150 Movie Trivia Questions and Answers for All Movie Lovers

Updated: Apr. 22, 2024

Film buffs, this one's for you. Put your knowledge to the test and see how many movie trivia questions you can get right!

Consider yourself a film aficionado? If so, these trivia questions about movies are for you. There’s a wide range of movie trivia questions here, including some on Star Wars, Marvel films, horror movies and even a dash of Christmas movie trivia. You’ll also find general questions about some of the best movies ever made, and pop culture trivia related to your favorite flicks.

Ready for the challenge? If so, sit back, grab the popcorn and test your film IQ—no peeking at the answers!

Movie Trivia Questions

Still from The Matrix, TEXT: The code in The Matrix comes from what food recipes?RD.com, Getty Images

1. Question: The code in The Matrix comes from what food recipes?

A. Sushi
B. Dumplings
C. Stir-fry
D. Pad thai

Answer: Sushi

2. Question: What’s the name of Meatloaf’s character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

A. Henry
B. Eddie
C. Chuck
D. Al

Answer: Eddie

3. Question: Who actually drew the sketch of Rose in Titanic?

A. Leonardo DiCaprio
B. Billy Zane
C. James Cameron
D. Kathy Bates

Answer: James Cameron

4. Question: Who voices Joy in Pixar’s Inside Out?

A. Tina Fey
B. Kathryn Hahn
C. Ellen DeGeneres
D. Amy Poehler

Answer: Amy Poehler

5. Question: Where were The Lord of the Rings movies filmed?

A. Ireland
B. Iceland
C. New Zealand
D. Australia

Answer: New Zealand

6. Question: Which country does Forrest Gump travel to as part of the All-American Ping-Pong Team?

A. Vietnam
B. China
C. Sweden
D. France

Answer: China

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7. Question: Which famous Pulp Fiction scene was filmed backward?

A. Vincent and Mia’s dance scene
B. Mia’s overdose scene
C. The “royale with cheese” scene
D. The Ezekiel 25:17 scene

Answer: Mia’s overdose scene

8. Question: Which actor was in the following movies: The Outsiders, Wayne’s World and Tommy Boy?

A. Tom Cruise
B. Matt Dillon
C. Rob Lowe
D. C. Thomas Howell

Answer: Rob Lowe

9. Question: Who was the first Black person to win an Oscar?

A. Hattie McDaniel
B. Sidney Poitier
C. Dorothy Dandridge
D. James Earl Jones

Answer: Hattie McDaniel

Still from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, TEXT: Which is not the name of a child selected to tour the Wonka factory in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?RD.com, Getty Images

10. Question: Which is not the name of a child selected to tour the Wonka factory in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

A. Billy Warp
B. Veruca Salt
C. Mike Teavee
D. Charlie Bucket

Answer: Billy Warp

11. Question: Freddy Krueger wears a striped sweater that is which colors?

A. Red and blue
B. Orange and green
C. Red and green
D. Orange and brown

Answer: Red and green

12. Question: Who did the cat in the classic movie The Godfather belong to?

A. Francis Ford Coppola
B. Diane Keaton
C. Al Pachino
D. No one—the cat was a stray.

Answer: No one—the cat was a stray.

13. Question: What is the name of the fictional land where Frozen takes place?

A. Arendelle
B. Naples
C. Florin
D. Grimm

Answer: Arendelle

14. Question: What score did Elle Woods get on her LSAT in Legally Blonde?

A. 155
B. 166
C. 170
D. 179

Answer: 179

15. Question: Which movie is this famous line from: “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

A. Love Actually
B. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
C. Brokeback Mountain
D. The Notebook 

Answer: Brokeback Mountain

16. Question: What was the top-grossing movie of 2014?

A. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
B. The Lego Movie
C. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 
D. Guardians of the Galaxy

Answer: Guardians of the Galaxy

17. Question: True or false: Sean Connery wore a toupee in every James Bond movie (some of the best spy movies out there!).

