedding sheets, and maintenance is affordable,” says Carleara Weiss, Ph.D., MS, RN, sleep science advisor at Aeroflow Sleep.

To find the best of the best, we tried queen mattresses of all types and price points, from budget-friendly options to luxe memory foam and hybrid models. Our editors tested them in their own homes for months at a time, assessing the mattresses’ comfort, support, motion transfer and cooling capabilities in real sleep scenarios. Here are our honest reactions.

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Madi Koetting/rd.com

Best queen mattress overall

Saatva Classic

With a luxury design and sophisticated construction, the Saatva Classic queen mattress offers a restful night’s sleep for those who can’t decide between innerspring and memory foam. A hybrid innerspring bed, it features an attached pillow top and a layer of memory foam over the durable steel coils, all enveloped in a breathable organic cotton cover.

The Saatva Classic comes in three firmness levels (plush soft, luxury firm and firm) to choose among based on your sleep position and preferences. It also features two height levels whether you prefer a lower-profile or a taller bed. Thanks to its supportive materials, the Saatva ranks as one of the best queen mattresses for back pain.

Take it from our product reviews home editor, Madi Koetting, who tried the Saatva Classic and thought it was an “absolute dream” to hit the perfect balance between comfort and support. “My partner and I completely disagree on the firm-to-plush ratio of a mattress, [but] my Saatva mattress review taught me I don’t have to sacrifice soft, plushness for a strong, supportive mattress,” she says. “We both agreed we’ve never slept better since we can’t feel each other move around in the middle of the night, thanks to the responsive coils that reduce motion transfer.”


  • Hybrid design combines springs and memory foam
  • Comes in three firmness options and two heights
  • Suitable for all sleep positions with the right firmness level
  • Strong edge support
  • Free white-glove delivery
  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Returns have a $99 fee

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Megan Mowery/RD.com

Best budget queen mattress

Zinus Green Tea Mattress

If you’re shopping for a queen mattress on a budget, the Zinus Green Tea mattress fits the bill. In fact, we named it the top memory foam mattress when it comes to the best cheap mattresses. But its comfort doesn’t mean you’ll have to skimp on support. The Zinus has three layers of pressure-relieving foam. The topmost layer features Zinus’s Green Tea memory foam infused with a special cooling gel to offer a cradling feel that won’t leave you overheated. Below this, a layer of Zinus comfort foam provides a “cloud-like feel” to the bed. The base layer is a high-density, durable foam for optimal support.

In her Zinus mattress review, our senior shopping editor, Megan Mowery, calls it “the perfect blend” between the softness of her favorite memory foam topper and the firmness of a more supportive mattress. She says, “No matter which sleeping position I’m in—I alternate between stomach and side sleeping—I feel supported and comfortable. My back and joints are in good condition when I wake up in the morning, with no stiffness or soreness at all.”


  • Won’t break the bank
  • Features cooling gel foam to prevent overheating
  • Comes in four height options
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty


  • Takes up to 72 hours to fully expand

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Avocado Green Mattress
Megan Wood/RD.com

Best organic queen mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

While many non-toxic mattresses claim to be made of natural materials, the Avocado Green boasts certifications that verify its composition of organic cotton, wool and latex. The hybrid mattress uses a cotton cover for breathability and to wick away moisture. The layer of latex contributes to its medium-firm feel while its individually wrapped coils serve as a responsive base layer, designed in five zones for optimal support. In short, the Avocado Green is an excellent hybrid mattress crafted with materials that have a lower impact on the environment.

Our tester wanted a non-toxic mattress for better sleep and health, as well as to lessen her environmental impact. “I’ve slept on the Avocado Green mattress for an entire year and I’m thrilled to report that I’m just as happy with it now as I was on the first night,” she says. “The Avocado Green mattress has held up to the addition of my boyfriend and his dog on most nights. I haven’t experienced any sagging, worn spots or discomfort. And I sleep better knowing my loved ones aren’t inhaling fire retardants through the night. Sleeping with a pillow between my knees is a distant memory.”


  • Made with certified organic latex, wool and cotton
  • Zoned support for ergonomic alignment
  • Offers one-year sleep trial
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Free returns


  • Organic materials come at a higher price

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Reina Glenn/RD.com

Best memory foam queen mattress

Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam

Nectar is a well-known bed-in-a-box brand that makes one of our favorite queen-size beds, the Nectar Premier Copper memory foam mattress. It features four layers of foam, one of which features gel infusion to enhance the mattress’s cooling capabilities, plus a copper cover that also battles night sweats. Overall, the Nectar Premier has a medium-firm feel and, at 14 inches, is the tallest Nectar mattress.

