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110 Trivia Questions That Put Your Knowledge to the Test

Updated: May 23, 2024

Test your smarts with these trivia questions about everything!

Trivia Question

How many of these tricky trivia questions can you answer correctly?

Just how much do you know … really? Oh sure, you might be an expert in your field, but do you know the answers to trivia questions about history, science, pop culture and everything in between? These interesting facts are, well, interesting—and they make for great dinner-party conversation, bragging rights in a pub quiz and just general knowledge you’ll be happy you learned.

Ahead, you’ll find random trivia questions and answers about a little bit of everything. And they’re not all trick questions and hard trivia—there are definitely some you’ll know the answers to, even if you doubt yourself at first. See how many you can get right, and then put your friends and family to the test. Looking for something the whole family can enjoy?

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Trivia Question Geography

Geography trivia questions

1. Question: What is the only U.S. state that borders just one other?

Answer: Maine

2. Question: What’s the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?
Answer: Jericho

3. Question: What is the only U.S. state with a Spanish motto?

Answer: Montana, where the motto is “Oro y plata” (which translates to “Gold and silver”). Bonus points: Montana’s state nickname is the Treasure State.

4. Question: What is the only U.S. state with a name that ends in three consecutive vowels?

Answer: Hawaii

5. Question: In 2015, which country started thanking people via text message when their donated blood was used?

Answer: Sweden

6. Question: What color are the arches at the McDonald’s in Sedona, Arizona?

Answer: Turquoise

7. Question: What is the most common street name in the United States?

Answer: Second Street

8. Question: Which country makes up more than half the western coastline of South America?

Answer: Chile

9. Question: What is the driest place on earth?

Answer: McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica

10. Question: What is the only U.S. state that does not have a rectangular flag?

Answer: Ohio

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Trivia Question Science

Science trivia questions

11. Question: What are the three states of matter?

Answer: Solid, liquid and gas

12. Question: Which planet is closest to the sun?

Answer: Mercury

13. Question: What is the largest organ of the human body?

Answer: The skin

14. Question: How many teeth do adult humans have?

Answer: 32

15. Question: What is the rarest blood type?

Answer: AB–

16. Question: What is the boiling point of water?

Answer: 100 degrees Celsius

17. Question: How many elements are in the periodic table?

Answer: 118

18. Question: What is the compound H2O?

Answer: Water

19. Question: What side of the brain deals with language?

Answer: Left

20. Question: Biology is the study of what?

Answer: Life

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Trivia Question Pop Culture

Pop culture trivia questions

21. Question: What was the original name of the band Led Zeppelin?

Answer: The New Yardbirds

22. Question: Which comic book character did Michael Jackson want to play so much that he considered buying Marvel Comics in the 1990s?

Answer: Spider-Man

23. Question: Which original Winnie the Pooh voice actor attempted to create an artificial heart?

Answer: Tigger’s Paul Winchell

24. Question: The son of which famous author successfully wrote stories for 10 years before revealing who his father was to the public?

Answer: Stephen King

25. Question: What comic strip’s joke name for the row of spikes on a stegosaurus’s tail, the “thagomizer,” ended up becoming the official name?

Answer: The Far Side

26. Question: Which African country was the setting for Tatooine in Star Wars?

Answer: Tunisia

27. Question: Who was the first Bachelor?

Answer: Alex Michel

28. Question: How many seasons of Game of Thrones aired?

Answer: 8

29. Question: Where did Prince William and Kate Middleton first meet?

Answer: The University of St. Andrews

30. Question: Who wrote the Twilight books?

Answer: Stephenie Meyer

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Trivia Question Movies

Movie trivia questions

31. Question: In which movie did the song “White Christmas” make its debut?

Answer: Holiday Inn

32. Question: How many different characters does Tom Hanks play in the 2004 Christmas movie The Polar Express?

Answer: 5

33. Question: Netflix founder Reed Hastings claimed (possibly falsely) that he thought of the idea for his company after receiving a $40 late fee from Blockbuster. What was the movie he said he failed to return?

Answer: Apollo 13

34. Question: What is the highest-grossing movie of all time?

Answer: Avatar

35. Question: Who performs at the wedding in Bridesmaids?

Answer: Wilson Phillips

36. Question: What is the name of the famous dance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Answer: “The Time Warp”

37. Question: What was the first movie made in color?

Answer: Visit to the Seaside

38. Question: In Risky Business, what song did Tom Cruise lip-sync to in his underwear?

Answer: “Old Time Rock and Roll”

39. Question: Who was the first actor to play Batman?

Answer: Lewis Wilson

40. Question: Which movie was incorrectly announced as the winner of Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards?

Answer: La La Land

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Trivia Question Disney

Disney trivia questions

41. Question: What year did Walt Disney World open?

Answer: 1971

42. Question: What are the names of Cinderella’s stepsisters?

Answer: Anastasia and Drizella

43. Question: What does “Hakuna matata” mean?

Answer: No worries

44. Question: What are the names of the seven dwarfs in Snow White?

Answer: Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy and Sleepy

45. Question: How many years was Genie stuck in the lamp before Aladdin found him?

Answer: 10,000 years

46. Question: Who is the fashion designer in The Incredibles?

Answer: Edna Mode

47. Question: How many Disney parks are there?

Answer: Twelve parks in six resorts

48. Question: What is Goofy’s son’s name?

Answer: Max

49. Question: What was the first Pixar movie?

Answer: Toy Story

50. Question: How many puppies did Pongo and Perdita have in 101 Dalmatians?

Answer: 15

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Trivia Question History

History trivia questions

51. Question: How many legitimate children did King George III have?

Answer: 15

52. Question: How many people stood in the line of succession between King George IV and Queen Victoria?

Answer: 6

53. Question: Who was the first woman to die in an aviation-related incident?

Answer: Sophie Blanchard (a balloonist who died in 1812)

54. Question: How many people survived the 1959 incident at Dyatlov Pass?

Answer: 1

55. Question: Which fruit did many people in the Western world think was poisonous until 1820?

Answer: Tomatoes

56. Question: What did the Raines Law, enacted in 1896 in New York, do?

Answer: Made it illegal to sell alcohol on Sundays

57. Question: Which unusual substance was the primary ingredient in the laxatives Lewis and Clark brought on their expedition?