Answer: True

Still from Grease, TEXT: How old was Stockard Channing when she played high school student Rizzo in Grease?RD.com, Getty Images

18. Question: How old was Stockard Channing when she played high school student Rizzo in Grease?

A. 27
B. 33
C. 35
D. 20

Answer: 33

19. Question: Who directed the hit 2017 movie Get Out?

A. James Wan
B. Jordan Peele
C. Guillermo del Toro
D. Tim Story

Answer: Jordan Peele

20. Question: What item is in every Fight Club scene?

A. A Coca-Cola can
B. A Starbucks cup
C. A Dunkin’ donut
D. A Pepsi bottle

Answer: A Starbucks cup

21. Question: If you watch the Marvel movies in chronological order, which movie would you watch first?

A. Iron Man
B. Captain America: The First Avenger 
C. Doctor Strange
D. Captain Marvel

Answer: Captain America: The First Avenger 

22. Question: Which is the first movie in the Austin Powers franchise?

A. Austin Powers: Spy of the World 
B. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 
C. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 
D. Austin Powers in Goldmember 

Answer: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 

23. Question: Which movie is this quote from: “Here’s looking at you, kid”?

A. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 
B. Citizen Kane
C. Casablanca 
D. Notorious 

Answer: Casablanca 

24. Question: What is the name of the camp where counselors are terrorized by a slasher in Friday the 13th?

A. Camp Holland Lake
B. Camp Crystal Lake
C. Camp Diamond Lake
D. Camp Green Lake

Answer: Camp Crystal Lake

25. Question: Some of the velociraptor noises in Jurassic Park are actually which animals mating?

A. Tortoises
B. Frogs
C. Lizards
D. Crocodiles

Answer: Tortoises

26. Question: Which actor hasn’t played the Joker?

A. Jack Nicholson
B. Sean Penn
C. Jared Leto
D. Mark Hamill

Answer: Sean Penn

27. Question: In which country was the 2017 movie Call Me By Your Name filmed?

A. France
B. Italy
C. Greece
D. Morocco

Answer: Italy

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Still from The Sandlot, TEXT: The dog in The Sandlot is nicknamed "The Beast." What's the dog's actual name?RD.com, Getty Images

28. Question: The dog in The Sandlot is nicknamed “The Beast.” What’s the dog’s actual name?

A. Hercules
B. Goliath
C. Atlas
D. Zeus

Answer: Hercules

29. Question: Which singer starred alongside Steve Martin in 2006’s remake of The Pink Panther?

A. Beyoncé
B. Britney Spears
C. Rihanna
D. Mariah Carey

Answer: Beyoncé

30. Question: Which two movies started from the same script?

A. Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind 
B. E.T. and Poltergeist 
C. The Goonies and Indiana Jones
D. Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time

Answer: E.T. and Poltergeist  

31. Question: How many Oscars has Halle Berry won?

A. Two
B. One
C. Zero
D. Four

Answer: One

32. Question: True or false: Speed is the only movie Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves have starred in together.

Answer: False—they also both starred in 2006’s The Lake House.

33. Question: Which movie is this quote from: “What’s in the box?”

A. Speed 
B. Reservoir Dogs
C. The Boondock Saints 
D. Se7en 

Answer: Se7en 

34. Question: In Mean Girls, Cady moves to Illinois from which continent?

A. Australia
B. Europe
C. Africa
D. Asia

Answer: Africa

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35. Question: Michael Myers’s mask in Halloween is which actor’s face?

A. Clint Eastwood
B. Marlon Brando
C. Paul Newman
D. William Shatner

Answer: William Shatner

36. Question: Which movie was not directed by Tim Burton?

A. The Witches 
B. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure 
C. Corpse Bride
D. Big Fish

Answer: The Witches 

37. Question: Which movie does not feature Emma Stone?

A. Superbad
B. Easy A
C. The Help
D. No Strings Attached

Answer: No Strings Attached

38. Question: What object was Toy Story’s Woody originally?

A. Ventriloquist dummy
B. Puppet
C. Clown doll
D. Nesting doll

Answer: Ventriloquist dummy

39. Question: Who directed Silence of the Lambs?

A. Wes Anderson
B. Jonathan Demme
C. Oliver Stone
D. Christopher Nolan

Answer: Jonathan Demme

Still from Gremlins, TEXT: Which isn't a core rule for handling a Mogwai in Gremlins?RD.com, Getty Images

40. Question: Which isn’t a core rule for handling a Mogwai in Gremlins?

A. Do not feed it after midnight.
B. Do not expose it to bright lights.
C. Do not let it get wet.
D. Do not let it get cold.

Answer: Do not let it get cold.

41. Question: Which professional athlete was considered for the lead in The Terminator?

A. Dan Marino
B. Mike Tyson
C. O.J. Simpson
D. Wayne Gretzky

Answer: O.J. Simpson

42. Question: True or false: The Shining was Stephen King’s first novel to be adapted into a movie.

Answer: False—1976’s Carrie was actually the first movie to be adapted from a Stephen King novel.

