Brace yourself for chills, thrills, and all sorts of bewitching fun! We’ve got you covered for the entire spooktacular season, with the best costumes for the whole family, the wildest decorations, the creepiest haunted houses, and more. Read on…if you dare.

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    Can You Spot the Witch Hat Among the Cats?

    Ready for a spooky game of hide and seek?

    Your Favorite Halloween Candy Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Even your sweet tooth might be swayed by the stars! Find out your sign's favorite candy before Halloween.

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    DIY Halloween Door Decoration Ideas and Inspiration

    Get ready to get spooky! From scary to silly, these Halloween door decorations are DIY-friendly and will boost your home's...

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    13 Photos That Show How Disney Parks Around the World Celebrate Halloween

    You’ll get unique Halloween experiences at the various Disney parks around the globe, but they all have one thing in...

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    20 Scary Good Halloween Riddles

    These spooky Halloween riddles will get you ready for October 31.

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    Is Your Canned Pumpkin Actually Made of Pumpkin?

    You would NOT want to make a Jack-o'-lantern from a Libby's squash.

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    What a Blue Moon on Halloween Means for Your Zodiac Sign

    The moon plays a crucial role this Halloween.

    What Can You Do with Leftover Pumpkin Puree?

    Don't let leftover pumpkin puree go to waste! We'll show you how to use up that extra pumpkin at the...

    This State Reports the Most Ghost Sightings in America

    If you're intrigued—or freaked out!—by the idea of the paranormal, you'll want to know which U.S. state has racked up...

    25 Creative Ways to Use Your Leftover Halloween Pumpkins

    From delicious recipes to DIY beauty treatments and fun projects the kids will love, here are clever ways to use...

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    The Stories Behind 12 Abandoned Mansions

    Of course, mansions can be beautiful, sprawling signs of wealth but these abandoned mansions and their incredible stories will give...

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    Here’s Why People Are Putting Out Purple Pumpkins This Halloween

    The health and safety of our families will always come first.

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    The 20 Best Cat Costumes for Halloween

    Looking for the pur-fect Halloween cat costume? Check out these fun, hilarious outfits you and your pet will love.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Halloween 2020

    Mask up! Here’s everything you need for a creepy-fun (and safe) Halloween.

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    50 Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations for the Spookiest Holiday Ever

    Whether you caught the DIY bug from creating homemade Halloween costumes for your kids, putting together pretty decorated pumpkins, or...

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    18 Easy Halloween Face Paint Ideas to Try This Year

    Whether you buy safe, washable face paint or use what's in your makeup bag, in minutes you can add to...

    Why Are People Afraid of Clowns?

    If you aren't scared of clowns now, you will be soon.

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    Don’t Dress Up Your Dog for Halloween Before Reading This

    These days, dogs look just as cute in Halloween costumes as the kids do. But before you dress up your...

    This Is How Disney World Is Celebrating Halloween This Year

    The spookiest time of year may look a little different at the parks right now, but it's still a whole...

    17 Clever Halloween Costumes for Work

    Get in the spooky spirit at the office by throwing on one of these Halloween costumes for work.

    26 Punny Halloween Costumes You Should Totally Try This Year

    Take your creativity to the next level with a punny Halloween costume that makes your friends groan with laughter. Here...

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    Black Cats and Halloween: What’s True and What’s Not

    Black cats have been misunderstood and accused of outrageous things from bad luck to causing disease for centuries. Finally, here's...

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    The 30 Best Halloween Costumes for Families

    Halloween costumes are so much more fun when the whole family gets involved! Here's what you need to put together...

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    Why Do We Bob for Apples on Halloween?

    The classic Halloween game has deep roots in history.

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    The Most Popular Halloween Costume the Year You Were Born

    Halloween costumes reflect the times. Read on for what everyone was talking about—and, of course, wearing—the year you came into...

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    30 of the Most Clever Group Halloween Costumes

    Get the whole gang together and dress to impress this Halloween!

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    What You Should Be for Halloween, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Trying to come up with a creative costume idea? Let astrology be your guide this Halloween.

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    36 of the Best Kids’ Halloween Movies

    Scare up some fun with these kid-friendly flicks.