Our deputy shopping editor, Reina Galhea, rated the quality of sleep she got in her Nectar mattress review according to five categories: comfort, support, heat retention, motion transfer and pain relief. “Nectar passed each of my sleep quality categories with flying colors,” she gushes. “Three hundred and sixty-five days later and my Nectar mattress still feels fresh out of the box—same unbeatable cooling quality, soft yet supportive foam and extremely limited motion transfer. My husband and I revel on a daily basis about how comfortable this mattress is. It’s in an entirely different league than our old spring mattress, and we’ll never ever go back.”


  • Supportive memory foam mattress
  • Made with cooling materials
  • Near-instant decompression from unboxing
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free returns


  • Lacks strong edge support

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Bryce Gruber/RD.com

Best cooling queen mattress

Helix Midnight Luxe

Shopping for the best queen mattress as a hot sleeper? The Helix Midnight Luxe features materials that promote temperature neutrality while sleeping. The best cooling mattresses employ gel-infused foam to help absorb and dissipate heat, but as a hybrid mattress, the Helix Midnight combines a breathable Tencel fabric cover with copper-infused foam and an innerspring design that allows for natural airflow.

Overall, it has a medium level of firmness, but the Helix’s coil support layer zones for better support in heavier areas of the body, like the hips and lower back, and lighter support at the head and foot areas.

Aside from its phenomenal cooling features, the supportive construction helps reduce back pain. Our tester has had bouts of back pain ever since she can remember. “After a few weeks of sleeping on the Helix mattress, my lumbar pain improved so dramatically that my husband noticed I was waking up earlier each morning. Now, that may sound like less sleep, but for me, it means restful, uninterrupted sleep.”


  • Cover, foam and spring design all feature cooling elements
  • Coils arranged for zoned support
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • More expensive than some competitors

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What to look for when buying a queen mattress

Aside from setting your budget, you have several types of mattresses to consider as you narrow down the best queen-size for you.

Memory foam mattresses are a popular, often affordable bed-in-a-box option, though they can feel overly firm or overly squishy, depending on the density of the materials. Hybrid mattresses combine foam layers with traditional innersprings, often offering a best-of-both-worlds feeling of comfort and support, but they tend to be pricier.

The general recommendation for a healthy adult, weighing 130  to 230 pounds, without sleep disorder or other conditions, is to pick a hybrid medium-firm queen mattress,” Dr. Weiss explains. “It is important to adjust this recommendation according to the body weight, sleep disorder or other conditions, as well as sleep positions.”

Regardless of the mattress type, make sure the bed suits your sleeping preferences, including your sleep position and whether you’d benefit from cooling attributes if you tend to sleep hot. And before clicking “add to cart,” look into the brand’s policies, such as whether it accepts returns and if its product comes with a warranty should there be a defect.

Why you should trust us

We enlisted the help of our trusty editors to personally test out these best queen mattresses and give us their honest feedback. So not only do other real-life shoppers love them, but we do, too. We also talked with Carleara Weiss, Ph.D., MS, RN, a sleep science advisor at Aeroflow Sleep, to give us insight into shopping for a queen-size mattress.

How we found the best queen mattresses

Here are Reader’s Digest, we strive to find the best of the best products—and what better way to confirm them than to test them ourselves? To find the best queen mattresses, we reviewed dozens of highly rated options online. We combed through hundreds of reviews, examined their materials and dove deep into their value in order to come up with a healthy variety for all types of sleepers. Then, we had our shopping-loving editors test the top mattresses for a minimum of 30 days. Only the ones that we couldn’t stop talking about made our list of the five best queen mattresses.


Who is a queen mattress best for?

People often use queen mattresses in master bedrooms or guest rooms, where a couple likely sleeps. Roomier than a full-size but not as big as a king, the queen size offers plenty of space for two adults or a solo sleeper who likes to spread out.

What are the dimensions of a queen-size mattress?

A queen mattress measures 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. It’s 5 inches longer than a twin or full, the same length as a twin XL and king-size mattress, but not as wide as a king.

How much does a queen mattress cost?

Like anything, queen mattresses come in a range of prices from a couple of hundred bucks for the cheapest models to thousands of dollars for the most luxurious beds. For a decent price on a new bed, keep an eye out for mattress deals that usually happen around holidays, such as Memorial Day, and other sale times, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What is a split queen mattress?

A split queen comprises two separate mattresses, each one measuring 80 inches long and 30 inches wide. When placed side by side, they equal the size of a standard queen bed. Split mattresses are a smart option for couples who have different mattress preferences, as well as those who sleep on an adjustable base where each side adjusts independently. Overall, a split queen mattress size is less common than a split king.

About the expert

  • Carleara Weiss: Carleara Weiss, Ph.D., MS, RN, is a sleep science advisor at Aeroflow Sleep. She shares educational content about sleep and circadian rhythms for quality life and wellness for adults, women, shift workers, parents, athletes and older adults.

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