43. Question: How old was the voice actress of Monster Inc.’s Boo at the time of production?

A. 2-1/2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8

Answer: 2-1/2

44. Question: Who took home an Oscar for Best Actor in 1998?

A. Matt Damon
B. Jack Nicholson
C. Liam Neeson
D. Sean Penn

Answer: Jack Nicholson

45. Question: Which Star Wars characters appear in Indiana Jones?

A. R2-D2 and C-3PO
B. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia
C. Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi
D. Han Solo and Chewbacca

Answer: R2-D2 and C-3PO

46. Question: Who plays lawyer-turned-youth-hockey-coach Gordon Bombay in The Mighty Ducks franchise?

A. Denzel Washington
B. Charlie Sheen
C. Emilio Estevez
D. Tim Allen

Answer: Emilio Estevez

Still from Gone With the Wind, TEXT: True or false: Gone With the Wind’s fire scene depicts old sets being burned.RD.com, Getty Images

47. Question: True or false: Gone With the Wind’s fire scene depicts old sets being burned.

Answer: True

48. Question: In The Ring, how long do people have to live after they watch a cursed videotape?

A. Three days
B. Seven days
C. Five days
D. One day

Answer: Seven days

49. Question: Which famous line from Jaws was ad-libbed?

A. “I used to hate the water.”
B. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
C. “All this machine does is swim, and eat, and make little sharks.”
D. “You know, a thing about a shark, he’s got … lifeless eyes. Black eyes, like a doll’s eyes!”

Answer: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”—an iconic movie line that’s often misquoted.

50. Question: True or false: James Earl Jones voices Mufasa in 1994’s The Lion King. 

Answer: True

51. Question: A Harry Potter stunt double was paralyzed on the job. Which actor did the stunt double do stunts for?

A. Rupert Grint
B. Emma Watson
C. Alan Rickman
D. Daniel Radcliffe

Answer: Daniel Radcliffe

52. Question: What song plays in the tunnel scene in Perks of Being a Wallflower?

A. “Heroes” by David Bowie
B. “Imagine” by John Lennon
C. “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths
D. “High and Dry” by Radiohead

Answer: “Heroes” by David Bowie

53. Question: True or false: Toto was paid more than the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. 

Answer: True

54. Question: Who plays Captain Steven Hiller in the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day?

A. Will Smith
B. Samuel L. Jackson
C. Denzel Washington
D. Terry Crews

Answer: Will Smith

55. Question: The set for which movie was buried underground for decades?

A. Nosferatu
B. The Ten Commandments
C. The Great Train Robbery
D. Stagecoach 

Answer: The Ten Commandments

56. Question: Who played Wendy Torrance in The Shining?

A. Cher
B. Shelley Duvall
C. Sissy Spacek
D. Linda Ronstadt

Answer: Shelley Duvall

57. Question: Which was the first movie to show a toilet flushing?

A. Psycho
B. Citizen Kane
C. The Graduate 
D. Vertigo 

Answer: Psycho

58. Question: Which movie was Spike Lee’s first feature film?

A. She’s Gotta Have It 
B. Do the Right Thing 
C. School Daze
D. Malcolm X

Answer: She’s Gotta Have It 

59. Question: True or false: In Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio intentionally cut his hand during a scene.

Answer: False

Still from Apocalypse Now, TEXT: Which word completes this quote from Apocalypse Now: "I love the smell of ___ in the morning."RD.com, Getty Images

60. Question: Which word completes this quote from Apocalypse Now: “I love the smell of ___ in the morning.”

A. Surrender
B. Napalm
C. Gunfire
D. Victory

Answer: Napalm

61. Question: Dracula was filmed in English during the day, and in what other language at night?

A. German
B. Swedish
C. French
D. Spanish

Answer: Spanish

62. Question: What karaoke song does Cameron Diaz’s character sing in My Best Friend’s Wedding?

A. “I Just Don’t Know What I’d Do With Myself”
B. “I Will Always Love You”
C. “Stay”
D. “Could This Be Love”

Answer: “I Just Don’t Know What I’d Do With Myself”

63. Question: True or false: Jimmy Stewart did not want to do It’s a Wonderful Life.

Answer: True

64. Question: Which actor plays Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan?

A. Tom Hanks
B. Vin Diesel
C. Edward Burns
D. Matt Damon

Answer: Matt Damon

65. Question: Who is the youngest person to ever win an Oscar?

A. Jennifer Lawrence
B. Mickey Rooney
C. Haley Joel Osment
D. Tatum O’Neal

Answer: Tatum O’Neal

66. Question: True or false: Bradley Cooper’s first movie role was in 2005’s Wedding Crashers. 

Answer: False—his first role was actually in 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer. 

