Looking for Better Sleep? Try This Comfy Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask

Updated: Nov. 07, 2023

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to quality zzz's with the Nodpod weighted sleep mask!

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Achieving true rest tends to get harder with age. All kinds of factors influence sleep cycles, from caffeine intake to mattress types. The truth is, no one benefits from lack of sleep. While weighted blankets provide security and a calming sensation to your body, the next level of peaceful sleep comes from the Nodpod weighted sleep mask. With all the calming sensations of a weighted blanket, the Nodpod brings the comfort to your eyes for an even deeper night’s rest. 

What is a Nodpod weighted sleep mask? 

Weighted eye masks are notably heavier than their non-weighted counterpart. The Nodpod mask in particular has four pockets filled with non-scented microbeads. It weighs about 9 ounces, which may sound heavy, but most reviewers say it provides just the right amount of pressure.

Nodpod doesn’t claim to cure or treat mental or physical issues. It’s constructed with a deep touch pressure philosophy, which means gentle pressure is applied to the eyes to help you feel grounded and calm overnight. Similar to the benefits of a weighted blanket, the eye mask promotes relaxation and a calm nervous system. 

Most eye masks have a binding strap to keep them in place, but the long Nodpod can be laid flat or secured with an adjustable pull-through hole. Regardless of your sleep position, it will stay put.

One side of the mask has cooling properties while the opposite side is meant to be warm. For added coolness, put the mask in the freezer. Just keep in mind that the Nodpod mask isn’t microwave safe. When it’s time to wash, the mask can be thrown in with pillows on laundry day


  • Weight on the eyes provides sounder sleep
  • May help with headaches and migraines
  • Blocks out light


  • Might take some getting used to
  • More expensive than other masks

Nodpod Sleep Mask via nodpod.com

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How to use the Nodpod weighted sleep mask 

The Nodpod may take some getting used to at first, especially if you don’t already sleep with an eye mask. Try testing it before bed to adjust to the pressure. For the full effect, try these tips to make your bed even cozier

According to Nodpod, the mask distributes its weight to various pressure points—not just your eyes. Wear it if you’re anxious, suffering from a headache or simply want to experience deep sleep. Even though it’s weighted, side and stomach sleepers will reap the restful benefits. 

To use, place the two center pockets over your eyes at bedtime. Side or stomach sleepers may want to secure the mask at the back, but the extra weighted pockets will still hold it down if you prefer to leave it untied. Many reviewers noted that they fell asleep in seconds, even without meditation apps or snacks before bed, and stayed asleep throughout the night. The light-blocking feature is also a plus for those sensitive to light.

The best Amazon user reviews 

Tired of being tired? The Nodpod may just be the key to a deeper REM cycle. Just take these five-star reviewers’ word for it! 

Rhiannon H. has tried pillows, traditional face masks and other objects to sleep at night, but couldn’t find the right solution until the Nodpod. “This is truly the best thing I’ve ever used,” she writes. “The length allows it to stay on even when laying on my side or turning. Its light weight provides me with comfort and security. I love this!”  

Reviewer, PJ Swecker, struggled with light sensitivity before trying the Nodpod weighted eye mask. “It’s like a hug on my eyelids each night and morning,” he writes. “The fabric feels great, like cuddling a blanket. I even take this amazing little piece of comfort camping with me, and I finally sleep in past sunrise.”   

Where to buy the Nodpod weighted sleep mask

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Say goodbye to sleep deprivation! Shop the Nodpod on Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s or Amazon. Pair it with a cooling weighted blanket and you’ll be glad you put on a little weight.

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