Answer: Mercury

58. Question: In the 1830s, which scientifically gifted woman led to the coining of the term scientist, because man of science didn’t apply?

Answer: Mary Somerville

59. Question: Where did Albert Einstein live before moving to the United States?

Answer: Germany

60. Question: Who invented the cotton gin?

Answer: Eli Whitney

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Trivia Question American History

American history trivia questions

61. Question: The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States … but in this context, bald doesn’t mean hairless. The bald part of the bird’s name comes from an Old English word meaning what?

Answer: White

62. Question: Which U.S. president fathered a child at age 70?

Answer: John Tyler, the 10th president

63. Question: Who performed the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: Charles Lindbergh

64. Question: Who won the very first Emmy for Most Outstanding Television Personality in 1949?

Answer: Shirley Dinsdale

65. Question: Which U.S. state’s constitution did Congress forget to ratify when it was granted statehood, an omission that wasn’t fixed until 150 years later?

Answer: Ohio

66. Question: Which U.S. president pardoned all Vietnam War draft dodgers on his second day in office?

Answer: Jimmy Carter

67. Question: Which U.S. president considered funding an expedition to the center of the Earth?

Answer: John Quincy Adams

68. Question: What is the oldest European-founded city in the United States?

Answer: St. Augustine, Florida

69. Question: What was the date of the Boston Tea Party?

Answer: Dec. 16, 1773

70. Question: Who was the shortest-serving U.S. president?

Answer: William Henry Harrison, who died on his 32nd day in office

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Trivia Question Animals

Animal trivia questions

71. Question: How many scent receptors do dogs have in their noses?

Answer: 300 million

72. Question: How many words can dogs understand?

Answer: More than 150

73. Question: Sea urchins got their name from what non-aquatic animal, which was known as an “urchin” until the 15th century?

Answer: The hedgehog

74. Question: What is the gestation period for an elephant?

Answer: 22 months

75. Question: What color is a giraffe’s tongue?

Answer: Black, blue or purple

76. Question: What color is a polar bear’s skin?

Answer: Black

77. Question: What is the fastest land animal?

Answer: The cheetah

78. Question: Which animal supposedly has nine lives?

Answer: The cat

79. Question: How many layers of skin does a chameleon have?

Answer: Four

80. Question: What is the largest type of frog?

Answer: The Goliath frog

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Trivia Question Holiday

Holiday trivia questions

81. Question: What does Cinco de Mayo celebrate?

Answer: Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862

82. Question: How many days of Kwanzaa are there?

Answer: 7

83. Question: Who was the first U.S. president to recognize Hanukkah in the White House?

Answer: Jimmy Carter

84. Question: What is the highest-grossing Christmas movie?

Answer: Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

85. Question: Where did Christmas originate?

Answer: Rome

86. Question: When was the first New Year’s Eve ball drop in New York City?

Answer: 1907

87. Question: What was candy corn originally called?

Answer: Chicken feed

88. Question: How long was the first Thanksgiving celebration?

Answer: Three days

89. Question: In what country did the tradition of the Easter bunny originate?

Answer: Germany

90. Question: Who was the first First Lady to decorate the White House for Halloween?

Answer: Mamie Eisenhower

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Trivia Question Tv Show

TV show trivia questions

91. Question: What are the names of the four Golden Girls?

Answer: Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia

92. Question: What is the Munsters’s address?

Answer: 1313 Mockingbird Lane

93. Question: What was Lucy trying to sell during her famous commercial on I Love Lucy?

Answer: Vitameatavegemin

94. Question: What is the longest-running prime-time live-action scripted show?

Answer: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

95. Question: Where did the students hang out in Saved by the Bell?

Answer: The Max

96. Question: Where did the friends hang out in Friends?

Answer: Central Perk

97. Question: What was the name of the annoying kid next door in Sister, Sister?

Answer: Roger

98. Question: What is the name of the team Ted Lasso coaches on Ted Lasso?

Answer: AFC Richmond

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99. Question: Family Matters was a spinoff of which other show?

Answer: Perfect Strangers

100. Question: On The Big Bang Theory, Penny is a waitress at which restaurant?

Answer: The Cheesecake Factory

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Trivia Question Music

Music trivia questions

101. Question: What year was the first Grammy Awards held?

Answer: 1959

102. Question: Who won the first season of American Idol?

Answer: Kelly Clarkson

103. Question: Who founded Motown Records?

Answer: Berry Gordy

104. Question: Who was the first woman ever inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: Aretha Franklin

105. Question: What was Taylor Swift’s first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 song?

Answer: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

106. Question: Who is the only member of One Direction to win a Grammy?

Answer: Harry Styles

107. Question: Which classical composer was deaf?

Answer: Ludwig van Beethoven

108. Question: Which singer was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou?

Answer: George Michael

109. Question: What was the first music video ever to air on MTV?

Answer: “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles

110. Question: What does the “J” in Mary J. Blige stand for?

Answer: Jane

These “did you know” facts will also prepare you for your next trivia night, in the pub or your own living room. You’re welcome!

Additional reporting by Meghan Jones and Lauren Cahn.