67. Question: What is the name of Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park?

A. Dr. Ian Malcolm
B. Dr. Malcolm Stevens
C. Dr. Evan Malcolm
D. Dr. Michael Ian

Answer: Dr. Ian Malcolm

68. Question: What is the highest-grossing movie of all time?

A. Titanic 
B. Avatar 
C. Avengers: Endgame 
D. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Answer: Avatar 

69. Question: Which movie was Corey Feldman not in?

A. Stand By Me
B. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
C. The Goonies
D. The Lost Boys

Answer: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

70. Question: Who was originally cast to voice Shrek?

A. Bill Murray
B. Chris Farley
C. David Spade
D. Chris Rock

Answer: Chris Farley

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, TEXT: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first met on the set of which film?RD.com, Getty Images

71. Question: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first met on the set of which film?

A. Hannah Montana: The Movie
B. The Last Song
C. The Hunger Games 
D. Safe Haven

Answer: The Last Song

72. Question: Which is the first movie in the Bourne franchise?

A. The Bourne Legacy
B. The Bourne Supremacy 
C. Jason Bourne 
D. The Bourne Identity 

Answer: The Bourne Identity 

73. Question: True or false: Mickey Mouse has five fingers.

Answer: False—Mickey Mouse has four fingers.

74. Question: Which actor isn’t in Anchorman?

A. Paul Rudd
B. Seth Rogen
C. David Koechner
D. Adam Scott

Answer: Adam Scott. Even though Scott wasn’t featured in this Will Ferrell movie, he does act alongside Ferrell in the 2008 comedy Step Brothers.

75. Question: What are the names of the two people behind Ghostface in Scream?

A. Billy and Steve
B. Bobby and Stu
C. Bobby and Steve
D. Billy and Stu

Answer: Billy and Stu

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76. Question: What year was the first Die Hard movie released?

A. 1986
B. 1988
C. 1990
D. 1991

Answer: 1988

77. Question: What is the name of the chainsaw-wielding maniac in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

A. Leatherhead
B. Leatherface
C. Hideface
D. Leathercap

Answer: Leatherface

78. Question: Which movie does not feature Catherine O’Hara?

A. Nothing Personal 
B. The Nightmare Before Christmas
C. Beetlejuice 
D. City of Angels 

Answer: City of Angels

79. Question: Who plays the convenience store clerk seen at the beginning of Juno?

A. Bill Hader
B. Rainn Wilson
C. Andy Samberg
D. Jonah Hill

Answer: Rainn Wilson

Oscar statues lined up, TEXT: True or false: The first Academy Awards were handed out in 1925.RD.com, Getty Images

80. Question: True or false: The first Academy Awards were handed out in 1925.

Answer: False—they were first handed out in 1929.

81. Question: Which movie stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as a broken-up couple who seek to erase memories of each other?

A. Memories 
B. It Had to Be You
C. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
D. Equals

Answer: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

82. Question: What was the highest-grossing movie of 2005?

A. War of the Worlds
B. Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
C. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
D. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe 

Answer: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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83. Question: Which actress has the most Oscar wins?

A. Katharine Hepburn
B. Meryl Streep
C. Ingrid Bergman
D. Elizabeth Taylor

Answer: Katharine Hepburn

84. Question: When was the first Mission: Impossible movie released?

A. 1993
B. 1996
C. 1997
D. 1999

Answer: 1996

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85. Question: How many movies did Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers do together?

