McDonald’s Halloween Bucket Happy Meals Will Be Coming Back This Year

It's not Halloween without a McDonald's Boo Bucket!

We’re less than a month away from Halloween, aka the spookiest day of the year. In other words, we’ve been busy buying ghost candles and whipping up all the Halloween TikTok recipes. As it turns out, McDonald’s is ready for spooky season too: The beloved McDonald’s Halloween bucket Happy Meals are coming back!

The Boo Buckets are the Happy Meal toy that kids (and, ahem, adults) can’t get enough of. Well, that and Halloween McNugget Buddies.

Like McDonald’s says, “let’s be honest … spooky szn isn’t official until Boo Buckets are back at McDonald’s.” Agreed! Before heading to the drive-thru, though, here’s what you need to know about Boo Buckets.

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Everything we know about the McDonald’s Halloween bucket Happy Meals

Mcdonalds Boo Buckets 2023Courtesy McDonald's

Gather round, McDonald’s fanatics, to rejoice in these haunted Halloween delights. McDonald’s Halloween-themed Boo Buckets originally debuted in 1986 and returned to McDonald’s last year following a five-year hiatus. The return must’ve been a massive success since they’re back for 2023!

When is McDonald’s bringing back Halloween buckets?

Boo Buckets are already here! They made their big debut on Oct. 17, and fans can pick up one of four buckets in lieu of the usual Happy Meal toy. The lineup features four new designs: Mummy (white), Vampire (purple), Skeleton (orange) and Monster (green). We love the variety of expressions marking the pails too. Just look at the vampire with fangs!

Do all McDonald’s have the Halloween buckets?

Yes. You can find Boo Buckets at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. Stop at your local McDonald’s in-person, or order a Happy Meal through the rewards app. If you don’t have the McDonald’s app, you should definitely download it: It’s free, and it guarantees tons of free fries and bestselling McDonald’s items.

How long will McDonald’s have the Halloween Happy Meal buckets?

Don’t wait long to pick up a Boo Bucket, because they’re available only while supplies last. And that’s if supplies last because as McDonald’s predicts, the buckets will “be gone faster than you can say ‘boo.'” If supplies do last, this ghostly offer will be around through Halloween.

With Boo Buckets here, we think it’s officially time to say: Happy Halloween!


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