A. 7
B. 9
C. 10
D. 12

Answer: 10

86. Question: Who voices Lenny the shark in 2004’s Shark Tale?

A. Adam Sandler
B. Will Ferrell
C. Jack Black
D. Jimmy Fallon

Answer: Jack Black

87. Question: What movie is this famous quote from: “You can’t handle the truth!”

A. Training Day
B. Saving Private Ryan
C. A Few Good Men
D. Armageddon

Answer: A Few Good Men

88. Question: Which romantic movie does not feature Ryan Reynolds?

A. The Proposal
B. Definitely, Maybe
C. Just Friends 
D. He’s Just Not That Into You

Answer: He’s Just Not That Into You

Still from The Godfather, TEXT: Which character in The Godfather is nicknamed "The Turk"?RD.com, Getty Images

89. Question: Which character in The Godfather is nicknamed “The Turk”?

A. Emilio Barzini
B. Sonny Corleone
C. Virgil Sollozzo
D. Salvatore Tessio

Answer: Virgil Sollozzo

90. Question: Which comedian makes a zombie cameo in Zombieland?

A. Dan Aykroyd
B. Chevy Chase
C. Steve Martin
D. Bill Murray

Answer: Bill Murray

91. Question: How many times has A Star Is Born, which was originally released in 1937, been remade?

A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five

Answer: Four

92. Question: Which actress plays Julia Child in Julia & Julia?

A. Meryl Streep
B. Diane Keaton
C. Jane Fonda
D. Joan Cusack

Answer: Meryl Streep

93. Question: Which movie does not feature Winona Ryder?

A. Lucas
B. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
C. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
D. Girl, Interrupted

Answer: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

94. Question: Which movie does not star Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore?

A. The Wedding Singer
B. Fever Pitch
C. Blended
D. 50 First Dates

Answer: Fever Pitch. Barrymore does actually star in 2005’s Fever Pitch, but she appears opposite Jimmy Fallon.

95. Question: True or false: Han Solo’s classic “I know” line in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was improvised by Harrison Ford.

Answer: True

96. Question: What was Tyler Perry’s first movie as Madea?

A. Madea’s Family Reunion 
B. Meet the Browns
C. Diary of a Mad Black Woman
D. Madea Goes to Jail

Answer: Diary of a Mad Black Woman

97. Question: In Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star as voyagers to a new planet who awaken decades too early in their trip. Why does Lawrence’s character wake up?

A. Her hibernation pod malfunctions.
B. The captain of the ship wakes her up so she can participate in an experiment with Pratt’s character.
C. Pratt’s character wakes her up because he wants a companion.
D. She has a medical emergency.

Answer: Pratt’s character wakes her up because he wants a companion.

98. Question: Which phrase completes this famous quote from The Princess Bride: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. ______.”

A. “And now, you will pay.”
B. “Face me now, coward.”
C. “Prepare to die.”
D. “Tell me, why?”

Answer: “Prepare to die.”

Still from The Nightmare Before Christmas, TEXT: Around how long did it take to make The Nightmare Before Christmas?RD.com, Getty Images

99. Question: Around how long did it take to make The Nightmare Before Christmas?

A. Two years
B. Three years
C. Five years
D. Six years

Answer: Three years

100. Question: What’s the name of the planet Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker duel on in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

A. Hoth
B. Mustafar
C. Yavin
D. Tatooine

Answer: Mustafar

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101. Question: Where was The Notebook filmed?

A. Savannah, Georgia
B. Wilmington, North Carolina
C. Richmond, Virginia
D. Charleston, South Carolina

Answer: Charleston, South Carolina

102. Question: Bedford Falls, the town in It’s a Wonderful Life, is based on which real New York town?

A. Seneca Falls
B. Genesee Falls
C. High Falls
D. Keuka Falls

Answer: Seneca Falls

103. Question: What is the name of Jessie’s horse in Toy Story 2?

A. Longshot
B. Gallop
C. Bullseye
D. Dart

Answer: Bullseye

104. Question: What college did Harry and Sally attend in When Harry Met Sally?

A. University of Chicago
B. Ohio State
C. Northwestern University
D. New York University

Answer: University of Chicago

105. Question: Who played Officer Slater in Superbad?

A. Joe Lo Truglio
B. Bill Hader
C. Jason Segel
D. Zach Braff

Answer: Bill Hader

106. Question: Who says the iconic “As if!” line in Clueless?

A. Cher
B. Tai
C. Dionne
D. Amber

Answer: Cher

107. Question: Which actor hasn’t played Spider-Man?

A. Tobey Maguire
B. Topher Grace
C. Andrew Garfield
D. Tom Holland

Answer: Topher Grace

108. Question: Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1995?

A. Pulp Fiction
B. Four Weddings and a Funeral
C. The Shawshank Redemption
D. Forrest Gump

Answer: Forrest Gump

109. Question: What year does Dirty Dancing take place?

A. 1959
B. 1963
C. 1965
D. 1969

Answer: 1963

Still from Deer Hunter, TEXT: Which actor wasn't in The Deer Hunter?RD.com, Getty Images

110. Question: Which actor wasn’t in The Deer Hunter?

A. Al Pacino
B. Robert De Niro
C. John Savage
D. Christopher Walken

Answer: Al Pacino

111. Question: Which movie musical stars Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried as a musical mother and daughter living on a Greek island?

A. Mamma Mia!
B. Burlesque
C. Chicago
D. La La Land

Answer: Mamma Mia!

112. Question: What is the name of Rapunzel’s pet chameleon in Tangled?

A. Picasso
B. Pesto
C. Pint
D. Pascal

Answer: Pascal

113. Question: What year was The Dark Knight released?

A. 2003
B. 2005
C. 2008
D. 2009

Answer: 2008

114. Question: Who directed the two hit horror movies Hereditary and Midsommar?

A. James Wan
B. Ari Aster
C. Rob Zombie
D. Jordan Peele

Answer: Ari Aster

115. Question: Director Kevin Smith plays which character in the Clerks movies?

A. Silent Bob
B. Jay
C. Dante
D. Randal

Answer: Silent Bob

116. Question: What occupation does Dianne Wiest’s character Peg have in Edward Scissorhands?

A. Veterinarian
B. Avon saleswoman
C. Dentist
D. Travel agent

Answer: Avon saleswoman

117. Question: Briar Rose is the pseudonym for which Disney princess?

A. Cinderella
B. Belle
C. Aurora
D. Ariel

Answer: Aurora

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118. Question: Which comedian didn’t star in Three Amigos?

A. Henry Winkler
B. Martin Short
C. Chevy Chase
D. Steve Martin

Answer: Henry Winkler

119. Question: You’ve Got Mail features several nods to which 1940s flick?

A. Casablanca
B. The Shop Around the Corner
C. The Philadelphia Story
D. It’s a Wonderful Life

Answer: The Shop Around the Corner

Still from Rosemary's Baby, TEXT: In which city does Rosemary's Baby take place?RD.com, Getty Images

120. Question: In which city does Rosemary’s Baby take place?

A. New York City
B. Boston
C. Seattle
D. Chicago

Answer: New York City

121. Question: What is the call sign of Maverick’s best friend and radar intercept officer in Top Gun?

A. Charlie
B. Iceman
C. Viper
D. Goose

Answer: Goose

122. Question: In She’s All That, why does Zach (Freddie Prinze Jr.) ask out Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook)?

A. He’s had a crush on her since elementary school.
B. He was paid to.
C. He bet his friends he could turn her into prom queen.
D. He’s hoping she’ll tutor him for finals.

Answer: He bet his friends he could turn her into prom queen.

123. Question: Which horror movie features the following cast members: Drew Barrymore, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan and David Arquette?

A. I Know What You Did Last Summer
B. Scream
C. Bride of Chucky 
D. The Blair Witch Project

Answer: Scream

124. Question: What is the name of the 1954 movie starring Audrey Hepburn, William Holden and Humphrey Bogart as three people involved in a love triangle?

A. It Happened One Night
B. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
C. Sabrina
D. Love in the Afternoon

Answer: Sabrina

125. Question: What is the name of the a capella group Anna Kendrick’s character, Beca, joins in Pitch Perfect?

A. The Beats
B. The Trebles
C. The Melodies
D. The Bellas

Answer: The Bellas

126. Question: What is the name of the pirate whose treasure the kids are after in The Goonies?

A. One-Eyed Willy
B. Old Jack
C. Captain Black Beard
D. Silent Seadog

Answer: One-Eyed Willy

127. Question: Who played Atticus Finch in the 1962 drama movie To Kill a Mockingbird?

A. James Stewart
B. Gregory Peck
C. Gary Cooper
D. Jack Lemmon

Answer: Gregory Peck

128. Question: What word completes this famous quote from Jerry McGuire: “Show me the ____.”

A. Love
B. Proof
C. Money
D. Man

Answer: Money

Still from Rocky, TEXT: Rocky famously runs up the steps of which building in Rocky?RD.com, Getty Images

129. Question: Rocky famously runs up the steps of which building in Rocky?

A. The Philadelphia Museum of Art
B. Philadelphia City Hall
C. The Franklin Institute
D. Independence Hall

Answer: The Philadelphia Museum of Art

130. Question: Which planet does the crew in 2001: A Space Odyssey travel to?

A. Mars
B. Venus
C. Saturn
D. Jupiter

Answer: Jupiter

131. Question: What is the name of the eerie bunny in Donnie Darko?

A. Fluffy
B. Frank
C. Fritz
D. Freddy

Answer: Frank

132. Question: Who played Sam Witwicky in the Transformers franchise?

A. Ashton Kutcher
B. Zac Efron
C. Aaron Taylor-Johnson
D. Shia LaBeouf

Answer: Shia LaBeouf

133. Question: What game do the Heathers and Veronica frequently play in Heathers?

A. Croquet
B. Badminton
C. Tennis
D. Horseshoes

Answer: Croquet

134. Question: Which Monty Python movie is the quote “It’s just a flesh wound” from?

A. Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life
B. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
C. Life of Brian
D. And Now for Something Completely Different

Answer: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

135. Question: Which Shakespeare play is the movie 10 Things I Hate About You based on?

A. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
B. The Taming of the Shrew 
C. Much Ado About Nothing
D. The Comedy of Errors 

Answer: The Taming of the Shrew

136. Question: Which actor isn’t in Knives Out?

A. Chris Evans
B. Michael Shannon
C. Jaeden Martell
D. Jacob Tremblay

Answer: Jacob Tremblay

137. Question: Which movie stars Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford as the journalists who broke the Watergate scandal?

A. Watergate
B. The Break-In
C. Nixon  
D. All the President’s Men

Answer: All the President’s Men

138. Question: What job does Will Hunting (Matt Damon’s character) have in Good Will Hunting?

A. Carpenter
B. Bartender
C. Janitor
D. Convenience store clerk

Answer: Janitor

139. Question: Who does Tim Curry play in Clue?

A. Professor Plum
B. Wadsworth
C. Mr. Green
D. Colonel Mustard

Answer: Wadsworth

140. Question: What does Miguel want to be when he grows up in Coco?

A. A doctor
B. A musician
C. A painter
D. A teacher

Answer: A musician

141. Question: In She’s the Man, Amanda Bynes plays Viola, a teen who poses as her twin brother and attends his boarding school. What’s her brother’s name?

A. Sebastian
B. Samuel
C. Simon
D. Scott

Answer: Sebastian

Molly Ringwald on the set of Pretty In Pink, TEXT: Which movie doesn't star Molly Ringwald?RD.com, Getty Images

142. Question: Which movie doesn’t star Molly Ringwald?

A. Sixteen Candles
B. Can’t Buy Me Love
C. The Breakfast Club
D. Pretty in Pink

Answer: Can’t Buy Me Love

143. Question: What is the name of the disorderly fraternity at the center of National Lampoon’s Animal House?

A. Gamma Phi Gamma
B. Kappa Phi Theta
C. Chi Sigma Lambda
D. Delta Tau Chi

Answer: Delta Tau Chi

144. Question: Which two actors starred in the 2012 movie adaptation of 21 Jump Street?

A. Seth Rogen and James Franco
B. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg
C. Andy Samberg and Chris Pratt
D. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum

Answer: Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum

145. Question: Three movies have won 11 Oscars, creating a three-way tie for most Oscars won by a movie. Which movie isn’t included in that tie?

A. Ben-Hur 
B. The Godfather
C. Titanic
D. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 

Answer: The Godfather

146. Question: In the 2000 movie Love & Basketball, the two main characters, Monica and Quincy, play basketball for which college?

A. The University of Southern California
B. Duke University
C. The University of Connecticut
D. Michigan State University

Answer: The University of Southern California

147. Question: Which ‘90s coming-of-age movie features Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, Rosie O’Donnell and Demi Moore in its cast?

A. My Girl
B. The Man in the Moon
C. Now and Then 
D. Dazed and Confused

Answer: Now and Then

148. Question: What is the name of Jeff Bridges’s character in The Big Lebowski?

A. The Man
B. Big Guy
C. The Dude
D. Big Dude

Answer: The Dude

149. Question: When was the last Twilight movie released?

A. 2010
B. 2012
C. 2014
D. 2016

Answer: 2012

150. Question: Which actor hasn’t played Batman in a movie?

A. Ben Affleck
B. Robert Pattinson
C. Will Arnett
D. Christian Slater

Answer: Christian Slater

So, how many movie trivia questions did you get right? A lot, we bet! If you want to keep the trivia train going, test your knowledge with this book trivia quiz.